Caught On Tape: U.S. Test Fires Nuclear ICBM, Warns "We Are Prepared To Use Nuclear Weapons"

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Less than two years ago, news of Russia test-firing an ICBM just as the east Ukraine civil war was heating up, was sufficient to send the stock market into a brief tailspin. Since then, the launches of nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles has become an almost daily occurrence, with the market hardly batting an eyelid.

In fact, it happened just last night at 11:01pm PST at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, where - for the second time this week - the US test-fired its second intercontinental ballistic missile in the past seven days, seeking to demonstrate its nuclear arms capacity at a time of rising strategic tensions with Russia, North Korea, China and the middle east.

The unarmed Minuteman III missile roared out of a silo at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California late at night, raced across the sky at speeds of up to 15,000 mph (24,000 kph) and landed a half hour later in a target area 4,200 miles (6,500 km) away near Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands of the South Pacific.

The entire launch was caught on the following video, which was released by Vandenberg just 4 days after the previous ICBM launch.


What was more disturbing than the actual launch, however, was the rhetoric behind it: instead of passing it off as another routine test, and letting US "adversaries" make up their own mind about what is going on, Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work, who witnessed the launch, said the U.S. tests, conducted at least 15 times since January 2011, send a message to strategic rivals like Russia, China and North Korea that Washington has an effective nuclear arsenal. "That’s exactly why we do this," Work told reporters before the launch.

Of course, the #1 unspoken rule when launching ICBMs is to never explicitly say why you are doing it. By breaking said rule, it marks a much greater escalation in international diplomacy than merely test firing the nuclear-capable ballistic missile.

That, however, was not an issue and Work piled on, with the following stunner

"We and the Russians and the Chinese routinely do test shots to prove that the operational missiles that we have are reliable. And that is a signal ... that we are prepared to use nuclear weapons in defense of our country if necessary."

Well that's good to know.

As Reuters adds, demonstrating the reliability of the nuclear force has taken on additional importance recently because the U.S. arsenal is near the end of its useful life and a spate of scandals in the nuclear force two years ago raised readiness questions.

The Defense Department has poured millions of dollars into improving conditions for troops responsible for staffing and maintaining the nuclear systems. The administration also is putting more focus on upgrading the weapons.


President Barack Obama’s final defense budget unveiled this month calls for a $1.8 billion hike in nuclear arms spending to overhaul the country's aging nuclear bombers, missiles, submarines and other systems.

That said, the irony of the Nobel Peace Prize winner re-escalating the arms race was not lost on Reuters: the nuclear spending boost is an ironic turn for a president who made reducing U.S. dependence on atomic weapons a centerpiece of his agenda during his first years in office.

Obama called for a world eventually free of nuclear arms in a speech in Prague and later reached a new strategic weapons treaty with Russia. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in part based on his stance on reducing atomic arms.  "He was going to de-emphasize the role of nuclear weapons in U.S. national security policy ... but in fact in the last few years he has emphasized new spending," said John Isaacs of the Council for a Livable World, an arms control advocacy group.

Perhaps the Nobel committee should watch the video above and decide if it is not too late to ask for their prize back.

And just like that the nuclear arms race is back.

Critics say the Pentagon's plans are unaffordable and unnecessary because it intends to build a force capable of deploying the 1,550 warheads permitted under the New START treaty... Hans Kristensen, an analyst at the Federation of American Scientists, said the Pentagon's costly "all-of-the-above" effort to rebuild all its nuclear systems was a "train wreck that everybody can see is coming." Kingston Reif of the Arms Control Association, said the plans were "divorced from reality."


The Pentagon could save billions by building a more modest force that would delay the new long-range bomber, cancel the new air launched cruise missile and construct fewer ballistic submarines, arms control advocates said.


Work said the Pentagon understood the financial problem. The department would need $18 billion a year between 2021 and 2035 for its portion of the nuclear modernization, which is coming at the same time as a huge "bow wave" of spending on conventional ships and aircraft, he said.


"If it becomes clear that it’s too expensive, then it’s going to be up to our national leaders to debate" the issue, Work said, something that could take place during the next administration when spending pressures can no longer be ignored.

As a reminder, the last time the U.S. engaged in a nuclear arms race with the USSR, it led to the collapse of the "evil empire." It would be even more ironic that Obama launching nuclear rockets if this time around the tables on the ultimate loser are turned.

In the meantime, just think of all the GDP-boosting "broken windows" that would result from a nuclear war.

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Relax people, these missiles are filled with freedom and democracy. 

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like a cowboy that walks around town, occasionally firing off their six-shooter

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"like a cowboy that walks around town, occasionally firing off their six-shooter", taking pot shots at cats.

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Fed up with Democrat and Republican neocons, the foreign policy of antagonism, and their never ending wars…

Fed up with “New American Century” neocons deeply entrenched in both parties that are pushing US foreign policy and NATO towards WWIII and the death of the planet. Fed up with our dickless moron leaders demonizing Russia and Putin and fed up with hearing them consistently feeding us GW and Climate Change bullshit. Think about it, will any of this "Climate Change" bullshit matter during the long nuclear winter caused by thermonuclear war with Russia? This is what these warmongering neocon assholes are trying VERY hard to cause. Just read this story above!

Fed up with liars, corruption and politicians beholden to corporations, special interest groups, Wall Street, super pacs, and not us the hard working, tax paying citizens. 

Fed up with anything "politically correct" and spineless, dickless politicians that are too afraid to say what they really feel. Fed up with trillions of our hard earned taxpayer dollars going to countries and so-called moderate terror groups that hate us - for some neocon strategy such as removing Assad. Like hundreds of millions of dollars and modern weaponry going to so-called moderate maggots that will "next week" turn this over to Al Nusra/ Al Qaeda or ISIS when they switch alliances. Not to mention the US funding going to the Kiev Junta and the Banderist Nazis in Ukraine that intentionally target and shell helpless Russian-speaking civilians in the Donbas. 

How our tax dollars are spent in neocon sponsored Ukraine: 

These same useless politicians giving away our money to maggots and Ukie neo-nazis don't give a shit about homeless veterans, our crumbling infrastructure, the immigration problem and the Social Security fund that will be bankrupt for baby boomers. All these neocons want is more pain, suffering, death and never ending wars.  

Fed up with politicians that feel they are "dynastically entitled" to be president like Hillary Clinton!  Who will the cabal support in 2020, George Prescott Bush against Chelsea Clinton?  WTF 

Fed up with all neocon candidates, most notably Clinton, Rubio and Cruz that if elected would promote never ending war, pain, suffering, and death world wide.

Fed up with business as usual in Washington, DC. 

Folks its time to vote for TRUMP!



Lost in translation's picture

According to Paul Craig Roberts, the NeoCons have already gotten to Trump.

Don't shoot the messenger...

NotApplicable's picture

Unless you're talking about an advisor who quoted William Kristol, I could not find such a thing on the Googles.

Lost in translation's picture

PCR said it during his most recent interview on USA Watchdog.

Again, please don't shoot the messenger, just sharing what he said...

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I really don't care what he says. Trump is not a neocon and he distances himself from this neocon foreign policy of aggression and never ending conflict and war. It's Rubio, Cruz and Hitlery Clitton whom are the neocons.

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I see you are tokin' really hard on that "Trump Hopium".

They say ignorance is bliss, so good luck with your delusions. I hope it makes it easier for you to begin to understand, face the hard truths, and gives you that glimmer you so desperately desire.

Hope springs eternal, and I would only have to wait a couple of years of Trump (or anybody else) until I can say "I told you so".

Whether you believe me or not- I say this with the utmost sincerity- it will not give me any pleasure to gloat and tell you this later, because by then we will have all lost.


I feel a massive rant coming on, but I will restrain myself (this time). Suffice it to say that our real problems are deeply ingrained, institutional, structural, ideological, and yes, cultural.

Not one of the candidates presented before you is genuine. Not one of the wedge issues presented to you in the electoral cycle has any true relevance. It is merely a choreographed spectacle to maintain appearances.

Any profound and substantive debate has been precluded by design, and you are always presented with a false choice. This has been the case for decades. The whole conversation has been shanghaied, and myriad Democrat/Republican, Left/Right, Insider/Outsider, Corporatist/Populist "differences" presented to you are completely irrelevant. Elected officials come and go; the deep state remains.

No individual "President" will change the current system, and it won't make a bit of difference to the rest of us.

Any change for the better has to strike at the root, and must be profound in a way that would take a long time to explain. I will save the rest for another time and simply leave it at that.

But hey, if it works for you, Keep on tokin'!


We had a profound and substative debate and nobody came.

Also, part of the design you speak of is the RNC/DNC controlled Committee for Presidential Debates which was organized by The League Of Women Voters until usurped in 1989.

"Blind man in the market place buying what we're sold" - RUSH

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zero hedge weekend fear porn

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Yeah, we're the fucking permabears and eternapessamists.  No one seems to understand why...

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Awww, someone's feeling insecure.

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Someone does it from Vanderberg base, others off the cost of california...

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This actually came out yesterday.

In case anyone had any doubts about the significance of U.S. Dollar and the "Altar of Freedom" it rests upon and just how far the powers that be are willing to go to enforce it!


To "Winter Soldier" Kerry, John Brennan, the JCS and the pimp(s) you work for at the Federal Reserve.

Russia's got 'em all "shiny and new" ready to go!!!  How new and in good condition are "your's"????

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>How new and in good condition are "your's"????

I could honestly give you some insight into that, but the FBI made us sign papers. So it's best I don't discuss it at this time.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


And even with that information you may or may not have, the only thing you'll need to focus on if you're unlucky enough to win the lottery in the 3 mile underground fortress wiping George Soros butt for a living is how deep and dark you want that all over tan?!!!

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Does anyone know if the new Twinkies can survive a nuclear fallout?

One-Eyed-Thong's picture
One-Eyed-Thong (not verified) Feb 26, 2016 1:31 PM

i wonder if they plan to give any of these to ISIS ?

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Well, I've been known to say some crazy things around here because, well, I'm crazy.  So keep that in mind.  But the 'truth' is that nuclear weapons no longer work, nor does most of our (or the world's) military apparatus for very 'mysterious' reasons.  The constant sabre rattling and bravado is designed to extract whatever anger or fear you care to 'emit'.  This is also why trolls exist: for that purpose, too, among others.  The point is this:  for the present, there is no 'support' for war, and ALL of what you see both on TV is a sham and a hollywood production.  One day, the sky will be turned off... the Lakota might have said that, but it was me.  One day the sky will be turned off and the moon will be gone, and alll will be well.  And the earth IS flat.  wink wink.

loosh's picture

Dog and Pony show.

Bread and Circuses.

Archon Theater.

Best selling fiction brought to you by master peddlers.

Etymology of Anarchy:

“1530s, from [the] French anarchie or directly from Medieval Latin anarchia, from Greek anarkhia ‘lack of a leader, the state of people without a government’ (in Athens, used of the Year of Thirty Tyrants, 404 B.C., when there was no archon), noun of state from anarkhos ‘rulerless,’ from an– ‘without’ (see an– (1)) + arkhos ‘leader’ (see archon).”

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who the hell gave me green arrows???  other crazy people, I suspect.

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So much going on behind the scenes God only knows how close we are to having it all set off ....

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The ides of March? Even fits in with Armstrong's model.

MorningWood's picture

The Russians, Chinese, and North Koreans all know Ohole is a nutless wonder.  They're sitting back laughing, knowing full well that an Ohole threat means nothing if you don't have the stones to back it up.  Remember "Speak softly and carry a big stick?"  Global leaders don't see that when they see Ohole.  What they see is a guy who speaks incessantly and has no dick.


Now, if these threats were directed towards Israel it would be a completely different story.

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"What they see is a guy who speaks incessantly and has his dick hidden up eggie's ass."


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And Tim the Tool Man does his ape sound.

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Our government has gone full retard. We need to replace them before they kill us all.

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The fear card is their only card.

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This is NOT our government! People like you who make this mistake are the exact reason they will be able to kill us all.

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our gov their gov the gov all govs wtf who gives a shit? quit being a pita ffs. god i hate stupid.

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I agree!! 


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For God's sake man. Trump is all part of the Truman show. Get your head out of the construct, he's as much a part of the system as the rest of them. You just haven't figured it out yet.

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Well now we know where we stand:

The USSA has just declared itself  a Terror State.

rwe2late's picture

 "we" are prepared to use nuclear weapons (again)

(especially against countries lacking a retaliatory nuclear weapons deterrent)

PTR's picture

I wanna see the video of this as filmed from the space station.

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After we nuke the world we can send in our cross dressers and bleeding women to "mop up"..

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There won't be a world as we know it after Russia's nuclear weapons hit US soil:


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Never knew Supreme Leader could inspire a Nobel Laureate to this extent.

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Why can't Satan's spawn learn how to be human? They are sooooo last age. Some people's kids just never grow up.

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They are of their father the devil, and the lusts of their  father they will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. 


Cain is the father of these creatures and the 2 seeds from Eden is easy to follow. From scripture comes wisdom.

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A really big one is way overdue.  Who won the debate last night?  Hillary?

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  Totus is on the blowhorn shooting his mouth off again about gun control. I wish that fucking clown would flush himself down the toilet.


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If that immediate case of cock waving doesn't make Russia/China/Norks shit themselves well then  by God we need to unleash the sharks with freakin laser beams on their heads.

loosh's picture

If that immediate case of cock waving doesn't make Russia/China/Norks shit themselves well then  by God we need to unleash the sharks with freakin laser beams on their heads.

Who's "up" for a game of Sharknado?

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Better yet: Nukular SharkNATO.

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- - - - - - (not verified) Feb 26, 2016 1:54 PM



alex jones watching zh member post a comment: "i predicted this illuminati rocked launch since i was 12 yers old. the globalists are trying to take over kazahstan to establish a goat farm"


answers from several  other infowars lovers on that comment:

"+100000  you are so smart"

"i dont know what i want to say but i just post some more comments to collect up votes and become the over-idiot"

"kazahstan need to be freed from globalist supremacists"

"kazahstan is cool because they are friendly muslims and like "real americans""

"i like goats, they are sooo cute"


flaminratzazz's picture

OMG! fvkit bring on the culling, we need to reboot the gene pool to the smartest, strongest. I cant leave the house b/c of the stupids.. I am surrounded with fvkin morons and it is hard to function in the quagmire.

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Showing Kim wee dong who has the biggest rocket in their pocket?