The Mystery of the One Bank: its Owners?

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The Mystery of the One Bank: its Owners? 

Written by Jeff Nielson (CLICK FOR ORIGINAL)



The Mystery of the One Bank: its Owners? - Jeff Nielson


Roughly 2 ½ years ago ; readers were introduced to a paradigm of crime, corruption, and control which they now know as “the One Bank”. First they were presented with a definition and description of this crime syndicate.

That definition came via a massive computer model constructed by a trio of Swiss academics, and cited with favor by Forbes magazine . The computer model was based upon data involving more than 10 million “economic actors”, both individuals and corporations, and the conclusions which that model produced were nothing less than shocking.

The One Bank is “a super-entity” comprised of 144 corporate fronts, with approximately ¾ of these corporate fronts being financial intermediaries (i.e. “banks”). According to the Swiss computer model; via these 144 corporate tentacles, the One Bank controls approximately 40% of the global economy. The only thing more appalling than the massive size of this crime syndicate is its massive illegality.

Some of the strongest laws in the Western world were created precisely to prevent such corporate concentration from ever coming into existence, and thus the crime, corruption, and conspiracy which automatically accompanies it. These are our “anti-trust laws”, laws which our puppet governments have long since ceased to enforce. The evidence of this crime/corruption/conspiracy is all around us.

On a near weekly basis; the Big Banks of the West are caught-and-convicted (but never punished ), perpetrating criminal conspiracies literally thousands of times larger than any other financial crimes in human history. The U.S. government has now publicly proclaimed that its Big Banks have a license to steal.

All of these Big Banks are tentacles of the One Bank, and the list of names here (as identified by the Swiss researchers) is almost as infamous as the mega-crimes which they commit: Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Credit Suisse, and UBS – for starters. But for many readers, this is now old news.

We observe the crimes of these corporate fronts, every day of our lives. We feel the impact of their crimes (on our standard of living) every day of our lives. However, these “banks” are ultimately merely the inanimate tools of crime. What many readers are now intent upon knowing goes beyond these tools, or even the mega-crimes which they are used to commit.

What people want to know is more basic. Who are the Criminals – the real Criminals? In this respect; we are not talking about the mere bankers, themselves. From the lowliest market-manipulating thugs to the upper stratosphere of CEO’s and central bankers, these are all merely foot soldiers, the psychopathic employees of the real Criminals.

The information wanted by readers is not the names of these employees. They are all nothing more than easily replaceable parts. The information of real value can be encapsulated in one, simple question: whoowns the One Bank?

At first glance; the question appears elementary. The One Bank is a financial crime syndicate which controls 40% of the global economy – a global economy with annual GDP of roughly $70 trillion. Clearly the owners of the One Bank would have to be “the world’s richest people” (richest men?).

Here the Corporate media is only too happy to be of service to us. Once a year; we are presented with a “world’s richest list”, which is then parroted by all of the other outlets of the Big Media oligopoly, ad nauseum. Thus, we simply peruse this list for the names at the top, and we have our “owners” of the One Bank. Et voila!

Not so fast. As most regular readers are already well aware; the mainstream media oligopoly is nothing but more of the One Bank’s tentacles. Perhaps we should look a little more closely, before we simply pluck the names from the top of the list, and hail them as the One Bank’s owner-criminals?

In fact, such skepticism is well-justified. These supposed “world’s richest” lists, produced by the propaganda arm of the One Bank, are not worth the virtual paper on which they are written. Exposing the absurdity of such lists requires nothing more than accumulating some aggregate financial data, and then pulling out a calculator.

Fortunately, all of that work has already been done in a previous piece . Skipping to the bottom line; if we take the “world’s richest list” data, along with aggregate data on global wealth (all supplied by the Corporate media), we are presented with a world where total global wealth is supposedly a number in the low $10’s of trillions.

Meanwhile, if we look no further than the oceans of paper “wealth” fabricated by the financial sector (and the One Bank crime syndicate), already we approach a quantum somewhere around ½ quadrillion dollars, i.e. $500 trillion, and this completely excludes all real wealth in the world, in the form of hard assets.

The conclusion is obvious: more than 90% of the actual wealth in the world today (real and paper) is hidden from us , in terms of any data made readily available to the general public. This unimaginable hoard of wealth is certainly not being hidden by the vast majority of people at the bottom of the wealth totem-pole, therefore it can only be hidden at the top.

Equally clear; 90+% of all humanity’s wealth won’t be found by simply closer scrutiny of the supposed“world’s richest” people. If all of their fortunes were more than ten times larger than what is currently being reported, even the mathematically-challenged dolts of the mainstream media would quickly figure out that there was something amiss.

Instead, the only rational answer is that there is another, entire tier of the “world’s richest”, an echelon above all the B-List Billionaires on the official lists. The real “world’s richest” are, in fact, not billionaires at all, but rather trillionaires: the Oligarch Trillionaires who own (among other things) the One Bank.

How wealthy are these Oligarchs? Not only are these Oligarchs wealthy enough to be able to hide their names (and fortunes) from all public scrutiny, these trillionaires wield enough power to even prevent the word “trillionaire” from being recognized as an official word in our dictionaries. This absurdity was also noted in that prior commentary.

Consider this. We live in a world of banker-created, fraudulent, paper currencies, where the amount of paper instruments merely sloshing around in the world’s markets is in the thousands of trillions, yet, officially we have no word for “trillionaire”. This is like imagining a world where large numbers of (fat) sheep, cows, and pigs roamed the plains, but there was no word for “carnivore”. If you have one, you must have the other.

The Oligarch Trillionaires may be able to hide in the shadows, even in a world where every inch of the planet is regularly scanned by spy satellites, because they control (most of) the governments who own/operate these satellites. They may be able to cover up most traces of their obscene hoards of wealth, and even prevent us from learning the precise quantum of those hoards.

However, this doesn’t mean that the Oligarch Trillionaires have managed to erase all knowledge of their existence. For those looking for names which are at least probable candidates for the (real) “world’s richest” list, there is no better place to start than Charles Savoie’s historical chronology, The Silver Stealers.

In that compendium; Savoie has traced the deeds of many of these Oligarch families over the past 100+ years. He also identifies many of the (heavily overlapping) “organizations” which they have created, as vehicles for the administration/control of their Empire. For those who are skeptical that such a conspiracy-of-the-wealthy could trace back so far, we also have historical references.

In 1907, U.S. Congressman (and career prosecutor) Charles Lindbergh Sr. presented “The Bankers Manifesto of 1892” to the U.S. Congress. This grandiose declaration of the oligarchs of the 19 th century, antecedents of the Oligarch Trillionaires of today, is as prophetic as it is despicable.

In part, it reads:

When through the process of law, the common people have lost their homes they will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of government applied to a central power of imperial wealth under the control of the leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders.

Look around us. The numbers of Homeless people in North America today already total in the millions, ignored by puppet governments which serve the Trillionaires, ignored by a mainstream media controlled by the Trillionaires. Meanwhile, a “central power of imperial wealth” rampages across the globe: the United States. Equally, there can be absolutely no doubt that it is “under the control of the leading financiers”, the Trillionaires.

Beyond the cast of suspects presented by Charles Savoie as the owning families behind the One Bank, one name (and clan) stands out above all others: the Rothschilds. We reach this conclusion via two, entirely separate lines of reasoning.

The One Bank is a crime syndicate which ultimately derives virtually all of its wealth/control via the power of the printing press, in the form of all of the West’s (and the world’s) private central banks, and primarily the Federal Reserve. When we search for some criminal clan most likely to base its empire of crime on the money-printing might (and corruption) of a central bank, we don’t have to look very far.

Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes its laws.

- Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 – 1812)

Alternately, we reach this same conclusion via simple logic. We live in a world being (deliberately) drowned in debt . This is a process which, again, traces back roughly a century and more. In a world of debt, whoever starts with the largest fortune collects the most interest. In a world with total GDP of $70 trillion but total, outstanding debt in excess of $200 trillion, whoever collects the most interest will be the richest person on the planet.

Therefore, whoever was the richest person yesterday will be the richest person today. Whoever was the richest person a hundred years ago would almost certainly be the richest person today. In the 19 thcentury; the Rothschild clan was universally regarded as the wealthiest “house” on the planet. Then any/all precise records of their wealth simply disappeared – not the wealth itself.

The One Bank is a crime syndicate which is literally a blight against all humanity. Its owners are guilty of the worst crimes-against-humanity. And, ultimately, as the One Bank strips humanity bare of all its wealth, these Owners make it harder and harder for themselves to continue to hide.



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The Mystery of the One Bank: its Owners? 

Written by Jeff Nielson (CLICK FOR ORIGINAL)



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FitzCave's picture

I just wrote a book about this subject, "Kennedy's Revenge: The Election of 2016".  I agree with your conclusion that there are trillionaires in this world.  I went back and read your article about Oxfam.  I do not agree with your "rational extrapolation" of Oxfam (62 wealthiest equaling 3.5 million poorest -- both approximately $1.75 trillion) as the net worth of the world being in the $10's of trillions.  There are approximately 1,800 billionaires (I am not talking about the Rothschilds or any other central banking family, only the advertised ones in Forbes) who control $7 trillion.  The next level ($100 million to $1 billion) consists of approximately 27,000 individuals.  If you assign an average of $300 million to this group, you arrive at another $8 trillion.  The next level ($10 million to $100 million) consists of nearly 1 million individuals.  If you assign an average of $30 million to this group, you arrive at another $30 trillion.  The next level ($5 million to $10 million) has 2 million individuals.  If you assign an average of $6.5 million to this group, you arrive at $12.7 trillion.  The next level ($1 million to $5 million) consists of 27 million adults.  If you assign an average of $2 million to this group, you arrive at $54 trillion.  Just on millionairs on up (approx. 30 million people or less than .5% of the world's population), I have extrapolated a net worth of $110 trillion.  To arrive at a net worth of $239 trillion, which I believe is what the Credit Suisse survey puports the wealth of the world to be, 63rd through 3,499,999th only has to average approximately $67,000 of wealth.

impmise's picture

A grandfather's encouragement to the next names names.  I've read all 1100 pages and it's very clear

I'm going to quote some "Using my research, I have illuminated the concealed power in Chapters Ten and 

Eleven---with photography---so you can see these “persons of interest,” individual by

individual. As you will see, they are actually a tiny clique of “old wealth” families, most 

of whom are the remains of past and distant monarchies, as well as a core of banking 

families without royal status, but who created debt-dependency among the 

monarchies by being “court lenders.” The mark of this clique is the unimaginable 

amount of wealth they have accumulated over centuries of earlier feudal rule. To re-

colonize America, this tiny clique of families, long ago, took in a number of the 

wealthiest American families of our “Eastern Establishment” as junior partners. 

Together, this clique of British, European, and American families make astronomical 

profits by: (i) their monopoly that controls the global narcotics trade, (ii) profiteering 

by fomenting endless wars, and (iii) looting the world’s populations with their global 

banking system and their transnational corporations that escape taxation, regulation, 

and tariffs. There is nothing awesome about this clique: it is simply a collection of 

criminals working together to maximize their accumulation of wealth. And their one-

world government scheme has no grand design; it’s just intended to eliminate taxation, 

regulation and tariffs so they can make even more money. Essentially, they represent 

the dregs of a long feudal era in its death throes and are, as individuals, a murderous, 

lower order sub-species of the human race who are on their last legs."

steveo77's picture

Well the Pacific ecosystem is so screwed up, starving bears won't eat a beached whale.

NOAA says its global warming doing it all.   Not the concentration factor of radionuclides and heavy metals.


DrLucindaX's picture

I feel better informed after reading this. Thank you.

Quebecguy's picture

Well, whatever is going on, it's pretty stressful. Please forgive my rants. Having Faith seems to be the most sensible course of action. My darling wife (the banks where she is from have to have a lottery for the accountholders every month to give away all the profits because it's a sin to charge interest) genuinely forgives, truly in her heart. She has a lot more to be upset about than I do. 



FIAT CON's picture

Find out where they live, and then tell all of MENA that this is the family that blow up your countries and killed your families. Problem should be solved in know time.

Crush the cube's picture

All the religion free types, you can't and don't escape it, you too bow, your just not smart enough know it.  When you came into this world bet they took your foot prints at the hospital too.  Nothing like stealing your soles impression, or was that soul, and a drop of blood right of the bat, eh.  They than gave you a birthing certificate, or was that berthing, since your just an empty vessel to them arriving through a canal.  You think money is the most valuable currency, try your soul, that's what makes this place run, you are the currency to these guys.  Why you think they call it a solar system, or was that soul-ar system.  Someone tell us where the national footprint data base is. 

Don't forget to bring your mandatory sacrifice to your gods by April 15th, your gods will be very upset if you don't.  Did you think that was coincidence too?  Everything here is a scam and witchcraft rules the ignorant.  Raise your 'kids' well, because the gods that run this shit show do require kids as sacrifice.  The bible thumpers were told they were bringing little critters into their homes for a year, good luck even getting a farmer to take a farm animal into his home, yet it happened on a national level.  It's always been about deception, stealing, and murder right from the big bang.

At some point were going to get that Luke Skywalker moment in that same old story they spare no expense to reveal in multiple movies of who and what our real origin is, and it ain't going to be pretty when the light dawns.       

DrLucindaX's picture

This was brilliant, some of the spelling notwithstanding. :-)

Thank you. Is there a way to contact you? 

learning2's picture

I just found Karen Hudes last week. Extraordinary person. I hope she is real, I've just been burned too many times now.

Odd, I was just going to make a post to see if anyone here was familiar with this whistleblower...and then I saw this post on bank ownership. Hmmm...

No disrespect, but Ms. Hudes ought to take some quality time and recharge. Obviously she's been working very hard with too much stress. Taking care of oneself while standing against these forces is essential. They do beat down on one constantly, it must be one their core instructions on beating down the leaders, and anyone else that rocks the boat.

As far as:

When through the process of law, the common people have lost their homes they will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of government applied to a central power of imperial wealth under the control of the leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders.

Those who know have successfully spread the facts. This will turn...without a quarrel. No more arm twisting, no more bullies, no more. Think about the newest data on the placebo effect. This is growing...Occupy did infiltrate a few essential minds!!

GRDguy's picture

Thanks for the 2016 explanation of 1889 book The Great Red Dragon: Foreign Money Power in the United States. It's just a bunch of Snakes In Suites, but ordinary people still think it's okay to do business with them.  I call that "feeding the dragon (snakes)."

Crawdaddy's picture

Who owns the One Bank? Who claims to not care about money but is clearly the wealthiest little nation on the planet. The followers of this entity put the statue of liberty, washington monument, st louise arch in place. Most of the US state capitols are built with a nod to the architecture of the "home base", paying homage as an image of the true beast.

hvl626's picture

Ellen Brown, who is pushing for North Dakato styled state owned banks, wrote the article.  She discusses the ownership  of the 12 privately owned Federal Reserve BANKS. The FR BANKS are franchisee that are purchased from the Board of Governors with non-transferable shares. The BOG can dismiss ANY director of the 9 members of ANY FR bank WITHOUT CAUSE AND WITHOUT RECOURSE. The BOG has regulatory and administrative control of the 12 FR BANKS.


It is the ownership of the BOG that should be alleged to be a privately held corporation owned by unidentified members of the Primary Dealers.  It is the PDs who handle the $8 trillion from the auctions of roll-over treasury securities. It is alleged they also receive the $1 trillion from the auction of deficit spending securities. If the funds from deficit spending securities went to the government, it would eliminate any increase in money in circulation (inflation) and it would also result in no increase in the national debt.  No other destination  for the funds from the deficit securities than the BOG has been found feasible.  The money from deficit securities consist of embezzled profit of the FR operation that lawfully belongs to the government.


trentusa's picture

They changed that article since the first timei read it. Originally, the authors said they sent a FOIA asking who owned the Fed R. and the major banks and received a reply that the answer was a matter of national security, so beep off. Hmmm.I would have liked the author to have come up with a better answer for who the owners are than simply, the Rothschilds. Didnt this guy ever even read Bloodlines of the Illuminai?



BarkingCat's picture

OH my fucking Zues!!!

What in Hades is with all these bible thumpers on here today???


Talk about absurdities, brained washed by Jew religion talking about evil conspiracy of the evil Jews. 

It is all bullshit  Your religion and you conspiracy theories.

Families raise and families fall. The descendants of my top tier aristocrats from 2 centuries ago ago destitute now. It is the way of the words.

dock3511's picture

These ass hole bible thumpers should get the fuck off this site.   Fuck off already! 

DirkDiggler11's picture

Fuck off Dock, you can leave though ...

marathonman's picture

Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name. But whats puzzling you is the nature of my game. Hoo Hoo!

Radical Marijuana's picture

I REPEAT one of the famous quotations that can be taken from Carroll Quigley:

"... powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching goal, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole ..." That system was "to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements. ... The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations. ... It must not be felt that the heads of the world's chief central banks were themselves substantive powers in world finance. They were not. Rather they were the technicians and agents of the dominant investment bankers of their own countries, who had raised them up, and who were perfectly capable of throwing them down. The substantive financial powers of the world were in the hands of these investment bankers who remained largely behind the scenes in their own unincorporated private banks. These formed a system of international cooperation and national dominance which was more private, more powerful, and more secret than that of their agents in the central banks."

For several years I have been referring to them as collectively a group of trillionaire mass murderders,  HOWEVER, describing those pyramidion people (who have also been labeled as the biggest gangsters, or the banksters, since the 1930s) presumes excessively upon the relatively static image of a PYRAMID.

On the contrary, there are more nested toroidal vortices, than a static social pyramid system.

The first half hour of this documentary shows the universal significance of toroidal vortices:



As far as public ownership of publicly traded entities go, those are now overwhelmingly owned by government mandated organizations.


Anyone who wants to can find out details about that:

Walter Burien, Clint Richardson and Jerry Day

These were not well-made, entertaining videos,
however, the concepts revealed are important:

Ending Taxation - The Only Game in Town - 2011

The Corporation Nation Master (2010)

Corporation Nation 2

Another, shorter, talking head video about the CAFR:

Introduction to the CAFR - Why You Can’t Get Ahead


The concept of "ownership" itself arises ONLY from backing up lies with violence. All private property is based upon backing up claims with coercions. There is no private property outside of some system of public violence. The most abstract form is money being measurement backed by murder, because the debt controls are backed by the death controls. The currently established systems whereby public governments ENFORCE FRAUDS by private banks have resulted in the vicious spirals of political funding achieving the goals of "a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole" which was covertly controlled by "investment bankers who remained largely behind the scenes in their own unincorporated private banks."

HOWEVER, now that those previous systems of paper frauds, backed by gunpowder weapons, have become globalized electronic frauds, backed by atomic bombs, NOBODY CONTROLS! There are no longer any groups of human beings, not even the collective group of trillionaire mass murderers, that can continue to control civilization. There are no longer any groups of human beings who can sufficiently comprehend what is actually happening, in order to match those events with responses that can effectively control the future outcomes!

Study of the history of social pyramid systems may assist explaining how and why the current craziness developed. However, that history is now more like archaeology, because of the rapid development of the globalized systems of electronic monkey money frauds, backed by the threat of force from apes with atomic bombs, making the previously more comprehensible systems of paper frauds, backed by gunpowder weapons, become no longer intelligible.

In as much as it still exists, the "control" of civilization is distributed throughout the minds of EVERYONE BELIEVING IN OLD-FASHIONED BULLSHIT, based upon the long, long history of being able to back up lies with violence, becoming more sophisticated and integrated systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, whose most important manifestations have become the current combined money/murder systems, whereby the frauds of private banks are enforced by public governments.


The basic concept of "ownership" has become thoroughly distributed beliefs in bullshit, due to the history of that bullshit having been backed by bullies. The "wealth" of the pyramidion people, primarily the bond holders, to whom the astronomically amplified debts are supposed to be owed, was based upon public governments enforcing frauds by private banks, in ways whereby EVERYONE BECAME ENTANGLED in those almost infinite tunnels of deceits backed by destruction. Those have relatively recently and rapidly become globalized electronic frauds, backed by atomic bombs, which are no longer something that the people who originally made and maintained those systems can fully comprehend nor control anymore! 


This is off the financial topic, but you may be interested in this press conference of the National Science Foundation. I'm fairly certain I understand how, mostly, funding dominates the philosophy of science to better back up lies and fraud with murder / violence, but this announcment after 40 years of research (even going back to 1962 (a fabulous year LOL) Russia) appears to be exceptional. It goes to Eistein's theories, which I don't claim to understand, but they say these waves of gravity should exist according to Einstein. This detector caught the waves and we can even hear them! The numbers these folks throw around are incredible.

The press conference video in this article was fun to watch:

p.s. That Corporation Nation vid was kinda painful but revealing! and I find the Thrive fascinating : )

Radical Marijuana's picture


‘We have detected gravitational waves’ — LIGO scientists February 11, 2016

The Suspicious0bservers Web site has links to various discussions which are critical of the paradigms within which those asserts are being made by "LIGO scientists."

Their YouTube channel daily news

has mentioned that issue recently.


Space Weather, Important Articles | S0 News Feb.16.2016

Gravity Alternative:


I do not believe that anyone fully understands that, especially since it may be the case that basic paradigm which are mistaken are being too much taken for granted, while the possible alternative paradigms are not yet clear, as well as not well respected ...


I must agree that the "Corporation Nation" videos are painful to watch, but nevertheless, they do beat to death their main point, that adding it all up, "collective government" owns the overwhelming vast majority of everything that is publicly traded.

Professional money managers look like a herd of horses following their own tails. The leading direction of that herd is obscure, but nevertheless, appears to still mostly be the "One Bank."



There seems to be someone who automatically down-votes you, no matter what you post. (Hah! These days, one can never be sure whether that is a human being or a robot.)



Thanks for the links RM, why am I not surprised you're already on this?!?

I read (well, tried to read) the paper SO linked on LIGO and it looks to me like they are emphasizing the point made in the press conference that the numbers still don't get the level of certainty required to make bolder statements, hence the focus on construction of more and better meters such as the one proposed / under construction in Japan.

Gotta wonder how the funding for it ever got the green light unless someone somewhere was thinking the knowledge could be weaponized, but I sure hope all of life on Earth will benefit from what it may produce in the future.


p.s. I was surprised to hear SO say in the segment on "faculae" immediately preceeding the LIGO discussion that the abstract had "big names on that publication". I thought Max-Planck and Davos were those evil IPCC/AGW  folks SO ???  ; 


I'm not a trader but from paying attention here for the last two years, it seems the "retail" trader is as mythical as "the family farmer" and it's all HFT and Institutional investors. Just a merry-go-round and constant skimming to make a few very rich while the debts will be loaded on the tax donkeys and ownership remains in powerful hands - the "One Bank"


re:postpostscript, It can't be the Ex so I'm thinkin' it's The Tylers LOL!  If it were a bot it would get 100% of my comments, not 99%! It's kinda creepy but more than anything just a sad reflection of our Neolithic civilization at the dawn of the 3rd millenium.

Thanks RAD : )

Radical Marijuana's picture

The apparently automatic down-vote, as was also added to your reply above, is perhaps somebody who you annoyed, through effective criticism of their nonsense, and therefore, that "person" now goes out of their way to notice that you have posted some reply, upon an old thread of comments and replies, posted upon articles that have otherwise dropped off the consciousness of the vast majority of Zero Hedge news surfers?

I find it strange to imagine that anyone (other than a robot) bothers to make such an effort to down-vote you ...

I used to notice the same regarding my own comments, however, I suspect I maybe wore them out ??? ... Anyway, I appreciate your comments, and replies, even if your knee-jerk, immediate one red arrow down voter does not!


I figured I'd be hanging up the gloves after Paris but it looks like I'll keep at it through the American election. But we'll see. I hear The Doomstead Diner has free wi-fi and cold beer...

Thanks for sayin' : )

FIAT CON's picture

That is a fabulous vid Rad. It really explains the matrix we are in and probably the only way out.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yes, and they included their conclusions that the "One Bank" has a covert agenda to mass murder the majority of the human population. The Thrive Movement is not sufficiently radical, in my view, although they are far better than most!

What is "probably the only way out" would require not only some series of technological miracles, but also, that would even more require series of political miracles.

The deeper problems are that there must be some death control systems, while the ones that actually developed were based on becoming the most deceitful. Of course, then those deceitful death controls backed up the fraudulent debt controls, enabling the "One Banks" to get into positive feedback loops of increasing sociopolitical control over everyone, which includes the various layers of controlled opposition that surround that core of organized crime, bankster controlled governments, which have become effectively globalized enough to be labeled "One Bank."

The controlled opposition tends to not engage in deeper analysis of how and why governments are necessarily the biggest forms of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gangsters, the "One Bank." 

conraddobler's picture

The easier route is to start a new club with better rules and then make membership an open book but you are either in it or not.

Eventually if this new grouping is superior then they'll join or be seperated from the herd.  

Much simpler.

One-Eyed-Thong's picture
One-Eyed-Thong (not verified) Feb 16, 2016 2:02 PM

"it's one big club... and you ain't in it"

people laughed because they thought he was joking

VAD's picture

"Some of the strongest laws in the Western world were created precisely to prevent such corporate concentration from ever coming into existence,"  lol no they weren't.  They were designed to prevent competition.

silverserfer's picture

they just want all of the gold. That's all. I think the lizzard people thing is kinda inside joke about the facial look that these people have as they are so fucking creepy and cold blooded. Its more of an analogy of their soul by those that have rubbed elbows with their ilk. Cold and scaley. 

DrLucindaX's picture

The lizard thing is a metaphor for the reptilian brain core that rules these people. The lowest common denominator, without humanity, compassion or love. 

They may have all the money, but they really are nothing. And they will return to nothing. That's why they all desperately want to live so long, why they want to create transhumanism that will keep them alive forever. Because they've lost their soul, and when they die, they're OVER.



Crush the cube's picture

The lizard thing is coded talk, it's simply saying they want to take us back to how it was in the golden age, when their bloodline ran this place and we weren't here giving any resistance.  Going back to how it was in dino land.

Crush the cube's picture

The lizard thing is coded talk, it's simply saying they want to take us back to how it was in the golden age, when their bloodline ran this place and we weren't here giving any resistance.  Going back to how it was in dino land.

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Speculating on who/what is hovering in the shadows is unfortunately a thankless task, and ultimately a waste of time. We could talk about the 'trillionaire' rabbit hole for the next 500 years and we won't be any closer to any fact or reality. Even if you got close - by complete accident - if these ppl and families are what is imagined, I am sure they will take care of the 'problem'.

I think the best way to roll is to constitutionally outlaw these 'private' cental banking schemes and nationalize money systems. Further, they should be zealously protected by the most loyal, and, I know ppl just don't like to hear this, but jews, jew sympathizers, jew fronts, anything remotely linked to anything that is jew must be assiduoulsy barred from taking *any* role in it.

Why do I say that? Well, this wealth siphoning, nation destroying, fast track to global control (and meltdown) device, 'private' fractionalized fiat  money systems, was the brainchild of jews. It is their baby, and they are beholden of a mentality that would make it a matter of national security to keep them far, far away from such a center of power.

I understand many wet their pants, and gasp to hear such a suggestion, but while I suspect there may actually be some who proudly walk around with a big stamp on their forehead 'look at me I am a jew' may be a very patriotic soul, and put country above their race and tribe, the problem is, the racist/ideological mindset of false superiority, which becomes the rationale to do whatever it takes (and I mean anything) to 'stay on top', this 'jew' identity, which is a separate discussion trying to isolate a viable definition of the term (no mean feat), is at the root. And how we are to figure out who is the 'cancer' cell and who is the 'healthy' one?

Imagine, after all these years, the global population is finally convinced they had been totally reamed by these 'private' bankers and their 'private' banking 'system' were in fact all, those at the very center of the controversy, ground zero, were these people I refer to, with this adopted identity, beholden of their peculiar ideology.

Then, the unimaginable happens, the light goes on,"aha! we get it!" in the ppl of the world, and they totally reform these private banking scams (and be sure the goyim in power are sold out traitors, so let me be clear, a traitor comes is every size and shape there is) to *abolish* them, and create *national* treasuries that issue their own currency.

Why would they take the risk, *any* risk, no matter how small, to have that money system fall back into the same hands?

The degree of loyalty to country for anybody who is part of the national treasury I speak of would have to be *ferocious*, and the law for any disruption or any attempt to manipulate, infiltrate, or otherwise corrupt the national treasury would have to very stiff, legally labeled as treason, and subject to the death penalty.

So while we will *never* figure out the who's who, we *can* figure out what is the best *policy* going forward. And national treasuries that give the *extreme* boot to *any* players connected to the old system will divest these shadowy losers of their position of leverage. It is like pouring the water on the wicked witch of the west in the wizard of OZ. And I think we can all recall the time we first saw that movie how relieved we were to see the old witch melting, dying, disintegrating, powerless to stop it, and finally, she was gone.

That is what it means to get rid of this 'private' central 'banking'. And I think in terms of sweeping aside the goy traitors who are totally beholden to this system that would impede the end of it, they should be labeled as traitors, and if they persist, should be treated as enemy combatants, and based on the legal doctrine of self defense should be the target of a shoot to kill order by the national army, until they are all gone, the national treasuries are established, and the cancer of national self immolation has been irradictated, with only good, productive, honest ppl left who love their country.

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PoasterToaster (not verified) inosent Feb 16, 2016 4:56 PM

There is no way to fix "government".  It's the largest part of their scheme.

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Arguing for no government lacks credibility. With so many ppl flying around, each going their own way, and in such close proximity, there is no getting around the necessity for a civil governing scheme. Go back and read the Federalist Papers (Hamilton, Madison and Jay) to get some frame of reference on this issue, and Paine's Common Sense. The question is, what kind of govt shall it be, what shall the basis of its laws be, and *who* shall be entrusted to hold the keys, under what conditions and how long. If you avoid this, and are not thinkng about it (like most ppl, because they are too busy making money and taking care of their families), the vacuum gets filled with the wrong ppl, with the wrong ideas, and you are screwed.

"Their" is *you*. Whether to fix, rebuild or re-create, it is up to *you*. There is no their. And you can *deny* your role, and that government just happens to end up in the hands of evil ppl, and there is nothing to be done about it, but you will suffer the consequences for that denial. It is hard work to sustain freedom. It doesn't happen by defaut. Evil happens by default. Good must be pro-active to constrain the evil. And guess what? *You* have been chosen to promote the good, and confront the darkness so the people around you can enjoy the benefit of the light.

Of course, it helps to parse out and be clear in the distinction of what is good and evil, but if you keep it simple and move forward in good faith, then you are moving in the right direction.

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True --> "The question is, what kind of govt shall it be.."

The Bible describes the valid forms of govt and shows what happens when we think we can do better. King David or King Saul?

fwiw Hamilton was a sho-nuff bankster stooge. The Fed has a museum dedicated to him in NYC.


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in re Hamilton, indeed. The only argument Hamilton laid out that made any sense was if the continent had no unified common thread, like their proposed fed gov, like as had been done in europe, the states would likely form associations, and there would be border clashes, and of course shifting alliances, and then foreign interests would want to come in to stir the pot, destabilize it all, and really screw things up. So for the sake (so he argued) of the *security* of the continent, it was advisable to be the *united* States of America. The rest of his writing comes off as a bombastic goofball who writes sentences far too long, and talked too much. Sadly, it did not take long before one President took the step the anti-federalists feared from the start, and took on dictatorial powers, a guy elected with ~27% of the popular vote, where the result was not only the slaughter of ~1MM of America's finest, but planted the seeds for the decimation of states' rights and replacing it with the almighty POS centralized fed monstrosity we have today.

Madison, who did not contribute too much as 'Publius' said, in so many words "What is there to worry about? All I see is the cream of the crop of humanity in my fellow statesmen, top of the top, best of the best, ergo only the best will rise to the top, only the finest will be elected. Our best men, of great stature and integrity will take office ... well, OK, yeah, at least the current crop of statesmen look pretty good, but it's hard to say what the next gen is going to look like. But by that time I'll be dead, so it really wont matter much. Note to future generations -> Good Luck!"

Madison, no slacker, he was right. And he was honest. He was confident it was a good sell (the proposed federal plan) *at the time*, but gave no assurances about future generations. Sure enough, the wheels fell off not long after the 1st gen of greats passed, and now we have this ... 'thing' ... blech ... that if Madison could see it today ... hmmph

I dont know if these 'founders' were short sighted, or didn't really care about the future. How they could *not* have known to *not* abolish slavery from DAY 1, and set all slaves free by sending them back to where they came from with an apology and some sort of nominal reparation, as well as banning any form, no matter how remote, of private central fiat fractionalized banking, and that the judahites posed a substantial domestic threat, and figured out a way to constitutionally address *that* issue as well, all of which they were clearly aware of, is beyond me. These 3 critical factors having not been properly dealt with from the very start have been exploited by evil ppl to destroy checks and balances, anything that might have been originally intended, until we have arrived at the very opposite thing we see today.

These giant 3 issues were hotly debated, but in the end, they signed off on a compromised plan. Ah, and I wonder, should they have known that this sacred axiom of freedom of speech would be distorted to make way for porno and luciferianism, all this *expression* BS, where to speak out against the ruling class will land you in jail? They should have known better, and clarified that *speech* is *speech*, not *expressions*, and that its purpose is not to give license to profane and immoral things, but to allow a voice of dissent over a government that encroaches on the very freedoms the constitution was supposed to have been protecting.

Whatever. They are dead now, and there is no chance of a 2nd constitutional convention. It is either a new country is created (secession) or we just suck it up.


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Read (where soc. security comes from and your taxes)

Read (how the world was declared dead in 1666)

You love "your country" but not others.  You love "your people" but not the "Jews".

For God's sake, please turn off the TV and READ something that differs from your world view so you can understand that God made the world.  If you can't read, please watch this 



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Thank you for the links.

I saw someone call this tinfoil hat shite.  Ah well.  Go to court and use any freedom argument and find out fast how rigged this has always been.


Silver Stealers is a long read.  But I will read these links as I have read many others (mostly reptilian adverse based)... FACTUAL info is great.


Recently did a large number of filings challenging our local ultility.  All cited my existence as a small cap person.  All challenged on the illegality of changing a contract.  And my rights as a small cap person.


Filings all were unanswered.  Judge as you will but I have not got a SMART METER and likely will never have.....utility filings allowed for a time response that was always lapsed .  On every billing, every notice I filed the rebuttal documents.


Like I say nobody is bothering me regarding SMART GRID on my house spying.


These links I thank you.  From small caps me.

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Nice links. Far too tinfoil for most to stomach, but still good subjects to discuss amognst those who will approach the subject.

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The first link is something, but does not tend to disprove the fact the current money system is a jewish invention - and also, please note, that the term 'jew' is substantially amorphous as to defy a precise meaning. It is a term with shifting meanings, where a jew can be defined as having some specific genetic trait, some alleged/purpoted ancestral claim, some sort of ideological disposition (mis-named religion), or some other characteristic that suits the moment to be inducted into the tribe, or recognized as part of the tribe.

The second link gave me a page not found error.

The third appears to be some provisional British law as concerning its citizens touching some sort of social security benefit in the event they leave the UK plantation. I am not sure it says what you think, but either way, is not gemane to the topic.

The third link is simply a policy statement on how to manage the reversionary interests of landowners who gave life estates where those who were the measuring lives of said estate trapsed off to the new world (back in 1666) and had not returned, with no way to know if the person was dead or alive. To deal with this problem (legit, as life estates were the thing in those days), the decree came up with a 7 year in absentia solution, where the reversionary interest could reclaim possession. However, there is also a provision that should the person turn up alive, the life estate falls back into the person to who the life estate was granted. I learned about reversionary interests in law school. I am not sure your comment "how the world was declared dead in 1666" syncs with the declaration.

By now, it is a matter of common knowledge the 'jews' are the creators of the current fiat money systems that dominate the west (at least). It is also no secret that jews dominate the fed res system. We also know that Jacob Schiff, a jew, provided Trotsky will all the money he needed to get the Bolshevik revolution off the ground.

We also know that with the advent of the Fed Res Act of 1913 came the tsunami of fake money, and with it the growth of govt to unbridled, uncontrollable in growth terms and unlimited proportions. And as a result, the 20th century was the bloodiest of all. In the wake of all the turbulence in just the 1st 1/2 of the 20th century, what we find as having been the only thing 'accomplised' was the jews (Russian, talmudic losers) got their neo-israel.

A study of the events of the 1st 1/2 of the 20th century could lead one to easily conclude had it not been for the jews' conspiracy to effectuate that very outcome, these wars would never have come about - and it would have been *impossible* for them *to* come about had it not been for all that easy money.

You can read a primer on this subect The Controversy of Zion, by Douglass Reed, 1956, senior reporter for the London Times, hardly an uneducated troll that took the time to write a 685 page book, dense with overwhelming facts and analysis for no good reason.

You imply (if I am reading your post right) that I hold to an idea that not all ppl should be loved and respected, and that when I say I love my country, and wish to exclude those who are traitors, working in opposition to the good of all, instead of hijacking the nation for a narrow *foreign* interest, that means I only love 'my' people, but not jews.

This, of course, is not the case, but given the abundance of the overwhelming evidence, as a matter of national security, jews should not be allowed anywhere near the corridors of power, and especially money creation, because their track record is dismal. That seems 'unfair', but if the same behaviors, working similar agendas, had come from the X people instead of the J people, I would say the same thing - X must be excluded.

You see, this is how the jews roll. Under the false cover over 'racism' and 'anti-semitism', they bully us all back into the corner, and they continue to have free reign to not only control foreign policy, but dicatate to us who we are to vote for, and of course, everlasting support for neo-israel, all of which has proven utterly corrosive to the American dream.

And there you go, with the same sort of thing.

As far as this comment "For God's sake, please turn off the TV and READ something that differs from your world view", first of all, I have an opinion, based on a considerable amount of research and a mountain of facts. I don't own a TV and really have not watched one for the last 40 years. Further, considering the position I have laid out (and often do), one would have a hard time wondering how I could have *reached* such a conclusion to set policy in such and such a way from watching TV, as it is *also* a matter of common knowledge that 'jews' totally dominate the medium, and nearly all of it is one continuous pro-jew/zionist/jew related/israel, etc etc etc propaganda stream, when they are of course not attacking and defaming Jesus, Christianity, and the moral basis for every decent person, whatever their religion.

And as far as this comment "God made the world", that will take a lot of time to define terms like "God" "made" and "world". Then, we will have to examine your sources, because while it seems I did not create the world, and the world arguably did not create itself (as I have not heard of any scientific experiment to date that shows a thing just suddenly materializes out of nothing, with a set of totally novel compenents not to known to exist anywhere in the world or even perhaps the universe), then by deduction, there must have been a Source behind your very existence.

Now, lots of folks open their 'holy' books to point that out, and if per chance on that one point they got it right, we did not create ourselves, but we have a creative Source behind us, typically referred to as 'God', that is something we can stipulate to. But the tricky part, is there is a lot of other stuff in those so-called holy books that read like a lot of allegorical fiction, to be used as rhetorical WMD to screw over one group, in favor of another. Jesus raised his hand one day in the public square to isolate that very fatal flaw in the so-called holy book and *repudiated* the thing (and got himself killed for it). He called the purveyors of that ideological BS as being the off-spring of the purest of all evil (Jesus used the term devil).

These are the same sorts of ppl that slither around in govt, media and banking, but their oppressive reach and caustic effect is infinitely far reaching compared to the little group of wackos Jesus called out.

If Jesus called evil ppl out with evil intentions, I assume his purpose would have been at least partially to liberate ppl under their thumb. I hope we can stipulate to the fact Jesus was a good man. I think he was, at least. Very good. Top of the top. Crazy, but awesome for the sheer level of courage. By Jesus testimony, we can at least know that *he* recognized there are evil ppl in this world. So, here we are, its 2016. Shall we place evil ppl with evil agendas, who come from the same exact set of traditions and BS as the liars and devils Jesus called out, in positions of power? Does that make any sense?

Just because I endorse a prohibition of jews in banking, media and govt, for the sake of national security, for good reason, does that mean I hate jews? No. A so-called 'jew' can get just as screwed by his 'jewish' cousins, as it were, than anybody else, and if *they* loved their country, they would not mind the injunction at all, if they honestly understood the facts and the history that led to such, what I suppose you would argue as, a draconian solution.

I do not advocate a two tiered paradigm. "My" people love and pursue the truth in good faith, are honest, have virtue and integrity, honor their contracts, do not seek power fo rthe sake of advancing some evil cause, who are machivellian jerkoffs that cannot be trusted. In other words "my" people are 'good' people. It is a matter of character, and nothing else.

Unfortunately, this world is not all candy canes and rainbows. There *are* evil ppl. I have exposed a strain of them, and the empowering device - the current fiat money system they control. It is a hard fact about this life that a compromised decision needs to be made. But, again, given the past, none of us can afford to allow this sort of entity to 'keep on keepin on'. We need to be direct and honest about who we are talking about, what the agenda is, expose it for the evil thing it is, and do something to eradicate it, which means purging givt, media and banking, nationalizing it all, and wishing for those who adhere to the 'jew' thing all the best - like, go and get a real job, take care of your families, and if you want to go to synagogue on Saturday, fine. Whatever. I don't care.











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Coming back to read your comment over morning coffee on Wednesday.


Anyone read the Silver Stealers?  I did over last few years.

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"I think the best way to roll is to constitutionally outlaw these 'private' cental banking schemes and nationalize money systems. "  Well then it sounds like Hitler was on the right track.

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Who funded Hitler again?

marathonman's picture

Goldman? Kuhn-Loeb? Rothschild?

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Have a look at a book titled "The Magic of Money" 1967, Hjalmar Schacht (Intl Bankers agent) admits it was the PRIVATELY-OWNED Reich bank, not the German Govt that caused the Weimar inflation by pumping currency into the economy. There are many Big Lies around Hitler and we need to question the lies we have been told. 

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"Speculating on who/what is hovering in the shadows is unfortunately a thankless task, and ultimately a waste of time."

Or, maybe it is the ONLY wothwhile task ... to discover the truth. Personally, I believe that targeting jews is a red herring, and most likely those who have labeled theselves jews for the purpose are not bound together by their religion as much as something else. And, while a significant portion of those who label themselves as jews work for the controllers, not all do.

IMO, if you are thinking race, religion or even countries then you are thinking too small. That is the divisive stuff that keeps us always ignorant and far away from the truth. Screw the dialectic. We need to see past it.