The Empire Will Strike Back

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Authored by's Robert Gore, via The Burning Platform blog,

The populist revolt fueling non-mainstream political movements in both Europe and the US flows from a single source: you can not fool all the people all the time. The central lie of our time is that governments can and should forcibly assume control of individuals’ lives, in the name of vague and always shifting greater goods. The Command and Control Futility Principle holds that governments and central banks can control one, but not all variables in a multi-variable system. The number of variables global governments and central banks have arrogated to their purported control has grown beyond measure. Breakdowns are visible everywhere, and as those failures exact their ever-increasing toll on the masses, the masses are pushing back.

The last financial crisis was a watershed. Capitalism’s rough justice was obviously, and gallingly, not allowed to play out. Favored financial institutions didn’t face the consequences—insolvency and bankruptcy—of their promotion of various bubbles and their leveraged business models. They were bailed out with taxpayer funds. Especially galling was that they knew they were going to be bailed out. More salt on the wound: improvident homeowners and housing speculators who took on too much mortgage debt were, other than a few spotty government programs, not bailed out or even offered appreciable relief. Since the crisis passed, banks have operated on the assumption they will be bailed out again during the next crisis. Despite all the hype about improved capital ratios and cleaned up loan books, fractional reserve banking is still fractional reserve banking; a leveraged business model that is wiped out if enough loans and speculations go bad.

Still more salt: despite unprecedented government debt and spending, new programs, particularly Obamacare, central bank debt monetization, and ultra-low interest rates, the purported recovery is the weakest on record, with the labor force participation rate at a multi-decade low, the number of people on food stamps recently reaching a record high, and real incomes back where they were in the 1970s. Those ultra-low interest rates have destroyed the incentive to save and forced retirees back into the workforce (the one group whose labor force participation rate has increased), but provided cheap funding to the carry-trade set, stock options-laden corporate executives, and Silicon Valley moguls. Their trophy art, cars, mansions, and spouses grace the media. That’s beyond salt, it’s rubbing people’s noses in it.

The messes the globalist powers that be have made outside their jurisdictions are even larger than the ones inside. Led by the US, the Western powers have bestowed unending chaos on the Middle East and Northern Africa. They have achieved none of their goals, (see “How To Defeat Your Enemies”) but have created massive blowback with the spread of terrorism and the refugee inundation of Europe. Not only have the war-torn lands not been reordered along liberal democratic lines, but mountains of money and barrels of blood continue to be spent in perpetual war. Meanwhile, ordinary citizens in Western homelands, not the elites, are left to contend with terrorist attacks, refugees burdening already strained social welfare systems, and obnoxious and illegal behavior by some of the new entrants. The elites shun even acknowledging these problems.

It comes as a surprise only to the elites and their media mouthpieces that the peasants are revolting, tired of their prevarication, arrogance, and ineptitude. Don’t, however, expect them to pay attention to anything so insignificant as the popular will; they won’t go gentle into that good night. In the US, the establishment can live with Hillary, and if either Trump or Sanders—the revolution’s candidates—wins, the new president will soon learn who actually runs the government. Or he will have an unfortunate accident or heart attack. However, the Empire is leaving nothing to chance; it has already initiated a preemptive counterattack.

The counterattack has three overlapping fronts: war, the economy, and civil liberties.

The Quagmire to End All Quagmires” stated that “the US faces the danger of being dragged into World War III.” That phrasing may have been an error (SLL reserves the right, in perpetuity, to make mistakes, see “On Failure”). The US government most likely won’t get “dragged” into World War III; it will probably initiate it. If Turkey and Saudi Arabia invade Syria, assume they’ve been green-lighted by the US government, which will join them in the carnage.

As the economy goes down in flames, central bankers and the usual totalitarian creeps are embracing negative interest rates and bans on cash. Negative interest rates self-evidently destroy the incentive to save, the foundation of honest capitalism and progress. Many commentators have pointed out that negative rates lead to an increased demand for zero return cash, so the monetary Dr. Strangeloves have to ban it to drive money into the banking system. Although negative interest rates are patently absurd and counterproductive, always strong selling points for the Strangeloves, the real reason for locking money in the banking system is to prevent a systemic run. As in the last crisis, on a mark-to-market basis the leveraged banking system—with the largest US and European banks still massively exposed to derivatives—will be recognized as insolvent and subject to a run unless money is kept locked in the banks and expropriated.

This assault on financial freedom goes hand in hand with the war against civil liberties, a specious battleground in the concocted “War on Terrorism.” The mainstream media and even some of the non-mainstream blogosphere have been filled with articles about the “complexity” of the Apple-FBI standoff on encryption. The word “complexity” is often a tip-off that someone’s about to pull an intellectual fast one.

Encryption is simple. It’s one of those issues most people dread: an either-or. Either one’s computer communications are encrypted and safe from prying eyes, or they are not. There is no middle ground, and Apple is ostensibly cutting its throat asking Congress, of all people, to come up with one. Encryption that has been compromised, for any reason, is useless. At Apple and the rest of Big Tech’s behest an encryption “compromise” will emerge that fatally compromises encryption, cementing Big Tech’s partnership with government. Lovers of liberty and privacy will be left searching for quite possibly illegal encryption developed by smaller, guerrilla software outfits.

Many will say that deliberate war, economic destruction, and technological repression are inconceivable; such a strategy is contradictory, counterproductive, depraved, deranged, diabolic, deadly, pathologic, sociopathic, psychotic, and out-and-out evil. All of the above, but if that’s your reaction, read, or reread, “Life, Or Death?” SLL recently posted Matt Bracken’s “Burning Down the House in 2016.” Bracken shares SLL’s forebodings of impending disaster, and it’s an excellent article, but he makes a mistake: granting the destroyers their stated intentions.

The proto-Marxist Jacobins of the French Revolution put it this way: “Out of order, chaos.” But first the Jacobins had to create the chaos, with an artificially engineered grain shortage leading to food riots, which they exploited for their revolutionary ends. Vladimir Lenin put it this way, when told that bread riots were breaking out in Russia: “The worse, the better.” The better for creating the optimal revolutionary conditions. The Black Panthers, revolutionary Marxists of the 1960s, said, “Burn, baby, burn.”

The currently existing social compact has to be burnt to the ground before the new world economic order can be built up from the ashes. This will be as true in 2017 as it was in 1917.

Regardless of the rhetoric—Liberté, égalité, fraternité; Dictatorship of the Proletariat; The Thousand Year Reich; The New World Order—the truth is that the means—destruction and death—are the ends. Psychopaths kill millions of people because…they enjoy killing millions of people. As SLL posited in “Life, Or Death?”, citing Ayn Rand, a malevolent desire to kill others is, at root, a desire to kill one’s self. The slogans, the supposed omelets that justify cracking all those skulls eggs, are dross.

That imparts analytic clarity to the future. When one understands that one’s life is on the line, one must fight with everything one has. Or else.

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NO shit.

We are witnessing a Global Revolution.

We are the fucking empire. Never forget that!

The people who have the most to lose are those with the most furry, and ruthless evil. (Central Bankers, CFR, MSM, TBTF Banks, etc.)


Read these mainstream rants:


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Encryption, fishez!  It's one of the few defenses for ordinary people left.

EDIT: via GnuPG (Don't expect quick replies, but I'll try to get back to you.):

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One more way to liberation:


(for illustration, I do not need any donations)

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

my personal bugbear of authoritarian overreach: Fucking speed cameras

govt assholes have proliferated the spread of these fucking things to the point where im about to lose my licence from an accumulation of 'demerit points' for piddling amounts around 3-7km/h over the limit

And maybe you think thats my fault but what has accompanied this multiplicity of cameras is sneaky dodgy cynical alterations to the speed limit.

a road once familiar with at a neat predictable 60 km/hour is now peppered with a petty patchwork of 50km/h, or 40km/h - with no discernable difference in traffic safety conditions - and of course each unfathomable alteration comes replete with its own camera of fascism.

i have a family friend whose father lost his licence this way - ran a cleaning business - in and out of the car all day. Without his licence he lost the business, 2 houses, and his kids inheritance. For what? he was never involved in an accident.

VinceFostersGhost's picture





Open the pod bay doors Hal.


I'm sorry Dave......I can't do that.

I need more asshats's picture

Looks like bearing just discovered encryption. At that rate he'll finally discover that encryption is a waste of time in another 20 years. Maybe 30.

At that point he may connect the dots that the FBI wanted to dump their DeadPirate coins so the israli-coin-mafia ramped the price up to $1000. It was easy for them to do, and nauseating to watch the little sheep buying the coins during the pump. So excited. Then dump. So mad, so sad.

Don't get caught on the wrong side of the decimal. errrr.

Whodathunkit's picture

Was on a traffic ticket jury recently. Woman was given two tickets.

Going 60 in a 45 mph zone
Exceeding the posted speed limit

Two fucking tickets for speeding


Father Thyme's picture
Father Thyme (not verified) 38BWD22 Feb 28, 2016 10:36 PM

Survival kit contents check. In them you'll find: one forty-five caliber automatic; two boxes of ammunition; four days' concentrated emergency rations; one drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills; one miniature combination Russian phrase book and Bible; one hundred dollars in rubles; one hundred dollars in gold; nine packs of chewing gum; one issue of prophylactics; three lipsticks; three pair of nylon stockings. Shoot, a fella' could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.

38BWD22's picture



I have most of those items too.

But, I am a long way from being truly prepared.

RAT005's picture

Media put out some crap today that military will not support Trump.  But other interviews with military say the military is really supporting Trump because the Obamanation is scum.

Get phys :-)

stant's picture

They think trump is a trend, he's the Symptom of a trend that can't be stopped . Everything that goes around comes around, it's just it's time.if its not him it will be someone else

Rakshas's picture

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MISTER KITTY WARNING........... Angry Sinner BASTARD GOT ME FUCK FUCK AND DOUBLEFUCK!!!

apparently he made pancakes for breakfast yesterday............. fuck fuck fuck fuck 


FMR Bankster's picture

Tough battle to win. Ever wonder why Trump called up the Clinton's before he announced. This guy is going to change the system? ....for they win in advance, defeating those who have already lost. Sun Tzu

stant's picture

And after all that the launch code bill slik willy Clinton carried was like a debit card with all zeros , 9 if memory serves

Why Bother's picture

Spot on! The government cannot ban encryption. It would be similar to Fahrenheit 451. I encrypt my phone's data. My Android when powered down is fully encrypted. Just a brick. My iPhone is strongly encrypted. Even when powered up I encrypt my files.


Also it is a must to use 2 way authentication for your email apps, particularly since they are tied to your financial accounts for password changes on the financial accounts. No one could change you password on your financial accounts except you and on your authorize devices.

TheReplacement's picture

Gee, that is great except your phone was made by Foxconn and you can bet the hardware has the ability to read (keylogger) and transmit (take your pick) everything you have.  Same for the NSA.

Why on earth would you do online banking?  That is either insanity, stupidity, or ignorance.

JustUsChickensHere's picture

Online banking is fine. Of course it is compromised on the technology level. But it is also compromised directly.

Online banking is a nice way to manage the tiny fraction of personal wealth that you need to leave in a bank. Just assume you will lose that money 'in the bank' - probably via a bail in. Hacked technology does not make the risk any higher.



Firepower's picture


Revolution? lmao

NEVER has speech been so free and open - the internet.

Sleeple just ignore it even more. It's merely

The DAILY Outrage™!: ~ WAAAY better than Yesterday's Outrage!!

Firepower's picture


Revolution? lmao

NEVER has speech been so free and open - the internet.

Sleeple just ignore it even more. It's merely

The DAILY Outrage™!: ~ WAAAY better than Yesterday's Outrage!!

Kamehameha's picture

Trump is an '80's guy so when he gets elected I guess IT WILL BE THE 80's AGAIN WOOHOO!!!

That means it will be pretty fucking good!

'20's are the new '80's.  Except with Internet of course.  So maybe even better than the 80's.

Make America in the 80's Again!  Mr. The Donald Trumpinator Art of the Deal!  Yea!

Tasty Sandwich's picture

People actually do think like this.  I remember having a discussion about Jerry Brown with someone.  Their thinking was that since California was great in the 1970s and he was governor then, voting him back in would magically take them back to the glory days.

khnum's picture

I have Trump as a 1920's 1930's sort of this space is all ill say

shovelhead's picture

We're gonna need a bigger blowdryer.

lasvegaspersona's picture

There are problems with the monetary system that are coming to a head. It does not require a conspiracy of the PTB to see it. When the dollar crashes all paper wealth will be lost and the dollar itself will be a victim. The people will DEMAND that their wealth (pensions, Soc Sec and other bennies) be saved. We will see the dollar hyperinflated or an equivalent that may look different but will be due to the same forces.

When this happens folks will turn to government to save them. They always have.

Those who manage to save some of their wealth will probablly lay low as the newly hungry masses strike out against any and all institutions they see as causing their misery. Banks will be blamed but if banks can make their futile efforts look sincere the voters will support those efforts. These will be dangerous times because all the crap on YouTube about 3 days of food will come true. Governments will be overwhelmed but that has never stopped them from blaming someone...look at Madura in Venezuela..he blames the enemies of the socialist revolution. If he could produce toilet paper for all he could get elected president for life.

It is going to be an interesting terrible time.

Put away some food for your neighbor. You know damn well he is an idiot who has not a clue about what is coming. And condoms, lots of condoms if you have extra food. You will need them.

OverTheHedge's picture

I read a bizarre, unprovable statistic that 1 in 5 women in Victorian London engaged in some kind of prostitution (I.e sex for a benefit in kind, if not actually walking the streets). 

Are we headed back there? Are we already there? Do 20 per cent of the women you know put out for money/food/rent?

Bear in mind some of the 80 per cent of virtuous ladies will be too old, young or ugly to be part of the available market, so shall we say one in four women? One in three? Your wife? Your teenage daughter? 

Are we really heading back to Victorian values - life is a very cheap commodity, eminently saleable? Not sure I want to live through that, and someone will be required to pay. Me, probably - it so often is. Oh well.......

Janice's picture

Well, I'm old and f-ugly. So, I have been stacking coins and amno, and planting fruit trees.

Lea's picture

"Put away some food for your neighbor. You know damn well he is an idiot who has not a clue about what is coming. And condoms, lots of condoms if you have extra food. You will need them."

Why? You want to store food in condoms?

detached.amusement's picture

hey, not everyone can control when their wang emits

ZeroPoint's picture

Know the tactics as well.

If the police can't control an area, they pull out, and wall it off. They wait for the burn down and eventual burn out. It doesn't take long.

LA Riots - Police pulled out and barricaded their headquaters.

New Orleans during Katirna - Jefferson Parish barricaded the bridges into town.

If the military can't control an area, they pull out, and wall it off, with key differences. NOTHING gets in. No electricity, food, water, fuel, medicine, cellular, etc. Then they let it stew for a bit. Then the bombs drop. Then the drones, then the tanks, then the infantry.

When this system goes, it will be different though. Police won't come in, military could defect, depending on what happens. DHS? Who knows.

I am less worried about door-to-door confiscations than I am worried about the neighbors deciding they can't take another day of their kids not eating.




drendebe10's picture

Fuk da ruling elites. Fukemall. Way past the time for torches & guillotine for ever single one of those over paid overpriveled over entitled turds 

knukles's picture

Tough when Perceptions Management and Propaganda become internally inconsistent.
So tough even many sleeping sheeple are awakening .... they know something's very very wrong.
Not all agree on what .... but such agreement is, unnecessary.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

Knuckles, even senior citizens are waking up. I have talked to many of them and I am encouraged by their awareness of the BS they are being bombarded with by the media. Time for us to push back and push back hard. When I was young a long time ago, an old-timer I worked with used to walk around and randomly shout: " Wake up and live". I think it's time for us to follow his advice.

Rabbi Chaim Cohen's picture

The problem is that senior citizens are one of the ONLY demographics waking up in any numbers, and they are on their way out. Too many Millenials and middle aged adulthood deniers are still hyper-focused on the euphoria of today's social libertine trends, professional sports and electronic gadetry. These people are our future and they show ZERO signs of waking up, they just want their "bread and circuses". I fear that by the time we raise a new generation that is taught to be awake from day one, we will be under such tyranny that there will be no going back.

McCormick No. 9's picture

3D reality is the cause of problems. Humans originally were able to perceive and experience multiple dimensions- why we have such a large brain. The Biblical story of the Fall is the story of how we trapped ourselves in 3D. 3D means problems- we canot perceive the perfection that actualy exists. We try to solve problems, but all we realy do is merely transfer the problem to somewhere else, or make it worse. We have been solving problems for at least 6000 years- look where problem-solving has gotten us.

The 3D experiment is almost over. Right now, 3D reality is dissolving and breaking down all around us. The elite got used to 3D. they made it work for themselves, at the expense of the rest of us. The Control Matrix is their response to the fact that they are losing the default reality- 3D. They clamp down precisely because their 3D reality is eroding from under their feet.

Thus, the event horizon will be when maximum control meets minimum 3D reality. When you cannot buy or sell without a microchip, you will be fed by ravens and angels if you choose not to get one. Dreams and visions will be as real as what we currently know to be reality. The only ones who lose are those who cling to what is fast dissolving. The Elites get what they want- 3D, or what is left of it. Hell, in a word. They are welcome to it.

new game's picture

3 d my ass, really? sound money, sound money, any body out there yunderstand?

all evil flows from fraudulently gained money, this money has in turn garnered a generation of ever moar bold frauds using gov piss ants to control the masses even moar.

sound money=sound gov.

fuck with sound money=death

gov restricted to spend only what it receives

no political whores could exist

sound money, everything else is a symptom!

quite wasting mental effort with symptons...

i digress

no s/

OverTheHedge's picture

I've been pondering about this recently; whilst I quite agree with the sentiment, I don't think it's possible in reality. MAD money is like nuclear weapons - once your neighbour has them, you HAVE to have them. It's all about the ability to print to make war - if you use fake, magic money, you can have more, bigger, better weapons, troops, etc, and the folks at home don't have to suffer hardship. Until they do, of course.

So, I am of the opinion that fractional fiat banking is the only game in town, forever. Guess I picked the wrong day to give up smoking 

Raden's picture

Someones smoking some goodshit today i see

FiReDoWnBeLoW's picture
FiReDoWnBeLoW (not verified) Feb 28, 2016 10:21 PM

The Empire Strikes Back. The Empire Dissolves.

BullyBearish's picture

When you have a lot to lose, you'll lose a lot...

boattrash's picture

Also saw a clip of a county sheriff that said he would arrest Fed. Forest Service Personnel.

McCormick No. 9's picture

In a nearby (to Piute Co. Utah) city, at a meeting of what is essentially a cartel of National Environmental NGO's and Federal Land Management Agencies, some local guy stood up in that meeting and suggested that in order to prevent any standoff situation from happenning, perhaps those in the meeting should adopt a win-win philosophy towards public lands resource users, ie innnovative grazing methods, proactive elk management (elk eat grass too), soils management, etc. These innovations would increase the environmental health of public lands, and also benefit ranchers and other resource users. What's not to like?

From what I heard, this fellow was accused by BLM officials of being a terrorist, and warned not to ever mention the Oregon Standoff in any sort of way again in such "cartel" meetings. His suggestions were rejected.

Control Matrix indeed.

boattrash's picture

Thanks, can you recall the name of the city (or any people/links)?

ebworthen's picture

Join the Rebel Alliance!

Non-establishment! Hold physical Gold and Silver!

stant's picture

The .GOV owned dam-age control media is nolonger working. Ooorah

lasvegaspersona's picture

While the American attitude toward government has never been better (and by 'better' I mean the population despises the government)

unfortunately most will be completely dependent upon the government for even the basics when the big crash finally hits.

All the things we thought people would never do and the freedoms we though they would never give up...I think they will for someone who can provide the basics.