Hungarian Central Bank Hoards 200,000 Bullets, Hundreds Of Guns Due To "Security Risks"

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If we learned anything last September it’s that Janet Yellen’s reaction function now includes domestic and global financial markets.

Well that, and we learned that Hungarian PM Viktor Orban isn’t playing around when it comes to Europe’s worsening refugee crisis. While everyone else in Europe was busy trying to figure out how to accommodate the millions of asylum seekers fleeing the war-torn Mid-East, Orban simply built a razor wire border fence.

And then he built another one.

And then, when migrants tried to breach his barriers, he met them with water cannons and tear gas. This was the scene:

“Problem” solved. 

So clearly, Hungary isn’t playing around when it comes to security, but as it turns out, migrant-be-gone fences and tear gas aren’t sufficient in today’s dangerous security environment and so, the Hungarian central bank is stockpiling guns and ammo.

No, really.

“Hungary’s central bank, already facing criticism for a spending spree ranging from real estate to fine art, is now beefing up its security force, citing Europe’s migrant crisis and potential bomb threats among the reasons,” Bloomberg writes. “The National Bank of Hungary bought 200,000 rounds of live ammunition and 112 handguns for its security company, according to documents posted on a website for public procurements.”

Why, you might fairly ask, does the central bank need 200,000 bullets and hundreds of guns? Because of “international security risks,” central bank Governor Gyorgy Matolcsy says.

As Bloomberg goes on to note, "the security measures added to public scrutiny of the running of the bank, which under Matolcsy - an Orban ally - earmarked 200 billion forint ($718 million) to set up foundations to teach alternatives to what he called 'outdated neoliberal' economics."

Well, the central bank could be championing worse things. They could be teaching Keynes and stockpiling fiat money. Instead, they're doing away with neoliberalism and hoarding guns and ammo. 

We close with a quote from PM Orban who met with Vladimir Putin on Thursday: "Europe's largest nations now believe that the flow of migrants is mostly positive. Our view is that it's bad."

And there's nothing like 200,000 bullets to combat "bad" things.

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ShreysFinanceBlog (not verified) Feb 18, 2016 8:17 AM

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Boris is give you advice. Do not be fat lazy nephew stuck to couch. And get education, job, whatever. Just do not get stuck to couch and beer.

NoDebt's picture

Hungary now owns 100X more bullets than I do.  I suspect even lower ratios when compared with some other members of this board.



Arnold's picture

200,000 rounds is nearly one per refugee.

9mm gonna need at least, a double tap, if not a full magazine, as per US law enforcement protocol.

knukles's picture

A Well Armed Security Force can also Help Keep the Gold in the Vaults, unlike the Ukraine Central Bank

BTW...  Where did Ukraine's gold wind up?  Who has it?  Come on!  Own up! 
                               get the pun, "Own" up!  Hah ha ha hahaha ha ha ha ha
                                                                per-coffee funnies

FEDbuster's picture

They will need more than pistols, start with some Ma Duces on the rooftop.

KesselRunin12Parsecs's picture
KesselRunin12Parsecs (not verified) FEDbuster Feb 18, 2016 9:21 AM

Where's all that barbed wire in the tunnel under the street to the JPM vault?

CheapBastard's picture

Hungary is also worried about both the out-of-control Turkish Erdogan and the similarly chaotic western Ukraine both of whom may seek to persuade/invade Hungary to become moar "cooperative" accepting the hoardes of rapefugees. Hungary would be wise to arm its troops to the teeth in preparation for all-out Eurasian/Middle East free-for-all generously funded by the Saudis, cia, and so on.

Durrmockracy's picture
Durrmockracy (not verified) KesselRunin12Parsecs Feb 18, 2016 9:46 AM

Now isn't that sad.. Hungarian bankers need to be ready to shoot people who love fake digi-bux.  State-worshippers just like you folks.

SumTing Wong's picture

I hope they have more than fully loaded rounds.

200,000 rounds and a couple hundred guns? Sounds like the basements of a lot of my friends. Me, on the other hand, I turned all my stuff in for WalMart cards at the last gun exchange.

Anyone ever think of standing outside of one of those things with a wad of 100s in hand and buying the good shit for just above the $100 they offer per gun while letting the HiPoints go to the cops? Yeah, me too. But I'd surely be on "the list" if I did that. Hell, we're all on the list already, so why the fuck haven't a group of us gone to do this? Boris, are you in? Get your nephew off the couch, and he can help us. Surely you can appreciate the work of Mikhail Kalashnikov. I'm also a fan of Uziel Galil. Your nephew can be taught to look for the right stuff and be given a decent job.

Dragon HAwk's picture

couple buy back places did have people standing in line buying guns from people before they got to the cops buy back table.. cops were definitely  pissed, although  there may have been some off duty cops doing  the same thing

XitSam's picture

"The National Bank of Hungary bought 200,000 rounds of live ammunition ..."

Live ammunition? Look out! It's ALIVE!

cheech_wizard's picture

Next thing you know that ammunition will be sneaking off and climbing into guns and then (oh, the horror) killing people.

Standard Disclaimer: Because accidental nocturnal discharges really do happen...

BandGap's picture

My security forces are better armed and stocked than these clowns.

When people realize you shoot to kill they have two options - run at you or away from you. In a World War Z scenario (like the pictures suggest) it's one option and you better have enoguh bullets.

Occams_Chainsaw's picture

I saw a vid of one in Seattle and there were people buying some nice collectibles before they reached the table of traitors to send them in to be destroyed.

DeadFred's picture

If you ask most ZHers lead is more important than gold or silver as the FIRST metal that stockpiled.

Maybe they're fans of Tyler

PT's picture

Still nowhere near enough to defend themselves from the US Dept of Fisheries and Wildlife.

Nero_Hedge's picture

Barely enough to defend against your average American gun...enthusiast. 112 handguns? Hahaha. I have friends with more than that in their basement.

waterwitch's picture

Rehypothecate this, bitch!

Croesus's picture

@ NoDebt: 

If I may be so bold as to make an investment recommendation, personally tailored to your needs: 

Buy MOAR ammo!! 

2,000 is simply not enough, unless you're talking about 2,000 for each caliber, and even then...

Your Pal, 


P.S. - Let the upvote/downvote ratio of my post, serve as your guide. 

NoDebt's picture

I agree.  You're not the first person to tell me I'm a little light in the ammo department.  The bullets I could probably find room for, but 2000 rounds of 12 gague 00-buck starts taking up a lot of room in the house.  I should probably bury some of it out in the yard, but I'm just not that into the whole buried ammo thing, though I probably should be.



mandalou's picture

I could hold it for you like someone owning invisible pm's in a bullion depository. I charge 10 bullets per day but may be raising rates soon.

smokintoad's picture

Who hasn't been dumping some cash for ammo?

SWRichmond's picture

Be sure to shoot some of that ammo regularly.  Just HAVING the ammo isn't enough.  Shoot it in the rain, in the snow, in the heat and humidity.  You might be surprised how differently a wet gun behaves in your cold hands.

herkomilchen's picture

Reminds me of how to treat stored food: "Store what you eat, eat what you store."  Maybe should add "Store what you shoot, shoot what you store."  Like food, ammo doesn't store indefinitely.

Calmyourself's picture

Properly stored ammo lasts longer than you will, I regularly shoot ammo from WWI, just be sure to clean religously afterwards those mercury based primers will eat a barrel..

herkomilchen's picture

Maybe.  I read the primer and powder chemicals are stable for 20 years and after that you're taking some chance of a misfiring round here and there.

I take the same dim view of ammo that misfires "once in a while" as I take of a gun that misfires "once in a while" as I take of scuba gear that fails "once in a while."  When it's life-saving gear, I want it to work every time not just most of the time.

SWRichmond's picture

I have occasional opportunity to shoot ammo from the Korean War.  No hiccups, ever.  60+ years old.

Winston Churchill's picture

Just maybe you don't have enough ?

5k in spam cans is always a good idea,just in case.In addition to your regular supply.

herkomilchen's picture

Brings to mind the comment I heard in regard to case for owning gold, "Be your own central bank."  Same comment apparently now applicable to case for owning guns and ammo.

DosZap's picture

Well,at least ONE country's leaders has a set of cohones, and is going to remain Hungarian.

We should be,and have been doing this on the border  in Texas when the mass influx started.(not storing, using)


Boris is charcterize nephew as 'fat & lazy couch potato beer drinker', but nephew is renaissance man in disguise.

NoDebt's picture

Oh, now I get what this Shrey guy is doing.  I replied to his nearly-identically-worded post in an article yesterday- no reply.  Blog whore.  Time for Tyler to break out the Ban Hammer.

KesselRunin12Parsecs's picture
KesselRunin12Parsecs (not verified) NoDebt Feb 18, 2016 9:23 AM

Mongoloid, he was a Mongoloid!


Arnold's picture

Well written articles, full comment section.

Social media comment section leaves me cold.

Good luck.

cossack55's picture

I prefer the anti-social media to warm me up

shovelhead's picture

Zero Hedge.

The Anti-social media site.

Doom porn and dyspepsia delivered fresh daily.

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

What a dweeb! Live a little kid. Don't worry Sparky, financial criminals and crimes will wait while you pop your cherry and get drunk on Boone's Farm. You keep this up and the cool kids are going to fuck your nerdy ass up. Just some words of wisdom.

IndyPat's picture

That was some funny shit. Preach it.

DaveA's picture

Finance doesn't concern you, because you have no debt and aren't trying to live off money you earned 20-30 years ago. Learn a real skill (which blogging is not) and you'll be able to earn whatever people use for money after the dollar collapses.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Bank is invest in reserve of precious metal - why is this news?

Keyser's picture

As the narco trafficantes say, Plato o plomo... 

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Because they are also investing in that other precious metal.....lead. Along with brass, sulfur, carbon, salt peter and a little love.

Wake me when they start stockpiling freeze dried food and bottled water.