Caught On Tape: Ukraine Nationalists Trash Offices Of Russian Banks; Police Refuse To Intervene

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Two years after the US State Department, and specifically Victoria Nuland, hand-picked Ukraine's next government in the aftermath of the Euromaidan riots which led to a coup and the ouster of then president Yanukovich and the appointment of a US puppet government led by the increasingly unpopular Arseniy Yatseniuk, tens of thousands of people in the Ukrainian capital came to various observances of the "Day of the Heavenly Hundred". a term which refers to those who died during the months of protests in Kiev that culminated with President Viktor Yanukovych fleeing.

Things promptly devolved, however, when hundreds of people decided to commemorate some of Ukraine's most violent days with even more violence. The video below shows some of the scuffles which broke out early in the day.

While a civil war rages in the country's Eastern Donbass region, demonstrators threw rocks through windows at the offices of Alfa Bank and Sberbank and damaged furniture and equipment inside. Protesters also vandalized the offices of the holding company of Ukraine's richest man, Rinat Akhmetov. Police did not intervene according to AP.

The latest bout of anger comes amid a political crisis with the resignation of several reform-oriented politicians earlier this month who alleged continued corruption in the top echelons of the Ukrainian government. A no-confidence vote against the country’s prime minister failed to pass this week as the governing coalition frayed.

At the forefront of today's violence were members of Ukraine's radical nationalist organizations. They vehemently reject any concessions to the east and are angered by authorities' failure to address Ukraine's endemic corruption. Akhmetov, whose wealth springs from mining and steel in the east, is a target of their anger.

"We need to have a third Maidan," said Nikolai Kokhanovsky, a leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, using the common term of the protests of 2014 and those of the 2004 Orange Revolution. New protests would "sweep away this corrupt government and pro-Russian oligarchs who have betrayed our revolution of dignity."

"Russia and the oligarchs are guilty for life in Ukraine becoming worse and worse," said 21-year-old protester Ruslan Tymchuk, who was dressed in camouflage and wielding a bat. 

Actually Ukraine was doing relatively well until a CIA-led effort to destabilize the country in late 2013 succeeded, and culminated with the violent coup of February 2014. It has been downhill ever since, but for an angry, hungry and cold population, logic is often times futile.

And so, with the anger quickly rising to the surface, violence broke out against the symbol of what conventional wisdom sees as the reason behind Ukraine's sad state: Russia and specifically its bank branches.

As a result, Ukrainian nationalist radicals wrecked the offices of Russian companies Sberbank and Alfa-Bank in Kiev and accused the Russian banks of “financial occupation of Ukraine,” throwing rocks and other foreign objects at the buildings and shattering their windows.

As noted above, the police refused to intervene while Russian assets were being trashed. They did prevent the mob from setting the Sberbank office doors on fire, but the attackers managed to get inside the Alfa-Bank office. They trashed the furniture and glass partition walls inside the bank, shouting nationalist slogans, including: “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!"

Members of the volunteer battalions which participated in Kiev’s military campaign in East Ukraine, activists from the far-right Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), and other radical groups were also among those responsible for the violence RT reports.

According to LifeNews, Ukrainian security forces have not made a single arrest in connection with the attacks on the Russian banks.

Later on Saturday, several dozen camouflaged man arrived at Maidan Square (also known as Independence Square) in central Kiev, which was the venue for the 2014 protest. They identified themselves as representatives of the “revolutionary right forces staff” and read out a manifesto in which they demanded the resignation of the government, the reversal of the Minsk peace agreements, and the release of unspecified political prisoners.

More troubling for the ruling US-puppet regime is that two years after the Maidan riots, Ukraine's nationalists have now openly turned against the government: the demonstrators also called for an indefinite protest on the Maidan, proclaiming that “we won’t leave until this criminal regime leave,” RIA-Novosti reported, a regime which they themselves helped created two years ago.

For now the fury of the nationalists is focused on the banks, initially those belonging to Russia. We wonder how soon until similar violence against bankers in a world whose interlinked economies are promptly deteriorating, becomes a daily event.

Here is a video of today's attack:


And here is a clip of the office of eastern Ukrainian oligarch, Renat Akhmetov, ransacked on the same day.

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JustObserving's picture
Did Russia Just Threaten Turkey With Nuclear Weapons?

Reports say a source close to Putin claims Russia warned Erdogan of readiness to use tactical nuclear weapons to defend Russian strike force in Syria from Turkish attack

Maybe Ukraine needs a warning too.

CIA: Undermining and Nazifying Ukraine Since 1953

Qatar and Ukraine come to deliver Pechora-2D to ISIS

Qatar has bought sophisticated military equipment from Ukraine on behalf of ISIS. The operation took place in late September 2015, just before the Russian military action against the terrorist organization. It was approved by the US embassy in Doha. Officially, the new emir is not involved in the war in Iraq and Syria.

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I've heard these stories too. It seems that Russia hinted to Turkey that if Russia's forces in Syria, the Naval and Air Forces, appear under direct attack from Turkey, the tactical nuclear option will be considered. Small nukes are now very small, but able to kill beyond doubt any conventional forces it had to. Food for thought should Turkey try to take out Russia's air base and naval base in Syria.

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Hope they save one for war-criminal Erdogan's $615 million palace:

Cockroaches made me want new $615 mn palace: Turkey's Erdogan

That roach is afraid of roaches?

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Every Nazi has its day. Especially Ukie and Turkish supported ones. Check out what happened in Syria yesterday and today:

More Syrian War Video of Turkish Terrorists Getting Rocketuptheassitus and Blown Away
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it's interesting how libertarians and freedom fighters are suddenly nazi US puppets when the enemy changes from the US to Russia

they may be massively influenced or supported by US but these are still Ukrainians, IN UKRAINE, fighting to control Ukraine separate from foreign control


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piss poor job as fact is Kiev officials mostly foreigners, dual passports, etc.

Ukraine government is ultimate controlled from outside its borders. Maidan violence were outside trained, not historical Ukrainian descent...Western Ukraine pollacks, Poles, Lituanians, Latvians and professional mercs from these countries and others




Laowei Gweilo's picture

they can leave out of ukraine too afaic

zionists, communists, globalists, and communists can all rightly fuck off


but easy on the western pollack shit, last time i checked, l'viv was just as much part of ukraine in 1990 as kyiv.

DetectiveStern's picture

Prior to 1990 doesn't mean anything. The Soviets were doing away with the idea of nation states within the Union that's why khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine as in their eyes it was all the USSR not Russia, Ukraine etc. Lviv was Polish, or occupied, from it's inception in the 1300s until 1990 when it suddenly become Ukrainian.

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Kyiv surrendered in Debaltsevo.

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We're meant to be outraged by... a mob ransacking a bank!?!

WTF ,?!!??,!

For most of us Tylers that scenario is all our Christmases come at once.

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You will get many down votes for calling out these nutters.


This snip from the article is simply spin:

Actually Ukraine was doing relatively well until a CIA-led effort to destabilize the country in late 2013 succeeded, and culminated with the violent coup of February 2014. It has been downhill ever since, but for an angry, hungry and cold population, logic is often times futile.

The country had improving conditions as it became more aligned with western Europe.  Then Puutie's puppet came to power and, emulating Puutie in Russia, began to plunder the country.  The final instigation for his ouster was the agreement aligning the country with Russia again.  The CIA did not create that problem, the paid puppet did.  Evidently many in ZH sphere are also Puutie worshipers.  Citizens of Ukraine had enough real experience being a Russian subject state and wanted none of it.  Puutie has now invaded the country and liberated Crimea, making it an impoverished dependency.  so much for the wonderful world of Puutie.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Your lustful homo-erotic fixation and cutsie pet-name calling of the President of the Russian Federation is really rather embarrassing.

I suggest you keep your gimp fantasies to the toilets at your local train station.

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please do not disrespect Nazis by comparing them the the zionists who run Ukraine... 

David19841776's picture

I never thought I would hear myself say Putin has the moral high ground. I hope he has one for Soros as well.

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Can someone share with me why Assad needs to be replaced and why there needs to be another slaughter of people?

MFL8240's picture

More Sores?  Black swat Uniforms from the US??

Sandmann's picture

A British SSBN was on station during the Falklands War to deal with Argentina should the task force face setbacks

Omega_Man's picture

with the numbers of Russian airpower and invading Turks and possibly Saudi little nukes would have to be used to stop the evil invaders in time.... fuel bombs would be nice but not enough of them and they are too large to use en masse

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Personal uranus missiles--a sure cure for hemorrhoids.

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I can't believe these people didn't loot convenient stores, shoe stores taking sneaker and breaking in liquor stores to loot vodka and orange soda.  Al Sharpton is very disappointed right now. 

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Kinda like the bailouts back in 08. The cops still havent shown up.

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I spent a lot of time in Ukraine and liked it very much... too bad Mericans had to fuck it up so bad... everything they touch turns to shit. 


The evil  on planet earth... Merica, Israel

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commie (not verified) Omega_Man Feb 20, 2016 6:54 PM

Yeah, yeah. Rave on idiot.

Omega_Man's picture

seems that your comment has a lot of down votes, and mine has a lot of upvotes...

ergo... you fucking lose.... loser...

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Your UP votes were paid for by Puutie. 

Just the work of the Puutie Paid Puppies responding to the dog whistle in Moscow.  A few cabages and turnips go a long way in the collapsing Russian economy.

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no comment, not worthy of...

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After Maidan coup and MH-17, the western media had dropped a black out curtain over Ukraine. For those of us who follow from foreign sources, it is obvious why. Ukraine is such a mess. A recent 17 minute Ukrainian news report on military conditions behind the Donbass front were shocking beyond words. Soldiers living in filth, without any regular decent food, heating, medical care. Sick, cold and ready to go home, but Kiev keeps them there. From what i saw, and compare to the conditions of the rebels, Ukraine's army would be slaughtered en mass should they try a major offensive on Donetsk. Moral in the NAF is sky high, they rotate in and out, live in warm flats and houses, enjoy goof food and huge support from their neighbors. Total opposite to UAF troops.

Volkodav's picture

These imbeciles further wreck economy.


btw  Nederlands intelligence determined only Kiev operable BUK

Seperatists none.


DeeZ_nutZ's picture

Dude....  it's even worse.  Apparently, Ukrainians on the Uke side are lining up, loading up in buses and trucks and are trying to break into DNR territory to get free food (everyone is starving in Ukraine, you see).  

They opened a number of "cash stations" (look it up) all across DNR where anyone can just walk in and claim their $1000 without limitations.  Not to mention caviar and white bread that they have to throw away because nobody wants it anymore.  No wonder Ukes are trying to get in to join the ranks of the chosen.  

Ukrainian government is now hanging kids on the trees to deter this mass migration.  It's awful, I am telling you no shit.

JohninMK's picture

Think you missed the /sarc/ off.

Al Tinfoil's picture

Um, maybe so, maybe not.

Kiev became so desperate about their defeats in their attempts to put down the rebellion in the separatist Donetsk and Lugansk areas that Kiev announced conscription for all men up to about age 60 and all young women.  This made draft-dodging the only growth industry in Ukraine in 2015.

The neo-Nazi, fiercely anti-Russian Banderite battalions from west Ukraine (Right Sector and Svoboda party types) are so pissed about the lack of support from Kiev for fighting the Lugansk and Donetsk separatists that the neo-Nazis are threatening to depose the Kiev government.  These neo-Nazi battalians began just a few days ago to stop trucks with Russian registrations from transitting Ukraine, and Kiev and their police have done nothing to put an end to this.  The Russian trucks have been transitting Ukraine in compliance with international transit rules. About 100 trucks with Russian registrations, and their cargos (often from the EU intended for Russia) were reported to be stranded in Ukraine as of 2 days ago. 

BarkingCat's picture

wow, you are shoveling bullshit so high people might drown in it.

Augustus's picture

Front lines of a war zone in winter are especially miserable places.  I note you describe the Ukranian side of the zone.  Wonder what the conditions and morale are on the Puutie side of the zone?  All of those conscripts from eastern areas of Russia must wonder what world they are now living in,

Techpriest of Mars's picture

those idiots got what they deserve, allowing their country to be hijacked by some zionist puppet can be qualified as a treason,

most of the peoples today are so badly informed that they can gobe everything, and in the age of the internet where everything is just two click away, not knowing what is happening in your own country is an idiocy without name.

but in the end they will know the truth, too bad it will be too late because the puppet regime would have deployed its tentacles, and unless a foreign help come to the rescue, they will have no hope of escape.

knowledge is power, hide it well.

geno-econ's picture

Actually, some industries in Ukraine, such as steel exports and coal are flourishing due to very weak currency.  Problem is Oligarchs not willing to share their wealth with general population.  Same problem exists in US where multinationals avoid taxes and seek tax havens. It seems polititians create massive National debt through fiat printing but multinationals operate for profits on a Global scale without any National obligation but are nevertheless beneficiaries of National debt financing which can never be repaid.  We are rapidly reaching that point of no return witnessed by either civil unrest or financial paralysis.

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commie (not verified) Feb 20, 2016 6:36 PM

Oh yeah. It was the CIA that caused the rebellion. Everything bad is attributed to the CIA. What nonsense. 

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iggenFlot (not verified) commie Feb 20, 2016 6:41 PM

Everything bad is attributed to the CIA because this site is comprised mostly of anti-American reprobates.

commie's picture
commie (not verified) iggenFlot Feb 20, 2016 6:52 PM

Spot on.

motley's picture

You guys are clueless, or you are disinfo shills. Either way, there is  is a plethora of information that is freely available that you need to start looking into. Don't let cognitive dissonance own you.  (short) (short) (long)



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commie and iggy, do us all a favor and go get a room.

Sandmann's picture

they have one with upholstered wallpaper and jackets which fasten up the rear

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shut up the trolls,

your knowledge of world matters and international politics must be barely equal to that of pamela anderson, return to idiotbook and jewtube where you will feel at home.

peace from Algeria.

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CIA is anti-American, it is a bloated bureaucracy throwing fireworks in crowded theatres

Truthoutthere's picture

You obviously do not have a clue.Stay at home and close the curtains.

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iggenFlot (not verified) Feb 20, 2016 6:37 PM

Vlad needs to be punished for his war crime complicity by having a missile dropped on his bunker.  

Or simply knifed on his way to pick up another Western Union care package of dollars from loyal Zeroes.

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commie (not verified) iggenFlot Feb 20, 2016 6:41 PM

Pootin should be removed with extreme prejudice.

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Stop talking to yourself... idiot!  Your taking away thread space from the interesting people.  How many accounts do you have?

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commie (not verified) Ms No Feb 20, 2016 7:11 PM

Interesting  people!   LMFAO

commie's picture
commie (not verified) Feb 20, 2016 6:40 PM

Time for another russian  airliner to be brought down,