French President Threatens To "Suspend" Nations That Elect "Far-Right" Polticians

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Last month, we documented the burgeoning spat between Brussels and Poland over the latter’s move to approve new laws that allow the conservative (and eurosceptic) Law and Justice (PiS) government to name the chiefs of public TV and radio, and select judges for Poland's constitutional court.

In response to a bloc-wide backlash, Polish minister Zbigniew Ziobro sent a letter to EU commissioner Gunther Oettinger in which Ziobro dismissed criticism of the new laws as “silly.”

Oettinger earlier suggested that Poland be put under supervision for possible violations of democratic principles and after the Polish Wprost weekly ran a cover depicting Angela Merkel, Jean Claude-Juncker, and other eurocrats as Nazis who “want to supervise Poland again,” Brussels hit back by launching a review of the country’s new media laws. Under the “rule of law” mechanism, the EU Commission can compel member states to change measures that pose “a systematic threat” to democracy.

But that’s not all. According to comments from French President Francois Hollande on Friday, Europe could move to “suspend” countries in which far-right governments rise to power.

French President Francois Hollande warned Friday that an EU member state could be sanctioned if the extreme-right came to power there -- and could even be suspended from the bloc,AFP reports.

"A country can be suspended from the European Union," the President told France Inter radio.

“Human rights watchdog the Council of Europe last week expressed concern at legislative changes proposed by Poland's new right-wing government that have been described both at home and abroad as unconstitutional and undemocratic,” AFP goes on to say, adding that “similar concerns have been expressed about Hungary's right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban.”

"When the freedom of the media is in danger, when constitutions and human rights are under attack, Europe must not just be a safety net. It must put in place procedures to suspend (countries) -- it can go that far," Hollande said.

"Checks," he said, are necessary on Poland. 

There are a couple of things to note here. First, it's not at all clear why it should be up to France how another country's citizens vote. Indeed, there's something terribly ironic about the idea of punishing a country for their voting preferences in the name of democracy. There's certainly nothing democratic about telling entire countries who they're allowed to elect. 

Second, Hollande's comments seem to reflect fears that the worsening refugee crisis has led to a revival of nationalism in Europe. Between the growing support for PEGIDA, which staged bloc-wide rallies earlier this month)...

...and the popularity of groups like the "Soldiers of Odin" in Finland...'s clear that the far-right is indeed staging a comeback. One wonders how many nations Hollande and Brussels are prepared to "suspend."

Or perhaps it's the other way around. Given the shifting sentiment, perhaps the far-right will "suspend" the bloc's Francois Hollandes for failing to keep Western Europe secure in the face of myriad threats to the bloc's territorial inegrity and cultural heritage.

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Pumpkin's picture

Suspend?? Oh noes!!!!!

rbg81's picture

Yeah, sure.  Anything that slows down the replacement of the native European population with millions of Muslims must be nipped in the bud.  Methinks some of these EU politicians need to be suspended---from a lamp post.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Newton's 3rd law of equal and opposite reaction comes to mind.

CounterPartyVice's picture

Plot twist, Le Pen getting elected ...


We are hereby suspending ourselves by decree! sacre bleu!

knukles's picture

Liberal/Progressive progress.  Free speech as long as it's our free speech, etc.

froze25's picture

Leftwing extremist always call anyone that disagrees with their nuttyness are far rightwing extremists. What they really fear is Nationalist being a threat to their treasonous Globalist policies. 

El Oregonian's picture

French President Francois Hollande must be hitting the sauce again. I hope he opens up his residence to accomodate all those poor young middle-eastern men...

Hmmm, I would not be surprised if he has not already made himself accomodating by now.

DeathMerchant's picture

Yes, as if there is no such thing as a far left extremist like Pol Pot, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Lenin, Stalin, Castro etc, etc.

rbg81's picture

Their solution is simple.  After they lose election,instead of turning over the keys to the Kingdom, declare martial law instead.  Their justification will be that the "Extremists" are just too dangerous.  Obama himself hinted at this yesterday when he said that Trump could not be trusted with the nuclear launch codes.

Quick's picture

Yeah.....but Obama is an idiot !!!

lakecity55's picture

Fuck! Who the hell trusts Bath House with the code?

What a maroon!

LibertarianMenace's picture

Where's the illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator when ya need one? That's right, get Marvin to plot a solution on the WH, but only when the real alien is home.

X_Weatherman's picture

The little Napolieon Hollande just ammeded the French constitution to suspend the rights of the French people and he is calling the Polish kettle black.

Escrava Isaura's picture



French President Threatens To "Suspend" Nations That Elect "Far-Right" Polticians

Let me see if I got French President right:

The way the French President intends to enforce it is by being “Far-Right” himself.

What could possible go wrong? I can think of one, at the moment.

xavi1951's picture


Croesus's picture about that freedom? 

"You are free to elect anyone you want, as long as you select from a list of candidates that I choose". 

"If you elect a far-right candidate, we might kick you out of our little party"...

You mean Europeans might have to start living in autonomous countries again, and not have major decisions made for them by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats? 

Oh no...don't threaten us with a good time, Hollande. 

MSimon's picture

"You are free to elect anyone you want, as long as you select from a list of candidates that I choose".


It works for Iran.

FrankieGoesToHollywood's picture

The French prez is taking the piss.  He knows elections don't matter.  He is just rubbing their nose in it and hoping to get some political points.

TeamDepends's picture

We fart in your general direction, frenchie.

doctor10's picture

next will be "double-secret probation" courtesy of Dean Wormer-Hollande!!

g speed's picture

astute --both are cuckolds -----

zorba THE GREEK's picture

I'm out of order!!!??? YOU ARE OUT OF ORDER!!!!!
time for western nations to clean house of their corrupt Governments
And return to a government that represents the will of the people.

DeathMerchant's picture

No jail time, just one sentence for those guilty. ISIS executioners can get temporary reprieves for services rendered.

FIAT CON's picture

All western Gov are owned and given orders.

 It is all explained here (Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? It really gets good at



RagnarRedux's picture

OH OK, hahahahaha!

J S Bach's picture

France will soon have to "suspend" their own politicians... because the pendulum is now swinging from the insane far-left to the left-of-center-right (which is still an extreme to them). Retribution will be a sweet thing to behold.


CheapBastard's picture

I got news for the limp-wristed Frenchman:



Germans Cheer As Refugee Center Burns, Crowds Stop Firefighters From Extinguishing Blaze
froze25's picture

The worm is turning,  the fire is rising, the testicles are turning back on. Thank God. 


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Be sure to "suspend" them upside down, to give them plenty of time to reflect.

Mussolini Pinatas could be all the 'rage'.

opaopaopa's picture

"A country can be suspended from the European Union"

Is that a bad thing?


knukles's picture

Not too long ago the EU was saying that nobody could leave, and now ....

LibertarianMenace's picture

Maybe some states here in the once US get around to having the same argument-again. And who would Sammy impose upon this time to force them back in if they just decided to up and leave? Joe and Jane Six?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Given that the UK may leave, and that France and Germany don't have that Right, his idea may be "crazy like a fox".

A great way to have France and Germany suspend each other.  LOL.

boattrash's picture

The French can't even "suspend" their own limp dick.

xavi1951's picture

You cannot suspend that which is shriveled.

swmnguy's picture

The far right  has a pretty bad track record in Europe.  Just because they also see the absurdity of the E.U. doesn't mean we or anyone with any sense would want those guys to take power in Europe.  In case anyone has a poor memory, they can just look to Ukraine for the benefits of right-wing extremists.  How the Poles can stomach supporting the Banderists is beyond me and speaks to Polish cynicism.

That doesn't make Hollande any less of a douche, of course.

Bazza McKenzie's picture

Exactly what makes them "far right" as opposed to "far left"?

froze25's picture

It's only because this "far right" is Nationalistic . It scares the B-Jesus out of the Leftist.  The left has been unopposed for some time now by using shaming terms such as racist and sexist . Now they just don't give A phuck what they are called and are standing up and making it known.  Their ranks will swell. The people are pissed.

Dutch's picture

The "far right" are totalitarians at the national level ("national socialists"). The "left" are totalitarians at the international level ("socialists"). The international tyrants do not want the tyranny to devolve to the national level, because they lose their opportunity for massive grift if that happens.

Oldwood's picture

The fucking leftists kicked the pendulum and now it is finally starting to swing back on them. As is typical the little tyrants will make sure their opposition is weaponless before retaliating. They will resort to violence as a last alternative, instead preferring their standard methodology of simply slowly starving the miscreants to death, for their own good of course....

lakecity55's picture

Hollande: Hello, monsieur. Are you a Muslim?
Muslim: Yes. What are you doing dropping your pants?
Hollande: I wish to be your goat! Also, I surrender!

Analyse2's picture

Happily for the US the "monkeys" didn’t surrender at Chesapeake and Yorktown ! The USA wouldn’t exist then …

booboo's picture

Stupid actions on the part of the insane EU begets reactions. These things happen when pc fags scrub history books of history.

rejected's picture

Ukraine brought to you by a USSA paid for Coup Ala Vicki Noodlehead. And right now our boys from the military and FBI are training those fascists on how to control their unruly citizens and kill those eastern provinces rebels that would rather not be governed by Nazis.