"Fukushima Class Disaster" - L.A. Gas Leak Spewing Lethal Levels Of Breathable Nuclear Material

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Submitted by Mac Slavo via SHTFPlan.com,

In a breaking development that has been completely ignored by mainstream news sources, the leaking natural gas well near Los Angeles, California is now reportedly spewing lethal levels of radioactive material, according to a report from Steve Quayle and a group with expertise in nuclear material.

A leaking natural gas well outside Los Angeles is spewing so much naturally-occurring Uranium and Radon, that “breathable” radiation levels have hit “lethal levels” according to a Nuclear Expert group.

Hal Turner of Super Station 95 reports that the well is releasing 1.91 Curies (Ci) of radiation per hour.

This rogue well is spewing huge amounts of natural gas and about 1.91 curies an hour of natural radioactive material in the natural gas… 1.91 curies an hour is about 45.9 curies per day… It’s a really, really big leak.


A curie is a unit of measure in the U.S. to describe very large radioactive releases.

The French utilize a unit of measure called a Becquerel to measure radiation levels. A single Becquerel measures the activity of a quantity of radioactive material in which one nucleus decays per second.

To put things into perspective, Turner explains that a single Curie is equivalent to about 37 Billion Becquerels (Bq) of radiation:

A Becquerel is a much more human sized unit of measure… it’s one radioactive burst of energy per second… One Curie is 37 billion Becquerels per second.


That’s 1.7 trillion Becquerels per day coming out of that natural gas well.


This is a real Fukushima class disaster and it’s happening right here in the USA.



In 80 days of fumes at a pace of 1,115 tons per day coming out of that ground… could carry with it 301.2 terra-Becquerels of natural radioactivity… This converts to a resperable… a breathable emanation of 12 million Sieverts (Sv)… 2.4 million times the lethal dose by inhalation.


Full audio report via Hal Turner (begins at approximately 49:00 minutes)

In short, the leak is massive and researchers at UC Davis have indicated that they have never encountered as much methane in the air as they have over suburban Los Angeles in recent months.

While resident complaints of feeling ill, vomiting and nausea have been chalked off by officials as the result of breathing in the natural gas, it is quite possible and increasingly likely that what they are experiencing is actually radiation poisoning.

According to one report, the radiation levels in the Chernobyl control room following the 1986 disaster reached about 300 Sv per hour. That was enough to provide a lethal dose to anyone in the room within 1-2 minutes.

While the Los Angeles leak is widespread with radiation disbursing across the city, the fact remains that millions of Sieverts of radiation have been released and will continue to be released until such time that the well is permanently sealed.

The following map shows the spread of methane over the Los Angeles area and researchers from Eco Watch report that elevated levels of natural gas have been detected as far as 10 miles from the leak:


For those living in the area, be warned: you are inhaling deadly radiation. And while the dose is not immediately lethal, prolonged inhalation and exposure may lead to a spike in cancer-related disease and deaths over coming years.

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Whoot! A boost for Obama Sick Care!! I bet we can charge at least $15,000 a pill now for that there Chemo you're all gonna need!

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Another reason for thinking people who pay taxes to consider leaving California.  I have not lived there myself, just visited, and I DO see why people like it (natural beauty, etc.), but I better understand why people DO NOT: high taxes, filthy liberal politicians (hence majority of the electorate), epic traffic, pollution and now environmental disasters.

And earthquakes.

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I thought all those LA peeples moved to Austin?

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Yeah, but at least all those Sieverts and methane don't cause small heads, right. That's gotta be some relief.

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OMG! Scooby feels so sorry for all the Colifornians.

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Radioactive natural gas.... just trying to wrap my head around that.  How the FUCK does radiation happen because of a nat gas leak??

Sorry, but I'm lost on this.  If I offer allowing you to anally rape my grandmother while pouring sugar in my gas tank could we just call this even?


ACP's picture

If there's naturally occurring radioactive material far underground, radon eventually reaches the surface. I wouldn't be surprised if all the wells around there were contaminated with radon also. A lot of granite counter tops are highly radioactive also.

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Guess what lovely element Radon decays into?



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No!!!!! Cannot be Lead!!!

California passed legislation banning the use of lead!!!

The earth is in trouble now!

The state is going to be issuing some major fines.

Freddie's picture

Calif also does not like .223 and .308 lead.

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...and all of Hollywood/LA are relocating to Hollywood North, aka Vancouver BC.

Hence the recent parabolic rise in R E values.

30% premium of US to Cdn currrency doesn't hurt either.

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"This converts to a resperable… a breathable emanation of 12 million Sieverts (Sv)… 2.4 million times the lethal dose by inhalation."

"And while the dose is not immediately lethal, prolonged inhalation and exposure may lead to a spike in cancer-related disease and deaths over coming years."


So are bodies being stacked like cordwood or not?

Anybody got a Geiger counter?

Slomotrainwreck's picture

... until such time that the well is permanently sealed.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Who knows what to think with so much ignorance and particularly fear mongering that goes on in science these days?

Bunghole's picture

There's no science in this story.

Just moar fear pron for the masses.

Byte Me's picture

There's no science in this story.

Just moar fear pron for the masses.


A glimmer of reason at last. +1. And in what form is this "Uranium" that is mentioned ONCE being "disbursed"?


Radon is a natural component of nat gaz, not a "contaminant" FFS. Has short or very short half-life and decays into fantastically nutritious vitamins such as Astatine and the highly valued Polonium, which also have even shorter half-lives measured in fractions of a second..

OTOH ... perhaps sensible denizens of the area should consider relocating to more utopian areas such as Deroit, or Chi-town or even salubrious Flint.

Leave the vicinity to the libtards and GTFO of Dodge.

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I wonder how much Radon was being released into people's homes when they heated and cooked?

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Well, there goes the neighborhood!

tmosley's picture

Hal Turner?

Jesus Fucking Christ, ZH. Take this story and put it in the fucking trash where it belongs.


MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

I was going to ask, but I figured someone would beat me to it.  

"Hal Turner?  Isn't that the guy who..."

Yup.  It's him.

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Its not like FOUR uncontained experiments which went critical and were burried are anything to worry about in proximity to an 8000 foot deep out of control methane leak...   Nahhhhh... go back to pecking on that i phone monkeys

emersonreturn's picture

surfsup, thank you for the link.  i've sent it my stepkids, happily ensconced in malibu & the palisades, pecking away on their iphones.  hopefully they'll read the link.

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Really....and the Fed .gov is worried about Volkswagen? WTF people....

Arnold's picture

Vdub diss the .gov brotha...

Uken bet they wnt B A nuther....

A Nanny Moose's picture

Perhaps that's becaues VW does not have the same familial relationship to Moonbeam, that Sempra Energy enjoys.


4th name down.


Victory_Garden's picture


Thot the same exact thing when the story was posted here yesterday.

Upon further questing, we find this corroborating report.


There is a slim possibility that ht the fed rat is scamming again, and an even moar slight chance he may be correct. Telling it straight.

Bottom line, everybody feels it coming in the gut right now. If it is true, more revelations will ve incoming forth.

Carry on.

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Well, it's a good thing that mine is .338 and in 1 Oz slugs.  Bigger is more visible, so it's better. Right?

ReasonForLife's picture

If this stuff gets in the air, it will get into the water as well.  If anyone's looking for a water filter that can filter out radiation, take a look at this company,  it's also US Made:


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"California Faces Its Greatest Manmade Environmental Catastrophe of the
Third Millennium"


A Special Report on the SoCalGas Natural Gas Leak at Aliso Canyon

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Your lead only becomes dangerous when it is airborne.

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To probably send cops out to shoot some dogs.

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What are all those mother earthers going to say about mommy now? When Momma's not happy, NO ONE is happy!

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2 ci/h includes the radon. Notice it doesn't list the actual isotopes. I am not saying 2 ci/h is not a decent leak, as it is all alpha radiation emitters (considered 20 times more damaging to flesh than other radiation). However, I work at a nuclear reactor where we release over 450 ci/h of Ar-41 alone. Not a big deal. Plus the radiation in this case is natural, I thought all the ducking hippies in Cali love natural things.

Parrotile's picture

41 Ar has only a 100 minute half-life, and is "generally regarded" as moderately radiotoxic ( http://www.unb.ca/fredericton/environmental-safety/_resources/pdf/safety-manual/appendices/radiotoxicity.pdf ) however 450 Ci ( 16.65 GBq) is a LOT of reasonably hard gamma and beta emitter, and this radon leak seems pretty feeble in comparison.

Nevertheless, I'll not be visiting any time soon, since Radiation fades your genes (or so I'm told!) :-)



Bunghole's picture

Yeah, alpha particles are only destructive within a few inches of the source.

A few feet from an alpha emmitter and you're safe.

Maybe someone should teach the sheeple the differences between alpha, beta and gamma radiation before they are allowed to comment on a story.

Your cell phone and the sun are bigger radiation risks than this well.

Paveway IV's picture

"...A few feet from an alpha emmitter and you're safe..."

Unless it's radon and you're an air-breather. In that case, you're breathing in alpha emitters sized somewhere around 1nm.

The good news is those particles are too small to lodge in the alveoli of your lungs. Unless their strong positive charge has already attached them to a dust particle of the size that would lodge in your alveoli or lung tissue mucus. Then you have an alpha emitter that might decay a few microns from your lung tissue, bombarding it with an alpha particle that will leave an ionization trail of free radicals behind it. Those free radicals are more damaging to lung tissue cells (and their chromosomes) than whatever the alpha particle itself smacks into.

The bad news is that 1nm positively-charged particles of radon or daughters that are deposited in your airways are most likely (80%) to lodge in the airways in your head like your nose and sinuses. The other 20% of the total deposition goes to your tracheal-bronchial airways.

That doesn't necessarily mean your going to get nose or sinus cancer or anything like that. Not all the radon and it's daughter radionuclides in the air are going to be deposited in your body when you breathe air containing them. But some does. And when they decay, they'll be microns from some kind of cells.

More good news is that even the layer of mucus constantly being swept out of your nose and sinus cavities is going to carry away just about all the deposited alpha emitters from radon. The bad news is that that mucus runs down the back of your throat, into your esophagus, into your stomach and through your intestines and then finally out of your body. Well, maybe. A lot of it is absorbed by your intestines and gets into your blood, and it's up to your kidney or liver to filter out the offending radioactive particles. But they sit around in your bladder or rectum until they are eliminated, so they're kind of a problem there.

Remember the plant engineer of Fukushima that died soon after the accident of esophageal cancer? Yeah, he didn't have it at all before the accident. If he only could have avoided breathing during the accident or at least avoided swallowing all that snot, he might be alive today. Fun fact: during the entire day, the average adult swallows about a quart of mucus - most from the nose, sinuses and lungs - without being aware of it. Oh, and - officially - the plant engineer didn't get esophageal cancer from the meltdowns. According to TEPCO, it was just an unfortunate coincidence of timing. Or maybe stress-related. Anything but the meltdown.

The warning labels on cigarettes warn of all kinds of cancer. The reason they warn about throat, stomach and esophageal cancer is because tobacco leaves have a lot of the alpha-emitter polonium. Little sticky hairs on the leaves called trichomes love to suck up all kinds of interesting charged particles floating around. No amount of processing or burning gets rid of the polonium isotopes. They mostly end up in the smoke you breathe, and then in your airway mucus. There are probably some OTHER kind of trichome fans out there (you know who you are). And, yeah, they're great sponges of alpha-emitters like polonium as well. 

"...Maybe someone should teach the sheeple the differences between alpha, beta and gamma radiation before they are allowed to comment on a story..."

Or the deposition and fate of alpha emitters in human airways...

"...Your cell phone and the sun are bigger radiation risks than this well..."

Probably. Earthquakes and volcanos release tons and tons of radon and daughters in the atmosphere. Just like this blown out well, the LAST thing I would be worried about is the radon alpha-emitters if my face was melting off from lava or a building was collapsing on my head. Still, it would be wise to avoid going up to this well and directly breathing the pure natural gas spewing out for days on end. Why unnecessarily increase your radiation exposure?

Augustus's picture

The radiation level in the marble and granite of the US capital are above "safe" EPA levels.  Generally, this is a Crock of Shite article. 


The NG has been stored in a depleted oil resevoir.  Some of the natural radioactive material is absorbed in the NG while in storage and removed when the gas is fed out.  All of the NG ever withdrawn from this storage field has some of the same material that is eventually released in the area when the gas was burned.

greenskeeper carl's picture

Ya I had a similar thought as well. If it is so dangerous, why would people be burning it in their house?

Bunghole's picture


They are worried about the gas exiting the well but could care less about the gas being combusted in their furnace or stove.

People are stupid and believe everything the read on the internet.

Article is bullshit.

Fear sells.

European American's picture

"The radiation level in the marble and granite of the US capital are above "safe" EPA levels."

Don't tell the politicians that...let'em fry slowly (It may be our only way to get back at them).

Implied Violins's picture

That's why I don't think this is a natural disaster - it has all the hallmarks of being engineered. Especially the part where NONE of this is in the MSM, and it is only now getting traction here *after* many months of this has been going on.

This is part of the Agenda 21/depopulation plans. Has to be. They'll force us out of California dead or alive.

BTW - Any preppers here who thought they could just set up shop at home and ride it all out? I got news for you: THEY WON'T LET YOU. This shit will happen EVERYWHERE, in different forms, whether it's fucking with the water, fires like last summer, drought etc.

Time to WAKE UP, folks. This isn't conspiracy any more; it's happening, NOW, and it's world-wide.

in4mayshun's picture

Ya I told no less than 15 people about this months ago, and no one believed me cause they didnt see it on NBC. Retards.

Implied Violins's picture

It might have something to do with this:

"That it took almost two and a half months for Governor Jerry Brown to officially declare the leak to be an emergency may have something to do with Brown’s sister being on the board of Sempra Energy, the parent company of SoCalGas."

trulz4lulz's picture

Can i get a fuck yeah for nepotism?! Anybody wanna do the math on how many lethal doses that is per US resident? I dony feel like crying tonight.

Implied Violins's picture

For some reason I can't edit my posts. Anyway, found this fairly comprehensive article on the Aliso Canyon leak, from just a few days ago. It mentions radiation towards the end - and how there was a blackout about that information:


trulz4lulz's picture

You cant edit a post once someone(occasionally me) responds. Thanks for the link. I wont read it though. 2 curies is enough info. If true. If 1.96 curie is what they say...im afraid its higher than 2. Which is a literal shit ton i think. In the dictionary 1 curie is the standard unit of measurment of a shit ton. Ill use it in a sentance. 


Why yes <Jim> thats a shit ton of radiation!II

It sure is <Dave>, it sure is. 

And thats the conversation that led to the definition of shit ton. 


¤¤the more you know....¤¤¤