Credit Suisse Plunges To 25 Year Lows After Posting Enormous $5.8 Billion Q4 Loss

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Seven days ago, Deutsche Bank turned in what various sellside desks described as “horrible”, “grim” results for both Q4 and 2015 as a whole.

The bank posted its first annual net loss since the financial crisis, reporting red ink that totaled more than $7 billion as investment banking revenue fell plunged by some 30%.

On Thursday, we learn that Credit Suisse lost nearly $6 billion in the fourth quarter. The 2015 net loss came to nearly $3 billion. 

Shares in the Swiss bank plunged 13% to their lowest levels since 1991 as Tidjane Thiam’s “turnaround” hit a rather large bump in the road.

The shares are down 32% this year alone.

The $5.8 billion quarterly loss is the largest since the crisis and it would certainly appear that the focus on wealth management (as opposed to investment banking) comes at a rather inopportune time, given the emphasis placed on AsiaPac where Thiam plans to double pretax income in just two years. 

"The latest report is the first to reflect Credit Suisse’s new structure under Chief Executive Tidjane Thiam, who took over in July and announced his strategic plans for the bank in October," WSJ writes. "Those plans include bolstering wealth management, particularly in regions such as Asia, while reducing the resources directed to its investment bank."

Some of the loss was attributable to a CHF3.8 billion impairment charge tied to the costly 2000 acquisition of investment bank Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette for $11.5 billion which The Journal reminds us was “a price widely viewed at the time as expensive.

But even as the Street expected a rather disappointing performance, “these numbers are terrible,” to quote Dieter Hein, an analyst at AlphaValue based near Frankfurt who spoke to Bloomberg. “In the mid- to long-term, it’s right to focus on growth in Asia, but what bad timing given the current environment.”

Yes, “what bad timing.” And “what” horrific results across the board. Analysts were expecting things to be bad (consensus was for a CHF4.97 billion loss) but the CHF5.8 billion was far worse than most anticipated. Even excluding the goodwill write-down, as well as significant litigation and restructuring charges, the underlying pre-tax loss was “far worse” than consensus, Citi’s Andrew Coombs writes. “Underlying revenues are 7% below consensus... overall we view these as very poor results,” he said on Thursday.

Restructuring and litigation costs were CHF355 million and CHF564 million for Q4, respectively. 

Investment banking was a nightmare as revenues fell 17% in 2015 due to "lower debt and equity underwriting" attributable to "volatility in capital markets." "They're the ones we control the least," Thiam said of the Global Markets and Investment Banking & Capital Markets units. "We want to have an investment bank with stable earnings," he added. Here's what investment banking looked like in Q4:

And here's a look at equity and fixed income trading:

"Revenue from fixed-income trading fell by more than two thirds -- a much steeper decline than at Deutsche Bank or any of its U.S. peers," Bloomberg notes. The culprits: widening HY spreads in the US, "subdued client activity" and of course, "significant mark-to-market losses." 

"Revenue at the units that house trading, advisory and underwriting businesses outside of Switzerland and Asia, slumped 35 percent to a combined $1.5 billion," Bloomberg continues. "Excluding goodwill impairments and restructuring costs, the units posted a pre-tax loss of $761 million combined for the period, compared with a profit of $516 million a year earlier."

Contrary to reports, the bank will not, Thiam says, be selling a portion of the investment banking business to Wells. 

"The environment has deteriorated materially during the fourth quarter of 2015 and it is not clear when some of the current negative trends in financial markets and in the world economy may start to abate," Thiam said, in an attempt to explain the results.

The bank will cut some 4,000 jobs in an effort to supercharge cost savings. Bonuses were cut by 11% last year. “We continue to believe that wealth management, supported by our investment banking capabilities, remains a uniquely attractive long-term opportunity,” Thiam continued, justifying the shift away from investment banking. The international wealth management unit lost CHF20 million in Q4 and saw net asset outflows of CHF4.2 billion during the period.

Here's Citi's Coombs summing things up outlook wise: "We do not believe the 2018 targets are achievable."

No, probably not, because as Andreas Brun, an analyst at Zuercher Kantonalbank put it after the results: "Even to just get in the direction of their goals, they need the market as a tailwind, but at the moment they have rough winds blowing at them from all directions.”


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Full press release (because you really have to read it to believe it)

Csg Media Release 4q15 En

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Crash, you bastards! 

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Thank God it was only money!

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Bonuses were cut by 11% last year.



Poor lams

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Not bad enough for a bailout....

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Didn't DB receive all the wire transfers of money for the 9/11 hijackers?

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bonuses when you're losing billions. what a scam.  Just one more indicator that "publically traded companies" think last about shareholders and first about the collection of employees, and the VIPs incomes are even more important.

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You think those investment bankers whose bonus was $2.0 million in 2014 are going to work harder in 2016 because their 2015 bonus was 'only' $1.8 million?  Hard times, those.  I believe their US HQ is 11 Madison Ave.  Good news, there's a park just down the block with LOTS of trees, lamp posts, and homeless.  Those homeless deserve to witness a good hanging.

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How can a priamry dealer bank lose money when they get free money from the FED?  What does it matter anyways, the bail out has never stopped and it certainly never will.

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frikken breaks my heart. /s

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We'll miss credit suisse.

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"Contrary to reports, the bank will not, Thiam says, be selling a portion of the investment banking business to Wells."



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Something is cracking. First Deutsche Bank, Now Credit Suise. Hmm looks similar to the sub-prime mortage crisis when financial institutions were reporting massive losses... Or maybe this time is different.

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Nah, it just means they'll bring back QE...gotta save those precious markets, and so on. 

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This bullmarket is just about to start. Nasdaq 6000 points here we come!

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Bull market, as in Venezuelan bull market.  Stocks up 400% in 2015, BUT inflation running @ 700%!

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Yep...this is the only time the free markets LOVE socialism...when they can dip their hands into citizen's pockets to fix private failure.

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All the better to fuck us with....again!

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keep an eye on Deutsche... their 6.25% CoCo bonds just hit a new ATL

R.R.Raskolnikov's picture

Good remark. When those CoCos got triggerd you will got one massive share delution, resulting in a cascade of a plunge of the share price, because more people are dumping their shares.

The economy is b00ming to tha b0tt0m bitches!

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True.  But a good 'month end mark to fantasy', er uh... I mean 'mark to market', might gloss things over a bit, right??  Wink, wink..nod, nod.

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Can't they use a seasonal adjustment? The season of shit.

R.R.Raskolnikov's picture

I don't know. Let's ask Jim Cramer. If he says everything is fine, than everything is fine.

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There sure are a lot of financial experts out there. Too bad all of their paychecks depend on their "opinion".

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" err lets get ready to rumble!!! "

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It's what rich people do.  Invest their "wealth" with firms who evaporate their own shareholders wealth.  

What a neat business.   What brilliant rich people. 

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I thought it was the poor who invented the credit default swap, collaterallized debt obligations and forced S&P to rate doghshit tranches as AAA?

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Print faster Mario, you prick.

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BDI new ATL 303...everything is wonderful, so what's on tonight?

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Firing people is a wonderful short-term solution ...

(but eventually you run out of people to fire)

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Just hire a bunch so you can fire them.

- sincerely P. Krugman -

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The bank will cut some 4,000 jobs in an effort to supercharge cost savings.


Just what the economy needs right now...............4000 new business advisors! LOL

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At least the food pantry lines will have people dressed in nice suits.

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 The calls for the next leg down in March seem reasonable. Wont be much happening in Asia once the break starts tomorrow.

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This is getting freaky. For the past 3 days, every time the Tylers post something like this, I click over to the site I use to monitor PM prices, and they jump upwards. It's getting reflexive, now.

A few more articles, and we'll see $1200 gold. To paraphrase a line from the Forrest Gump movie, "Post, Tylers, post!"

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No problem. Bail-in solves all.

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Whoever wrote this press release is simply Peddling Fiction.

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Some dope from CS was on bubblevision yesterday saying the Spooz were going to 2350 by year end... Nothing like hail mary desperation in the hopes of trying to sucker people in to drive the market higher so he isnt out of a job... I thought the super bowl was on Sunday? LOL

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Part of the reaction perhaps -


The gold train left early this AM. Many missed it  I bet.

cpnscarlet's picture

Part of the reaction perhaps -


The gold train left early this AM. Many missed it  I bet.

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Just appointed an affirmative action CEO from AFrica. What can possibly go wrong?

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Worldwide paper asset deflation and for most there is no way out cause physical cash is limited. Move to negative rates to tax cash. Bail-in in advance of ban on physical cash. All out money creation by c/b's to fund liabilities (hyperinflate).

i doubt it will work cause the infrastructure for all electronic fiat doesn't exist for the vast majority of world population. 

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Funny, all of this is happening in the middle of ECB with deposit rates at -0.3% and 1.46T Euro bond buying easing which by many accounts starts to get at most of the available bond issuance so where do they go now...Jawbone higher; check. Negative interest rates; check.  QE at upper limits; check.  Overrun by immigrants and terrorism; check.  All that is left is to somehow start a war so that ALL rules can be suspended, debt payment can be suspended and assets can be siezed...there are no other real options.