This Is What Central Bank Failure Looks Like

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From omnipotence to impotence... Peter Pan(ic) is here...

NKY is 1000 points below pre-NIRP levels and USDJPY is 4 handles lower (JPY stronger)...


Simply put - not only are words not enough to create the only effect that Central Banks care about but their actions are now worse than doing nothing...

Japanese Bank stocks are down 25% since NIRP was unleashed (and 32% since the start of the year)...

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I think the bankers should do the mandatory depression tests, not anyone else.

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Throw the politicians in there as well... Oh wait, there's no difference between the two.

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Throw politicians in the well, you say?

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Will the Rx for a depressed banker be a $2MM bonus, or merely a bullet?

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I vote for the high velocity Lead supplement.

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Firearms are pretty hard to get in in Japan and Germany, but I hear that nail gun sales are way up there.


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It's only wealth on paper, it's not really tangible, so don't worry, you never really had anything to begin with.

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$2MM bonus is what makes bankers depressed when they realize years of BS works for huge bonus is not enough to afford a decent place to live on Manhattan AFTER taxes.



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Anyone diagnosed with depression will be denied guns, as it is now a "mental illness".  The VA is already screening Vets.  Coming to your home town, soon...

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It sure took long enough. They actually had to get to the point where they pushed rates negative, in other words complete insanity, before the markets figured it out

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Jump you Fkrs!

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Tototemo wa subarashi, desu yo!

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Dumpa from da Rumpa. Humpa as ya Jumpa.

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they nuke themselves and are proud of it. it is not unusual.

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The market has given me a total ass-beating.  

The DXY dump has done nothing.

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I wonder what he thought would happen.  Central bankers are idiots.

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Wouldn't it be funny if all the NWO freaks attempting to control the world have been improperly brainwashed by Keynes and crew, and now the shit is hitting the fan Austrian style, falling apart and they are realizing now that they are literally losing control of global finance and all their plans are coming undone...

A man can dream...

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Looks like the markets are calling their bluff.  Markets are saying show me your hyper inflation.  Gold will bottom soon if it hasnt already.  I can just see gold breaking above 2000 as NIRP is instituted worldwide, while stocks sit down 15-30% from their recent highs.  Central bankers have cornered themselves.  Sacrfice the equity markets or sacrifice their currencies.  Decision time.

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They're about to get 2 for 1 on the altar of sacrifice...NIRP'S away!

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There is a big problem with today's 'gold' can be printed.

Unless physical somehow gets control, the POG is easily controlled. There really is no way to do price discovery these days. One could buy a ton and then a bullion bank could sell 500 tons and the effect of the one ton purchase dissappears in the noise.

Since all commodities are linked the only way we will see a big increase in the gold price would be to have a commodity bull market...and that isn't happening. Our best bet is for the central banks agree to use gold as a reserve (like the ECB does now) and then offer to buy physical to strengthen the asset side of their books. It would not take much in a 'physical only' market to then see gold go way up and fast.

Many here think that it won't happen because the banks have been behaving badly but if their survival depended on a high gold price it would not take long for the banks to once again love gold. This does not require re-monetixation of the metal. It would just be held as a reserve asset, marked to market (like the ECB does now). By not declaring a specific value for gold, the metal is then allowed to rise in price as the central banks once again begin to print too much currency in response to political pressure.

Ron Paul had this explained to him by Charles Partee in the early 1980s but I don't think he understood.

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+1 lasvegaspersona

OT: Funny how ZH makes fun of confidence, which is, after all, what makes out all kinds of enterprises, firms and companies

A central bank is not really different in that. It sells... confidence in it's product, a currency. But after all, a currency is only there to buy goods and services, which are the results of an economy

But of course ZH is different in that. It "sells"... entertainment, news, gossip and... "anti-confidence"


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Citizens of the East, as well as citizens of the West, and citizens in between have been playing against a loaded deck since William Paterson uttered these words:"The bank hath benefit of interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing."

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fortunately nobody reads zero hedge   /s

  so nobody will even think of buying gold as they watch the banks Burn...    /s

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Never knew a Monday could be so much fun!

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Just look at the 1 day and 7 day spot price of gold if you want a thrill.

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 When your cash is confiscated, and you have to push a wheelbarrow full of $1.oo bills to the minimart, for your Powerball ticket, and a cheap blunt?

 Mondays, can be pretty exciting... Especially, if you're in the market for lead Pb.

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Yet another (and the biggest) U.S. colony suffering from projectile diarrhea.

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Japan:  the world's first post-industrial society, glorifying it's progressive devolution.

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Lets just blame it on Hiroshima and Nagasaki!