A Furious Turkey Says US Is "Acting Like An Enemy," Demands Washington Brand Kurds "Terrorists"

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As you might have noticed, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is about to lose his mind with the situation in Syria.

To be sure, the effort to usurp the Bashar al-Assad government wasn’t exactly going as planned in the first place. Regime change always takes time, but the conflict in Syria was dragging into its fifth year by the time the Russians got directly involved and although it did indeed look as though the SAA was on the verge of defeat, the future of the rebellion was far from certain.

But to whatever extent the rebels’ fate was up in the air before September 30, the cause was dealt a devastating blow when Moscow’s warplanes began flying sorties from Latakia and while Ankara and Riyadh were initially willing to sit on the sidelines and see how things played out, once Russia and Hezbollah encircled Aleppo, it was do or die time. The supply lines to Turkey were cut and without a direct intervention by the rebels’ Sunni benefactors, Moscow and Hassan Nasrallah’s army would ultimately move in on Aleppo proper and that, as they say, would be that.

The problem for Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar is optics. That is, everything anyone does in Syria has to be justified by an imaginary “war on terror.” Turkey can’t say it’s intervening to keep the rebels from being defeated by the Russians, and similarly, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the US, France and everyone else needs to preserve the narrative and pretend as though this all doesn't boil down to the West and the Sunnis versus the Russians and the Shiites.

Here’s what we said earlier this month: somehow, Turkey and Saudi Arabia need to figure out how to spin an attack on the YPG and an effort to rescue the opposition at Aleppo as an anti-ISIS operation even though ISIS doesn’t have a large presence in the area.

Well it turns out that’s an impossible task and so, Turkey has resorted to Plan B: a possible false flag bombing and the old “blame the Kurds” strategy.

The attack on military personnel in Ankara this week was claimed by The Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (an offshoot of the PKK) in retaliation for Turkey's aggressive campaign in Cizre (as documented here), but Erdogan has taken the opportunity to remind the world that the PKK and the YPG are largely synonymous. That is, they're both armed groups of non-state actors and if one is a terrorist organization, then so is the other. 

Erdogan's anti-Kurd stance is complicated immeasurably by the fact that both the US and Russia support the YPG out of sheer necessity. The group has proven especially adept at battling ISIS and has secured most of the border with Turkey. As we noted way back in August, it was inevtiable that Washington and Ankara would come to blows over the YPG. After all, the US only secured access to Incirlik by acquiescing to Erdogan's crackdown on the PKK, but some of the missions the US was flying from Turkey's air base were in support of the YPG. The whole thing was absurd from the very beginning.

Well now, Turkey is not only set to use the fight against the YPG as an excuse to intervene in Syria on behalf of the Sunni rebels battling to beat back the Russian and Iranian advance, but Ankara is also demanding that the US recognize the YPG as a terrorist group. If Washington refuses, "measure will be taken." 

"If the Unites States is really Turkey's friend and ally, then they should recognize the PYD — a Syrian branch of the PKK — as a terrorist organization. If a friend acts as an enemy, then measures should be taken, and they will not be limited to the Incirlik Airbase, Turkey has significant capabilities," Erdogan advisor Seref Malkoc told Bugun newspaper.

So yeah. Turkey just threatened the US. It's notable that Malkoc specifically said actions would go "beyond Incirlik," because pulling access to the base would be the first thing any regional observers would expect from Ankara in the event of a spat with Washington. For Turkey to say that measures will go beyond that, opens the door for Erdogan to become openly hostile towards his NATO allies. 

"The only thing we expect from our U.S. ally is to support Turkey with no ifs or buts," PM Ahmet Davutoglu told a news conferenceon Saturday."If 28 Turkish lives have been claimed through a terrorist attack we can only expect them to say any threat against Turkey is a threat against them."

In other words, Turkey is explicitly asking the US to support Ankara's push to invade Syria and not only that, Erdogan wants Washington to sanction attacks on the YPG which the US has overtly armed, trained, and funded. "The disagreement over the YPG risks driving a wedge between the NATO allies at a critical point in Syria's civil war," Reuters wrote on Saturday. "On Friday, a State Department spokesman told reporters Washington would continue to support organizations in Syria that it could count on in the fight against Islamic State - an apparent reference to the YPG."

Right. "Washington will continue to support organizations in Syria that it can count on in the fight against Islamic State." So we suppose that means the US will support Russia. And Iran. And Hezbollah. But most certainly not Turkey, who is the biggest state sponsor of the Islamic State on the face of the planet.

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wildbad's picture

go fuck your caliphate ass erdogan.  you are not only a liar but a mass murderer and a terrorist even when you are doing NATOs business.

you, your family and your legacy is corrupt and will fail then fall

Father Thyme's picture
Father Thyme (not verified) wildbad Feb 20, 2016 2:43 PM

<-- Constantinople

<-- Istanbul

KesselRunin12Parsecs's picture
KesselRunin12Parsecs (not verified) Father Thyme Feb 20, 2016 2:48 PM
froze25's picture

Hey Erdogan the Kurds aren't the enemy,  your country isn't the enemy, Syria isn't the enemy.  You are the enemy.  Still enjoying that ISIS oil money?

NidStyles's picture

I heard: "Do what I want, because I demand it!!"

ilion's picture

Turkey is fucked, either way. And I don't mean the bird here.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Turkey is corrupt nation. "Friend" and "ally" are maybe not right term. "Strange Bed Fellow" is maybe better term.

ali_baba's picture

Turks and Khazars are both a Turkic people.

fx's picture

This is all smoke and mirrors. The US will rather betray and abandon the Kurds once again (as they did after the first iraq war) before they lose their most important ally in the region (which is turkey, NOT saudi arabia). Watch their actions, not their words. The USA and the west vetoed the Russia-sponsored UNSC resolution against the Turkish shelling which is a very explicit endorsement of Erdogan's behaviour. These public statements by erdogan and Kerry are just theatre. Behind the scenes Turkey and the US coordinate their steps as closely as ever. Does anyone seriously believe, that Turkey really shot down the SU-24 without the prior green light by the US?

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

This is clever play by USSA policy maker (note: Barry Soetoro is not long term policy influence, is rather play golf, take selfie, hang out with foul mouth rapper) to bring Turkey to brink so that can establish permanent unimpeded USSA military presence to antagonize Russia.

But, USSA foreign policy is abject disaster for last 40 year, so probably is fail, especially by narcissist celebrity golfer-in-chief when execute plan. Forward Soviet!

prefan4200's picture

So now the US is supposed to take advice from a furious turkey?  Shoot that bird and eat him for thanksgiving.

the phantom's picture

It looks like the US is setting up Turkey to get pole axed.  It's one thing to give the Turks the green light to pot-shot an Su-24, and then run under the skirt of NATO.  Quite another to send in turkish troops and think the US and NATO have your back.  They do not.  In order to win a land war, you need troops on the ground, and last I checked, the SAA, Hezbollah, and the Iranians had that board covered.  Throw in the fact that several opposition groups have joined the SAA, means it will be a graveyard for foreign troops.  The calculus has changed completely.  

I hope Erdogan does invade and becomes pot committed, gets routed, and Constantinople gets liberated with the Hagia Sophia restored to her former glory.  (that last part is a dream, but one can hope)

bigkahuna's picture

Can someone remind me why our idiot politicians got us involved in this mess? What is in it for the USSA and our welfare queens (aka 55 percent of population/all banks/most big business)? 

mkkby's picture

Turkey and SA lost their bid to oust Assad the moment Russia agreed to provide air cover.  Hezbola and the RGC are committed soldiers, and with strong air support they have an unbeatable advantage.

Unless the US and Nato are willing to go toe to toe with the ruskies over syria, it's just a matter of time.  No US prez has been willing to go that far since the cuban missile crisis.  That was 90 miles away.  I don't see it happening over a far flung shit hole like syria.

Now it's damage control time.  With russian air support, the kurds can seriously threaten turkish territory.  And possibly set up an independant state.  I predicted this would be the pay back when the russian plane was shot down.

Blue Vervain's picture

Forgive the source, but apparently NATO has told Turkey "we ain't got your back".




If true, this is a step back from the brink, and confirms Putin's ascendency.

XitSam's picture

Boris, it's OK. Barry has a Nobel Peace Prize. Everything's fine.

intheshortrun's picture

Theatre indeed. If the US was really on Turkey's side why would they egg them on into a fight with Russia. Yes my friend to quote you "Watch their actions, not their words."  Indeed!

JohninMK's picture

Wonder when the US will pull those 80 or so B-61 nukes out of Incirlik?

Will Turkey barricade them in?

Holy nuke Batman.

Volkodav's picture

Syrian Kurds and Iraq Kurd not same

Otherwise correct..Kurds get used, abused, abandoned, reversed on..

                    They now seem getting it that Russia better to trust


Volkodav's picture

Genesis 10 2-5  Family ties

Enki Anu's picture

These mother fuckers murdered over two million Armenians and still don't want to take responsibility for it.

NidStyles's picture

Sounds a lot like their relatives that murdered 60 million Europeans and to this day won't talk about it...

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

This is what happens when you get in bed with Islamic states. These people are batshit crazy, when they aren't killing infidels, they are fighting each other as they have since literally the day after the "prophet" died. They invented the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" shit and took it to a whole new level where everyone simultaneously becomes your enemy AND your friend, and you rapidly become psychotic. This shit is contagious, and after almost half a century in bed with these scum, now we're catching it-- to the point where we actually elected a fucking muslim as President!

Back when there were secular governments running most of the countries in the middle east, you could sort of deal with these guys, with the understanding that they were going to have to brutally suppress the Islamists in order to maintain a semblance of sanity within their borders. But, we've managed to undermine and destroy all the secular governments over there, and now the lunatics are running the asylum on all sides. God help us.

Mr. Universe's picture

Lithium is no longer available on credit.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

<-- Islam is bat sh¡t crazy - read Qu'ran

<-- Islam is bat sh¡t crazy - just watch how historically relate to neighbor and each other.

Freddie's picture

I used to think that but some of the Shia are not bad.  Hezbollah and the Syrian Army which has muslim fought to protect all Syrians including Syria Christians.

The zio-Christian USA has been very active committing genocide against Mid East Christians and non-Christians,

America and Europe should stay out of the ME business - stop the endless wars and proxy wars.

FreedomGuy's picture

As far as I can tell, the Kurds are the only Muslims with much of any decency and the only non-terrorists in the region. They helped the infidel Yazidi's who are Kurdish and sided with us in most of the wars. They do not seem to have world domination on their minds.

Personally, I'd throw in with the Kurds of any Islamic group over there.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Time to call Istanbul Constantinople again. Eager to see the Constantinople eliberation Russian military parade lead by Putin. 500+ years of Muslim occupation was more than Europe shall endure.

venturen's picture

actually I believe they were fighting when their prophet was alive. Anyone recall Jesus fighting? 

ali_baba's picture

being an arab jesus was their prophet too.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

<-- Jesus - Son of God

<-- Jesus - True Prophet

ali_baba's picture

Guess who tortured the son of God before killing him? Romans ie. Europeans. Good going.

"Oh the Jews made us do it"

Story of your lives.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Does it matter, when Son of God is surrender own life? Nation might suffer consequence because of act of member citizenry, but only individual is answer for action of individual.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Okay, Boris is no more religious talk, is feel uncomfortable.

Cistercian's picture

Man up Boris.What other talk is actually worthwhile?

You don't want us to think you are a puxxy do you?

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Boris IS manly! Who is say otherwise? Boris is show you hairy arm and back!

ali_baba's picture

Nation might suffer consequence because of act of member citizenry, but only individual is answer for action of individual


So Turkey, who were historically Byzantine Christians, turn Muslim and try to invade Europe, why is it considered by you guys as an act of all of Islam?

Fact is, all problems in the middle east stem from europeans pretending that they are somehow owners of the teachings of Christ. Even though he was an Arab. All of Europe was forced into Christianization long after the original Christians turned Muslim.

Christ: "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich person to enter heaven"

All of the West, Europe and jews are rich. Why was he talking about camels? Because he was a camel fucker like the Muslims.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

"turn muslim and try invade europe" - are you fucking retarted?!

ali_baba's picture

Wow! That is the most elegant way I think I've ever seen someone argue their point.

The Seljuq Turks were pagan neighbours to Byzantine empire. Nothing to do with Islam. They randomly converted to Islam and decided to conquer the terrirtory next door. Being a minority tribe in that territory, when Byzantium fell, thanks in no small part to the Christian Crusaders who sacked it, they never outbred the Byzantines. They just ruled them.

But I don't expect you to agree with any of that. It's easier for you to go with the whole "Islam at the gates" routine. You guys conquered the whole world screaming defence, and as you need the oil, it helps to paint the people in the region as evil.

This is exactly what Jesus teaches us against.


Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Mr. Alibaba,

You are right, previous comment is not raise legitimate argument. But even if you are correct in fact, your argument of causality is fallacious. As for Islam, observe fruit of their action, and read their "holy" text... is ranting of angry crazy person mingle with scripture.

Okay, no more religion talk - or must rename ZH "ZeroTolerance"



ali_baba's picture

This IS ZeroTolerance. Whatever you think Islam is, an evil religion does not make good people evil. Just as, if you think you only follow Jesus, then why do followers of Jesus commit evil deeds? Would a follower of Jesus tell other people their religion is evil?

You're trying to tell me all Muslims are evil when I know hundreds in my personal life who are not, so there is no way I can ever agree with you.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Okay Boris is really uncomfortable religious speaking, but here you go. If religious text is say "go do good" and follower is follow text and "do good" to other, then is not really problematic, and whether you are believe or not believe, you can accept both teach and deed.

Here is problem for Islam, text is say "go cut off head of infidel, rape captured woman and slave, lie if you feel like it is protect for Allah or Muhammed", then if follower is follow… sorry, but this is pure unadulterated puke worthy. If believer is not so much believe what is write in "sacred text", and not cut off head of infidel, rape captured woman and slave, or lie defensive for Allah or Muhammed, then is not true believer, is not follow Islam… might well not be Muslim for all tents and porposes.

Sometime you have to just accept something at face value and not spew apologetic mish mash applesauce.

Okay, let us speak of other thing now.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Dude - i'm from the Balkans and I learned the history on the spot at the right time. Leave the political BS to scientific history.

Turks invaded and conquered as Islamized hoards already. Your crap doesn't deserve more than few lines.


"The established presence of Islam in the region that now constitutes modern Turkey dates back to the latter half of the 11th century, when the Seljuks started expanding into eastern Anatolia."


That was *hundreds* of years before conquring Constantinopole. All these centuries they were trying to invade Europe in parallel with conquring the last traces of the Bizantine empire.

That was genuine *Islamic Invasion* per evidence as provided by the science of history.

And proof about how your pacifist loving mainstream muslims think- Your Taqyya and Kitman don't work here






jm's picture

Jesus had a truly universal faith that posits God loves everyone. He never raped an 8 year old and called it God's will. Jesus never married his adopted son's wife by telling everyone that "God told him to do it". Jesus never slaughtered Jews. Jesus was never a thieving genocidal bandit. Jesus never wrote satanic verses and changed his mind about what God told him. Jesus never lied and broke treaties.  He never said his words were dictated from Gabriel when it was actually copied from a Syriac hymn book. Jesus never told his believers to convert Turks or anyone else under the penalty of death.



ali_baba's picture

Jesus certainly did teach all that. But that is not how the Europeans conducted themselves. The very first thing that European "Christians" did was to murder all the pagans. When Constantine adopted Christianity, he ordered the killing and looting of all pagans.

The "Christians" then set about "converting" the Northern Europeans to Christianity under the threat of death. Read up on the conversion of the North Europeans... a LOT of people were beheaded.

And though, Christ never slaughtered the Jews, "Christian" Europeans have a rich, 2000 year history of slaughtering Jews. FFS, it was the Byzantines who expelled them from Palestine in the first place.

Jesus weeps as he sees what the Europeans have done in his name.

jm's picture

The question you need to pose is not about people but about the belief and justification for behavior it offers. muslims, Christians, Jews and verybody else is guilty of acting like jackals.

What Europeans did nearly 1,000 years ago was a perversion of Jesus teaching. What muslims did in Sudan less than a decade ago was sanctioned by islamic command. You know this as well as I do.   

 In the case of islam you can at best say that these abuses are a part and parcel of the belief and commands of Mohammed.  At best, forced conversion and doing "ill to unbelievers no matter what they do to you" is handled in a contradictory way. In fact, muslims exegetes take the worst position, and in fact say there is no contradiction. Rather, Mohammed changed his mind and the conquest stage supercedes the intitial tolerant position on the matter.  Christianity has always had dissenters against cruelty.  Maybe islam does too, but you an dI both knwo they are going against the rule book in dissenting.

There was never any tacit approval of the kind of sexual peversions and savagery that Mohammed indulged and said was God's will.  Not only was he sexually depraved and lecherous, he actually justified his behavior using God's name. And when the going got tough, Mohammed made it a part of the rules to never question the rules he laid down. Even when he admitted he mistakenly believed "satanic verses" he ultimately left no room for critical thought.

While unbelievers and unfaithful like me abound, there are miles of difference between Christianity and the depravity embodied in the koran. Stupidity is fine if it doesn't hurt anyone. islam hurts everyone.




ali_baba's picture

You are of course entitled to believe what you want, but there is no recognized "islamic command", no idea of forced conversions nor did mo sleep with an 8 yr old. Completely up to you and others to believe that. After all, the Quran states that Allah is the greatest deciever.

And if you believe Islam hurts everyone, you need to go out and remove it, with extreme prejudice, from the minds of all people. Presumably you think, like your ancestors, that Jesus wants you to do that.

jm's picture

Sorry, you can't pull such denials in the information age.  Islam justifies sexual peversion for mohammad and by extension his adherents.  Sorry kids, this is adult reading below.  If the koran says that God is the greatest deceiver... then either book is trash or God is playing a cruel joke on mankind. Regardless of what I do, islam will be gone like all failed ideologies and everyone will be better for it. Read the book, be ashamed.

About forced conversion:

Quran (8:38-39) 

Quran (9:56-57) 

Quran (2:193)

And just in case you try to cloud the meaning of the above, if unbelievers didn't convert, mohammed killed the men and raped one of their beautiful wives at Qurayza on the same day. You know this.

As to the pedophile's lusts, take the girl's word for it, embodied in hadith (sorry kids):

Sahih al-Bukhari 5081—Narrated Urwa: The Prophet asked Abu Bakr for Aishah’s hand in marriage. Abu Bakr said, “But I am your brother.” The Prophet said, “You are my brother in Allah’s religion and His Book, but she (Aishah) is lawful for me to marry.”

Sunan Abu Dawud 2116—Aishah said: The Apostle of Allah married me when I was seven years old. (The narrator Sulaiman said: Or six years.) He had intercourse with me when I was nine years old.

Sahih al-Bukhari 3894—Narrated Aishah: My marriage (wedding) contract with the Prophet was written when I was a girl of six (years). We came to Al-Madina and we dismounted at the place of Bani Al-Harith bin Khazraj. Then I got ill and my hair fell down... Unexpectedly Allah’s Messenger came to me in the forenoon and my mother handed me over to him, and at that time I was a girl of nine years of age."

There is even more depraved eyewitness from the "faithful":

Whenever Allah’s Apostle went to answer the call of nature, I along with another boy used to accompany him with a tumbler full of water. (Hisham commented, “So that he might wash his private parts with it.”) (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 4, Number 152; see also Numbers 153-154)

 Hadith Number 16245, Volume Title: “The Sayings of the Syrians,” Chapter Title: “Hadith of Mu’awiya Ibn Abu Sufyan”:

1.  “I saw the prophet – pbuh – sucking on the tongue or the lips of Al-Hassan son of Ali, may the prayers of Allah be upon him. For no tongue or lips that the prophet sucked on will be tormented (by hell fire)He (the Prophet) lift up his (al Hassan’s) shirt and kissed his (little) penis..”

2. He (the prophet) kissed the (little) penis of al Hassan or al Husein

3. He (the prophet) put Husein’s legs apart and kissed his (little) penis

4. Another Hadith. Majma al-Zawa’id, Ali ibn Abu Bakr al-Haythami, 299/9  “I saw the Messenger of Allah putting Husein’s legs apart and kissing his (little) penis.”

Only in an islamic society is such depravity unpunished:




ali_baba's picture

 I'm familiar with a lot of those passages and I don't agree with those interpretations. But I guess, your interpretation depends on your mindset.

You are entitled to believe what you want and based on what you believe it is imperative that yout go forth and eliminate Islam with extreme prejudice, wherever you encounter it. Jesus wants you to.