The End Is Nigh For Europe As Officials Mull 2 Year Schengen "Suspension"

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Well, no one can say the writing wasn't on the wall. 

With Europe at a complete and total loss as to how to deal with the bloc's worst refugee crisis since World War II, countries have increasingly adopted their own, ad hoc "solutions" which include razor wire anti-migrant fences in Hungary and the suspension of Schengen in Austria, where the backlash against asylum seekers is growing more palpable by the day. 

An ill-fated quota system devised by Berlin and Brussels proved more divisive than it did helpful and the wave of alleged sexual assaults that swept through the region on New Year's Eve threatens to derail the settlement effort altogther.

"We have until March, the summer maybe, for a European solution," one unnamed German official told Retuers last month. "Then Schengen goes down the drain."

"There is a big risk that Germany closes," another official said, suggesting that Angela Merkel may eventually bow to the domestic political pressure and reverse the country's open-door policy. "From there, no Schengen ... There is a risk that February could start a countdown to the end."

Well sure enough, reports now indicate that European officials are prepared to suspend Schengen for a period of 2 years. From Reuters:


Like a stock halted limit down on the Shenzhen, there's a very good chance that once suspended, Schengen will never again be open for "trading".

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Baby Bladeface's picture
Baby Bladeface (not verified) bamawatson Feb 10, 2016 10:14 AM

Wonders what bearing this to have on ukropskiy dreams of visa-free Europe for which they jumped on the maidan vigourously...

EscapeKey's picture

you invited them, merkel. your problem.

Leopold B. Scotch's picture

But.. But... But... All cultures are the same, and Western Civilization is all awful compared to the poor, disadvantaged 3rd worlders.  What, with evil capitalism to blame for all the world's ills.

Most progressives for this stay 1000 miles away from the actual migrants.  They dump them into your communities, never theirs.

Xibalba's picture

Does this mean they do away with the 'temporary' Solidarity Tax that's been in place for 25 years???

ConfederateH's picture

Yup, the Wessie's have been paying for the Ossie's for a generation.  Kinda like white americans and thier dark skinned vibrant fellow citizens.  And just like the cries of "white privilege" in the US, the more the Wessie's pay the more they are scorned.

Even worse, the Ossie's are the ones who are resisting the white genocide the most, so most of the ficki-fickies are staying or heading in the west.

caconhma's picture
US Key Man in Syria Worked Closely with ISIL and Jabhat al-Nusra


Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

"But,but,but..., what about multiculturalism?!?"  /sarc

Ghordius's picture

"All cultures are the same..." what is this, a Berkeley University lecture session? This is still about Europe, isn't it? Try to find any critter here that repeats that phrase

now, if you were talking about european cultures treating each other as peers... then perhaps you'd find firmer ground. not in England, though

just saying, keep "progressivism" where it belongs. here, we have more classical -isms. the full bunch of them


lincolnsteffens's picture

All peoples wants, needs and desires are essentially the same. Cultural norms are drastically different.

Latina Lover's picture

 Local Border controls are already returning to Europe.  Schengen is finished, especially if the Turks send another 1,000,000 muslims to Eurabia.


As for the Ukraine, only an idiot  would wonder why the EU was willing to allow millions of muslims to enter, while blocking the Ukies.  Imagine, blacks  and arabs have higher status than the western ukies. Could it be that the Ukies are the white niggers of Europe? Are they to be the new slave class to the German plantation owners of Ukie enterprises?  Must really suck to be a maidanite.

Ghordius's picture

Latina Lover, my dear boss had such a funny exchange with "Haus" regarding Ukrainians, before he finally gave up on ZH

Haus was putting the finger in the wound, imho. who are the biggest "lobbyists" for immigrants and war refugees in Europe? our dear socialist critters of all brands and sub-brands

what is the chance of a poor Ukrainian immigrant to ever vote or at least support the socialist brands? eventually, or even after one generation? bordering zero

why? well, that's Eastern Europeans for you: been there, done that, they tend to have an aversion to the socialist brands. paint me... surprised

so what's in for western european socialist critters? not even a thank you

the "natural" lobbyists for Ukrainian immigration would be the european "Far Right" parties, which are still the only ones that talk about race as much as about culture. but of course... they don't

funny, the sheer "humanity" of all that, isn't it? you could cry yourself silly about that


BorisTheBlade's picture

Socialists brought themselves a new set of voters, but those who they brought voted themselves a Sunni Imam since they couldn't understand a whole point of left vs. right political end of spectrum. They thought both sides are infidel suckers who pay taxes for them to eat and multiply and build Dar As Sallam. Happy End, not.

Ghordius's picture

is that a repetition of the "all cultures are the same" theme of above, now specifically about Muslims? Syrians aren't Iraquis, and both aren't Afghani. they have little in common, except perhaps for the... recent invasions they witnessed. You do know that their countries were invaded, do you? starting with CNN filming the first bombings of Baghdad. Dar Es Salaam is in Africa, btw. just saying


moonshadow's picture

They have a LOT in common- they are mostly Islamic. And that supercedes country borders. And that supercedes recent historical events that many people want to limit their banter to. Even Thomas Jefferson had to admit what he was up against at some point. He wanted to know why they attack those who do no harm to them. The reply was that the Quran tells them to. So he had to deal with it, cuz it is what it is. And that was even relatively recent events. Islam is not a race and not a country. It is a common culture, even though it's barbarism dictates that they must 'infight' and appear to have some differences. Disagreements will appear within Islam. Some even find ways to be peaceful and see merit in becoming law-abiding citizens within other cultures. But the Quran is still there to encourage them to fight 'the infidels' (which sometimes even includes their own). Sometimes they differ in their intensity of urge or willingness to fight the infidel but again the Quran is there ready to ignite the passions of those inspired by circumstances. The circumstances are not to blame. Islam is.

BorisTheBlade's picture

Whatever the difference there is between an Iraqi and Syrian it is far less than between both of them and an average European, left or right. And there is your logical fallacy, mainstream politicians want you to completely ignore a difference, a civilizational one at that between you and a Middle Eastern boy, but want to exagerate a political and ideological difference between left and right. The bigger the lie, the easier it is to fall for. Most people do, or at least wouldn't actively resist it.

ConfederateH's picture

Merkel didn't just invite them to Germany, she twisted the arms of practically every other country in Europe (not just the EU) to take them in too.  Thats why she wants to close the border now:  she's afraid all those other countries are going to send them to Germay.

EscapeKey's picture

that's already happening. apart from the scandinavia countries, who already have put in "temporary" border control, the migrants don't want to go elsewhere. and as by amazing coincidence - those just happen to be the countries offering the highest welfare transfer payments.


peddling-fiction's picture

Also the Scandinavian countries (Denmark included) will be the first cashless societies.

Is that a coincidence? I do not think so.

Something has to stir them up to create the needed chaos to achieve their goals.

Think rapefugees 2.0

EscapeKey's picture

imagine if greece had been "cashless" when their banks closed for the week.

Ghordius's picture

+1 picture the same full treatment of Greece... without the Greeks having recourse to "hard cash" in their hands. sure, some "gold bugs" and some "BitCoin" bugs would say that "infringed" on "their franchise". But Greeks aren't strangers to neither gold nor Bitcoin, they are some of the fiercest users of both

and they are still among the fiercest supporters of the EUR, in the tune of 70%. meanwhile, whoever talks about hyperinflation being a stroll in the park... bah


peddling-fiction's picture

I believe that Greece and all the PIGS will be brought down to their knees for deep transformation.

Their debt is out of control. At least Japan makes stuff and owns their own currency printing presses.

peddling-fiction's picture

@EscapeKey wrote "imagine if greece had been "cashless" when their banks closed for the week."


It would have meant no bank runs in Greece.

Anybody tracked (you will be thanks to your chip in your hand) and found participating in any riots, would have had a fine summarily discounted from your virtual bank account.

Do you want to go riot again?

Don´t think so.

You get the picture?

peddling-fiction's picture

Do you want a signed autograph sent to Utah or Langley?

Ghordius's picture

perhaps, yes. but didn't the whole shebang start with a specific crisis? of 30'000 refugees in Budapest, in and around the main railway station? and the Hungarian PM Orban telling Merkel that he had a... cunning plan with them? with ensuing... mad scrambling?

meanwhile, how well is that Merkel arm-twisting going on? look at the numbers. does that look like a successful arm-twisting? just saying


Son of Captain Nemo's picture

you invited them, merkel. your problem.

Perhaps she did?... And if she did so "knowingly"... Did she also invite these fellows among them that are the ones raping 10 year old boys because it was a "sexual emergency"...And that get paid by the very same government(s) that are in charge of human rights at the UN that bomb hospitals and who probably spent there formative years at black cites like Abu Ghraib and Buca watching their family members getting sodomized by America's finest?...

To answer you concern. Why aren't the people of Sweden, Germany and Austria burning down the government buildings first in their own Countries hanging there unelected leaders and then heading to Brussels to do the same?!!!

Fixed it!

August's picture

Too many Europeans are still happy enough in their living rooms, with their toaster, and their TV and (maybe) their steel-belted radials. 

And they're all counting on those generous pensions to come through, funded by the new surge of vibrant young workers.

Sanity Bear's picture

pretty ironic that the consequences of open borders policy leads to a big time reinstatement of border controls

Seb's picture

"Wonders what bearing this to have on ukropskiy dreams of visa-free Europe for which they jumped on the maidan vigourously..." - Baby Bladeface

No Schengen means that they will re-introduce border controls even between EU states that are part of Schengen agreement, but EU citizens will not need a visa to travel inside EU. If Ukraine would be inside EU, the Ukrainians would not need a visa to travel inside EU, just a passport or ID card.

XAU XAG's picture

Article I-4 of the Constitution guarantees the free movement of



1 persons,

2 goods,

3 services

4 capital

within the Union (the famous "four freedoms") and strictly prohibits any discrimination on grounds of nationality.


With 1 being taken out.

I guess probs with banking mens 4 is next


That will mean 2 and 3 will automatically be reduced.


Euro is doomed

EscapeKey's picture

it might mean more calais-like issues, as benefit shoppers decide to board lorries to cross borders.

what we need to do is spend the aid in the local regions. give jordan a large cheque to sort out the problems, because they certainly take a huge share of the problem as it is, especially considering the relative size of the local population.

Sanity Bear's picture

"Benefit shopper" = career thief


Ghordius's picture

a suspension or even the scrapping of Schengen does not change the freedom of movement of persons (note: citizens of EU countries)

it just means: "Papers, please" at border checks. with a reply of "Yes, officer, here they are". Considering that every EU Citizen - with the exception of Brits, perhaps - has practically always an ID in the pocket, it's a bloody authoritarian... bother


peddling-fiction's picture

Even the new biometric chips on many European passports are "contactless", meaning euphemistically that they are RFID enabled, so passport control can be just a green or red light and an opening door, with a camera authenticating your identity.

You can be tracked by homing in on your chip that is in your passport or some National ID cards (also RFID debit or credit cards).

lincolnsteffens's picture

I don't know anything of the Euro. Union Constitution but I have studied the legal differences between people and persons in the USA.

A "person or persons" in law is a fictional legal entity, a construct of the mind. A "natural person" is a flesh and blood tangible human being. If a law in the USA or US (yes there is a difference) does not specifically state a "natural human being" it EXCLUDES a flesh and blood human being. You can take that to the Supreme Court of the USA and they will affirm that they have so ruled and now affirm that. Persons have restrictions on them that People do not.

I noticed that the UN Declaration on Human Rights makes references to "person" and not people. I ask is this a duplicitous intentional deceit or is there a definition the UN uses for person that equates a person with man and woman? I ask is the use of "person" in the EU Charter/Constitution apply only to fictional persons or natural persons.

This may seem nit picking to many. It is however the crux of governments, esp. the US, violating the Constitution of the the United States of America in regards to the unalienable rights of the people.





peddling-fiction's picture


Thanks for sharing that.

Do I believe they are into deceiving us?


wildbad's picture

so..this and the single currency benefit upon which the public was sold the €uro are now going the way of the booby.  so whats the point?  central (BANKER) control and an increasing distance betweeen the individual and the control freak statist model

Ghordius's picture

this "single currency benefit" stuff is the EUR. a club of 19 countries. that stuff called "Schengen" is a separate treaty, and that "EU" stuff is again another bunch of treaties

Meanwhile, Russian SU-24s are bombing Aleppo, inside and around it. Whatever you think about that, and opinion might differ, strongly, this means potentially two frigging millions additional refugees

and note: the supporters of that EUR stuff are being called on supporting "Schengen", too. the wording goes like "without Schengen, the EUR has no sense". do you smell... the propaganda?


ThirdWorldDude's picture

'the supporters of that EUR stuff are being called on supporting "Schengen", too. the wording goes like "without Schengen, the EUR has no sense". '

If the Schengen Agreement is suspended, it will drag with it to history all EU Treaties from Amsterdam (1999) and onward. Translation: if the Schengen Agreement was allowed to exist as a separate document there wouldn't be any risks for the remaining EU institutions. But as it is now, the EU will need a brand new Treaty to justify its existence in a Europe with closed borders.


P.S. If they really decide to suspend Schengen, I suspect it will be mere months before "member-states" begin imposing trade tariffs on each other.

Ghordius's picture

so you mean that the Schengen_Agreement, a separate treaty, signed originally in 1985 among Belgium, Western Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands...

... is what? a critical and fundamental treaty for the rest of the EU treaty packages? interesting assertion, I encounter that often, but do you have a... rationale for it? except for... "well wishes"?


schadenfreude's picture

The suspension of Schengen would take away the only visible benefit for the people, namley the free movement between borders. So people would ask, why the fuck do we still need EU or a Euro for that matter? And since Euro and EU give negative sentiments to the people already a suspension of Schengen would be a further step of disintegration of the EU.

Ghordius's picture

ok, let's transpose this to let's say the US. imagine that now every state border has checkpoints with police asking for your ID before passing

why would you then need the right to take residence and work in any state you want? why would you want to have one currency instead of 50?

but that's all... rethorical, isn't it? something tells me that you would prefer to have 50 countries instead of federated states. well, it's your business, isn't it? do those exercises at home, first, and then we talk about it


schadenfreude's picture

Look, I still remember how the situation was, when Europe didn't had a common currency, but had a Schengen agreement. I live near the German-French border and there has been germans living in France, but work in Germany before. There wasn't a problem as a German to get a permission to live in France at all. As a german I guarantee you, that all germans loved their D-Mark. And it was accepted by the people to pay in Francs, Lira or whatever. However my point was, that the german politicians blessed the open border policy (which already was in place praxctically with the core EU countries), free choice of residence (which was already in place practically with the core EU countries) is going to give us a big advantage (however this advantage materialises) in order for giving up the D-Mark. This was 17 years ago, but do you really think it is forgotten? 

Even at the times before the EU-crsis started the Germans wanted to have their D-Mark back.

peddling-fiction's picture


I disagree. To be able to purchase online and sell within the EU area without tariffs and be able to wire money without cost (SEPA) is the real EVERYDAY benefit for most people, as well as using the same currency in the EURO area (don´t lose money with money exchange).

I am pretty sure that Europeans would not disagree too much on trying to keep the riff raff at bay.

There are also real estate, business incorporation and residence benefits and well as open EMPLOYMENT possibilities without a visa.

Schengen is very important especially to movement in the BENELUX countries and Germany, but they could get used to it.

Maybe they can be scanned at an immigration toll booth automatically, and let through without too many hassles.

Maybe this is the point. Chip control for the Europeans.

schadenfreude's picture

Have you ever bought online in a country with different currency? It is no problem at all. 

Why should there be tariffs after abolishment of Schengen and the Euro? We didn't have tariffs before Schengen and Euro either. And SEPA won't be abolished, since this is NSA's baby.


peddling-fiction's picture

@schadenfraud wrote:

"The suspension of Schengen would take away the only visible benefit for the people, namley the free movement between borders. So people would ask, why the fuck do we still need EU or a Euro for that matter? And since Euro and EU give negative sentiments to the people already a suspension of Schengen would be a further step of disintegration of the EU."


Why don´t you re-read what you wrote and inform yourself thanks to my post, what the real benefits of the EU and the EURO are.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

If you've read the wiki page you might've noticed the third paragraph's opening sentences: "Originally, the Schengen treaties and the rules adopted under them operated independently from the European Union. However, in 1999 they were incorporated into European Union law by the Amsterdam Treaty, while providing opt-outs for the only two EU member states which had remained outside the Area: Ireland and the United Kingdom."


Also, a suspension/ abolition of Schengen means a restitution of each country's domestic legal regulations that were in place prior to the full adoption of Schengen rules. Oops, you're gonna need a passport again...


Sorry to dissapoint you, but you seem to be way more ignorant on certain issues than your bossman. Send my regards to Ghordo.