America's Largest Union Refuses To Back Hillary Over Sanders

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In what could be the biggest blow yet for her campaign, the leader of the America's largest federation of unions (counting 12 million active and retired "everyday Americans") has chosen not to endorse Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

Clinton has racked up endorsements from 18 unions, according to The Hill, including the Service Employees International Union and the National Education Association, while Sanders has garnered just three union endorsements.


Many of these unions have expressed support for the labor policies touted by Sanders, but believe Clinton is more electable.

But, in a relative win for the Sanders' campaign, according to Huffington Post, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL–CIO) - the largest federation of unions in the United States,  made up of fifty-six national and international unions, together representing more than 12 million active and retired workers - will not be endorsing Hillary...

Richard Trumka - the president of the AFL-CIO - told members of the executive council that the body won't be holding a vote on whether to endorse Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders at its annual winter meeting in San Diego.


"Following recent discussion at the AFL-CIO’s Executive Committee meeting and subsequent conversations with many of you, I have concluded that there is broad consensus for the AFL-CIO to remain neutral in the presidential primaries for the time being and refrain from endorsing any candidate at this moment," Trumka said.


The decision is a coup for Sanders' backers within organized labor. Clinton has managed to lock down endorsements from unions representing a majority of unionized workers in this country. But the AFL-CIO endorsement is the most potent of all, and it won't be going to Clinton -- at least, not yet.


Under AFL-CIO procedures, an endorsement by the executive council needs to be ratified by leaders of the federation's member unions. It's likely that Clinton doesn't yet have the required votes for an endorsement to be ratified.

In his email to members, Trumka said the council would "continue its ongoing discussion" about the 2016 campaign, and thus we suspect this is merely a stalling tactic as quid-pro-quo negotiations are undertaken. Although, given the trend in her numbers...


And this...

"We're extremely happy" about the decision, said RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of National Nurses United, a union that has broken away from many other labor groups and endorsed Sanders.

Anything is possible in this election season.

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Squid Viscous's picture

AFL-CIO "bosses" need dirt naps, soon, fucking scum of the earth

jaxville's picture

I wonder how many people will actually cast a ballot on the recommendation of their union boss?

zippedydoodah's picture

Is the Sheep Herders Union part of this Federation?

knukles's picture

Amazing.  Absolutely amazing, that after how the Clintons have fucked over American labor with NAFTA, etc., that the private sector unions and blacks (who've taken the worst beating of any group with globalization) still support the Democrats.  Oh yeah, The Bern over Hilda, but still....

Stackers's picture

Ah yes, Richard Trumka, Piece of Shit of the Decade

MANvsMACHINE's picture

Any relation to Donald Trumpka?

cheka's picture

trump is only one with import tariff


that SHOULD  be their man

i'm in big union -- consolidation has turned unions into a unified force behind dims/globalist warming/free trade obombanoids

they are slitting the workers' throats with their own dues

it's disgusting to watch

Twee Surgeon's picture

Apparently these Union guys are not going to get the pensions they expected.

People talk about auditing the Fed, I think audit the Unions might be a pretty good idea, for the record, I think unions are another racket,sadly part of the problem,not the solution.

I guess Unions looked sustainable and middle-classy for 1.5 generations, in the USA?

The9thDoctor's picture

Clinton "more electable" LMAO!

Don't make me laugh. I have yet to meet a Hillary supporter in the real world. They all "feel the Bern".

Rigging elections and winning six coin flips in a row is the only way this tired old hag can win.

These Unions should grow a pair and endorse Socialist Sanders.

roddy6667's picture

I moved out of the country. We don't have Latinos or blacks here.

AldousHuxley's picture

Hillary is actually a Republican candidate representing Wall Street as a New York politician  who wants to bailout banksters and corporate stockholders for great recession #2 coming up)

Trump is actually a Democrate candidate representing Low Budget Tourism/Hotel Industry who wants working class to have more money so that they visit his casinos. 

Sanders is actually a Reform condidate representing vermont gourmet foods and ski industry who wants middle class to have more money so that they visit Vermont's ski resorts and afford to buy organic Maple Syrup.

Chris Christie is actually a Pig from Animal Farm.

new game's picture

so at my farm, we occasionaly go out back and settle matters "behind the barn". sometimes one less living organism comes back. is this the farm you speak of?

Clockwork Orange's picture

Great Depression #2.   Fixed it for you, the Great Recession was a dry run and the final heist.

Cloud9.5's picture

How Is the weather in Antarctica? 

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

"I moved out of the country. We don't have Latinos or blacks here."



TheEndIsNear's picture

What country would that be?

meterman's picture

WHAT - Unions back a Socialist? Never happen.

Oh wait - Forget the above post.

Freddie's picture

Trump has probably created more jobs for union and non-union workers on real estate projects.  The rank and File gets totally screwed.  The "death" of Scalia was a big deal as many important cases were coming up.

SirBarksAlot's picture

No wonder they make such a show out of the elections.  They spend so much time rigging every aspect of them.

Thanks for the link!

Chuck Walla's picture

Is dis enuff, Mista Trumka? (being handed a huge, fat enevelope full of hundreds).

NO! Trumpka Good Commie! Need More! 


Ms No's picture

Just like all of the union guys in ND and MN who survive off coal fire power plant shutdown work being told by their unions to vote for Obama.  Not that voting matters but what a bizarro world.  They are getting cleaned out by union dues and loss of tax write offs for travel, required safety clothing and the whole works too.

Never One Roach's picture

Union peeples hear Soweto tell them he's sending their jobs to Mexico while telling them to continue voting Democrat ... and they obey like lap dogs and vote Democrat and their jobs away.

meterman's picture

You have too much confidence in the American union worker - The union coal miners in Green county Pa, where I live, are almost all on wellfare thanks to Obama, but reelected him overwhelmingly for his second term. Now that's dedication to the cause. Sheeple - the Democatic party's only hope.


Calmyourself's picture

There is no one dumber than a union tool in MN voting for Dayton..  You cannot get dumber and maintain your heartbeat, your involuntary nervous system would shut down..

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture


Closer to the truth to call them "communionists" rather than unionists.

Iam_Silverman's picture

"call them "communionists""

So they're all Catholic?

silverer's picture

Blows me away that they see her as more "electable". Obviously, the unions are ignoring her crimes, being criminals themselves. What a mess. Your point is right on.

TheObsoleteMan's picture

The union bosses haven't suffered one bit from NAFTA or "name your favorite free trade agreement here". They still get everything and more that they got before, it is the dues paying membership that has suffered. Their union bosses keep telling  them election after election to support the democratic candidate, and they keep obliging, all the while they keep having to give back benefits and wages every contract under the threat of: "We will close and move to Mexico if we don't get these concessions". And many times they do anyway. I am torn on this issue. On one hand, Unions have no one but themselves to blame for allot of the excesses they enjoyed back in the 1960s and 70s. But there has to be some point where the government steps in and says: You want to move offshore? Fine, but we are going to tariff the hell out of you 35% for starters. Every time an American company moves over seas the tax base shrinks dramatically-federal, state and local. Local area businesses suffer. Wage earners usually settle for jobs that pay much less and have fewer benefits.

Remember back when NAFTA was being sold to us, what one of the "benefits" was suppose to be? The prices of goods was suppose to go down. But that didn't happen. They simply passed the profits on to the share holders and company officer's salaries. I remember going to a Best Buys to buy a TV fifteen years ago. The salesman tried selling me a RCA re-branded name TV. I recognized it anyway. It was the same price as when they were being made in the closed down RCA factory 15 minutes away. Thomson {RCA's new owners} had moved everything to Mexico. That plant had been in town {Indianapolis} for over seventy years. I told him to sell that $900 TV to the Mexican worker that assembled it, making $3 an hour.

AldousHuxley's picture

cost savings from offshore manufacturing goes into ever expanding profits not consumers.


My general advice, don't buy anything. Library is free.

bigkahuna's picture

That s the best advice. If people voted by keeping their FRNs and one step further, converting some percent to PMs, only spending for necessary allotments like food/rent/utilties - it would not take long before these companies listen. Either they go out of business and are replaced by American companies, or they bring production back - then we can spend our FRNs wth them. 

new game's picture

problem with not so well thought out response is stuffs like electrical products, plumbing, ect are becoming sourced from china and we the consumer don't have a choice with many building products. it is inferrior quality and dangerous. junk, garbage, shit, trash, is my description of a china gfi outlet. china has exported fires to merican homes. mark my words...

lakecity55's picture

You bet! I went to buy some 2X4s at a local depot and found out all they had was from China. They turned out to be balsa wood!

meterman's picture

If you want illustration and proof of the long range effect of the union bosses, go to Detroit. 

MrBoompi's picture

Who supports unions anymore?  We've been trained to hate them.  We've also been trained to accept our low paying jobs with shitty or no benefits.  The struggle between management and labor has been going on for some time now, but we seem to be destined to be labor union free.  Then we'll be sitting around scratching our asses and asking why we're so fucking poor.  And we'll like it.

Donald J. Trump's picture

You'd be surprised (or not) at the herd mentality of union workers.  Don't hate on me but I was in a union for a long time.  I was one of 2 people that were registered republicans and were the anti establishment on our union.  The union is always majority Dem and from my experience, if the union calls for an endorsement, at least 98 or 99 % of the sheep follow.

Ms No's picture

IDK about you and if you are talking blue collar or not but from my short union experience I was rather shocked by how much theft went on.  They rob those contractors blind.  They also rob eachother blind.  I just didn't get it at all.  There are only so many union contractors and if you rob them blind they can't compete and are out of business.  Then if you refuse to steal you are suspicious to them.  Then half of them are high as kite all of the time and then peeing for eachother or passing pee tests somehow.  WTH

On the private side you can get away with a lot and beat up a couple people probably or whatever but if your a thief good luck ever working again.  There was a story I heard about a welder that wrapped himself in welding lead and started to overheat when he was driving down the road so he got out, in front of everyone driving by and started stripping off coveralls and this probably 70lbs of welding lead that he had wrapped around his entire body.  I guess he damn near died. The contractor I worked for said they had lost 800 wrenches.  It was a total clown show.  WTH

McCormick No. 9's picture

I worked in outits where I had to join two unions. In the one, goldbricking was rampant. In fact, I was fucking trained in goldbricking by my co-unionists. It went against my grain, and I was actually called out and told to quit working so hard- i was making everyone else look bad.

As for the other, welll, the union came in and six months later the outfit went tits-up. Huh.

lakecity55's picture

That was roughly 80% true in my old union, so yeah, heavy Demo support.

Iam_Silverman's picture

"I was one of 2 people that were registered republicans and were the anti establishment on our union."


I guess it all boils down to your location.  Here in the Right-To-Work state of Texas, the demographics are a bit skewed.  I am a member of the IBEW, and overwhelmingly you find our membership to be quite conservative.  I would venture to say that at least 80% of our membership will vote for conservative (even Tea Party) candidates.  That is an enigma that our Union leadership has been puzzled by for years. What they don't get is that we are still solidly middle-class (thanks to union representation), and therefore we are opposed to seeing our hard earned dollars pissed away for MIC endeavors and "entitlement" spending.

So, reading here I can see that most of the posters are anti-union.  But if they were posting responses to a guest article on how the average American's income has been lowering through the years, they would be screaming for something to be done to raise those wages.  I can surely guarantee you that the 1%'ers in the boardrooms are not going to voluntarily move to raise wages across the board (citing competition, narrowing margins, increased overhead, etc.).  We join together to bargain for improved wages and benefits.  We don't always win, but we are doing better than our counterparts that just rely on the generosity of their employers to recognize their abilities and compensate them fairly for that.

Is there corruption in the Unions?  Probably.  I don't see it in our local level though.  They have a pretty accurate accounting for our dues and other expenditures.  They could save money by having a smaller local office though, and I'm sure that there are other corners that could be cut revealed in a thorough audit.  Does our local protect the lazy and stupid?  Not at where I work.  You have to meet minimum standards set by government regulations to be here.  Incompetence is usually filtered out pretty quickly in our ranks.  The regulators oversee our testing and training all the time. Those that don't "fit in" are encouraged to seek employment elsewhere.

Bunghole's picture

"I wonder how many people will actually cast a ballot on the recommendation of their union boss?"

Ask the coal miners how that worked out for them?

Vlad the Inhaler's picture

Unions only exist to help workers compete with management when it comes to bribing dirty politicians, seems fair.

blue51's picture

Construction Trade Unions still exist, because there are Billions in Healthcare Funds ( which are investment funds) , and Billions in Pension Funds. Which big name Firms get the Funds,( Fee's) is the secret joke.  Millions in Union Dues , and how they are spent, to boot.

Squid Viscous's picture

Bernie Sanders has 7 ZH accounts? wow!

or 7 idiots that don't understand the AFL-CIO?

Teamsters? Mafia? Jimmy Hoffa?

Hello, Mr. Floyd, are we reaching you?

motherfuckers deserve every manufacturing/logistics job shipped out of US, and you're almost there...congrats

cheka's picture

import tariff or die at the hands of nyc and their minions in dc

free trade, as shown over last decades = snake oil

they trade our jobs for a few extra bucks on their holiday bonus


Squid Viscous's picture

Union Strong! THAT'S what made Amerika great!!

Squid Viscous's picture

any down voters can explain...your downvotes to my first post?

or just lurking in the background like the whole thuggish union system ...

bunch of fucking pussies, but together we stand strong!! lol.

one or two at a time, please i will bang you out...fucking victims

i hate victims, we have enough ...


lakecity55's picture

We need the Mafia! It's for the Economy!

(I did not downvote you, though.)