EU's Evil Plan B: Cutting The Balkan Route Has Stranded 1000s Of Migrants In Greece

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The closure of borders in the north of Greece has created chaos: thousands of refugees and migrants wandering from Athens to Idomeni without knowing where to sleep and what to eat, where to lay their kids and elderly to sleep.


FYROM, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria has closed their border today. Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia said on Friday they would each restrict the number of migrants allowed to enter their territories to 580 per day, while Austria already introduced a daily cap of 80 asylum-seekers and said it would only let 3,200 migrants pass through each day. However, FYROM’s borders remained close all day Friday, onloy 150 crossed on Thursday. Albania, that had earlier said to accept refugees, decided otherwise at the end of the day, after the West Ballkan Conference initiated by Austria. Prime Minister Eddi Rama said that his country will not accept any refugees.

Also the push-backs have started: Austria sent back 50 Syrians two days ago, they arrived in Idomeni , Greece a couple of hours ago. According to latest information, Serbia is going to push-back 1,000 people to FYROM and FYROM will forward them to Greece.

Refugees, asylum-seekers, migrants: all in one pot. End of  story:



The Balkan Route is cut.

20,000-25,000 people are trapped in Greece.

Allegedly concerned that a humanitarian crisis may occur, the European Commission is working out a contingency plan to tackle the crisis and avoid the disaster.

“At this time we are preparing an emergency plan, ‘a humanitarian aid mechanism’ in order to avoid a humanitarian crisis in Greece,” European Commission spokesperson Natasha Bertaud said on Friday, however without elaborating on details. Correspondents of Greek TV channels in Brussels reported later that the “Emergency plan” would rather be in form of financial aid for food, logistics etc of even up to 3 billion euro. Greece has reportedly already submitted the relevant request to Brussels. According to Greek media, the Greek request aims to tackle the Refugee Crisis until March 7th.
For one more time masks are fallen: the Wall Street Journal wrote on Friday:

“Senior European officials are embracing the so-far taboo idea of cutting off the migrant trail in Greece, a step that they acknowledge could create a humanitarian crisis in the country, says a report in the Wall Street Journal.


This so-called Plan B, floated until now only by Europe’s populist leaders, is a sign of rapidly waning confidence in other European Union policies to deal with the migration crisis—in particular in German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s game plan of relying mainly on Turkey to stem the human tide.”

Apparently the EU are looking into the EU-Turkey Leaders Summit scheduled for March 7th. I saw on TV, German Chancellor Angela Merkel saying that “results of NATO mission have to be awaited, first.” NATO’s sea-monitoring mission has been officially launched in the eastern Aegean today.

Should NATO’s mission fail and Turkey would show show much willingness for cooperation,  refugees and migrants will be keep coming form Turkey to Greece. “And this has to be stopped” the EU officials think and they argue that bottling up the migrants in Greece would be more manageable than having them stranded in poorer, non-EU neighboring countries in the Balkans.

This is an odd EU-thinking, then none of the refugees or migrants plans to stay in FYROM or in any othe rnon-EU Balkan countries. The majority of them declares, they want to Germany or in Scandinavian countries.

“Greece wouldn’t be the worst place to have a humanitarian crisis for a few months,” one EU official told WSJ, adding that the population there was much more refugee-friendly than those in the Balkans or Eastern Europe.”Four senior EU officials said that Greece, as an EU member state, could receive more bloc funding and other practical help to cope with the stranded migrants than its Balkan neighbors, where ethnic conflicts could flare up anytime. Once the message trickles through that migrants are stuck in Greece, the officials said the hope is that fewer people would attempt to come in the first place.”

An evil plan smitten in devils’ rooms in Brussels, behind closed doors., by those EU “partners” who do not want to stand to their responsibilities. thus violating the sames rules and the same decisions have have signed and agreed upon.
The European Commission Legal Departmental reportedly consider the border closure by Austria, Croatia and Slovenia as “illegal”.
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed concern on Friday over the increasing number of border restrictions targeting migrants in the Balkans and said they ran contrary to the international refugee convention.
The border rules in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia “are not in line” with the 1951 convention “because individual determination of refugee status and assessment of individual protection needs are not made possible,” said UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric.
It looks as if the EU and Commission will certainly tolerate the closure of borders. Unofficially. But they will do, for the sake of protecting “migrants get stuck in non -EU Balkan countries,” as the joke in Brussels claims.
At the end of the Balkan Route, the truth is this: Austria’s domino-effect initiative for borders closure serves primarily Germany’s interests for fewer refugees and migrants. Mutti (translated as 'Mom' - implying Merkel as "mom of the nation") will keep polishing around her image as political correct leader with a vision.

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lolmao500's picture

These people should go to warm, arabic speaking, muslim countries... not Europe in the middle of fucking winter.

Turn them back.

booboo's picture

This crisis lays square at the feet of the entity that created unlivable conditions in their home country. As much as westerners would like to imagine democrazy does not comport with lands filled with warring factions that must be seperated and ruled with an iron fist. "We came we saw and he died" what a fucked up mind set but it should give one a peak into the shit filled brains of our elites.

NoDebt's picture

Running Greece into the shitter and extracting what was left of their wealth looks like it was just preparation for turning the whole place into a holding cell for the Muslim horde pouring out of the ME.

Sorry, Greece.  You had your chance to tell them to fuck off.  Too late now.

The sacrifice of Southern Europe to save Northern Europe.  And their banks.  Don't forget their banks.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

All those people crowed together. H1N1 outbreak, soon enough.

Father Thyme's picture
Father Thyme (not verified) Fish Gone Bad Feb 28, 2016 7:23 PM

Bankers Lives Matter!

I need more asshats's picture

Americans Luv the Muslims!

Bring them here.

Father Thyme's picture
Father Thyme (not verified) I need more asshats Feb 28, 2016 7:30 PM

Obama: "My Muslim Faith"

BaBaBouy's picture

ANYONE Disagreeing With The German Politicos Position Is A Mutti-Fucker...

Son of Loki's picture

Give them maps to Saudi Arabia...a warm climate they are used to and open arms they should love. It's their bros after all.

Bunga Bunga's picture

No girls to rape without consequences.

COSMOS's picture

Pretty soon all those muslim men will start to wander into Greek houses and knife to death the occupants and create LEBENSRAUM for themselves.

0b1knob's picture

< Immigrants, in desparation, will start butt raping Greek men.   Greeks will be outraged.

< Immigrants, in desparation, will start butt raping Greek men.   Greeks will be in ecstasy.  

OverTheHedge's picture

In my area, gun ownership is AT LEAST on a par with the US, and they all have dogs to warn of intruders. Things might get ugly in the cities, but in rural areas I think it will be very quietly dealt with. I would also add that I have yet to see my 1st immigrant, although to be fair, I am as far from the migration route as you could get. Maybe they have "disappeared" enough-route......

Not sure how this will pan out, but the logical solution, should there be a widespread problem, would be to transport all migrants to an uninhabited island, and let them sort themselves out. Greece could even claim insolvency and get someone else to fund it.

It really is time to see how far NIMBY can be applied.

Vin's picture

@OverTheHedge:  What area is that?

BaBaBouy's picture

FUNNY How the EU Disparaged Hungary/Orban at the start of the crisis, and is now doing the same fucking things...

knukles's picture

Didju know in CA public elementary schools geography classes cars built in Germany as said to be "Ottomobiles"?

philipat's picture

The English language in this piece is so poor that it is painful to read...

I need more asshats's picture

I did experience a brief pain in the hat.

I did.

eforce's picture

So the EU is going to bribe Turkey & Greece to keep them? 

If Deutsche Bank goes Lehman, money runs out, looking at ~10 million migrants + this years wave heading towards northern Europe...

samjam7's picture

It won't be this simple. Tsipras will start vetoing EU decisions rendering the bdoy inactive for a time (until Draghi gets called in that is). In the meantime the Brits see the ensuing chaos and will hopefully think twice whether they would like to be part of it, if Brexit is consumed it will lead to the implosion of the remaining EU as we know it!

COSMOS's picture

Sam just watch the EU pass through new rules that will effectively block the Greeks from doing any such thing.  Or they just might hold the meetings in secret and say the Greeks never showed up to vote.

NoPension's picture

Shoulda took care of the problem at the beachhead.

Shoot the first couple of boatloads, it woulda stopped.

I know, I's sounds cruel. But wait a little while, once this party gets started by pissed off Europeans, a couple of sacrificial boatloads will seem kind.

Lore's picture

You are facetious, but you're right: this is a pathological recipe for big trouble and terrible human cost.

Re: "Merkel’s game plan of...Turkey to stem the human tide."  HUH?  Turkey is an instigator and facilitator...!

Re: "Greece wouldn’t be the worst place to have a humanitarian crisis for a few months." WTH?! Who does this SOB think he is? 



TheReplacement's picture

First they came for the Greeks and I said nothing.

You have to feel sorry for a people sold out by their leaders.  Yes the Greeks were fools and voted for ruinous policies but they were lied to and the liars are the ones who need to be made to pay for the multiple fiascos.

Ms No's picture

I wonder what the authentic suicide rate is in Greece these days. It can't be good. 

nmewn's picture

See, the bureaucrats/technocrats finally figured all this out! The untenable situations they had created.

"Why, that could be our-heads-in-a-basket." as the people began revolting. Or..."I think we got all the cheap labor we were looking for." so lets cut it off now

I guess deportations back to their home countries are out of the question, it's so "inhumane" and all ;-)

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) nmewn Feb 28, 2016 7:49 PM

Indeed. How long until there are real heads landing in baskets? Or shootings? Or bombings? Let us do the countdown 3-2-1 boom.

TheReplacement's picture

The inhumane part was moving weapons from Libya to Syria so the revolution could flourish.  The inhumane part was the coup in Libya.  The inhumane part was invading Iraq.  The inhumane part is moving heroin from Afgahnistan to parts unknown to be sold on the streets of the west to young addicts with no future because their future has been leant to the present to pay for their parents and grandparents trips to Vegas or Florida or Cancun or wtfever.

I believe there is a hell and a lot of our present leaders and thinkers and all-around-smart people are headed there.  Perhaps this is a simpleton's desperate grasp at justice but it sure beats sitting around thinking that these bastards are doing what they are doing with no repercussions at all.

East Indian's picture

"We came, we saw, and he died"

And his people and his neighbouring people are now flooding Europe.

CHoward's picture

I know right?!  If I have to flee - hell - I'm heading towards someplace sunny and warm year round.  What the hell is up with going into Europe.  Stupid idiots.

StychoKiller's picture

Not enough food (or Blond Womyn!) in the M.E. desert countries!

Jay_Dizzle_Illuminatizzle's picture

Maybe you wouldn't be hungry if you lived where the food is!!!!!!  Come to think of it, maybe Kinison was on to something......

Jay_Dizzle_Illuminatizzle's picture

Maybe you wouldn't be hungry if you lived where the food is!!!!!!  Come to think of it, maybe Kinison was on to something......

Lordflin's picture

This is such a nightmare of epic proportion it can be easy to forget that many of these people are not villains... just people. Moreover their circumstances are beyond their control. Yet so many of these people are villains that it makes it difficult to remember the basic empathy one would hope of a human soul.

On the other hand it is not the fault of the people whose lands they seek to inhabit either, as they are in many respects the helpless victims of the same group of larcenous monsters.

This is what happens when folks get on with the business of living and forget about their psycopathic brethren who wait for such a chance to crawl from beneath the rocks and into the light of day.

On a less esoteric note... this is only one of a number of leading indicators that suggests with certainty that we are on the verge of world war...

Totentänzerlied's picture

"Yet so many of these people are villains."

Define and cite.

NoPension's picture

Flin, your dithering is easy, when it's not you.
On this hand, on the other hand....uh....oh...the humanity.

When you are fed, there are many problems.
When you are hungry, there is one problem.

Europeans better get a spine, and quick, or it's over for them. These parasites are killing Europe. They will destroy it.

It's not the environment that makes the ME or Africa a shithole.
It's the people.

Lordflin's picture

Understood, and I apologize for the lack of clarity...

1) A portion of the migrants are helpless, hopeless and hungry. of this portion many are families, many have young children. They want what all sane people want, an opportunity at a life and a chance to raise there families. Beheadings, burnings, bombings, floggings, shootings, etc. make this problematic. They are desperately seeking safety.

2) Moving within this group is a fair portion of opportunists, warriors for Allah, shiftless miscreants, petty crooks, in other words predators of a varied ilk. This group comprises some of the lowest forms of humanity... although there are lower still... bankers, lawyers, bureaucrats, and there illegitimate offspring, politicians...

3) At the receiving end are folk that until now had not realized they had a horse in the race, were doing for the most part what sane people do (see above) and were suddenly faced with the collapse of their own world through no observable fault of their own, in fact they were initially welcoming, as they simply did not know or did not care what was being done in their name... more or less endemic of human nature... for the most part... and they lived within a system that was actively complicit in keeping them ignorant. Now they are in a fight for their own survival, thrust upon them suddenly, and are much as the sleeper woken suddenly by a raging beast, groggy, somewhat confused, the damn things in your face, and you better think quick... always a bit of an embarrassing predicament.

Again, I apologize, I thought that was more or less what I wrote, and and I hope this appenda helps...

Janice's picture

Fight or flight, they ran.

Villageidiot777's picture

I´ll tell you a secret, they did not run FROM war, they are running TO war. ;)

Marco's picture

We are only allowed to act like monsters, a concept like closing the borders is simple enough that it's impossible to propagandize it into an impossibility.

Actual humane solution like building camps for them and offer them relative safety without sacrificing the safety of ourselves are not only a legal impossibility thanks to the sacred UN refugee agreements (at least for Europe) but is a taboo to even bring up. It's current year, even talking about it makes you even more guilty of the holocaust than you already are.

dubaibubble's picture

all these poor refugees stuck in Greece have their brother refugees who preceded them to thank for the border closures


big surprise they shut the borders when many of the refugees welcomed as distressed guests in 2015 have behaved in a deplorable manner to their hosts


Czechs and Slovaks had it right from the beginning (bravo), they did not want 100s of years of history + culture to go "up in smoke" because of some mandate from the weasel-like politicians in Brussels

monk27's picture

Am I supposed to feel sorry for them or what ? Fat chance...

weburke's picture

there are loads of christians  in that refugee crowd 

and plenty of folks from that region just looking for the person to talk to them to save them from the muslim thing. 

useless monk 

caconhma's picture

Christianity is just another perverted Jewish forgery religion.

It took three Centuries to transform Jesus of Nazareth into Jesus Christ.  But according to the ancient Egyptian papyruses there was another Jesus who lived 3,000 years earlier. He was a Pharaoh close relative. Accordingly to the ancient Egyptian history, Pharaohs were half people and half Gods. Consequently, when Pharaohs died, they were resurrected from the dead and joined Gods in the Heaven.

Jews just have rewritten (very ofter word for word) ancient Egyptian papyruses and fraudulently assigned the ownership to themselves. This how was born another perverted Jewish religion. Finally, Byzantine Emperor Constantine has edited the Christian Bible to the present form.

Fuck, what else is new?

iggenFlot's picture
iggenFlot (not verified) Feb 28, 2016 6:50 PM

If every Zero Hedger will agree to take in just three refugees, I think we can lick this crisis before it gets started!

knukles's picture

I'd like mine in a waffle cone.   Oh wait .....

The Once-ler's picture

 I suppose the  21-year-old females  are sold out…