2Y German Bond Yields Collapse Below -50bps For First Time Ever

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Presented with no comment...


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Well at least we will all know what it feels like to get sucked into a black hole (of deflation)?


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Schauble can finally afford a HOVERCHAIR!  ;-)


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"2Y German Bond Yields Collapse Below -50bps For First Time Ever"

Shut up and take my fucking money.

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What a business, better than bottled water for sure!

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Why buy bonds if you are going to lose money insted of just keeping cash ...

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Matches the stock price of DB.

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"For [former Glodmanite Raoul] Pal, negative interest rates are the chief reason why the bank stocks are in trouble"



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We are entering the GREAT DEFLATION.

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I dunno. Negative rates will encourage more creation of debt. That would be inflationary to me.

This is like passing the event horizon. When rates are supposed to balance risks in a very fragile system and they go negative, there is no turning back.

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Apparently, curing cancer involves pressing Ctrl-P lots of times:


Goldman boss Blankfein likens central-bank moves to his cancer treatment


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Why wasn't Mr. Bigglesworth in that picture? 

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I believe Ouroboros is the famous serpent that was eating its own tail.  When a government has to buy up a significant portion of the debt it issue to pay off past debt but then has to charge itself for the privilege of doing so, something is seriously wrong.

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Complete and utter insanity.

This is what the final death throes of a totally dyfunctional monetary system look like.

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Mark Mywords (not verified) Bam_Man Feb 3, 2016 10:45 AM

And we'll be told that nobody - NOT NO ONE - could have seen. It. Coming.

If we're even still around to be told anything.

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 …  Even  Queen Elizabeth  saw  THIS ONE  coming!

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Mark Mywords (not verified) Feb 3, 2016 10:44 AM

Selling Germany by the bund.

Let's see if anybody gets that musical reference.

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Yes, Genesis....Selling England by the Pound!!!

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Buy Puerto Rico bonds. High yield, no risk.

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Punish savers and retirees, and bring in hooligan immigrants to grope/rape their Daughters and beat up their Parents on the subway. 

If Merkel gets elected again I'd say Germany has completely lost its mind.

I still think they're going to be the first out of the Euro and back to the Deutschmark; France will stay in until the bitter end.

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Or, if things get bad enough, the Reichsmark.

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Unfortunately she will probably be elected again. That's because of the new party "AfD" ("Alternative fuer Deutschland), which is somewhat far right, but will get more than enough votes to get into the Bundestag. Those votes will make sure that no coalition can be reached, in which the CDU (Merkels party) would not be in a clear majority. So, in short: Forget about the election and rest assured that Germany has no more mind to lose at all. She has already won whichever election there's about come ...

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Short and to the point comment.

The German electorate must be wondering what kind of brain eating malady has infected all their political institutions and leaders at the same time.

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Ach, du lieber !

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I haven't been this depressed since my love for Merkel was questioned.  This really bums me up!  Economic constipation is a terrible thing.  We need Boris to come forward and comment on this....maybe draw some intergalactic charts to explain it all to us that are less gifted.

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Angie's got purple nirples!

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I don't get it. 

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who is buying it?? 

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It seems to me, it would be a whole lot easier for you to just put your -50bps into an envelope and send it to me.