Wikileaks Releases Proof Of NSA Spying On Merkel, Netanyahu, Berlusconi And Others

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In a shocking new set of cables released by Julian Assange's Wikileaks organization, highly classified documents show that the NSA bugged meetings between UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (over climate change); between Israel prime minister Netanyahu and Italian prime minister Berlusconi (begging for help to deal with Obama); between key EU and Japanese trade ministers discussing their secret trade red-lines at WTO negotiations; as well as details of a private meeting between then French president Nicolas Sarkozy, Merkel and Berlusconi, exclaiming that the Italian banking system would soon "pop like a cork." Time for some more explaining Mr.President.

As Wikileaks details:

Some documents are classified TOP-SECRET / COMINT-GAMMA and are the most highly classified documents ever published by a media organization.

WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange said:

"Today we showed that UN Secretary General Ban KiMoon's private meetings over how to save the planet from climate change were bugged by a country intent on protecting its largest oil companies.


We previously published Hillary Clinton orders that US diplomats were to steal the Secretary General's DNA.


The US government has signed agreements with the UN that it will not engage in such conduct against the UN--let alone its Secretary General. It will be interesting to see the UN's reaction, because if the Secretary General can be targetted without consequence then everyone from world leader to street sweeper is at risk."

Some examples are as follows:

European NSA Intercepts

EU, Japan Study Ways to Respond to U.S. Tactics in Doha Round Talks


Date    2006

Classification    TOP SECRET//COMINT//NOFORN


WikiLeaks Synopsis

NSA report on intercepted Japanese diplomatic talks reveals details on U.S. and EU participation in Japanese economy, and commitment of EU to avoid "under-the-table" deals with the U.S.


(TS//SI//NF) EU, Japan Study Ways to Respond to U.S. Tactics in Doha Round Talks


(TS//SI//NF) The EU and Japan were engaged as of early December in strategy sessions aimed at a common handling policy to deal with potential U.S. moves in the Doha Round negotiations. There was a conviction in both Brussels and Tokyo, according to Japanese reporting, that great care must be taken to avoid falling prey to U.S. moves designed to extort concessions through exaggerated initial demands. Regarding U.S. domestic supports for agriculture, for example, Japanese Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Toshikatsu Matsuoka and EU Agriculture Commissioner Marianne Fischer-Boel recently pondered whether to jump-start the negotiations by asking the U.S. for a specific dollar figure in reduced supports. The problem for the EU, it was noted, is whether or not the proposed $17 billion mark is an acceptable point of departure, since U.S. supports at that level are judged to be in no way comparable to the breadth of market access that Brussels put on the table last July. A figure of $14 to $15 billion would be more in line with the EU's thinking, Fischer-Boel indicated. The EU also had concerns that Washington may be headed for a showdown with developing countries over special products. As for sensitive products, Fischer-Boel's deputy chef de cabinet, Klaus-Dieter Borchardt, hinted to the Japanese that the EU may be willing to go lower than its current official limit of 8 percent, possibly as low as 4 to 5 percent; however, that would be hard for Japan to accept. Borchardt also tried to allay Japanese fears that the EU might try again to enter into a bilateral, under-the-table deal with the U.S. (as had happened in Cancun in 2003), saying that Brussels had learned its lesson with respect to such back-door actions.



Japanese leadership

Z-3/OO/33343-06, 291712Z

United Nations Intercepts

Japan Seeks Long-Term Pact With Specific Figures on Climate Change at G-8


Date    2008
Classification    TOP SECRET//COMINT//NOFORN


WikiLeaks Synopsis
Intercepted communication between Japanese and German diplomats reveal plans and concerns regarding the negotiations on climate change to be had at the G-8 summit in Copenhagen in 2009.


Japan Seeks Long-Term Pact With Specific Figures on Climate Change at G-8 (TS//SI//NF)

(TS//SI//NF) Japan, preparing for its role as chairman of the Group-of-8 (G-8) summit at Lake Toya early in July, has given notice that it intends to strive for a long-term commitment on climate change with specific figures, while Germany believes that the crucial issue at the summit is whether the U.S. will accept going beyond Heiligendamm (the site of last year's G-8 summit) language in the framework of the G-8 if the emerging countries do not accept numerical targets at the Major Economies Meeting (MEM). (According to press reports, leaders from 16 countries, including the members of the G-8 plus China, India, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, South Korea, South Africa, and Mexico, plan to discuss climate change on the margins of the G-8 summit in Japan.) Masaharu Kono, Japan's G-8 sherpa, emphasized Tokyo's position in an exchange with his German counterpart, Bernd Pfaffenback, on 17 June, while Pfaffenback provided his country's take on the issues to be addressed at Lake Toya. The German also noted that, in response to a U.S. request, his country would likely give up its demand for a 25- to 45-percent mid-term carbon dioxide reduction at the MEM. In addition, he does not believe that the emerging economies are willing to go beyond the Bali language at present, his feeling being that they prefer instead to wait until next year's G-8 summit in Copenhagen, because they do not wish to give up things now that they might be prepared to give up later. It is also Pfaffenback's position that a failure of the emerging economies to accept a long-term goal with numbers, even in brackets, would pose difficulties for the G-8 and possibly lead to a clash at the summit itself if there is no fallback position.


German leadership, Japanese diplomatic
Z-3/OO/4860-08, 191611Z

Italy Intercepts:

Italy Would Help Israel Mend Relations With U.S.


Date    2010


WikiLeaks Synopsis
Intercepted communication between Italian PM Berlusconi and Israeli PM Netanyahu show that Berlusconi promised to assist helping Israel in mending damaged relationship with the U.S.


Italy Would Help Israel Mend Relations With U.S. (TS//SI//OC/REL TO USA, FVEY)

(TS//SI//OC/REL TO USA, FVEY) Israel has reached out to Europe, including Italy, for help in smoothing out the current rift in its relations with the United States, according to Italian diplomatic reporting of 13 March. Speaking with Italian Prime Minister (PM) Silvio Berlusconi, Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu insisted that the trigger for the dispute--Israel's decision to build 1,600 homes in contested East Jerusalem--was totally in keeping with national policy dating back to the administration of Golda Meir, and blamed this mishandling on a government official with poor political sensitivity. The objective now, Netanyahu said, is to keep the Palestinians from using this issue as a pretext to block a resumption of talks or to advance unrealistic claims that could risk sinking the peace negotiations altogether. Continuing, he asserted that the tension has only been heightened by the absence of direct contact between himself and the U.S. President. In response, Berlusconi promised to put Italy at Israel's disposal in helping mend the latter's ties with Washington. Other Israeli officials, meanwhile, believed that this tiff goes far beyond merely the question of the construction plans, marking instead the lowest point in U.S.-Israeli relations in memory.


SCS, Unconventional

Italian leadership

3/79/37-10, 161635Z; 3/OO/506688-10, 171833Z

*  *  *

European Leaders Hold Berlusconi Accountable on Italian Financial Situation

Date    2011
Classification    TOP SECRET//COMINT//NOFORN


WikiLeaks Synopsis
Intercepted communication of Berlusconi's personal advisor on international relations, Valentino Valentini, describes concerns on the Italian financial crisis expressed by French President Sarkozy and German Chancellor Merkel to the Italian Prime Minister, and show that they pressured Berlusconi to take action.


European Leaders Hold Berlusconi Accountable on Italian Financial Situation (TS//SI//NF)

(TS//SI//NF) A 22 October meeting attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and Italian Prime Minister (PM) Silvio Berlusconi was later described by the Italian's personal adviser on international relations, Valentino Valentini, as tense and very harsh toward the Rome government. Merkel and Sarkozy, evidently brooking no excuses with respect to Italy's current predicament, pressured the PM to announce strong, concrete palliatives and then to implement them in order to show that his government is serious about its debt problem. Sarkozy was said to have told Berlusconi that while the latter's claims about the solidity of the Italian banking system may be true in theory, financial institutions there could soon "pop" like the cork in a champagne bottle, that "words are no longer enough," and that Berlusconi must now "make decisions." Also on the 24th, Valentini indicated that EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy had urged Italy to undertake policies aimed at reducing the impression within the EU that the country is weighed down with an enormous debt at a moment in time when it also is struggling with low productivity and showing little dynamism. In Van Rompuy's opinion, Spain is the model that Italy should now be seeking to emulate.


Italian leadership
Z-3/OO/550156-11, 251344Z

Read more details here.


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stant's picture

Where the shit they have on hitlery?

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This kind of stuff ticks me off! never tell the brutha' anything!

It's like he can't keep a secret or something.

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Yawn ... I would be disappointed if they weren't doing this.

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BTW, given that a number of inter-cultural sex attacks have taken place in Sweden with impunity for the attackers, is anyone going to  point out the absurdity of demanding that Assange be returned for a crime that seemed to involve less odious circumstances?

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On the subject of irony, I think maybe it's time for the NSA to hire wikileaks, assuming that they haven't already done so.

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He should come out and have a publicly humiliating trial for Assange, his lovers and the state(s).

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How ironic...Satanyahoo spying on Satanyahoo

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It's like the picture of the snake eating its own tail.

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more like a chick squatting over a mirror

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Where are the tape EU has of  Obama  slapping and slurping. come on man we know somebody has em.

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"I was made aware of it at the same time you were. Reading the newspaper!" - Obama

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Jeesh! At least quote him right, "at the same time you folks were"

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Sorry Fred, sometimes I give myself a headache trying to keep up with the outright lies, the pandering, strawmen and fear mongering.

And I feel a big one coming on ;-)

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No lies. He really did not know. It's difficult to know these things when you are getting shlonged by Reggie instead of going to the daily security briefings.

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What ever happened to all those Ashley Madison files/profiles dumped online?


That was squashed pretty quick. Some hacker's life was too short I suspect.

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Why is anyone surprised? This is what they ALL do. This is why each major country has an intelligence apparatus. I'm not saying it's right or wrong. It's called leverage when spying leads to compromising information that could help "persuade" a particular person to come around to your point of view.

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"Where was Obama!!!???"


/ Ted Kennedy, from the grave

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If ZH is publishing this, don't be surprised if ZH goes off line permanently

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Happens often enough as it is

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that's only when markets move toward reality

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Sadly, it's just not going to be reported in any manner which could fuel any sort of immediate reaction. Most sheeple don't pay attention to reality.

They just watch the 'news' instead.

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"Hillary Clinton orders that US diplomats were to steal the Secretary General's DNA."

Targeted genetic weapons.

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I really don't like seeing the opponents laughing together like this. It makes me feel that they are one and the same and we are the goyim. 

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I think he was pointing out how Hillary could have stolen genetic material from Lavrov by having him touch the "Reset" button.

As far as your contention though, Russia and the US are NOT part of the NWO. The NWO might span the breadth of "The West" or NATO, but it is NOT a global conspiracy. They would definitely prefer that you think so though- makes you a lot less likely to be a threat.

ISEEIT's picture


Until you mentioned it, that hasn't occurred to me.

Actually a high probability that she was making the request literally.

For an assassination targeting op.

You can't be president unless you be willing to "kill some folk's".

Lot's of "folk's".

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Infinite Spying and Blackmail by the Evil Empire.  Years ago, the NSA was collecting 97 billion pieces of intelligence a month by spying.  PCR explains how America controls the world's economy:

The Evil Empire Has The World In A Death Grip

Paul Craig Roberts

Feb 22, 2016

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Why is this a problem? It's THEIR FUCKING JOB to spy on foreigners. Foreigners who are members of foreign governments, in particular.

IT'S NOT THEIR FUCKING JOB to spy on Americans.

But that's how life is when the satanistas are in charge of all governments everywhere. Up is down. Wrong is right. Good is bad.

Enjoy it while it lasts, you minions, because the meter is running.

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And yet all spyin gby the 5 eye's supposedly goes to Israhell...

 All I know is I do not trust anyone!


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They were actually doing something?

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"Sir, Secretary Clinton requested that we collect Sec General Bangin Moon Pie's DNA"

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Artemis Rand (not verified) Feb 22, 2016 8:56 PM

When is Wikileaks going to leak all of the UFO stuff (Greada Treaty, Dulce Base, Nightmare Hall) ?

I heard that Assange had some juicy stuff that he was holding back as a trump card.....

THE SOLUTION IS DEBT FREE MONEY CREATION (not verified) Artemis Rand Feb 22, 2016 9:17 PM

In my opinion the proof that we have never encountered any intelligent alien life forms is simply the fact that we are still alive. I can think of no scenario in which humans have encountered another species, let alone an alien! without immediately trying to kill it first...and if we have barely been able to get off this rock, by definition any aliens from space would have a technology or inherent nature so in advance of our own that we would be ants to them and they would be as likely to kill us merely by mistake as to actively try...either way our days would be done. All this modern space alien mythology is likely government psyops to control the populace during military tests etc. It would exploit the religious, mentally ill, hoaxers, profiteers, liars, psychopaths and genuine believers alike to provide political cover for otherwise horrendous acts. If they can publicly demolish two buildings live on TV and largely get away with it...eventually I am expecting the ultimate psyop of alien life to be used in order for the final centralisation of power on earth...Perhaps they will announce a weird bacteria on Mars deep underground and it will frighten humanity enough to come together in a nightmare imperium for "survival"...but all previous attempts at that have failed so I have hopes that that will too :)

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What, they weren't invited to Davos?

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"Time for some more explaining Mr. President"

Stop with the offering of so much power to the position,
even knowing full well this man is a puppet,

and the neglect of a corrupt congress,

feeding the trajectory,
and so...

there is not a squeaky-clean feeling here.

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What's not mentioned, keeping the sand niggers destabilizing United States of America. 

Fixed it for you.  

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And guess what? Ultimately this doesn't even matter.

Most people living in america don't even give a fuck anymore.

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Assange is such a douch, they only leak stuff beneficial to the socialist cause in this case Global warming.

Hey Julian why not reveal some Abengoa bribes?

BTW is he still ducking the rape charge? Or was it an unpaid service tab?

Ms No's picture

"..that this tiff goes far beyond merely the question of the construction plans, marking instead the lowest point in U.S.-Israeli relations in memory."

Sounds like complete BS to me.  What do they have to be mad about? 

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They had big plans for the Golan heights.

Those ME maps are out dated and Syria's neighbors want a redo.

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Spin, spin, spin.

Twirling for Freedom (0:21)

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That may be the most pathetic nothing set of cable intercepts I have ever seen.

~ DC

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Is it the weekend already?

~ DC

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BRAVO Assange!

Following the remarkable UN verdict declaring his detention arbitrary, the UK, US and Sweden are standing pat and completely ignoring the verdict. As unsurprising their response has been, it is also a CLEAR SIGN that THEY ARE THE OPPRESSORS and THEY are DESTROYING FREE SPEECH here in the West.

It is one thing to think of the economic and military oppression of our times, but what of the intellectual oppression?! Of course, there is almost no possible way he can leave the Embassy without eventually facing military trial here in the USA, but you have got to appreciate his willingness to fight the good fight! His courage to fight harder instead of cave to some awful plea deal!

I hope he stays strong and resolute UNTIL THE END.
The liars in charge of the THE WEST will be found out eventually, soon enough, and their regime must one day come to an end- it's inefficiencies have clearly outlived their usefulness.

A GREAT MAN known to future Historians as JULIAN ASSANGE will have helped further that.