China Created A Record Half A Trillion Dollars Of Debt In January

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Yes, you read that right. Amid a tumbling stock market, plunging trade data, weakening Yuan, and soaring volatility, China's aggregate debt (so-called total social financing) rose a stunning CNY3.42 trillion (or an even more insane-sounding $520 billion) in January alone.

In fact, since October, China has added over 1 trillion dollars of credit... and has nothing but margin calls, ghost-er cities, and over-supplied commodity-warehouses to show for it... oh and even-record-er debt-to-GDP ratio.

This is what the unprecedented addition of half-a-trillion dollars in one month looks like - Hyman Minsky called, he wants his chart back.

For context, consider this...


In the process of this gargantuan debt creation, China has smashed its recently record debt/GDP of 346% pushing it to even more ridiculous levels.

Why is China doing this? Because as we showed three years ago, China needs ever greater stimuli to achieve the same effect:

This is what else we said back in April 2013 which by now seems painfully (and plainfully) obvious:

What should become obvious is that in order to maintain its unprecedented (if declining) growth rate, China has to inject ever greater amounts of credit into its economy, amounts which will push its total credit pile ever higher into the stratosphere, until one day it pulls a Europe and finds itself in a situation where there are no further encumberable assets (for secured loans), and where ever-deteriorating cash flows are no longer sufficient to satisfy the interest payments on unsecured debt, leading to what the Chinese government has been desperate to avoid: mass corporate defaults.

This could be the end as the last bubble standing (in China corporate debt) has begun to burst amid the over-supply of credit.


What happens next?

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We're gonna need moar guillotines.

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Gold under 1200. They won again.

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Only if you are speculating.  If you are buying for the long haul, BACK THE TRUCK UP!!

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We're all going to be rich I tell ya. With that kind of money floating around, it just has to trickle down to the rest of us eventually.....don't it???

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The first train connecting Iran and China loaded with Chinese goods arrived in Tehran Monday, reviving the ancient Silk Road trade route and highlighting the economic possibilities for Iran since the lifting of international sanctions, AFP reports. The 5,900-mile trip from eastern Zhejiang province took 14 days, or 30 days less than a typical sea voyage between Shanghai and the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas

Dont look good for the dollar.

Raffie's picture

They did not win.

If you have gold/silver in your possession that is great.

You should only cash in the gold/silver in dire straights.

The price is irrelevant and should not be looked at because when the current fiat currency crashes and the new one comes out, then you will want to cash it in.

Just hold on to it.

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Here is your Minsky moment of the great credit cycle. Buy gold 1200 or 700, in five years it will make no (huge) difference. There will be the have and the have nots again.

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How about if we just upgrade to the new multi-user models?

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No matter how much debt they create, we keep borrowing from them, by virtue of our never ending bilateral trade deficit.
Hard to make sense of all the stats, and there a giant problems everywhere but the western focus on china, after the west has done nothing to fix its much longer-running and entrenched bubble economies, is really hard to stomach.

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Its impossible for a communist to be truthful, its much worse.

macholatte's picture

As Barry the Great once said:

If I say "I'm lying" can you believe that I'm lying? Or does the fact that I'm admitting I'm lying negate the fact that I'm lying because, in fact I am telling the truth about lying. And thus, I'm really lying because I'm telling the truth.


Seasmoke's picture

Sell all your Gold you fucking Communists bastards.

Sword61's picture

Meh Why sell the gold when some dupe is willing to sell the gold to them for paper(digital) promises as meaningful as a smile from the lady in the red light district.

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"What happens next?"

Stocks go up and credit spreads tighten. Who said markets were rational?

new game's picture

financed stocks, self fulfilling loop of prosperity. keep buying til rich, everybody in can get rich, with unlimited credit with no rational collateral. we can be the greatest, china, china...

just copy catting mericia the greatest. cb blueprint round the world...

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Zimbabwe!  Weimar Republic!  Here they come...first in line.  (when?)

nakki's picture

When the Chinese get done printing they're going to make the BoJ look like Austrian's

Ouagadoudou's picture

+1 Nakki. And Chinese people know that. Buying gold, physical (but in China there is "outside of the banking system / state".????. 

Tu use the already common bet on the yuan, imagine 4% of the population convert 50 000 USD in physical ? More than the value of all gold on earth.

Unintended consequence I hear ?

Wile's picture

Clearly unsustainable.

MrGekko's picture

Short SSE the trade of the year? 

Soros prob coming out billions richer at the end of this mess

papaswamp's picture

So the concept of economics is really just a farce....

One And Only's picture

economics is like religion. it's REAL IF you believe. do you believe in god?

Oldwood's picture

You don't have to believe in any law of god or economics if you are capable of feeding yourself, otherwise you best be praying every night to the god of economic tyrant of your choice.

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  If you hide it and kidnap people... I guess it's all good?

 That's the Chinese way. Has anyone looked at Qualcom stock lately?

COSMOS's picture


I guess the American model is just let them walk free and slash and burn accounts of normal folks...

I can think of quite a few people that would like to kidnap John Corzine and show him some bondage love with some strategically placed wet towels......

wow thats is crazy's picture

Or Tell the world you have 9000 tons of gold and drive the price up into the stratosphere!


Sure we have all this debt be we got gold to back it up!

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iggenFlot (not verified) Feb 15, 2016 10:17 PM

I apologize for what follows.  It is off-topic.

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Apply for and open the account online;


Jump through all the requisite hoops to earn the free $100, $200, $400 or whatever enticement is being offered to sucker you into greater debt slavery;


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This isn’t a good idea if you’re about to apply for credit you actually need (e.g., a home loan).

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Take care and good luck!

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No apology are a boots on the ground level swindler..wall street does it all the time...I mean it pays to be a winner..

Jerky Miester's picture

Your apology is just as genuine as your message.  Take care of yourself, sales weasel.

Yen Cross's picture

Fuck Off, you credit pimp!

fowlerja's picture

Hey... don't knock the Chinese... they probably needed to pay for the deserted cities and built up know to help the construction companies free up some cash for the working masses.. sounds like a plan to me... probably buried somewhere in their 5 year economic plans...

joego1's picture

Everthing is fine.

wealthcycler's picture

Is there a good short hedge worth considering in all this mess, like short FXI??

MSimon's picture

What you need is a long hedge and a hedge trimmer.


It is relatively easy to turn a large fortune into a small fortune.

Vlad the Inhaler's picture

When this shit hits the fan, you can be short anything and you will make out like a bandit.  

kiwimail's picture

When this shit hits the fan, you can be short anything and you will---- have a difficult time collecting anythging. 

There, fixed it for you Vlad!

pitz's picture

That'll be one hell of a deflation once it all goes bad.  Yuan to the moon!

Bull Bear Nice Pair's picture

PBOC probably wanted to create ample liquidity for the economy in preparation for the Chinese New Year. It's not such a big deal. Retail sales during this Chinese New Year grew 11%+ by the way.

Dr. Bonzo's picture

Stupid fucks. In for a penny, in for a pound. A trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon we're talking real money.

I hope they fucking burn.

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Economic growth needs growth in money supply. In a debt-based monetary system, growth in money supply comes from growth in debt. But if debt grows too fast, debt servicing costs outpace growth in incomes and ever accelerating growth in debt is necessary to achieve the same level of economic growth. China has reached this phase where ridiculous growth in debt is needed for achieving even small amounts of economic growth.

The only way out is for China to create debt-free money to bring down the aggregate levels of debt. That will also create inflation and possibly depreciate the currency. Not bad by themselves, but not a good idea to do it right away when other fiat currencies rule the roost in international payment settlements. China can resort to it after global payment settlements swicth to gold. After that, it doesn't matter that China's currency depreciates against gold, since there won't be any capital outflows into other currencies, just investments into gold domestically. 

Wilcox1's picture

HehHeh, Thats how you deal with NPL's in a centrally planned market economy!

U4 eee aaa's picture

I used to believe in the wisdom of the Chinese. They produced great thinkers like the Buddha. They have done some great things over the millennia. Then I look at this current crop of 'leaders' in their face saving gestures and I wonder what happened to this once great nation. Did Mao's purges wipe out all the smart ones? They are now run by a bunch of face saving morons!

Global Observer's picture


I used to believe in the wisdom of the Chinese. They produced great thinkers like the Buddha.

Did you mean Confucius? Buddha was an Indian (born to a Nepali mother and an Indian father, born in Nepal, but grew up, lived and died in India).

U4 eee aaa's picture

haha yes, of course, you are right

brain_glitch's picture

"The Hundred Flowers Campaign, also termed the Hundred Flowers Movement was a period in 1956 in the People's Republic of China during which the Communist Party of China encouraged its citizens to openly express their opinions of the communist regime. Differing views and solutions to national policy were encouraged based on the famous expression by Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong: "The policy of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend is designed to promote the flourishing of the arts and the progress of science." After this brief period of liberalization, Mao abruptly changed course."

Panic Mode's picture

I am storing popcorns to see what China is going to do about Soros and Kyle shorts.

Youri Carma's picture

At least they got some tangible to show for. What does the U.S. have to show for? Death and destruction.