A Panicked China Orders Media To Stick To "Positive Reporting" Or Risk "The Stability Of The Country"

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If China's recent record surge in loan creation, and its revision of a key PBOC capital outflow "data" wasn't sufficient proof that the world's second largest economy is on the verge of panic, then the explicit propaganda directive issued to the the local press by China's president Xi Jinping late on Friday should certainly seal it.

As SCMP reports, according to a commentary published by a leading mouthpiece online "having public opinions that are different from the official ones will shake the foundation of the rule of the Communist party and the country."

Xiakedao, a social media account operated by the overseas edition of People’s Daily, said in a commentary on Friday’s high-profile tour by President Xi Jinping to the three largest state media outlets – People’s Daily, Xinhua and Central China Television — "that the party was alarmed by how different public opinion is from official media."

Sure enough, it is time to remind "public opinion" influenced largely by the unofficial media who is boss.

There are two spheres for opinions — official and unofficial media. The latter refers to social media or means of communications not controlled by the party.

“Information dissemination is diversified and fragmented. A real army is no rival of the guerilla (opinions spreading on social media). It becomes a crisis of traditional media,” the commentary said. “Official and unofficial opinions are very different … and even contradictory,” it said.

Unofficial opinions are different because what the public experiences is different from what is described by official media.

Perhaps that is because the "unofficial opinions" tend to reflect reality, not the communist party's communist ivory tower which over the past few months have been dangerously shaking.

And in the starkest warning to the uncontrolled media to toe the party lines, the Friday commentary warned that “if the gap lasts, it will erode the legitimacy of the rule, and distabilise the root of the party and the state,” it said.

In other words, China is worried that popular anger and negative sentiment is starting to stir especially after the recent economic troubles, and that those who dare to promote an objective version of reality will likely be promptly quieted.

As SCMP notes, "the commentary said making sure that public and official opinions did not deviate was important, especially when China is facing economic downturn."

“As China’s economy slows, theories about the threat of China, the collapse of China and how China drags down the world’s economy are on the rise. How to prove they are false?”

It did not elaborate how to bridge the gap except to say that state media should be in touch with the public. But in what is seen as a political signal that the party would further tightened its grip on media, Xi said in a speech that all news outlets and “genres” should strictly toe the party line.

And just like Friday's decision to eliminate a key FX outflow tracking data set, China is now openly declaring war on anyone who dares to even suggest that not all may be well in China.  A separate commentary by Xinhua yesterday said that controlling public opinion was essential for a a ruling party: “With one hand we grab the guns; with the other we grab the pens,” it said. “Mobilising public opinion is the great tradition of our party.”

And while such periodic clampdowns on the local media are endemic to the country which reminds everyone now and then that it is a communist bastion where insubordination will not be tolerated, the fact that it comes just days after Japan went "Full Goebbels" with a "Government Crack Down On Media Over Negative Economic Reporting" is sufficient proof that something very bad is afoot if the economic truth is now grounds for imprisonment Asia's two largest economies.

* * *

Below are some excerpts from the Xinhua piece, indicative of what will happen in the US once the First Amendment is eliminated, and fringe websites are quieted. Don't worry about the U.S. mainstream media though: it already reports only what its biggest advertisers and shareholders demand.

BEIJING, Feb. 19 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday ordered news media run by the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese government to strictly follow the Party's leadership and focus on "positive reporting."

Speaking in a symposium Friday afternoon after touring China's three leading news providers, the People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency and China Central Television, Xi, also General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, called Party- and government-run news outlets the "publicity fronts" of the party and the government.

All news media run by the Party must work to speak for the Party's will and its propositions and protect the Party's authority and unity, Xi said.

They should enhance their awareness to align their ideology, political thinking and deeds to those of the CPC Central Committee and help fashion the Party's theories and policies into conscious action by the general public while providing spiritual enrichment to the people, he said.

Marxist journalistic education must be promoted among journalists, Xi added, to make them "disseminators of the Party's policies and propositions, recorders of the time, promoters of social advancement and watchers of equality and justice."

According to Xi, the mission of the Party's media work is to provide guidance for the public, serve the country's overall interests, unite the general public, instill confidence and pool strength, tell right from wrong and connect China to the world.

 To do so, Xi continued, they should also stick to guiding public opinion on the correct path in every aspect and stage of their work.

* * *

And here is where Excel would #Ref! out:

"Truthfulness is the life of journalism, and the facts must be reported based on the truth," Xi said. "While accurately reporting individual facts, journalists must also grasp and reflect the overall situation of an event from a broad view."

Yes, this is from the same commentary in which the CPC demands the media only engage in "positive reporting."

Finally, the piece de resistance:

According to Xi, the journalism industry should accelerate its progress in fostering workers with firm political beliefs, outstanding professional skills, moral excellence and whom the Party and people can trust.


"Officials should improve their ability to interact with the media and make good use of it to publicize their policies and ideas, understand grassroots opinions, uncover conflicts and problems, guide public feelings, mobilize the people and push forward work in real life," Xi said.

Or, as Xinhua said just sentences prior, "report facts based on truth"... with a few exceptions.

And yes, everyone got the warning: Friday's symposium was attended by about 180 central media officials, Beijing municipal officials and representatives of central media groups.

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Water torture really helps people to see what the "truth" is.

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i'm long internal organs

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Dammit, why isn't this communism stuff working?!

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The government needs to lighten up, time to import Bernie.

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While I was over in Beijing a couple of weeks ago, some locals commented to me that "patriotic" messages were way up, even by Chinese standards.

Behind closed doors, people are pissed, and those who have any money are trying to get it out. And they're being met with passport seizures and capital controls; this is what the trap looks like once it's sprung.

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Wow, I am beginning to feel like China is trying to manipulate things.

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The Saint (not verified) pods Feb 22, 2016 2:18 PM

If we are all going down, let China go first.

techpriest's picture

Canary in the coal mine; like I said, they aren't a wild exception so much as a case of the trap being sprung. But 'the trap' is set most everywhere, so at least we get a preview.

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it's not really that general

most of it is focused on the opposing party


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The beatings will continue until morale improves. 

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Going full Charlie Sheen, and "winning" while circling the toilet.......

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At least I was pulling for Charlie.  Tiger Blood and 7 gram rocks. :)


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It's time China learned something from the land of the free:

“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”


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It makes one question where, exactly the power of the CIA comes from.

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Well, if you sorta gotta have $$$funding before you can have power, then the answer is in your back pocket - literally...

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As you may know,

Grandad Grumps:

The CIA was originally created by Wall Street lawyers, whose skills had been honed by their work during World War II.

Civilization was ALWAYS based upon being able to back up lies with violence. China had that very well-developed thousands of years ago. However, their civilization suffered through it own series of PARADOXES OF FAILURE FROM TOO MUCH SUCCESS, which are built into the foundation of social systems based upon being able to back up lies with violence. Chinese civilization was stultified by their bureaucracy, which caused their civilization to stagnate, until the European Invasions forced them to adopt and assimilate into the globalized systems that the temporary European advantages in social organized and technology provided through making the Chinese, and most of the rest of world, "deals that they could not refuse."

The recent "modernization" of China has resulted in China making more of its public "money" supply out of nothing as debts than the USA and Japan combined, developing such an astonishing amount of MAD Money As Debt that it boggles the mind! Therefore, China is once again headed towards astronomically amplified PARADOXES OF FAILURE FROM TOO MUCH SUCCESS. Of course, China is fundamentally a manifestation of social pyramid systems, which may be labeled Neolithic Civilizations. It has gone through many historical spirals of the development of various Chinese Empires, that collapsed in chaos, out of which conditions eventually arose some new Empire. However, the globalization of those events has changed the ways in which that happened in the past! 

It is arguable that both the Russian and Chinese Revolutions during the 20th Century were covertly directed by the international bankers:


China and the New World Order

As the supreme, globalized gang of criminals, the international bankers, as the best organized gangsters, the banksters, developed, as one of their main instruments of covert control, the CIA, both inside the USA, as well as all around the world. However, nobody has a monopoly on the application of the principles and methods of organized crime. Rather, other countries that had the shit kicked out of them by the European Invasions were forced to adopt and assimilate the same basic social organization and physical technologies that were originally developed in Europe, whose roots go back thousands of years to the Middle Eastern beginnings of the forms of Neolithic Civilizations, which are still most globally dominate at the present time.

The article above, regarding the Chinese government overtly ordering their media to promote state propaganda is relatively different than the ways that the mass media in the Western World have already been well-developed to promote state propaganda, without having to be overtly ordered to do so, largely due to the accumulating successfulness of the CIA, and similar organizations, covertly controlling the Western World. However, those relative differences are merely cosmetic changes to the underlying structure of social systems based upon backing up lies with violence. The article above was somewhat surprising in the degree to which the government of China overtly issued orders, while the same goals are more covertly achieved in the Western World. But nevertheless, the deeper issues are the same everywhere throughout the globalized systems based upon being able to back up lies with violence.

In general, thousands of years of civilization was built on the basis that the only connection between human laws and natural laws are the capacities to back up lies with violence. Those systems became more and more sophisticated systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, which inherently drive their PARADOXES OF FINAL FAILURE FROM TOO MUCH SUCCESS. The oldest book on the Art of War is Chinese, and it starts by saying that "success in war is based on deceits" and ends by saying "spies are the most important soldiers." Indeed, the whole of civilization has been based on manifestation of the principles and methods of organized crime, on larger and larger scales. Hence the history of successful warfare based upon backing up deceits with destruction morphed to become the history successful finance based upon enforcing frauds.

I REPEAT that China has copied the Western systems to the degree to which China has relatively recently created more MAD Money As Debt than the Western World was doing. That such magnitudes of governments enforcing frauds drive through PARADOXES OF FAILURE FROM TOO MUCH SUCCESS have become the basis for many famous Western hedge funds now betting billions and billions of dollars upon the consequences of some future "corrections" to the degree to which those manifestations of the enforcement of frauds have become extremely unbalanced.

MEANWHILE, the bigger picture has become the globalized systems of electronic monkey money frauds, backed by the threat of force from apes with atomic bombs. At the present time, the human species appears to be collectively preparing to commit suicide, due to the ways that its combined money/murder systems have become such EXTREME PARADOXES OF FINAL FAILURE FROM TOO MUCH SUCCESS. All around the world, there are various sociopolitical systems based upon cores of organized crime, surrounded by layers of controlled opposition groups. The only relative differences presented in the article above are due to the surprising degrees to which the government of China has resorted to issuing more overt orders, while the same things are most covertly accomplished in the Western World. But nevertheless, the same basic problem is common to all Neolithic Civilizations' social pyramid systems, based upon being able to control civilization through applications of the principles and methods of organized crime, which sociopolitical systems are dominated by their own local, best available professional hypocrites: PARADOXES OF FINAL FAILURE FROM TOO MUCH SUCCESS are basically due to the ways that being able to enforce frauds never stops those from still being fundamentally fraudulent!

The article above provided some insight into those kinds of political processes, due to the government of China resorting to issuing overt orders to lie, while making threats against those who might present more realistic views of the real facts. Of course, the same problems repeat themselves everywhere else! As a whole, civilization based upon being able to back up lies with violence suffers from PARADOXES OF FINAL FAILURE FROM TOO MUCH SUCCESS, due to the ways that being able to back up lies with violence drives society as a whole to become more psychotically detached from relatively objective realities, since the sequence of short-term social successes achieved by the best available professional hypocrites promoting the established systems based upon enforcing frauds never stop those from still being fraudulent, and yet, those groups who are the best available professional hypocrites continue to enjoy the most personal social successes.

Almost nothing exists but a core of organized crime, surrounded by layers of controlled opposition groups, whereby governments are the biggest forms of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals, everywhere in the world. Those have more and more become integrated into globalized crime gangs, surrounded by globalized controlled opposition groups. What makes those problems so serious is the degree to which there is no publicly significant opposition that is not controlled. What makes the article above somewhat surprising is that the government of China has to overtly remind people about that! In the Western World, the various controlled opposition groups are much better and more deeply controlled, because they have been more covertly controlled, for much longer.

As expressed on Zero Hedge by Cognitive Dissonance:

"The absolute best controlled opposition is one that doesn't know they are controlled."

The deeper aspects of the PARADOXES OF FAILURE FROM TOO MUCH SUCCESS are that it is politically impossible to face the relatively objective realities of how natural selection pressures have been internalized as artificial selection systems, due to the degree to which how that happened has resulted in sociopolitical systems based upon the maximum possible deceits and frauds, which do NOT endeavour to become more honest and forthright about themselves, but rather, endeavour to get better at backing up their lies with violence.

Since there is almost nothing which is publicly significant than various controlled opposition groups, there is almost no deeper analyses of the chronic political problems presented in the public spaces. The long history of social pyramid systems based upon ENFORCING FRAUDS DRIVES PARADOXES OF FINAL FAILURE FROM TOO MUCH SUCCESS. The deeper reasons for that are due to the history of successful warfare based upon backing deceits with destruction, morphing to become successful finance based upon enforcing frauds, whose overall fraudulence ends up becoming more and more totally destructive!

Another way of expressing those intense PARADOXES is that human intelligence has ended up being primarily applied to try to keep other people stupid. Basically, that is what the article above boils down to, that the government of China is overtly ordering people to become more psychotically insane, by being more deliberately stupid, in the sense of even more deliberately ignoring relative objective realities, in order to support the dominate social stories based upon continuing to enforce frauds, despite that fraudulence thereby automatically getting worse, faster, at an exponential rate. Of course, the same things are happening throughout the Western World, but in ways which are more covertly accomplished by organizations like the CIA.

My answers to the question:

"It makes one question where, exactly, the power of the CIA comes from."

develop out of the overview I have presented above, that there were always death control systems operating through natural selection pressures, which drove the development of artificial selection systems to become based upon the maximum possible deceits and frauds, which systems, at the present time, continue to develop at an exponential rate, through globalized electronic frauds, backed by the threat of atomic bombs. Within that context, the vast majority of controlled opposition groups, and for sure all publicly significant opposition, are the "best controlled opposition" BECAUSE "that doesn't know they are controlled."

The seriousness of the Chinese situation is manifested in the degree to which the opposition to their government is made more aware that they are overtly being ordered to promote the state propaganda. (While, in the Western World, most of the so-called opposition is more deeply and covertly controlled, by them taking so much more for granted the ways that they think.) However, those have become globalized problems, which are facing GLOBALIZED PARADOXES OF FINAL FAILURE FROM TOO MUCH SUCCESS. The whole world how operates through combined money/murder systems, whereby the debt controls are based upon the maximum possible frauds, while those are backed up by death controls based upon the maximum possible deceits, and moreover, the structure of those social pyramid systems demands that those continue to get exponentially worse, faster!

It is politically impossible to have any more relatively rational public debates about those chronic political problems becoming more acute, due to the degree to which the core of organized crime is surrounded by controlled opposition groups. PARADOXES OF FAILURE FROM TOO MUCH SUCCESS flow from how natural selection pressures drove the development of artificial selections systems to become based upon the maximum possible deceits and frauds. Throughout human history, those artificial selection systems have been developing at roughly an exponential rate. Therefore, throughout history those systems based upon ENFORCING FRAUDS have become more and more insanely FRAUDULENT, which has been matched by those systems being dominated by better professional hypocrites, both inside the more core groups of triumphant organized crime, as well as throughout all the surrounding layers of controlled opposition groups.

It was ALWAYS the case that the debt controls were backed by the death controls. Therefore, the ways that those debt slavery systems drive debt insanities then provoke death insanities. In the case of the article above, one presumes that there will eventually be death insanities in the form of the Chinese government murdering people who do not follow their orders to promote the state propaganda, which will result in driving WORSE PARADOXES OF FINAL FAILURE FROM TOO MUCH SUCCESS.

Generally speaking, it is politically impossible for human beings and civilization to face the relatively objective realities of natural selection pressures, due to the ways that those have become both internalized as well as internationalized as social successfulness based upon being as deceitful and fraudulent as possible. As far as I know, there is no publicly significant opposition that goes through enough profound paradigm shifts in their perception of political science in order to be able to engage in deeper analyses of the combined money/murder systems, which then remains consistent when those change gears toward promoting realistic resolutions of those real problems, since those must necessarily be better debt controls, backed by better death controls.

Rather, all the entrenched sociopolitical systems are dominated by the best available professional hypocrites. The article above is about the government of China overtly ordering its people to become better professional hypocrites, and threatening them with punishment if they do not. In the Western World, that has been more covertly achieved by organizations like the CIA, so much, for so long, that there are no publicly significant opposition groups that are not already dominated by professional hypocrites.

Civilization is controlled by the principles and methods of organized crime, because the murder systems are necessarily the central core to all other controls. That is how and why there has developed globalized systems of deceits and destruction, enforcing frauds, which China has only relatively recently, in historical terms, been more fully integrated into. The longer term problems of sociopolitical control based on backing up lies with violence is that their excessive successes become too psychotic. The ruling classes become increasingly psychotic psychopaths, while those ruled over become more impotent, incompetent political idiots within that context. Hence, that kind of control is innately insane, and so, necessarily spins out-of-control.

In order to have more rational public debates about political problems, there would have to be more rational public debates about the death control systems in general, and the murder systems in particular. However, thousands of years of the most socially successful murder systems being based up deceit and treacheries, morphing to become a political economy within that kind of human ecology, which is based upon enforcing frauds, all of which are operated by the best available professional hypocrites, makes any such relatively rational debates about those issues politically impossible.

The established social pyramid systems can do nothing else that continue to magnify their being able to back up lies with violence, despite that driving them to become more psychotically detached from relatively objective realities, since everyone continues to be socially successful by living INSIDE ENFORCED FRAUDS. Indeed, even those Western hedge funds that are betting billions and billions of dollars upon the coming "corrections" to the Chinese systems, that have made such prodigious amounts of MAD Money As Debts, are also only able to do so from INSIDE ENFORCED FRAUDS.

I REPEAT my answers to the question:

"It makes one question where, exactly, the power of the CIA comes from."


There are, and must necessarily be, human murder systems, and those developed to become most successful by being most deceitful. Upon that basis was built a globalized political economy able to enforce frauds, which automatically become more and more fraudulent, and therefore, more psychotic. Along the way, groups like the CIA emerged out of the history of warfare, which was the history of organized crime applied on larger and larger scales. Those well-developed forms of Western organized crime were able to conquer the previous Chinese kinds of organized crime, which had stagnated for a while during their history, making them become vulnerable to the European Invasions.

China has since then become, relatively recently, more "modernized," which took the form of them becoming integrated into the globalized political economy, based upon enforcing frauds, so that the Chinese relatively recently created more MAD Money As Debt than the Western World was doing at the same time. Therefore, the Chinese political economy has become extremely unbalanced, to the degree that some significant Western hedge funds have recognized that by those hedge funds positioning billions and billions of dollars to bet upon some severe Chinese "corrections."

However, all of that is taking place within the GLOBALIZED PARADOXES OF FINAL FAILURE FROM TOO MUCH SUCCESS. Civilization as a whole has become criminally insane, due to the excessive successfulness of the methods of organized crime, to the degree that globalized civilization appears to be too terminally sick and insane to recover. Rather, as the article above shows, as things get worse, those whose social successfulness is based upon being able to enforce frauds tend to double down on the enforcement of those frauds, and to threaten more severe punishments against anyone who points out the longer term consequences of all that accumulating fraudulence.

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"It's time China learned something from the land of the free:"


If they owned the media everything would be fine. Lets send Kadashits and sports over there to distract them.

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The government already owns the media: CCTV and the major outlets are state-owned i.e. the board may only have CPC members. Instead of Kim Kardashian it's Angelababy.


At least the Chinese actresses have some class on stage.

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they should try to invest in the US MSM Playbook

it works so well for us....really,no sarc

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Here if you deviate from the Party in Power, you are labeled a degree of terrorist.

Pfffft. ....it's a big club, getting bigger every day.

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sounds like what we told our media in 2009..........and they did

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Not only the Media but the BLS...

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Orders?  Hell, our sycophantic media sticks to the script for nothing.

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Truth is the first casualty of war. 

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I do believe CNBC executives issue this same order every morning at 5:00am. Big smiles, big smiles!

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When it gets serious, you have to lie.
All politicians are sworn in like this.

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What the fuck today? Did the market close at 10 and someone forgot to tell me?

Is the entire market now 2 algos trading back and forth to each other?

Seriously I was expecting some action today after last week. 

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Looks like just the 2 algos.

I'm unsurprised no humans want to buy at this level.  I'm surprised no humans want to sell.  After last night's ridiculous run up, this seems like a golden selling opportunity.

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How would we know if not for ZH? Not in a timely fashion, anyway...

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For over a year now. Daily dislocate. Gold down. BitCoin up. Are they now using BitCoin to suppress Gold prices ???

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Fuck off China. Have a look at IMF March 11th circus carnival. Each day the US media stories get more desperate.

Your marketing asshole should be fired. The embellished red circle resembles a tsunami. He laugh at Ted Cruz PR marketing mistake, it's called a progressive fire going up in smoke.  


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And from now on, Chinese weathermen are only allowed to forecast sunny skies. When it rains, anyone seen outside with an umbrella will be shot.

DrData02's picture

Man.  Don't dare have opinions different from the government.  Just like the USA. 

techpriest's picture

You embarrass the government, it's over for you. Just recently I saw that a mine collapse happened there, and China Daily noted that the mine CEO committed suicide two days after. I imagine it was this kind of "suicide:"


roisaber's picture

At least in China, extraordinary negligance is punished instead of rewarded.

techpriest's picture

It's more like "we pretend nothing is wrong and party with tax money until we can't hide it any more, then we sacrifice a couple people and then go back to partying with tax money."

But at least they do actually punish a few people responsible.

mademesmile's picture

Didn't our "dear leader" say something similar about "peddling falsehoods" regarding the economy. (I forgot the exact quote. )

brown.indian.dan's picture

Didn't Japan do something similar - Toe the official line or lose your job

Budnacho's picture

Wow, loss of faith in "the Media" seems to be worldwide....wonder if them being compulsively full of shit has anything to do with it?

AbbeBrel's picture

If Cyprus was the template for Bank bail-ins, then perhaps Venezuela is the template for heavy-handed central planning. Anybody for price controls, opaque exchange rates, business failures, empty stores, and inflation?

Dragon HAwk's picture

Confucius says... You can not order Someone to tell a Lie, Without Someone knowing the Truth.


83_vf_1100_c's picture

  My parents taught me that lying/cheating/stealing were bad. Maybe the problem is my parents were both my biological parents, stayed together til death claimed them, neither was gay or diverse and voted Republican as far as I know, working class Dad and housewife Mom, what a couple of schlubs. Reporting a slowing economy as all Green Shoots is good for the economy. It's not lying if your intentions are good, right? heavy on the /s

  Too bad Congress wasn't raised by parents like mine. Thanks Mom n Dad!

Consuelo's picture



Communism is an interesting phenomenon.  When (forced) into your blood at a young age, it is all you come to know.  People (like Xi himself) grow up, have girlfriend, get married, have kids - all 'normal', except that their 'God' as it were, is every bit as much a God as the ethereal one.   Even more so, because Communism's God can enforce doctrine at will - no 'faith' needed...

techpriest's picture

In China's 5,000 year history they've had a number of times when the ruling party tried to control all speech and thought just before losing their grip on power. They even try to distribute edited books of Confucius (among other religious books) over there; the end will be the same as it always has. You cannot go to an ocean and dictate fish walk on land without consequence, and you cannot do the same to an economy.

For Xi, he lived in Muscatine, Iowa for a time. I was at Iowa State when he came to power and I remember the big news when he dropped $2 billion on a research facility there. There were some really great salt-of-the-earth Chinese I met, and some that were so corrupt you couldn't even imagine. As in guys who were saying "I can't wait to get back, get my professorship, underpay my grad students (save for the pretty female students) and buy myself a BMW with the difference!" with a straight face. I wonder where our dear leader in question falls on this spectrum.

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hoyeru (not verified) Feb 22, 2016 1:54 PM

And where are the reports on how the Japanese government has ordered the Japanese media to comply with what the government says or face shut down?

But a negative China article gets published immediatly. Yet another case proving the anti-China propaganda by USA.

Stormtrooper's picture

The Jap story is months old. Ya gotta keep up!

MSimon's picture

The Stairway to the Mandate of Heaven.


There is still time to change the road you are on.