"Worst Since Lehman"

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If "everything's fixed," then why is the number of distressed debt issuers still the highest "since Lehman."


h/t @mattmiller1973

And the answer is not - it's just energy and it's different this time.

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glad they fixed that, i was almost worried


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Tbtf banks always look for a way to lend to the riskiest people and then try to pawn that shit off on dumb money. It's like an established business practice now.

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Ha! Only little people have debt. When you sit upon the top rung of the perch, everyone below catches it from the back end...

//sarc off

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Corzine has the winning formula how to become financially independant.

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The ultimate DUMB MONEY is the U.S. Taxpayer...

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Yes, the banks better hope the taxpayer doesn't become extinct.

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Yes, but will the defaults and bankrupcies actually be allowed this time?

Given that the banks are flush with cash, my guess is yes.

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I love a good doom chart like the next guy. But why no updates on the Hungry Man Militia? I want to hear some new details about shit trenches, suicide threats and other juicy details of the biggest waste of time and money since Joey debuted on NBC.

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Obama Meets with Black Lives Matter But Skips Scalia Funeral?



Classless lump of shit....


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Huh, it's almost like he thinks white lives don't matter.

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Crisis is our natural state.  We've been away from it too long.  Finally TPTB will have another chance to "really get things done" in the midst of that.

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Maybe the worst since the Knickerbocker Trust Company of 1906.

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You get an up-vote on that.  The "crisis" was seen by some as the impetus for Congress to pass the 1913 Federal Reserve Act.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

Wonder what yummy shit they're going to invent when we careen headlong into the next crisis?  I can hardly wait to see.


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"Wonder what yummy shit they're going to invent when we careen headlong into the next crisis?"

Negative interest rates? Oh, wait...

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Maybe better alternative: create distraction, invade upper Moldavia...

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Good Reference.

I learned about the KTC in 1970 - Economics class in high school. My teacher linked it directly to Jekyll Island.

Worth the read up to fellow ZH'ers


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The pundits are holding on to the meme that the banks' exposure to oil loans is small.  When incomes are down, and commodities are down (and not shippling), real profits are down, etc...all debt are riskier.  And the last time I looked, the amount of outstanding debt has been growing, not shrinking.

The shills are trying to tell you they can out-jump gravity, folks.

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yes, 2008 again, of course, this time the banks have been hoarding massive amounts of cash...

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...hoarding massive amounts of cash...


For the TBTF execs, the parable of building bigger barns is going to be at the doorstep before they expect.

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Meh..., It will be okay. Just wait and see.

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Jim Cramer, circa 2008:  "Bear Stearns is fine!"

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How long this time? Another six months until the suppurating boil pops once more? Or just three months?

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Hopefully not until it warms up where electricity need decreases

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Because debt can used as collateral to borrow even more money, so basically debt magically become more cash!! This should be regarded as great news. You moron!!

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right - debt has morphed into an "asset" - so the more debt you have the richer you are, right?

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For bankers/financiers and their puppet governments, yes.  For everyone else, soylent green.

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But is some money printing entity going to buy up the defaulting loans at > par.


POOF!!!  It magically gets fixed.


(I still haven't seen how the bookkeeping works at the Fed to account for those trillions in MBS losses from the last rodeo)

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Does it matter when you're never audited ?

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Feb 18, 2016 11:28 AM

The positive angle is that Distressed Debt Issuers can still find buyers.  The problem will begin when they can't issue debt anymore, markets are still open to them to rollover their debts and allows them to stay solvent.

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Infield_Fly (not verified) thismarketisrigged Feb 18, 2016 11:55 AM

watch porn instead - you don't have to talk to them after you're done

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If that includes your Girlfriend, then count your blessings...