Caught On Tape: 800 Angry Farmers Storm Greek Ministry, Beat Cops With Shepherd's Sticks

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On Friday, we got confirmation of what everyone already knew: the Greek economy is still mired in recession. GDP contracted 0.6% in Q4 after shrinking 1.4% in Q3.

We also found out that Greek farmers have most assuredly not calmed down since they parked their tractors in the middle of the street blocking traffic late last month.

Why are the farmers mad, you ask? Well, they’re not particularly enamored with the idea of having their social security contributions tripled and their income tax doubled as part of PM Alexis Tsipras’ push to satisfy creditors in Brussels who, six months after the country’s third bailout program was agreed, aren’t satisfied with the pace of fiscal consolidation.

So what do you do when you’re an angry farmer from Crete hell bent on demonstrating just how frustrated you are with a government which just a little over a year ago, swept to power with promises to roll back austerity? You grab your shepherd's crook and some tomatoes and you storm the Agriculture Ministry in Athens.

Below, find the dramatic footage of farmers gone wild.

Hell hath no fury like a farmer taxed.

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Shephard's staff or pitchfork, REVOLUTION IS BEGIN!

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Call me when they hang some ministers and bankers in the public square.  Until then they are just a bankers whore.

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Seriously... beating cops with sheep sticks? Yeah, that should solve Greek financial problems in a flash.

Dear Greece,

The problem is that you're using an outdated version of Republic (your word for presidential parliamentary democracy). Time to upgrade to Republic Ver. 2.0: Roll the fucking wood-chippers, locate the ministers and bankers COSMOS points out, feed in feet-first... slowly. The rest will work itself out in short order. Throw your worthless sheep-beaters in the wood-chipper as well. You're going to have to upgrade those to something that commands a little more attention from your next batch of elected officials. 

Wear boots. Your welcome.

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??????????. Republic is of Latin origin (res publica). The political economy is irrelevant. Greece consumes but can't pay. The only substantial difference is that it is a bit closer to running out of credit (to finance all the non-remunerative consumption) than the rest of the developed world, for contingent and irrelevant reasons - someone always has to be first.

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farmers are delusional.

Chinese farmers are already jumping the value chain ladder to light manufacturing and soon heavy manufacturing.

Greek farmers are soon going to be toiling under the hot sun to farm food for Chinese middle class and their children will be tour guides for Chinese retirees.


If they want to keep consuming, they better start manufacturing luxury grade automobiles like the Germans.

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Who needs luxury autos.  The weather is nice, they just need to make scooters.

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crook         kro?ok/         noun: crook; plural noun: crooks

1.the hooked staff of a shepherd.

                     Takes one to beat one?
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Coming soon to an intersection near you!!!!!!!!

PS: they will not be using rubber bullets

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I've been buying Greek Olives lately. Hey just trying to help.

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I dont understand why they dont wait till the mofos get off and go home.  Take care of them there.

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Doing my wife Greek tonight.


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I see where you are going with that.  You cant control your 'sexual urges' its an emergency.  Give him a kiss.

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The Greeks should just stop paying taxes and default on their loans.

Screw the Banksters!

Fuck the EU! (only time Nudelman was ever correct when it comes to foreign policy)

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Greeks are the best ... they don't fuck around.

Took advantage of the (maxed out) credit card provided by the Bundes Bank and now will show Markela the middle finger. 

That's how you do it bitches!

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Someone tell the riot police the protestors have no quarrel with them.  And that they will still have jobs as riot police after the revolutions, lol.  Or security guards.   Or they should tell the farmers "You know, with all these men here downtown, there aren't very many guards at the local residence of ______ (fill in central bankers + troika members name here)"

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Meanwhile in America, ranchers are arrested for interfering with a government agent.  Send the FBI to Greece to show their police how it is done.

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its just for show,  you whack some shields break windows  start a fire, police aren't made to look like nazis  if they were really serious they would sack the building and grab the minister or senior civil servants  that woud be serious.

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I thought the Riot Police now come from Brussels, the muslim quarters.

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Shouldn't your name include  "dada?"

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The farmers are also seen on camera saying this exact thing. They told the riot police to remove their helms shields and weapons and join them since the enemy is common and they have no quarrel with them.

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GhostOfDiogenes (not verified) WayBehind Feb 12, 2016 4:23 PM

Hahaha nice

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"Thanks for the war reparations, Germany" - Mr Panos

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"The Greeks should just stop paying taxes and default on their loans."

Shit! I thought I had gone back in time for a second there

(wouldn't that be just glorious about now?)

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Hey LL,

Easy to criticize when it is not your ass on the line. 

Why don't you and the rest of the sheeple in America and everyone on ZH quit paying taxes and default on their loans?


HELL........I would do it if I could get 50 Million tax payers..........maybe even 10 million......

Quickest way I know to get rid of the parasites and traitors.

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In the film "V for Vendetta", you will notice the main character set a deadline 1 year IN THE FUTURE.  To allow people time to get their shit together, and get on the same page.

Well, I don't know if we have 1 year before TSHTF, but still, the principle is a sound one.

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I would do it in solidarity with only 5000. That would push the prison system into meltdown where I live.

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A revolution demanding more of the same from the government is probably welcome in the halls of power.

Greece has a big, bad army by Euro standards. They should just go Full Hitler on their neighbors and plunder those lands raw.

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Remember the standard MO. Invade, rape, rob and pillage. Don't forget to ship all the gold home for safekeeping, then install your own central bank.

It has worked wonders for the West for over a hundred years.

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Greece needs to adopt stick control laws, pronto.

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Especially those sawed-off sticks!

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But, but, the NSA (national stick association) says, "sticks don't beat people, people beat people".

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/ You don't want the Truth, you want to be Entertained.  Are you not entertained? /s

fyi... already front-ran this story with...

- - - - -

   Fri, 02/12/2016 - 13:26 | 7177268   Kirk2NCC1701

   In related news (on people reacting to getting financially sodomized)...

   800 (UNARMED) Greek farmers stormed a Government building (Min. of Agriculture)*

   / I'm trying to imagine 80 US farmers or ranchers having the balls to storm the BLM -- with of w/o their Arms Arsenal.  Nowonder we see so many ED (Erectile Dysfunction) ads on TV! / sarc

   * source:

- - - - -

OK, all sarcasm aside, would SOMEONE please address the blatant and glaring contrast in the courage of Greeks, and the lacking courage in 'Merikuns?  I mean, once you get over the cognitive dissonance.  

Point is:  Guns are NO substitue to courageous ACTS, and may snare many of us into a false sense of "doing something about it".  What good is having it, if it's not getting used? 

My conclusion (until proven otherwise by empirical evidence):  TPTB in the US have NOTHING to worry about from the Libertarian movement.  As long as they/we have G&A and PM, all our indignation will get rechanelled into those things, and not at the  IMHO.  But I hope that my Friday afternoon cynicism will be proven wrong.

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You are right. After having lived int the US for a decade or so I have learned that overall Americas have no balls.

They are full of fear, and they especially fear their governemt, police and probably their invisible 'friends'. 

My theory is that it all starts with teaching (child abuse really) children to fear hell, jesus and other imaginary shit, and then corporations take over with more fear-mongerig and promoting insecurity. I was in DC when Snowden published those documents and coudl not believe how scared and quiet everyone was! 

That was when I realized what kind of vaginas I was surrounded with. I emailled a freind whose father wrote the Civil Rights Act and even he told me not to write about it because we are being watched...


My Serbian great-grandmother had infinitely more balls than any (gun-loving or otherwise) American. They hope to compensate for the lack of balls, but sady it does not help them at all and kleptocrats know it so they feel safe in their totalitarian ambitions...

meanwhie everyone is competing irrationally against everyone else instead of collabrating and coming together - pretty hopeless

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Do I understand you correctly?

The government and the police are actually your friends?

Killdo's picture

In some countries yes - not in the USSA. 

Fearing them makes thigs worse.

Have you ever seen police officers in Australia or Japan? Nobody fears them. And they are much more effective than lazy fat American police.

I was jaywalking a few months ago in Tokyo right in front of a police officer. Just as an experiment - he smilled. The same thing in Astralia, Serbia, Germany... 

POlicemen and government are like dumb dogs - if they sense fear they try to control you - if not they fear you. It's a 2 way thing




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"Guns are NO substitue to courageous ACTS ... ."

Hmm. Remember that picture from Tienamin Square?

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Tovaritj Alatovkrap,

Please make attention to nice fire from Molotov-cocktail. Many T-34 and Sotkas made bad experience with Molotov.

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I am completely behind the farmers and anyone that rebels against these goddam fascists.

Germany lost the war and won the peace!

BTW where does the video come from??  -- RT!

That is the day, when we have to rely on Russia to get information.

Putin and Russia might still save the day. The EU is seriously fucked, and if Britain does not withdraw, they deserve what they will get.

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So much corruption in Greece - even the sticks are crooked!

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so you're open to A-levels then?

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Nicely done, gentlemen. American sheep take note.