"We Are In A New Cold War": Russia PM Delivers Stark Warning To NATO

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It was just two days ago when Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev warned that if Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar invade Syria in a transparent attempt to shore up their Sunni proxy armies currently under siege by Moscow’s warplanes and Hezbollah, a “new world war” would be inevitable.

He also indicated that such a conflict would likely drag on for “decades.”

“Do they really think they would win such a war very quickly? That's impossible, especially in the Arabic world,” Medvedev said. “There everyone is fighting against everyone... everything is far more complicated. It could take years or decades."

On Saturday, Medvedev was back at it with the hyperbole (or at least we hope it’s hyperbole) in Munich where more than 60 foreign and defense ministers are gathered for the 52nd Munich Security Conference. In his speech, the PM challenged NATO’s military maneuvers in the Baltics as well as the alliance’s general approach towards relations with The Kremlin.

“The political line of NATO toward Russia remains unfriendly and closed,” he said in a speech to the conference. “It can be said more sharply: We have slid into a time of a new cold war.

“NATO on Wednesday approved new reinforcements for eastern Europe, including stepped-up troop rotations on its eastern flanks and more naval patrols in the Baltic Sea,” Bloomberg notes. “In response, the Kremlin dismissed the alliance’s argument that the move was merely defensive.”

“Russia’s rhetoric, posture and exercises of its nuclear forces are aimed at intimidating its neighbors, undermining trust and stability in Europe,” NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg told the conference earlier. “We strive for a more constructive and more cooperative relationship with Russia.”

All of this comes on the heels of a year in which NATO made a concerted push to place new weapons and troops near Russia’s borders and prepare allies for a rapid deployment in the event Moscow invaded a neighboring state. The Kremlin says those fears are unwarranted, but the West points to Crimea and Ukraine as examples of “Russian aggression.”

“Russia has a simple choice: fully implement Minsk or continue to experience economically damaging sanctions,” Kerry said in Munich on Saturday, referencing the fragile ceasefire agreement that has at various times fallen apart in Ukraine. “Russia can prove by its actions that it will respect Ukraine’s sovereignty just as it insists for respect for its own.”

Kerry also lambasted Russia for what he calls “repeated aggression” in Ukraine and Syria.

Kerry said Russia is defying the will of the international community with its support for separatists in eastern Ukraine and its military intervention in Syria on behalf of President Bashar Assad,” AP wrote earlier this morning, adding that “He [also] repeated allegations that Russian airstrikes in Syria have not been directed at terrorists but rather at moderate opposition groups supported by the U.S. and its European and Arab partners.”

“To date, the vast majority, in our opinion, of Russia’s attacks have been against legitimate opposition groups and to adhere to the agreement it made, we think it is critical that Russia’s targeting change,” Kerry said. “If people who want to be part of the conversation are being bombed, we’re not going to have much of a process.”

“The opposition may be pushed back here and there but they are not going to surrender,” he added.

We would beg to differ. They may wage a protracted war of attrition once the dust settles but in the short-term they're almost surely going to surrender. They have no choice. "Russia said on Saturday a ceasefire deal for Syria agreed by major powers was more likely to fail than succeed, as Syrian government forces backed by further Russian air strikes gained more ground against rebels near Aleppo," Reuters writes. And it's not just Aleppo, some reports now indicate government forces are moving into Raqqa, in what may be the first sign that Russia and Iran are setting their sights on the ISIS capital, a move that could preempt a Gulf state military intervention by effectively removing the excuse for the Saudis to be in Syria, forcing Riyadh to either admit it's going to war to oust Assad or stay at home. 

Speaking of the Saudis and their thinly-veiled excuse for sending ground troops to Syria, here's what foreign minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir had to say at the conference:

Obviously that's absurd. There's no reason whatsoever to suppose that an Assad-less Syria would cease to be a "fertile environment" for ISIS. In fact, it's easy to imagine ISIS rolling right over the other armed militants in the country were Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, and the SAA not fighting to restore the government in the west.

For his part, Sergei Lavrov told the conference that all sides are in the wrong in Syria. "Human rights groups and the U.N. recognize that everyone on the ground is doing something which is wrong from the point of view of humanitarian law," he said. "My point," he added, "is you should not demonize Assad. You shouldn't demonize anyone except terrorism in Syria."

That echoes statements made by Bashar al-Assad himself in an interview out Friday with AFP. 

Although the conference is meant to promote international cooperation on pressing matters of security, the tension was palpable. Perhaps Medvedev summed things up best: "Sometimes I wonder if it's 2016 or if we live in 1962."

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Element's picture

Yeah, whatever.

Latina Lover's picture

“Russia has a simple choice: fully implement Minsk or continue to experience economically damaging sanctions,” Kerry said in Munich on Saturday, referencing the fragile ceasefire agreement that has at various times fallen apart in Ukraine. “Russia can prove by its actions that it will respect Ukraine’s sovereignty just as it insists for respect for its own.”

As usual, another deliberate misreading of Minsk. The Kiev puppets are supposed to amend the constitution to give the Donbass much greater autonomy BEFORE pre 2014 borders (ex Crimea) are restored. The Russians know full well that the Ukrainian politicians are inveterate liars and thieves, controlled by the USSA, so they cannot be trusted under any circumstance.


clymer's picture

Russia should stand up at one of these meeting and state outright the individual names of the global oligarchy that will systematically eliminated (along with their entire families) for orchestrating this insanity.

new game's picture

cold war>proxy war>nation vs nation war=neo con goal. winning, via financing, spending, destruction. is that window broken yet?>rebuilding, winning, financing > where next?

Looney's picture

According to the Independent, Saudi Arabia sends troops and fighter jets to military base in Turkey ahead of intervention against ISIS in Syria

The Turkish foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, confirmed the deployment in a statement to the Yeni ?afak newspaper on Saturday, days before a temporary ceasefire is due to come into force.

He confirmed that planes and military personnel were being sent to Incirlik, in Adana near the Syrian border, but said numbers had not been confirmed.

Oh, I see… Two planes with 4 people aboard sure qualify as “troops and fighter jets”.

Finally, we’re gonna get to see the Russian S-400 in action!  ;-)


Life of Illusion's picture


Hedge Fund managers are without a clue whats going to happen next????

Domestic oil reserves and war metals.

Mr.Sono's picture

War will divert sheep from collapsing economy. Who cares about debt when there is ww3. Let's see what the Saudi and turkey will do in this coming months, I think they will invade and look for nato to defend them from kremlin. Will nato go to war with Russia?

zeronetwork's picture

Just like America has cleaned Afghanistan from mujaheddin created by CIA.

Nutsack's picture
Nutsack (not verified) zeronetwork Feb 13, 2016 12:19 PM

Don't those foolish racist Russians realize they stand no chance against our Magic Kneegrow and his homosexual transgendered Armed Forces?

undertow1141's picture

They think they can, and they most likely can.

Isy's picture

You have no idea what are you talking about...


ebear's picture

Predictions are hard, especially where the future is concerned.

philipat's picture

@LL "As usual, another deliberate misreading of Minsk"

And, in fact, the Kiev Puppets last week had their Parliament pass a law which FORBIDS them from executing many of the key elements of Minsk. So as usual, Kerry is being completely hypocritical, saying one thing in public and doing the opposite behind the scenes, given that nothing happens in Kiev without US approval.

I sometimes wonder how these folks like Kerry can sleep at night. I suppose if you are a psycopath it doesn't even register?

waterwitch's picture

Lob a nuke at Mecca, please.

jeff montanye's picture

endangering the holy sites by starting losing wars on two fronts: another reason to overthrow the saudi monarchy.

Lost My Shorts's picture

Funny thing about war diverting the sheep -- we watched the ABC evening news last night with the pretty boy anchor whatsisname, and I don't think Syria was even mentioned.  They repeatedly teased "breaking news about Bill Cosby's wife" which turned out to be nothing.  But no war fodder for the sheep.  Ukraine is mentioned less often than Mars.

The power elites seem to prefer having the sheep unaware of war.  If aware of coming war, they might vote for the Bern or the Donald.

August's picture

And I hear National Review is bringing back the Andrews Sisters.

Ignatius's picture

This is embarrassing.  It's like you got a girlfriend and she's talkin' trash and lying like shit, but like it or not she's your girlfriend, so you're kinda stuck.  Truth is, this girlfriend (US, NATO, the West) is lying her ass off and she's gonna drag you into the fight by putting your nose on the line.  You can dump her, as most of us have to one degree or another, but in this world it likely will not matter... "there will be blood."

God help us.  This is one instance where I hope that this dust-up is just theater.

Whoa Dammit's picture

Restarting the Cold War is Obama's legacy. I just hope he doesn't start a hot war with Russia before he's done.

AGuy's picture

"Restarting the Cold War is Obama's legacy. I just hope he doesn't start a hot war with Russia before he's done."

I believe Obozo did suggest that he wanted to end his last term with a BANG!


Money Counterfeiter's picture
Money Counterfeiter (not verified) AGuy Feb 13, 2016 11:02 AM

As long as they kill Zionist I don't give a fuck.

Demdere's picture

Quite incredible bullshit.

The new cold war is a combo of Israeli-Neocon, Bryzinski and CFR.  Even Obama has more brains.

ForWhomTheTollBuilds's picture

For me one of the more startling realizations is that Obama goes down in history with a nobel peace prize for his work in curtailing nuclear proliferation while presiding over the start of a new nuclear arms race while Reagan, who helped negotiate treaties that eliminated entire classes of nuclear weapons is known as the crazy right-wing monster who almost killed us all.



N0TME's picture

Right on the nail ... thank you.

sheikurbootie's picture

The Saudi's and other 3rd world shit hole air forces are only able to import lesser version of the top jets.  It's like having a Ford Mustang with a 4 cylinder engine.  It only looks high speed.  It's actually a piece of shit.  Israel is the same, but they add their own technology to super modify the jets to sometimes better than US government issue.  The house of Saud must go.  Let the chaos reign and it will be ugly.

Gonzogal's picture

Except the neo-cons and their "war machine" have yet to win ANY war!

pacu44's picture

Winning means there is an end... MIC and the NEO-cons want perpetual conflict. Better for business.

JRobby's picture

"state outright the individual names of the global oligarchy"

put a bounty on the heads of the individuals named as members of the global oligarchy

Demdere's picture

Don't do that, it would cause friction with allies.

Instead a) cooperate in providing evidence for open trials, and b) provide secure servers on an overlay net that lets us implement a KickEnder account for each.  Limit contributions to the accounts to $10 so oligarchs can't influence it too much, and stand back.

We citizens have enough good sense to take care of the judging of guilt via open trials on the net, and the monetary incentive will produce the people administering justice.



This need not be George Washington's revolution.

shining one's picture

Hear, hear ! The fact that he dosn't, makes me worry he is still playing a role.

agent default's picture

It is a misreading of reality, I don't know if it is intentional or a result of stupidity.  All Russia has to to is flare another ethnically Russian region and the intervene, but in a serious full force manner this time. This will be the end of the Western block.

Demdere's picture

But Russia has not done that.  That has been the US.

You can only believe otherwise by reading US MSM, which is incessant propaganda with even less-than-usual basis in reality.  In fact, it was the Ukraine where I first noticed complete lies from our State Department, the exact opposite of the reality and no attempt to defend anything, it was just repeated endlessly by elements of the gov and foreign policy intelligencia and echoed by MSM.

Pretty much like a lot of the stuff under the Israeli-Neocons and Obama, e.g Sandy Hook and all the other mass shooting hoaxes.  Nobody died at Sandy Hook, which you can convince yourself rather easily with a Youtube search and waching some videos.  Or take a short-cut, and look at sites debunking of those 'conspiracy theories': transparent in debunking things not important or not claimed by the citizen researchers.  Salon's is an example.  Note that none of those sites allow comments, whereas all of the 'conspiracy theory' sites do.

There are signatures of honesty on the net, just like real life.

agent default's picture

I am not saying that Russia has done that.  What I am saying is that if Russia decides to retaliate this would be the most likely path to take and that it would thoroughly screw NATO and the EU.

Which way to the beach's picture

Your post is right on Dem Dere. The bull shit meter is off the scale in regards to Russia and her allies. Every sparrow that falls from the tree is Putin's fault. It sure feels like something terrible is going to happen very soon. We are living in very interesting times.



Volkodav's picture

flare another??  forget that talk, Russia did nothing

Fire was sent to maidan..outsiders, not Kievians 

then moved south..where locals formed a resistance


'Crimea...What Really Happened?' Martin John 

BarkingCat's picture

The Ukrainians know it too. 

algol_dog's picture

Why does NATO exist anymore? With the end of old Soviet Union there was absolutely no reason for it to continue, other than possibly, a glorified international rotary club. Never a better example of the military-industrial complex hard at work.

Sandmann's picture

NATO is a simply a captive customer base for US weapons sales

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

NATO actually suits it's members if they all left military spending in each country would have to rise dramatically. Each country has its own role to play meaning other parts of its military can be downgraded because other members cover that ability.

Look at the UK its military is at it weakest for over a century the army only has 90k personnel, the navy is a joke, the type 45 destroyers costing a £1bn each keep breaking down and need new engines. The power system fails completely leaving the ships totally defenceless. The RAF has only half its combat aircraft fit to fly.

Joe Trader's picture

It was Russia who first station S-300s in Belarus in 2006.

Russia again stationed nuclear Iskander missiles in Kalingrad several years later.

Russia threatened numerous countries with first strike nuclear attacks - including Norway of all countries.

Russia's the only country testing air defences of its neighbors with long range bombers.

Russia's also staging tens, hundreds of thousands of troops on its neighbors' borders - when Russia faces no similar build ups from 2nd/3rd world Baltic nations.


Russia lost its credibility with me, when it stationed Iskanders in Kalingrad - the natural response is to install Patriot missiles, MEADS, and AEGIS - purely defensive measures.

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

How convenient that you forget that NATO started negotiations of an anti-ballistic missile system to be stationed in Poland and Czech Republic in 2002.

Also you might want to look at the failure of any NATO country to ratify the adapted CFE in comparison to the current insistance that Russia must move on Minsk despite Minsk dictating that Ukraine is the one who must move.



Joe Trader's picture

That base in Poland has no chance to realistically deter Russia's thousands of nukes. Plus, regardless of what NATO's doing - Poland's finalizing a $5B contract for new Patriot missiles, with plans for another $5-15B for a second layer of anti-ballistic missiles - this is a completely natural response to the nuclear Iskanders Russia placed in Kalingrad.

Sirius Wonderblast's picture

Type 45 is a crying shame - exactly half the power generation it needs, and that it's pedecessor the Type 23 had. But then, building thru-deck carriers, then not fitting cat
trap at insistence of the Treasury, putting a ramp on it and having the very crap VTOL F35B slow and with bugger-all range... oh, and because of ramps and not cat&trap so can't fly the other aircraft types needed for refueling, reconnaisance etc...it's like putting pop-guns on a battleship.

Now we find that we're supposed to be proud because the Army's got a smart new bulldozer!

If I can find enough rope, I'll happily string up Cameron and the other bastards myself, because thety're all treacherous vermin.

Sorry 'bout that, had to get it off my chest.

Which way to the beach's picture

With planned obsolescent and overpriced product with only one dealer in town it's a scam that keeps on giving. Like Hotel Caliifornia, a NATO country can check out any time, but you can never leave.



JRobby's picture


Demdere's picture

I would have meant 'training for jobs in the new regieme', which will need a lot of soldiers and Gestapo.