"It Just Occurred To Me" - Trump Proposes Boycott Of Apple, While Tweeting From An iPhone

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Moments after AAPL announced on Wednesday that it would not comply with FBI demands to hack into its phone, Donald Trump was already arguing vehemently that Apple should help investigators crack the phone’s encryption system: "To think that Apple won't allow us to get into her cell phone," Trump said on Fox and Friends Wednesday morning. “Who do they think they are? No, we have to open it up."

"Apple, this is one case, this is a case that certainly we should be able to get into the phone," he said. "And we should find out what happened, why it happened, and maybe there's other people involved and we have to do that."

"I agree 100% with the courts," the mogul added. "In that case, we should open it up. I think security over all — we have to open it up, and we have to use our heads. We have to use common sense."

And then, moments ago during a campaign event in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, Trump had an epiphany: "It just occurred to me." His solution: a boycott of Apple Inc products until the tech giant agrees to U.S. government demands that it unlock the cellphone of the San Bernardino killer.

"Boycott Apple until they give up the information," Trump said. "The phone is owned by the government... Tim Cook is looking to do a big number probably to show how liberal he is. Apple should give up."

The billionaire's call to action followed an interview with Bloomberg in which he offered harsh words for Cook.

"Tim Cook is living in the world of the make believe," Trump said Friday in a telephone interview. "I would come down so hard on him -- you have no idea -- his head would be spinning all of the way back to Silicon Valley."

"I think Tim Cook is totally out of line and I think the government should come down on Tim Cook very, very hard," Trump said in the interview Friday. "I think it's a disgrace what he is doing, we're talking about lives, potentially thousands of lives, and we should find out who else was involved in the plot where 14 people were killed."

It was unclear initially it Trump had a specific cell phone company as an alternatives, or if this was all part of a grand marketing ploy by Tim Cook to get Trump's opponents to rush out and purchase iPhones in retaliation. We will keep an eye on channels checks over the next few days for the answer.

But the biggest irony is shown is self-evident in the screengrab of Trump's latest tweet below.


Update: less than an hour later, Trump appears to have realized his error by tweeting from a Google-based platform, the same Google which supports Apple in its fight with the government:

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Actually, I'm now MORE likely to buy Apple...


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And there we have it… Donald “Adolph Hitler” Trump.  Eat up fools!

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The biggest problem with Trump is the same fools who supported Bush love the guy.

At least under Bernie we'll all get free shit. 


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OrangeJews (not verified) ToSoft4Truth Feb 19, 2016 4:21 PM

If they use say AT&T, they can get the phone numbers from the phone company.  Emails?  I haven't heard of Google or Yahoo in the news not giving up Email accounts.  This just doesn't make sense.

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This is almost as good as the Kon-Yeah tweet to zucerberg to fund his projects.  As a reminder, Zuckerberg runs FaceBook

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Dead Islamic terrorists have no rights. No right to privacy. The government owns their phone and should use it if it helps catch their accomplices. Just like the government can search their house, they can search their phone. Do ZH commentors seriously disagree with this? Are ZHers seriously making this into a big issue and going to stop supporting Trump because of it?

Isn't immigration the biggest issue of this election?

Don't we all know that Apple is already in cahoots with the government and this is a publicity stunt on their part?

ZH has always been anti-Trump. No coverage of his 9/11 conspiracy remarks or anything else. Only focus on one tiny issue and blow it into something big. Typical dishonest reporting.

Say What Again's picture

So are you telling us that 9/11 was government conspiracy?


BTW   I think I heard "Dead Islamic Terrorists" at a recent heavy metal show

Zoomorph's picture

- Iraq didn't blow up the trade centers
- The terrorists were from Saudia Arabia
- We need to open the 28 page document to find out what happened

I don't know anything more than that.

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Who owns JebBush.com?


Type jebbush.com into your web browser.

What happens? You'll quickly be directed to another candidate's website: Donald Trump's.

As it turns out, the Bush campaign doesn't own jebbush.com. The domain name is owned by a company called Fabulous.com Pty Ltd., an Australian company that helps people monetize their internet domain names. The site was apparently created on Nov. 19, 1997 and updated on Oct. 20, 2015, according to a domain registration search.



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Mcafee explains the situation for the slow, its not just about the one phone:


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This is about protecting the privacy of the innocent who are alive and dead.

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Where's Ron Paul when we need him.
So much for that sthick.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) knukles Feb 19, 2016 5:30 PM
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uRsurround'ded (not verified) Chris Dakota Feb 19, 2016 5:52 PM


\/\/0T ' s n o t  FF0UNDinFFiltrat'ded . . .


won'tBBelie\/eTHIS . . .


. . . neither.

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Trump just says what will get him elected, I'm not he actually has a solid position on anything, flip-flopped on the assault rifle ban (read his book published in 2000), he's pro-torture, anti-privacy.

What's it going to take before you guys stop supporting him?

Zoomorph's picture

So he changed his opinion from 16 years ago. You call that flip-flopping?

A better candidate appearing is what it would take for me to stop supporting him. None are even close so far. Slimy Cruz, Roboto Rubio, Sad Jeb, Comrade Sanders, or the devil herself Hillary.... Who do you support?

uRsurround'ded's picture
uRsurround'ded (not verified) Zoomorph Feb 19, 2016 9:22 PM


u've binLeft N0choice

0b\/ious|ie. even

0ddl|ie. FFurtherFFIXXED

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Fuck Deez Nutz. 


(Did I just say that out loud)

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Chris Dakota Feb 19, 2016 10:22 PM

Im leaving this shit jew website now.

Nobody here of value, shills, kikes and dumbshits.

fuck off all of you.

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Go listen to the seed man peddling dick pills. Moron.

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Ron Paul say's FBI should fuck off: http://www.voicesofliberty.com/article/ron-paul-leave-apple-alone/

“Well, that sounds like another mandate! We have mandates in the tax code, we have mandates on how we buy our medical care… Authoritarians like mandates, that’s big government. Anybody that wants big government, they don’t care much about liberty. Some people even refer to this as conscription. Conscripting Apple to make them do something they don’t have to enhance law enforcement. Of course, the real question is: Is this going to do any good? And that’s what I have a lot of questions about.”  - Ron Paul

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Chris Dakota (not verified) The Juggernaut Feb 19, 2016 10:21 PM

Ron Paul had no balls in 08, 2012 and now.

I lost all respect for him when he didn't fight the Republican establishment

theft of HIS supporters starting in Iowa.

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Trump has only ever talked, to my knowledge, about breaking the phones of the terrorists, not about breaking encryption in general or putting a backdoor in iPhones. His general point is basically that we should not protect the "rights" of Islamic terrorists who have attacked our country -- a point which I suspect we'd all agree on.

I don't think he's too technologically adept so he may not understand the intricacies of these different approaches (breaking encryption, backdoor, etc).

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Zoomorph Feb 19, 2016 9:08 PM

Seems like these people here think killers should be protected.


ZH and Tylers=Judas Iscariot

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Oh, I see.  Are you reminding us what Chump said, or is that you opinion.

Zoomorph's picture

My opinion is that we don't know all the facts about 9/11 and that having a president who wants to reveal the contents of the report on it might help.

I don't have any opinion on whether it was a government conspiracy or not.

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Go Trump!

Go Sanders!

Silicon Valley is full of it, they already gave everything away, this Apple/Cook stuff is a smokescreen.

The N.S.A. has everything they need, this is more Kabuki theater from the corpratocracy, another false flag/diversion.

MsCreant's picture

Trump is stupid.

He is going to use his Apple, to tell everyone to boycott Apple? That is the joke here.

If it is a publicity stunt as you say, Trump is buying into it.

ZH posts all kinds of pro-Trump stuff too, you're the one being dishonest. They are neutral to slightly sympathetic, but they support no one (except Ron Paul). They support giving this corrupt system shit (they like when Trump does that).

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I think you'll find ZH support the tribe 100%

Mercuryquicksilver's picture

I think you'll find ZH supports click base advertisment revenue 100%.

Zoomorph's picture

He suggested it in a speech at a rally. And he probably didn't run out to immediately buy an Android and switch everything over because he's on a busy schedule.

You guys are vultures. Enjoy Hillary/Rubio if you succeed at shutting down Trump!

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"shutting down trump" ? trump is shutting himself down with all this nonsense. He should have just stuck to talking about building a wall, kicking out the illegals, no more muslims allowed, and it was stupid to go into Iraq. Thats it, stopp talking after that. But he can't. And there is such a personality cult built up around donald trump that even when he says insanely authoritarian things the supposedly pro-everything freedom/libertarian crowd on the comment board still defends him. Its scary how many of yall have fallen for him.


I get it, he is entertaining, but he is just another big government authoritarian who says uncouth things. Other than that, he is little different than the rest of this parade of clowns.

Zoomorph's picture

Trump can't stop talking for a few reasons.

1. His campaign, for better or worse, had to be built on hype.
2. All the other conservative candidates are copying his talking points. They all say things like "build a wall" now.
3. The media is trying to ruin him. If he stops talking they'll do what they did to Ron Paul -- ignore him.

I don't think some of you give him nearly enough credit. Look at what happened to Ron Paul. If he was your ideal candidate, then expect your ideal candidate never to be elected.

Libertarians are dumb. Thankfully, many of them grew up. We need nationalism now, not lolbergtarianism.

Zoomorph's picture

"Trump is stupid."

That about sums you up. No arguments, just a bunch of word calling. And if you can't come up with a better insult for someone who is demonstrably quite smart and accomplished than "stupid" you should probably give up on commenting altogether.

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uRsurround'ded (not verified) MsCreant Feb 19, 2016 9:52 PM


MsDys®ED                                  trompe l'oil


Yet             not2be DysMs'd
0nce wrote/\couple/\lines
0f1of the funniest entries    E\/AH






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While I'm fine with unlocking the phone, giving the gov the codes to do it is not part of the deal.  There is a process for that its called a warrant and if they have one Tim should unlock the phone and give them the data.  This seems pretty clear Don Don making statements that he will use government resources like a mob boss, is not helpful to his conservative position.  This is inspite of the fact that this is currently standard operating procedure for most agencies.   Business as usual...The Donald should fit right in.

Citxmech's picture

So how/why does Apple have codes to unlock my supposedly encrypted data?

SirRobin's picture

They lhave the Key Pair to allow the phone to do encyrption.   Encrytion and Decryption involve a private and public key.  I'm thinking they do not create a unique private key for each phone.  A guess but my 2 cents

goldsaver's picture

Not the case at all. The warant is ordering Apple to create a software update that would remove the 10 try limit to the password entry. With IOS9, if you enter the wrong password more than ten times it deletes/erases the hard drive. The FBI wants to do a brute force attack on the phone and can't do so with that limitation (preciselly why there is a limitation, to prevent brute force attacks). Apple has no way to bypass the password on the phone. There used to be a way to open the phone and connect a hardware cable to the mobo to extract the data but that is gone. The only known (I don't know what I don't know) way to get to the data is to either guess the password correctly or get rid of the 10 try limit on the screen. The problem is that if Apple provides this bug to the FBI they can use it on any iPhone the wish in the future, without bothering to get a warrant. This creates a VULNERABILITY on the iOS which can and would be exploited by black hats and the .gov

McMolotov's picture

The government is ordering Apple to create something that doesn't exist. It's patently ridiculous. It's like ordering a safe manufacturer to construct a new kind of drill that can get into a criminal's locked safe. Not only does it demonstrate the FBI's incompetence, it also demonstrates the fact that many people now believe American citizens are State property to be used in whatever way the State desires.

This is called slavery, people. Donald Trump is an asshat, as many of us have pointed out repeatedly. I don't give three shits if he's simply under-informed on the subject. This is another in a long line of cases where he simply shoots off his mouth without actually knowing what he's talking about. It's dangerous, and it's insane that people on ZH look past his obvious statist tendencies just because he "talks tough" and insults people they don't like.

goldsansstandard's picture

It seems to me that Tim likes all this talk about back doors...
But seriously, folks,
This could get very interesting.

What can .gov do. Seize Coopertino? Jail Tim. Then jail the board of directors.
Even if Tim or his replacement go along, can they get the programmers with the knowledge to do it?
Kinda of reminds me of when Nixon wanted to fire the chief Watergate special prosecutor. One AG refused and resigned after another, until Robert Bork did the deed.

SirRobin's picture

Not sure why I was downed for explaining how encryption works to some one that asked?  If you have a better technical explaination, by all means please enlighten us.

Zoomorph's picture

So you think breaking into the private secrets of dead terrorists who attacked America is a mob boss mentality? And bad? Should we also refuse to lock terrorists and criminals up if they've been caught?

Society only works with a set of rules and structure.

goldsaver's picture

First, they didn't attack 'murika, they attacked a Christmas party for government employees. Your argument that not wanting to unlock the phone is equivalent to not wanting to lock them up is a non-sequitur and too idiotic to argue. Society works with rules and structures. We have rules and structures but they must be applied equally across all members of society. You can not have a set of rules for the 1% that work for the .gov (or the .01% the .gov works for) and another for the plebes and call it equal. Blind obedience to .gov diktats are not required for society to thrive, just the opposite.

Zoomorph's picture

Thanks for providing an argument.

The question here is: what should we do with the phones of dead mass killers? Should we open and look at them or not? I say yes. We already open their wallets, their cars, their houses. These people relinquished their right to personal privacy when they engaged in mass killing. Feel free to provide a counter-argument if you think their phones should be kept sacred.

Regarding equality, life is simply not equal. Even in an anarchist paradise people would not be equal and would not have equal rights. That's just life. The U.S. constitution is designed to mitigate that to some extent, to keep power from becoming too heavily concentrated (AKA tyrannical government), but it's not perfect (and it may not last much longer). Currently, a lot of people are uncomfortable accepting that life is not equal, so many try to pretend that it is. And I suppose to some very superficial degree it is. But it never will be, and as long as there is any human cooperative or society around it will be based on power. In a truly "equal" world there could be no evolution, no change, and probably no life.

McMolotov's picture

The question isn't whether we should open up the phones of dead mass killers. The government has every right to try to do just that. The question is whether the government has the right to FORCE private citizens to construct a method to bypass the security measures on those phones. It doesn't, yet that's precisely what is happening here. That's called slavery.

Putting aside the fact that forcing Apple to devise a way of overcoming one iPhone's encryption puts the security of every other iPhone at risk, the bigger issue is whether or not we are free individuals or if we can be conscripted at any time to do whatever kind of labor the State demands of us.

This isn't an argument about whether mass killers' phones should be kept sacred. It's an argument about individual autonomy and individual privacy.