As Seen On A Russian Bus Stop

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Seen at a Moscow bus stop: "Smoking Kills more people than Obama"


h/t @adagamov and @olliecarroll

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That's true....for now..

But ol Choomy is warmin up to take the lead as soon as he kicks off WW3.

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i had a chimp that blew smoke rings, coincidence?

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Hey ZH - How about a thread on the new Saudi claims that they already have nukes?

Also - UN Security Council demands Turkey stop shelling Syria.

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Full line by line translation:




even he kills loads of people



don't resemble Obama"

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...and apparently Obama is "pretty good at killing people"...

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~""Smoking Kills more people than Obama""~  

And unfortunately it hasn't killed Obama either.

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That all depends on what your definition of "people" is, and I'm sure it's different than Obama's.

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smoking kills LESS people than obama


there...fixed their for them.

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Obama:"I Am Really Good At Killing People"

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It is hard for me to not be a total Russian and Putin fanboy.

The Russians rock.  I hope they keep slamming the vile head choppers and NWO stooges.

Hilarious and accurate ad.

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Tell that Scalia and Breitbart

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OT.  Julie Bishop's cold welcome to China.....

        Fluck off!

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you do realize that if they dont kill you they have to share the money

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Also, gotta make sure we kill the right kind of people

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He's still got 11 months. Give the man time!

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We're still waiting for the Obamacare Death Toll numbers to come out.


That may disprove the poster.

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Add Anthonin Scalia to the death toll.



The story of Scalia's death appears to keep changing, with initial reports that Scalia had died of a heart attack which was later denied.

Why was no autopsy was performed and why Scalia’s body was quickly embalmed erasing any chances for the coroner to conduct efficient toxicology tests?

Scalia had a pillow over his head when he was found dead and could represent a message being sent in the style of The Godfather?


Scalia was asked in 2012 by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday if worried over potential Obama retaliation.  After reviewing a clip of Obama saying he felt confident the Supreme Court would not overturn the Affordable Health Act legislation, Wallace asked, “Justice, what did you think of that?” Scalia responded that he was not afraid to vote against the establishment because what’s the worst that can happen?

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TBH, my theory is he died of natural causes, but our government is too incompetent to even tell the truth without a massive cover-up.

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They lie even when there's no need to, simply because they get off on it.

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Scalia was 79 years old with health issues. Why would he go quail hunting at the ranch of Texas millionaire businessman named John Poindexter who was a major donor to the Democrat Party and who had received a presidential award from Barack Obama? It has been long-standing policy for the Obama administration to grant presidential awards to those who are among the president’s most prized political donors.

It was Poindexter who reportedly was among those who initially discovered the Justice’s body, and who then coordinated with local officials to have Justice Scalia declared dead via a phone conversation with the area medical examiner – but without an actual medical examination of the body.

Mr. Poindexter was also said to be the primary point man between the ranch location and federal authorities who were notably slow to arrive on scene.

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ZD1, Yep it could be a sign.

It's time for me to get off my ass and build that guillotine for my front yard, a sign of my own, so to speak.

Guillotine = Lawn Jocky, for the 21st century...

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Nonsense.  This is obviously Russian propaganda.  The US government is at least 100 times more efficient at killing than anything the private sector could ever come up with.  Look, big government works(at killing) much more efficiently than anything else,  despite what the Russians will have you believe. Just ask them.  They know.

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They should've included horns...

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Do we have any proof? Am thinking this is debatable... Lot of dead in the middle east alone in the last 7 years.

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No way!! I would have though Obama killed way more!!

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Hard to argue.

No it is not..........It is a very debatable point......

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We smoked some folks

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Surely the Nobel Prize Winner kills more children than smoking.

Madeline Albright said that it was fine and dandy that 500,000 Iraqi children had died by 1996 (total number exceeded 1,000,000 eventually) and got US medal of freedom from Obama.

America's deadly double tap drone attacks are 'killing 49 people for every known terrorist in Pakistan'

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He's still got 11 months.

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Until he declares martial law and makes himself ruler indefinitely?

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He's still got 11 months.


So when is the baby due?

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He's not done yet

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Is that Art imitating life? Or life imitating Art?

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im gonna need to see a chart

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Sadly, such is the indoctrination achieved by the MSM, >95% of citizens of the Western world would not get this joke.


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Baby Bladeface (not verified) Lady Jessica Feb 16, 2016 3:47 PM


>95% of citizens of the Western world would not get this joke."

A 95% citizen of Western world: "What, they telling now a safe cigarette did develop? Hah! Learned from television no smoke can safely be! Even Obama tells a whiff of second handed smoke is deadly. This clearly Russian propaganda of worst sort and proves Sneaky Putin© owns 50 billions worth tobacco company stock."

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Russian propaganda or not, most people would think Obama utterly incapable of even half his crimes because:

1.  He's black.

2.  He has a nice smile.

3.  He seems really personable when interviewed by Ellen.

4.  He does stuff for us.

And that's the people who regard themselves as "informed".

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He's not black, that would be too defining for him - he's mulatto

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CFIUS impeachment on coverup Unranium One Clinton treason


We smoked some folks      It's like they want to smoke everyone.

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More people live off cancer than die from it.

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very true-- but the diers are catching up due to chems and pesticides and sugar

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Radiation is bad, and causes Cancer, unless you actually have Cancer, then Radiation will somehow cure you.

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OMG, The Marlboro man is Gay!

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A smoking Obama kills more people - fixed it!