John Cleese: Political Correctness Will Lead To An Orwellian Nightmare

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John Cleese says political correctness has gone too far, especially on America's college campuses, where he will no longer go to perform. As BigThink reports, the very essence of his trade — comedy — is criticism and that not infrequently means hurt feelings. But protecting everyone from negative emotion all the time is not only impractical (one can't control the feelings of another), but also improper in a free society.

Cleese, having worked with psychiatrist Robin Skynner, says there may even be something more sinister behind the insistence to be always be politically correct.

"If you start to say we mustn't, we mustn't criticize or offend them then humor is gone. With humor goes a sense of proportion. And then as far as I'm concerned you're living in 1984."

157 seconds of Python-esque reality from Mr Cleese on just how silly all this PC-ness really is...


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ACP's picture

A far left has-been who enthusiastically participates in the bashing of people who exercise their free speech, is now whining about PC. How trite.

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Stop, he's ok.... cause he's a lumberjack and he's ok, he sleeps all night and works all day!


Now this tune is stuck in all of your heads ;-)

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Durrmockracy (not verified) Lorca's Novena Feb 1, 2016 8:51 PM

Fawlty Towers was one of the best shows ever, maybe funnier than some of his Python stuff.  It seems that everyone in UK is presumed Libtard until proven innocent but still a good call Mr. Cleese!

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KesselRunin12Parsecs (not verified) MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch Feb 1, 2016 9:06 PM

Miserable Fat Belgian Bastards!

philipat's picture

Political Correctness is NOT about protecting sensitivities, it's about Control...

Four chan's picture

cleese for trump nice to know.

J S Bach's picture

Didn't he win "Twit Of The Year"?

Future Jim's picture

Upperclass Twit of The Year

But all kidding aside, political correctness is not about sensitivity, it is hyperpartisanship. All debate must be shut down because ... We're always right - They're always wrong. We're always good - They're always bad. We're always correct ...

Pretending that PC is about sensitivity is a smokescreen to hide its fascism.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

All good points, F Jim, but you missed the most critical.

PC is the fruition of Orwellian control, it is THE putting into practice of Orwell's thought control.

The ultimate purpose of Political Correctness is to force people to censor not only what they say (that is, to fear disagreeing with liberals and leftists for fear of the argument and fear of being called names) but to censor their very thoughts for fear of identifying themselves as being a part of "that group" that the popular crowd despises.

This is the base tactic of Alinsky: isolate, label, demonize, ridicule. THAT is what PC does.

The best we can do is, whenever we meet someone trying to control an argument or discussion with Political Correctness is boldly say, "Fuck Political Correctness."

That's right. Make a fucking scene. Making it so uncomfortable for THEM that THEY start to fear opening their mouths to shut down dissent.

It sounds paradoxical, but that is the only way we can get back to free and open opinion and discussion and take these PC shackles off.

jeff montanye's picture

or as the fifteen minute famous academic melissa click noted, "i need some muscle over here"

philipat's picture

Thanks for that link. Great Article! Especially as it mirrors my own long-held beliefs about PC and the PC Brigade. I take issue only with how to deal with PC. I don't believe in messing around with these folks and call them out directly. If they don't like it, tough, but I have an equal Second Amendment right to my opinions even if they don't like it. Why mess around trying to be funny when this is not a funny issue but a dangerous cancer which is wasting huge amounts of resources (Example: Searching Grannies and 2-year olds at airports. It is true that not all Muslims are terrorists, but it is also true that all terrorists are Muslims, mostly male in the age bracket 16-45) and destroying Western societies.

Ghordius's picture

philipat, "all terrorists are Muslims"? I beg to damn differ on that. you just got from moaning about "PC-Left" into full "PC-Right" with that

meanwhile, all those checks at the airports are a sham, yes. courtesy of "providers of security". it's a business. you don't want to be anti-business, do you?

philipat's picture

New York, Madrid, London, Bali, Paris etc. Now, I might be wrong but I don't recall that  Radicalised Right-wing Christian extremists were involved in any of these? IMHO, you are the one who is being Politically Correct, as indeed is most of Europe in the face of the Migrant problems in Stockholm, Cologne etc. And it is only going to get worse, especially if Governments continue to try to hide the problem (Due to Political Correctness). I made it clear from the outset that I am sick and tired of Political Correctness and will call it out wherever and whenever I see it. Like here.

As for Business, yes I AM opposed to crony business which adds no value to anyone.

Ghordius's picture

and you truly believe that every terrorist act is done by those who are alleged to have done it? oh, well

you want to read something that is not Political Correct... for the "Right"?

Moscow is fully behind a lot of propaganda regarding Western European governments hiding stuff for Political Correctness (of the Left)

it started with the true scandal of what happened in the UK, and it is going on with the story of a 13-year old Russian-German girl that "was abducted by Muslim men in Germany and raped for 30 hours"

have a look. have a look at several sources, and note the phrasing of the various sources

yes, we are in a propaganda war, and of course the first victim is... truth. here a few links for you

13-Year-Old Schoolgirl Kidnapped by 3 Muslim Migrants ...Thousands Protest As Russian Govt Accuses Germany Of ...OUTRAGEOUS! German police release 'without charge' a ...Russia steps into Berlin 'rape' storm claiming German cover ...Muslim migrants in Germany rape Russian child for 30 ...Teenage girl admits making up migrant rape claim that ...Germany: Horde of Violent Muslim Immigrants Kidnap and ...Now RUSSIA Accuses German Police of Muslim Rape ...Berlin Prosecutor Dismisses Rape of Russian-Speaking Girl ...

feel free to make up your own mind on that, but note that the girl is back home, now

and no, my comment is not meant to be anti-Moscow... alone. I am accusing Washington, Ryadh, Tel Aviv, Ankara, and so on

again: if you really think that every terrorist act is genuine... then I suggest you look up the term "false flag"

philipat's picture

Don't change the subject. That is not what I said. But I quoted some specific examples of major terrorist attacks in recent memory. Which you chose to ignore. Who is BEHIND many terrorist attacks is an entirely different issue but what we are discussing here is who EXECUTED the attacks, recogniton of which MIGHT result in a more effective, and cost-effective , approach to preventing future attacks.

Russia is not your enemy, THAT is the propoganda....

And you might like to spread that word amongst your friends in Bruxelles in the hope (And change) that they will stop blindly following policies established in Washington which are against the best interests of Europe and its peoples.

Ghordius's picture

yes, you mentioned Madrid, for example, and that one smells of false flag up to the skies. can't prove it, though, so it's not an argument

but who executed the attacks is not an argument, either. If I can get Muslims to commit a terrorist attack... I'm still not necessarily a Muslim by that, am I?

yes, your argument is somewhat valid: check Muslims, all of them

of course it implies that you have to keep a database on who is truly a Muslim, don't you? Muslims come in all races, you know? And some of the most rabid fundamentalist Muslims are anyway converts, aren't they? Baptized, former Christian converts. Some of them even have blue eyes and blond hair. Checking people that "look like Muslims" leads on only to go to the point where you are checking on grandmothers wearing a scarf, and the toddlers with them, doesn't it?

and there you might see that the argument is also somewhat... less valid. yes, there is a lot of stale, old and idiotic Political Correctness Of The Left

but lo and behold, we are getting new PC. the fresh and newly minted Political Correctness of the Right. currently feasting on the former

Kill All Muslims, And Let Allah Decide? Force People To Disclose Their Faith? How about more surveilleance? Let's have More Biz For The Security Industrial Complex

philipat's picture

You keep trying, as usual, to change the issues and are not being honest.

Never did I ever say, "Kill all Muslims" because that is NOT what I believe. I do believe, however, whilst not Politically Correct, Islam is an agressive Religion which, alone amongst the major Religions, preaches hate against non-beliievers and encourages violence against same. IMHO, this is resulting/will result in a major clash of civilisations. If Europe wants to open its borders to ANY immigrants, it should do so on its own terms and, again IMHO, allowing immigrants who who will NOT assimilate socially or culturally but demand their own terms, should NOT be allowed. As the (Muslim) Mayor of Amsterdam said. "If you don't like it here, f**k off back where you came from".

Ghordius's picture

no, you did not and I was not trying to imply that. sorry if I was giving that impression, my focus was on the context of the thing

we were talking about checking Muslims instead of grannies. meanwhile, european countries are discussing about their borders, and how to cope with those immigrants of old (note the start of the deportations) and the war refugees that are new

but don't forget why Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are "bleeding" millions: destabilization. War. Cherished by various powers struggling there for dominance, oil pipelines and so on. And a lot of this aggression has little to do with the faith of those who... flee it

further, do note that assimilation or deportation is becoming a standard answer. an interesting point all for itself

my point is that this "War of Civilizations", this "Christian Values against Muslim Values" is a cover. for simple imperialism

so yes, it is assimilation or deportation. but do note that it's not really about faiths, or civilizations, or human rights or whatever

philipat's picture

Again, it is a separate issue, but yes I agree that the N.African immigration problem is a result of the US (Neocon) wars without end for no purpose other than to enrich the Military/Security complex. BUT remember that NATO was involved in this also and so is equally responsible. Hence my earlier point about blindly following Washington.

Actions have consequences and Europe should remeber this. I am even jaded and cynical enough to believe that the neocons in Washington actually knew what the consequences for Europe would be as part of a calculated strategy to disrupt Europe and maintain support for anti-Russian policies which are against Europe's own best interests.

But we are a long way from Political Correctness now?

Ghordius's picture

indeed, a long way from that. yes, we are culpable, too. somewhat, if you allow me a reflex. then remember how this chapter started: with Washington and London saying Saddam Has WMDs, Paris saying no, he has not... and then Freedom Fries and the Coalition of The Willing. that wasn't the usual NATO alliance concerted action. we are still picking up the pieces and shards from the after-9/11 "reactions" that have destabilized a score of countries. in the case of the war refugees, millions of shards broken out of their context by war. pointy, muslim shards

philipat's picture

And if the European Court of Justice had any integrity, Blair would have been tried for War Crimes. But again, we are a long way from the original PC issues here, aren't we? I stand by my original contentions. And now off for Dinner, it's late here in Bali...

jwoop66's picture

Give it up, Ghordo.  You've lost.  its getting pathetic.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

Ghordius do you even read what you post??

"so yes, it is assimilation or deportation. but do note that it's not really about faiths, or civilizations, or human rights or whatever"

illegal immigration is a crime..if in power, you ignore the crime, only for a benefit..

who or what, benefits from millions of muslems coming to EU??..

you talk history alot..but i find you ultimately have no understanding of what the implications are. if they do not conform to your view are the classic "unable to connect dots" thinker.

ps paid well to not see the results perhaps fits.

Ghordius's picture

overmed, wtf are you talking about? war refugee laws in european countries? hardly

I am talking about deportation based on laws that are being drafted... this year

you are talking about the US illegal immigration thing which is a completely different matter

stop treating our countries as if they were some kind of annexes to your country, will you?

our legal system(s) differ strongly from yours, btw

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

Ghordius lets get right to my point...WHO in power benefits from this open EU borders and millions of muslems in the EU..?? talk about policy and

eu regs and country regs and laws of the point is the ones in power in the EU are turning a blind eye to what benefit??

that answer is the point of the whole conversation.


Ghordius's picture

overmed, I find it tiring. why do you want me to repeat so many things I have written about so often?

You want a simple answer. One with one conspiracy doing it all. I can't give you that answer because I do not believe in it, my whole life experience tells me that it's frigging complicated

why don't you use the ZH software to go through my last 20 comments and think for a moment about them? it would give you a rough idea of what I would answer

starting with "in America, you do not know the phenomenon of the war refugee, do you?"

I'm quite sure you might even have laws about war refugees, and I am also quite sure they have not been applied since... evah. We were... less lucky, in this regard

and there it starts: I was talking about war refugees, and you are talking about illegal immigrants

I'm sure we'll get to this point again. cheers and have a good day

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

Ghordius, once again the fall back to mis direct..a simple question WHO benefits from importing refugees??

it is obvious that safe zones are do -able in the ME and even paying Turkey or Jordan to hold them could be done..

You still resort to semantics refugee vs illegal border I said you refuse to look at the subject when it suits you.

illegal in the sense of without proper I said your paid to not see.

Ghordius's picture

overmed, it's not semantics. legally, they are within their rights as per current law(s) to first pass and then ask for asylum

again, it's our laws, not yours. and our situation is radically different from yours

remember that we had the Iron Curtain in front of us, and plenty of people passing that

hell, I personally helped many DDR citizens to flee their country to enter the Federal Republic of Germany

as in "breaking the law" and "illegally passing borders", yes. oh, and getting shot at while doing it

meanwhile, both Turkey and Jordan are bursting at their seams, literally

ok, you want a simple answer, you get one: the refugees benefit

Ghordius's picture

"Russia is not your enemy, THAT is the propoganda.... "

that is only somewhat correct. Russia is actually my ally. In Syria, where Russia has a military intervention with France and Germany. I am fully behind that military alliance

actually... America is my ally, too, in most of the world. I am fully behind that military alliance, but not necessarily everywhere anymore. Starting with Syria, going on with Iran, etc.

but I am neither blind nor deaf. Both do a lot of propaganda. Both sponsor... what I would call terrorism

and both have allies that aren't that nice to look upon. what is better, the murdering Assad regime or the warmongering Saudi et al regimes?

and yes, I will have to swallow the bitter pill of supporting the Assad regime... to get peace there, and so the refugees back where they belong

nevertheless someone is sponsoring a lot of anti-Muslim propaganda, lately. specifically, Moscow is propagating the concept of a EurAsian Union, and has some interest through that to sponsor various political groups in Western Europe that are against european cohesiveness. Of course the CIA is engaged in all that, too, but not for european cohesiveness. specifically, Washington is propagating a lot of "muslims did it" propaganda too. They both sell... security, don't they?

Divide Et Impera starts with creating divisions, and goes on with destabilization, followed by targeted assassinations and then invasion. Old Roman recipy, that one, and propaganda is the sauce on it

all in all, we are back in the 19th Century mold of things: the Great Game of Empires and "Beerhall Propaganda" methods

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

It is true that not all Muslims are terrorists, but it is also true that all terrorists are Muslims, mostly male in the age bracket 16-45) and destroying Western societies.


I know what you mean brother... It's amazing how destructive 19 Musis with box cutters can be... And we need to remind ourselves never to forget that "fact" -PC community agitators aside...

Seriously though.  How the fuck can you point to that read and in the same breath say that "all terrorists are Muslims" and that the reason they are in Europe and soon to be in American neighborhoods with well trained "black ops" in their midst prepared to give us many more 9/11s after what your taxpayer money has been doing to their home(s) the last 15 years and which made them refugees in the first place? Nevermind the Hill & Knowlton scandal prior to the first Gulf War or Chuck Jaco at CNN faking that he was under a scud missile attack in Saudi Arabia when he was broadcasting from Atlanta one month prior to "elimination"???...

If you want to know who the fucking terrorist is look in your own mirror and call it day!

nmewn's picture


If everyone is "protected" of having their soft sensiblities offended there will be no free speech. 

Everyone will be afraid to say...anything...automatons...zombies.

The Merovingian's picture

Kind of like your robot hater ... It would be great if the Tyler's figured out how to have a fight club style purge once a year to cull the weak. You rock dude ...

GoinFawr's picture

What, now we can't blindly hate robots anymore either? Good ghod man, do they even have feelings to hurt? 

"Dey terk er jeobs!" man.

Jeez, talk about your 'PC principal gone wild'...


MontgomeryScott's picture

Don't HATE robots!

Good GAWD (gohd), man!

THANK them!


Thank them!

Thank them VERY MUCH!

They've come to help you with your problems (so that you can be 'FREE').

(Insert/download/access soundcard and turn volume to full)

Dey mai hav terk-d yer joubs, but t-hei gaiv you EBT (it's the WAI TOO BEE)!



     ...SAVE FOR THOSE WHO HAD NOT THE NAME OF THE BEAST; OR THE NUMBER OF HIS NAME (let those who have understanding discern; and the 'name' is "KILROY", and the 'number' is 6; 6 hundred, sixty; and 6)...

And NOW (for those of you that don't like 'SPORT'), there's ... SPORT!

The Merovingian's picture

See my comment below. I am all for having an opinion, but if you can't defend it, then I definitely have a problem with that. I don't like pussies that hide out in anonymity. Sorry, but I find that trait weak and in need of culling,

GoinFawr's picture

I make funny.

Anyway, regarding 'culling' the weak; r you a eugenicist then? If so, once culled, can the weak still speak freely? I see plenty of folks attempting to defend the indefensible here on ZH, just because that is technically impossible does that make them inherently 'weak'?

Personally, and I know this is a subjective 'value judgement', in many cases I see it as at least more noble to protect the weak, rather than pushing them around. It can even make them stronger, more capable... though I can understand how that might not be to your advantage if you see belllum omnium contra omnes as the best human nature has to offer; good luck with that.

Re anonymity: I disagree, people act differently when they know they are being watched, a certain level of freedom is derived from the perception of anonymity; why do you hate freedom?

Oldwood's picture

My epiphany of the day is...most people do not like argument or debate.

They principally want all contrary opinions silenced. Be it through the imposition of religion or law, and PC is just another manifestation of that. After years of attempting to argue on these posts, I understand many if not most here really don't want debate. They seek affirmation and enjoy pummeling those who disagree. They will stoop to name calling or character destruction to silence their opposition rather than risk ANY reasoned debate. This seems to be true everywhere and not just here. We can all whine about how PC is wrong and is a direct attempt to silence us, yet fully embrace the intent, which is to silence our opposition.

We want to silence those who would lie to us rather than accept the responsibility for discovering the truth for ourselves. We want to believe, as it is easier than to THINK, and we want those who would force us to THINK to be SILENT. The strong belief in ANY ideology precludes THINKING. They are all based on some FAITH that exceeds the ability to PROVE. We all believe in something and hopefully it is a belief structure based on reality and personal experience rather than indoctrination, but for most, the strength of their beliefs is NOT based upon anything more than indoctrination, many that have been "seeded" with its notions, pursuing self indoctrination which ultimately is what leads to radicalization.

Let us hope that our world progresses based on proven realities and not self indulgent rationalizations.

The Merovingian's picture

My point was only that you should have the balls to voice your dissent and give reason for it, therefore fostering the healthy debate upon which reason and sound judgement are formed. Sorry that was lost on you.

+1 btw

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture


Whatever you do, don't mention the war!

MontgomeryScott's picture

"Whatever you do, don't mention the war!"

Um, O.K.

(Which one?)

Oceanea has been at war with Eastasia (or wherever) for 15 years now. The Federal Reserve celebrated it's 102nd anniversary on December 23, 2015 (a monumentous occasion, I might add). It was kind of like the Rothschild take-over of London when Napoleon's defeat was announced (but 'softer' and 'kinder' and 'gentler').

Didn't your momma teach you about the 'war on terror'?

Yeah, I know (I don't like 'terror' very much, either).


GoinFawr's picture



I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it.

dirty belly's picture

Spartan pigs!

Roman cow!

Spanish fly!

NoDebt's picture

I wonder if George Carlin was around today if he'd still perform at college campuses.  I suspect he would, getting booed or not.  I'd go watch him perform and be the only guy laughing like a maniac the whole time like DeNiro's character at the movie in Cape Fear.  The loudest, most obnoxious, inappropriate laughter you're ever heard because I wouldn't just be laughing at Carlin- I'd be laughing at the idiots in the theatre.

12357111317's picture

Unfortunately, I think many colleges would simply not allow him to perform.

Ghordius's picture

+1 exactly

but folks, this goes beyond the fact that His Excellency The Minister of Silly Walks has deemed American colleges and universities too silly to be funny anymore

this goes beyond a kind of British culture disowning American culture as a legitimate and worthwhile scion branch of it

this is the result of corruption. established, institutional corruption. and what is corruption, more often then not? money where money does not belong

witness one of the wonders of the world: a one trillion mountain of US Student Debt. unique and exceptional all for itself

US colleges and universities have become more often then not money driven institutions. and who has the spigots of credit? banks

the US tertiary education system has become adept at promising education and extracting debt to be sold for profit. the result: badly educated debt serfs

no wonder critical thinking has been banished, there: it's "anti-business". it could be used to criticize the immense profits that have become the goal of those formerly hallowed institutions, in cooperation with the immense profit that bankers extract out of this mess

the corruption and the conspiracy of US education and US banking is there, plain to see. "everybody ought to have access to higher education", but no, not from the state, that would be... cheap. and socialist, and old-fashioned. it's way better to lure the young into those debt-traps, that's Freedom and Liberty... until it isn't so anymore

Freedom, taken too far, begets Slavery. If someone is truly free, he must have the right to sell himself into serfdom, hasn't he? particularly if young and impressionable. Caveat Emptor, eh?

Dear Cousins On The Other Side Of The Pond, you have lost any sense of proportion. It's not even funny anymore