NYTimes Editorial Board Endorses Monetary Fascism - Backs War On Cash

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Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

I cannot overstate the significance of today’s New York Times editorial board endorsement of the elitist scheme to ban large denomination cash from public circulation. This is the latest example of the editorial board putting the interests of the establishment ahead of the citizenry, while at the same time employing a nonsensical argument to support its position which channels emotion rather than logic.

This public support for a de facto cash ban by the New York Times must not be viewed in a vacuum. It should be read in conjunction with its recent absurd endorsement of Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary. I highlighted that previously published piece of fiction in the post, A Detailed Look at The New York Times’ Embarrassing, Deceitful and Illogical Endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Here are a few excerpts:

The New York Times’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary consists of an unreadable, illogical piece of fiction. In this post, I will critique the paper’s position in detail, but first I want to take a step back and explain to people what I think is going on in the bigger picture.


In its endorsement of Hillary, the New York Times editorial board did such a sloppy job I can’t help but think it may have done permanent damage to its brand. Upon reading it, my initial conclusion was that the editorial board was either suffering from Stockholm syndrome or merely concerned about losing advertising revenues should they endorse Sanders. Then I thought some more and I realized my initial conclusions were wrong. Something else is going on here, something far more subtle, subconscious and illuminating. The New York Times is defending the establishment candidate simply because the New York Times is the establishment.


One of the biggest trends of the post financial crisis period has been a plunge in the American public’s perception of the country’s powerful institutions. The establishment often admits this reality with a mixture of bewilderment and erroneous conclusions, ultimately settling on the idea people are upset because “Washington can’t get anything done.” However, nothing could be further from the truth. When it comes to corruption and serving big monied interests, both Congress and the President are very, very good at getting things done. Yes it’s true Congress doesn’t get anything done on behalf of the people, but this is no accident. The government doesn’t work for the people.


With its dishonest and shifty endorsement of Hillary Clinton, I believe the New York Times has finally come out of the closet as an unabashed gatekeeper of the status quo. I suppose this makes sense since the paper has become the ultimate status quo journalistic publication. The sad truth is the publication has been living on borrowed time and a borrowed reputation for a long time. Long on prestige, it remains very short on substance when it comes to fighting difficult battles in the public interest. Content with its position of power and influence within the current paradigm, the paper doesn’t want to rock the boat. What the New York Times is actually telling its readers with the Hillary Clinton endorsement is that it likes things just the way they are, and will fight hard to keep them that way. It is as much a part of the American establishment as any government institution.

What we learned from that piece was that the New York Times was frantically working to protect and support the political establishment from an insurgent Sanders surge. Similarly, what we see in today’s article is the same editorial board scrambling to protect the financial and economic establishment. So why do I come to such a conclusion? Let me explain.

Central banks understand that everything they’ve done so far has failed, so they are becoming increasingly desperate. Part of this desperation has translated into a negative interest rate policy (NIRP) in various parts of the world. The only problem with aggressively implementing NIRP is that citizens can pull their money out of the banking system in response to being charged a percentage of deposits by the criminal, bailed out banks. If this happens, negative interest rates can’t “work” (not that they would boost the economy anyway).

The above is obvious. The correlation between central banks launching a negative interest rate policy and global “leaders” suddenly becoming concerned about criminals using cash is no coincidence. The New York Times editorial board cannot be so financially illiterate that they don’t know this. As such, the only logical conclusion one can reach is the editorial board is intentionally attempting to lead its hapless readers off a cliff into monetary fascism.

So let’s get into. Here are a few excerpts from the clownishly stupid piece of propaganda titled, Getting Rid of Big Currency Notes Could Help Fight Crime:

Few Europeans use the 500-euro note, and most Americans rarely encounter the $100 bill. Yet hundreds of millions of these notes are in circulation around the world, where they are often used by drug cartels, corrupt politicians, terrorists and tax cheats to evade law enforcement. That’s why officials in Europe and elsewhere are proposing to end the printing of high-denomination bills.

Wait, the New York Times editorial board is suddenly worried about corrupt politicians? Didn’t it just endorse Hillary Clinton?

Getting rid of big bills will make it harder for criminals to do business and make it easier for law enforcement to detect illicit activity. Consider this: a stack of 500-euro notes worth $1 million weighs just five pounds and can be carried in a small bag, whereas a pile of $20 bills worth the same amount would weigh 110 pounds and would be much more difficult to move around, according to a recent paper from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Brilliant. I suppose we’re supposed to believe that criminals are so stupid they won’t figure out a way around the cash ban when trillions of dollars are at stake. Not to mention the fact that drug cartels and terrorists systematically use the banking system to launder billions and no executives ever go to jail. If anything, any cash ban will merely ensure the banks obtain a total monopoly on criminal business.

Lawrence Summers, the former Treasury secretary and former adviser to President Obama, has argued that the United States should get rid of the $100 bill; about 65 percent of these bills are held outside the country, according to a study published by the Federal Reserve. But that change could be disruptive because the $100 bill is used widely overseas for legitimate purposes, too. And as long as the E.C.B. continues to print 200-euro and 100-euro notes, criminals could switch to those bills. That’s why such efforts should be coordinated internationally.

Really New York Times? Larry Summers? This man’s brain is like an economic plague that the world can’t seem to extricate itself from. Using him to support a cash ban speaks volumes as to where these people are coming from.

On the other hand, he did save the world once, so perhaps he can do it again.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 11.04.24 AM

Now back to the New York Times

Critics who oppose such changes say the big bills make it easier for people to keep their savings in cash, especially in countries with negative interest rates. Some people also prefer not to conduct transactions electronically because they fear security breaches. But these are relatively minor burdens compared with the potential benefits of reducing criminal activity and tax evasion.

This is the economic version of “you need to trade liberty for safety,” which has been used by the U.S. security state to trample upon civil liberties since 9/11. Again, the fact the New York Times is suddenly using this argument to ban cash tells you all you need to know about where the editorial board’s allegiance lies, and it’s not with the American people.

Once again, the banking system is where the real criminal activity seems to happen, and the fact no bank executives are ever jailed for such offenses proves that the government could care less about cracking down on crime. This is all about shoving the public into a digital financial ghetto.

There is no need for large-denomination currency. Britain’s top bill is the 50-pound note ($72), which has been perfectly sufficient. The United States stopped distributing $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 bills in 1969. There are now so many ways to pay for things, and eliminating big bills should create few problems.

The New York Times editorial board has once again exposed itself as a dangerous and duplicitous organ of entrenched established interests against the public. It must be exposed.

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LawsofPhysics's picture

LOL!!!!  This is no surprise coming from the Jew York Times...

Nigga please...

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Nutsack (not verified) Father Thyme Feb 23, 2016 9:09 AM

so the jew run media spreads propaganda for the jew run banks?



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Nutsack (not verified) Nutsack Feb 23, 2016 9:21 AM

7 Greedy lying socialist jews control 95% of the media. When one greedy lying socialist jew dies or steps down, another greedy lying socialist jew is there to take his place. BRONFMAN SUCCEEDS BRONFMAN BOB IGER SUCCEEDS BOB EISNER LES MONVES SUCCEEDS SUMNER REDSTONE How fucking stupid are Americans today? These are the greedy socialist jew liars who tell America HOW WONDERFUL DIVERSITY IS!!!! Wake the fuck up white people!

Father Thyme's picture
Father Thyme (not verified) Nutsack Feb 23, 2016 9:35 AM

jews control 95%

Competition's a bitch. Especially when you can weave the world's best selling tall tales, and pass it off as non-fiction.

jbvtme's picture

In Simon Weisenthal's book, "Sails of Hope," he argues that Columbus' voyage was motivated by a desire to find a safe haven for the Jews in light of their expulsion from Spain. Columbus was a marrano (jew) as were many of his ship mates.  The conquest of the western hemisphere was a jewish operation (slaves, alchohol, prostitution, banking...) which hopefully is coming to an end.

MalteseFalcon's picture

Looking at the first amendment closely, reading between the lines, parsing out stuff from dead white men, it occurs to me that only individuals have a right to free speech and corporations do not.

So censor the NYT.

Baa baa's picture

I believe the "Corporate Personage", crap takes care of that.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild's picture

This is really interesting.  This could be the missing link that explains why something so patently false as Columbus discovering the Americas was promulgated & inculcated to young minds around the world --  he was a maranno tribe member.  Funny how that detail is not emphasized in the school books. 


So many explorers from Europe & Mediterranean reached the Americas well ahead of that piece of child raping dog shit.  How the hell does Eric the Red only end up a footnote?  Welsh Prince Madog (and several boatloads of Welsh) who landed in what is today Mobile, Alabama a thousand years ago had a provacative and hotly disputed monument placed on the landing site by the Daughters of the Revolution.  It was eventually and conveniently taken down after a disasterous hurricane in the 1950s.  Interestingly, this Welshmen, Madog, is thought by some to be the white ancestor of the blue-eyed, light-skinned Welsh dialect speaking (now extinct) Mandan tribe of N. American plains.  The accent & blue eyes were confrimed by a member of the Louis & Clark expedition team, John Ordway.  Even the Mayan's had a story of a culture-hero, Votan, from across the east ocean who made several trips to the Yucatan who might have been Phoenician.  When the Portugese discovered for themselves the nearby Madiera islands in 1410, a legendary story existed that they found a statue on the western shore of the most westerly of the islands pointing west as if hinting to a great & forgotten land -- also possibly a Phoenician.  Such a statue does not exist today.

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nice post. have you read pandora's box by alex christopher?

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Would all of you mouth-breathing Hitler Youth cretins please move your circle jerk over to Stormfront, or back under your usual slimy rock?  Thank you.

JRobby's picture

The NYT has not been fit to wrap fish in for decades. Why care?

rwe2late's picture

 the NYT is the mouthpiece of the establishment.

knowledge of their artifices is not exactly power,

but it may help.

t0mmyBerg's picture

NYT is literally the biggerst POS MSM outfit around.  May its editors and staff burn in hell

Tall Tom's picture

If you all want to help...and garner a windfall, start hoarding $20 Bills.


The next Credit Freeze will have, as a result, inoperative Point of Sale Card Readers combined with the Automatic Teller Machines rendered inoperable.


Distrust amongst the Banks, themselves, in regards to another Bank's SOLVENCY, will make all transactions suspect and thus declined.


The Credit Freeze is coming. There is no doubt about that. The next Financial Crisis is already upon us. Not only are Financial Institutions going to fail, but Sovereign Governments, with the Bonds issued from those, will also fail.


The speed at which the events are developing is much more rapid than the rate possible for the Governments to issue a cash ban. If this was planned then it was not thought through well.


As it stands there is currently $800 Billion in Cash circulating to cover roughly $10 Trillion in Deposits in the United States.. If they remove, rebuke, or declare the $100 Note as irredeemable, this will only serve to exasperate the problem.


Thus there is an arbitrage opportunity. The lack of cash in circulation will tend to render to cash more value,more purchasing power, as other means of trade are stymied and rendered difficult, if not impossible.


I do not have any doubt that stealing your Bank Deposits with NIRP is one of their goals. I do not have any doubt that using electronic currency empowers them to exact a rent on every single financial transaction. That is another goal.


But these goals are far too late to be implemented before the End of the Game.


In fact they are not thinking this through to its end.


In the book,"The Death of Money", it was reported that in post World War I Weimar Republic Germany that during the Deflationary part of the cycle that German Marks became scarce and were hoarded. They had quite a bit ofpurchasing power.


In fact the German Government stopped the issuance of Cash in order to slow down price inflation and to bolster the purchasing power of the Mark. (That is where the United Staes stands currently in the Hyperinflationary Cycle. That is what this strongly suggests. And that is another incentive for the Government to ban cash )


So the lumpkin started issuing and circulating their own scrip. They started issuing their own promises to pay, after the crisis ended,of course. These were desperate and starving people. And they screamed at their Government to do something about the Cash Shortage.


And then the Weimar Republic Government printed. The scrip was out there in the system, circulating alongside with the new Government issue of currency,


Price inflation soared as a result. And then the people who were hoarding currncy saw that they had best spend what they were hoarding as it was losing purchasing power rapidly.


And the hyperinfaltionary Inferno developed rapidly thereafter.


So why am I suggesting to hoard $20 Notes now?


Because during the time when no new Government Currency was being issued the currency had more purchasing power than scrip.


That was the time in which to circulate your hoard as you could have gained handsomely through arbitrage. Currency today has more value than a promise to pay tomorrow.


The same day that the Government announced that they were relenting and that they will issue new currency was the same day that you needed to dump anything left from your hoard. TIMING IS THE KEY.


We have not arrived at Credit Freeze II yet. When Credit Freeze II happens that is when you begin liquidating your hoard. The people will issue their own scrip as they are suffering in want and need. They will scream at Washington DC to do something about it.


The politicians will follow through with doing that which is expedient. They will relent. They will not just issue $100 Ntes again but $500 Notes, and then $1000 Notes. Then $5000 Notes, And followng that $10,000 Notes. And following that $100,000 Notes. And following that...You get the idea.



XuscitizenSweden's picture

Hi JRobby

I disagree.

The big fish, dual citizen-israeli, real FED chair Stanley "Stan" Fischer most definitely should be gutted & then wrapped in the JWT-JewYorkTimes and thrown in the East River.

The rest of them should be sent to the Holyhoax gas chambers at Auwsh-bullshit:

*Jeff Rense & David Cole - The Zionist Perversion Of History*



*Confessions of A Jewish Holocaust Revisionist: From David Cole to David Stein to David Cole*


retiringteach's picture

nyt editorials written by black catholic editor - you asshole!

NoDebt's picture

Uh, dude, no.  We love arguing shit like that here, but even we have our standards, no matter how low those standards might be, of at least making an ATTEMPT to get the basic facts correct.



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Nutsack (not verified) retiringteach Feb 23, 2016 9:16 AM

all of them, boan snuggler?

Tall Tom's picture

You do not mind if I forward your post to Mr. Blumenthal?


I mean calling a white Jew, a Catholic and a Black man, in the same sentence, is rather insulting to both his ethnicity and his religion.


You are such a fucking, hate mongering racist.

Baa baa's picture

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. "A white Jew, A Catholic and a Black man walk in to a bar..."

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iggenFlot (not verified) LawsofPhysics Feb 23, 2016 9:10 AM

You'd have been successful if you had been born Jewish, huh? Instead of making excuses for your poverty by blaming others, resolve today that you're going to take full responsibility for your financial condition.

Jealousy and envy will eat you up. Don't give in to it.

Nutsack's picture
Nutsack (not verified) iggenFlot Feb 23, 2016 9:32 AM

Which US record companies, publishing houses, Newspapers, Major Movie Studios, news networks and television stations, are NOT owned or run by greedy lying socialist jews?


Telling the truth about greedy lying socialist jew media = Anti-Semitism
Telling the truth about disease spreading homosexuals = Homophobia
Telling the truth about violent racist kneegrow trash = Racism
But what does the socialist jew media call it when you lie about whites, Christians or heterosexuals????????JOURNALISM!!!!!


Thanks for sniveling and cowering!





Note how cowardly the down arrowers are. Why can't you pussies just answer the question?

Father Thyme's picture
Father Thyme (not verified) Nutsack Feb 23, 2016 9:42 AM

whites, Christians

Are they those people who mostly worship a Jew as King? Fully 58% of white evangelical Christians believe a magical Zombie Jew will rule the world inside the next 40 years, and they're all for it. Hallefuckinglujah.

Ms No's picture

Some of that originated when Zionists started a campaign with agent Christian leaders and people like Falwell and Pat Robertson started brainwashing people into what they wanted them to believe.

Jerry Falwell: "To stand against Israel is to stand against God". 

Mr. Universe's picture

If you are talking about Jesus, a Judahite from the tribe of Judah. He was from Galilee not Judea. In fact the term Jew was not even known at this time. Another lie from those who usurped Israel and replaced it with Pharisaism (Babylonian Talmud). It was one of the reasons Jesus was hated as he tended to point out that these were NOT God's chosen people.

Calmyourself's picture

Not sure who you are but your not Mike V.

Ms No's picture

It's not jealousy.  Watching a billion people suffer is getting old.  Central banking colonialism is for the birds.  If the Rothschilds (not all of them certainly some are innocent, thats what our court systems could be used for if they weren't captured, just like the media and everything else) and their agents such as Rockefeller and the Morgans etcetera were put behind bars, where they belonged, none of this would be happening to any of us.

What happened last time one of them was seriously challenged?  They took standard oil apart and made the bastard the richest man on the planet.  Of course he saw this coming and went into retirement put agents in control of his businesses and created our jacked up reality through NGOs.  What even funnier is he was just an agent himself.  They probably blew Kennedy's head off too.  These fuqers created this system and they never went away.

BullyBearish's picture

More BEAR FOOD today:

Following Dimon, CFO Marianne Lake says JPMorgan (NYSE:JPM) - in a stress scenario where oil stays at $25 for 18 months - will need to take another $1.5B in reserves. "It's not our expectation," she adds, but the bank wants to give an idea of what could happen if things in the oil patch stay like they are.


For them to present this with a timeframe suspiciously similar to the length of the 2007/8 correction starts to ring the  dinner bell...

Arnold's picture


Now there is a pay for view worth my nickle.

Jamie? He will not be bringing home a carton of milk.

holgerdanske's picture

So you want to take the 100 US$ not out of circulation now, do you?

I am tired of kleptocrats, sycophants and delusional economists and politicians devaluing my savings.

You can have your fiat money, I much prefer gold in any case.

Anything, really, that you can't destroy.

So bring it on!


monk27's picture

There is not one bad idea that NYT did not endorse over the last 20 years, so where's the surprise ?

StychoKiller's picture

The NY Times is often read by drug cartels, corrupt politicians, terrorists and tax cheats, so... see where I'm going with this?

alexcojones's picture

NEW YORK TIMES?  fuck 'em

"Today, those in power are desperate to maintain control of their fiat money system through media propaganda, an oppressive police presence, and false flags followed by worldwide military invasion/occupation.  


The propagandized people in the West have no idea of the fate toward which their demented governments are driving them,” wrote Paul Craig Roberts recently.

The American Media Is The Enemy Of The American People
Bro of the Sorrowful Figure's picture

that time magazine cover has 5/6 of my top 10 people to rusty guillotine list, although hillary might merit her own trip through a wood chipper feet first. billy s is my boy though.

SWRichmond's picture

drug cartels, corrupt politicians, terrorists and tax cheats

The term "corrupt politicians" is redundant.  However, they are correctly grouped with the others in the list, as politicians routinely engage in those other activities.  Clinton and Obama even brag about their terrorist prowess in killing people, both American political parties when in power use (and allow the "intelligence services to use) drug smuggling as a cash cow, and does anyone really believe the Clinton Foundation pays taxes like you and me?

Wow72's picture

Its simple the powers that be are ALL FUCKING EVIL CROOKS. 

Bro of the Sorrowful Figure's picture

hmm 1969 you say, wasn't that just before that last major US default?  ahem, sorry i think i said that wrong, it might have been called closing the gold window to stop the speculators

There is no need for large-denomination currency. Britain’s top bill is the 50-pound note ($72), which has been perfectly sufficient. The United States stopped distributing $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 bills in 1969. There are now so many ways to pay for things, and eliminating big bills should create few problems.




KesselRunin12Parsecs's picture
KesselRunin12Parsecs (not verified) Feb 23, 2016 9:00 AM

Ban sheckels first!

E.F. Mutton's picture

A good Whore is always loyal to their Pimp

kingvaclav's picture

Bankster Talmudic Fascism. 

Latitude25's picture

Go ahead and kill the dollar.  Got PMs?  Check out the pog today.  I smell bankster panic.

Nutsack's picture
Nutsack (not verified) Latitude25 Feb 23, 2016 9:12 AM

Why do fools think if cash is banned PMs (REAL MONEY) won't be?

Budnacho's picture

The same reason fools think that if cash is banned that those that banned it wont be murdered in the streets for doing so.....

Nutsack's picture
Nutsack (not verified) Budnacho Feb 23, 2016 9:27 AM

But they won't be murdered, at least as long as the Kartrashians is on teaching young white girls how cool it is to race mix with lesser primates.....

Father Thyme's picture
Father Thyme (not verified) Nutsack Feb 23, 2016 9:49 AM

 race mix


Red and yellow,
Black and white,
They are precious,
In his sight.

unplugged's picture

the banksters make the cash - they can stop making it at their own peril

the banksters don't make the gold - and only the western banksters hate gold - the eastern banksters love gold - since the globe is now waaaay more connected than in the 1930's it would not work out too well for the western banksters to ban gold

Latitude25's picture

Why do fools think the .gov is all powerful to control every ounce in every squirrel hole?

economessed's picture

What did this manufacturer of parrot cage liners say again?  Why are they relevant?