World Equity Market "Wealth" Crashes $6 Trillion Below 2007 Highs

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Global equity market investors have lost a stunning $16.5 trillion of their newfound CB-fueled "wealth" in the last six months. This has erased half of the gains from the 2011 lows (but of course leaves all the debt created still in place). However, what is perhaps more troubling given the unprecedented money-printing since the last crisis peak, is that global equity market "wealth" is now down 10% from its November 2007 prior highs.

Trillions of money printed and debt created and equity "wealth" is now down $6 trillion from the 2007 highs...


Put another way - your plan failed CBs!

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Fuck equity... its the bonds.  It is the debt.

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Durrmockracy (not verified) So Close Feb 9, 2016 1:03 PM

No real wealth was harmed in the filming of this shit-show...

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This is why the sociopathic greedy rich fucks are crying for more QE free money for them.

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Here in lies the rub - the book must balance.  Assets must equal liabilities.  As debt is a liability, the asset side of the ledger must increase, or the debt side decreased.  This is going to force selling of debt for assets (cash or gold).

This is going to lead us down the path of that one guys pyramid (I always forget his name).  You know the guy whose upside down pyramid shows how when SHTF investments will go from equity -->bonds --> cash --> gold.

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Maslow's hiearchy of needs. LOL

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Soul Glow

Exter!  His inverted pyramid of liquidity.

*   *   *

But, what if the assets are no good?  


Soul Glow's picture

Exter!  That's it.  Thanks Doc.  I was googling excelsior and elixer lol.

What if the assets are no good....that's the point when cash moves into gold.


38BWD22's picture



Elixers are for curing Socialist diseases like Hillary!TM...

BTFDemocracy's picture has a real nice Exer's Pyramid infographic incoming! It will blow minds.

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Yes but Gold has no counter party risk, so why would you want it? 

Sarc off


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"Here in lies the rub - the book must balance.  Assets must equal liabilities"


Assets  = liabilities + equity





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Just print more and more and more ......... What is the defination of insanity??????

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From the the Book of Changes: 

Those who are uncertain gradually join. Whoever come too late Meets with misfortune.

wildbad's picture

quit expecting the criminals who did all of this to come up with solutions.. no cash..bullshit.  let it all crash and bring out the guillotines

sgorem's picture

elevator operator: going down?

investor: yes please.

                 elevator operator: and what floor would that be sir?

                 investor: all the way to the bargain basement, or Hell, which ever comes first.

                 elevator operator: HELL it is then.............

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This is terrible!  Where is Janet?  Where is Hillary (she may have her own problems in New Hampshire).  Bill is probably on the stool trying to find himself.  Can Germany bail us out?   Marshall Plan?

What about attracting 50 million refugees that will work for nothing?  We could build a factory on George W.'s ranch to house them.

An Angela and Hilary poster would do wonders to restore faith in the system.  Maybe Jihadi John doing his thing in the background.  I want to retain the movie rights.

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Uncle Janet, Madeleine "I'm Episcopalian" Albright, Mutti Merkel, Nurse Ratchet herself (Hillary!TM), Rug Muncher Huma...

Quite a depressing line-up trying to cement a transformation of America.

GRDguy's picture

Folks have figured out that the seed-corn was stolen and replaced with popped-corn.

Can't grow anything from popped-corn.  It was just to fool folks that the silos (banks) were still full until they could make their get-away.

drivenZ's picture

I think the point from a CB perspective was the $26T above the 2007 lows.

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Feb 9, 2016 1:19 PM

Is this the dip we are waiting for to buy?

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What some see as a market losing value is in reality just a market jettisoning ballast. This ship won't make it through the coming waters with all that dead weight, so it has to go, or we sit here indefinitely, slowly running out of food and water.

Now we just have to get the whiners (ballast owners) to shut the fuck up and let the process work so we can get going again.

And if they don't, we should jettison THEM as well. Let them cling to their floating debris if they choose, we can just leave them behind.

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There's a bear market lower low down here somewhere, maybe somewhere 2-3-4% lower:

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These trillions are ghost assets originating as 0 s and 1 s in CB computers - and that is precisely what they are worth.

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I have seen under the sun that in the place of justice there is wickedness and in the place of righteousness there is wickedness.


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Diamonds are forever.


Printing isn't

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i'll keep on the path...losing on my savings accounts, treasuries and's a slower death