Military Would Revolt Against Trump, Former CIA Director Says

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Earlier today, we noted that America’s presumed candidate for the GOP nomination is busy retweeting Mussolini quotes.

That’s not necessarily a reflection of an explicit desire to move America towards fascism.

It’s not entirely clear that Donald Trump understands the movement he’s started. But America's entrenched political establishment is now scrambling to understand how to deal with the Trump juggernaut and it's not just politicians who are concerned. 

Indeed, former intelligence officials now say the brazen billionaire could face a veritable security rebellion if he's elected. 

I would be incredibly concerned if a President Trump governed in a way that was consistent with the language that candidate Trump expressed during the campaign,” Former CIA director Michael Hayden said, in an interview with Bill Maher. Hayden also says that the armed forces would simply refuse to follow Trump's orders were he to be elected and follow through on his campaign promises.  

Here's what Hayden had to say about Trump's promise to kill family members of ISIS: "God, no! Let me give you a punchline: If he were to order that once in government, the American armed forces would refuse to act. You cannot—you are not committed, you are not required, in fact you’re required to not follow an unlawful order. That would be in violation of all the international laws of armed conflict. There would be a coup in this country."

Would Trump face a military coup or would Trump simply commandeer the military? You decide. Here's the clip: 

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monk27's picture

BS squared ! Military people LOVE Trump... but that's what happens to your brains if you listen to a putz like Maher.

sTls7's picture

Brains?  Who with brains listens Maher?   Just another pundit... blah blah blah.

monk27's picture

Here's where you are wrong. Maher thinks of himself as a successful comedian... Go figure.

Father Thyme's picture
Father Thyme (not verified) monk27 Feb 28, 2016 6:25 PM

What difference at this point does it make!

Fish Gone Bad's picture

you’re required to not follow an unlawful order

That is some funny shit.

Whoa Dammit's picture

Fox News has been trotting out some goofball saying the EXACT same shit. Word.For.Word. What is wrong with this picture?

What are the Protocols of Zion's picture

Its true - Military people do love trump.  HOWEVER...

He does seem to indicate that he plans on continuing the bullshit wars in the Middle East...

Good for the zionists, bad for everyone else.


So unless Trump moves to pull us out of these bullshit wars, the world is still fucked, especially the mid-east - dune cunes that they are, nevertheless.

Of course if we don't continue the wars, the the petro-dollar ends...  DICEY!


Ona final note.  Fuck the JIDF cunts watching this.

localsavage's picture

The propaganda is in full swing this election season.  First, we get the Cruz or Rubio have a better chance against Hillary (when every poll says the exact opposite).  Now, the military somehow hates the guy.  It is getting sad to watch the establishment at this point.  It is no wonder the country is in the shitter when our leaders are this full of shit.

tc06rtw's picture

“There would be a coup in this country”
…  The best reason yet I’ve heard to  “Vote Trump”!

knukles's picture

Maher's an Asshole
Bill Maher is another reason to vote for Trump.  Him and Barbara Streisand.  Maybe they'll both leave the US.  Either way.

eforce's picture

Trump will be a brutal dictator when needed if he gets into office, doesn't mean he can't do goods things, but if your liberties get in the way, they won't be there for long, just look at his business track record in regards to property rights etc.

WTFRLY's picture

Joo World Order gets what Joo World Order wants.

Keyser's picture

Hayden, speaking on the Bill Maher show? Please, I would rather believe satan himself... Both of these "men" should have their eyes gouged out and their tongues removed... Both are  enemies of the USA...

I need more asshats's picture

Can't we just invent a talking mirror for Trumpo. A laugh track and some nice words like "Your hair is so perfect Donald." "Your wife is hawt.".

AND BE DONE with him.

Son of Loki's picture

All the vets I talk to love The Donald. If anything, they'd like to string this guy up.

DeadFred's picture

The military didn't rise up through 8 years of a foreign ursurper who hated them, they won't rise up against The Donald.

J S Bach's picture

Anyone who sits down on their couch - popcorn in lap - and consciously watches tripe shows like this are hopelessly lost.  Of course, the Jews who produce it - and star in it - are doing their damnest to scare these idiots into pulling the lever for the far more virtuous and experienced candidates such as Lady Clinton - or Ted (my-wife-works-for-Goldman-Sachs) Cruz.  

Many in the CIA today are traitors to the core and these are the scum that would possibly "revolt" against a Trump presidency - as this egg-head interviewee posits.  One can only hope that there are still some truly patriotic sorts in the CIA who would thwart such action.

philipat's picture

Since when did the US care about International law or the Geneva Conventions?

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) philipat Feb 28, 2016 9:40 PM

Trump is going to be elected by the white working class, who has been hung out to dry.

First by outsourcing, secondly by importing cheap third world labor.

Jews fear the working class, it is always the working class that chases them down.

It will be so again, they are asking for it, begging.

facebook Zuckerberg in Germany praising Merkel for importing migrants, hopes America

will follow her lead.


No wonder he has 8 bodyguards to to jogging.

Trump gave another shout-out to white nationalists.

"It is better to live one day as a Lion than 100 yrs as a sheep"

Benito Mussolini

media sneered at him and Trump said "I know who the quote is from, I have 14 million followers on twitter, we do interesting things."

Media "How do you feel about being associated with a fascist?"

Trump: "It got your attention"

end of interview

waterwitch's picture

Trump needs to select Ron Paul as his VP running mate if he's nominated by the GOP. What a ticket!

Frankie Carbone's picture

That would be like running James Madison as the VP candidate to Augusto Pinochet. Jesus, is this an ignorant comment.


According to Ron Paul, current Republican primary surger Donald Trump is not just a “dangerous person,” but an “authoritarian” who likes bossing other people around.

Appearing on Alan Colmes‘ Fox News radio show, the former Republican congressman indicated he isn’t concerned with whether Trump is a force for good or bad within the party. However, he added, “I think he’s is a dangerous person. And a lot of people find him sort of funny, and love him, even libertarian types.”

strannick's picture

but they didn't revolt against Obama as he gutted constitution loving ofgicers?

banana republic making mofos 

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) strannick Feb 28, 2016 10:47 PM

Note to Ron Paul:

Trump will stop immigration.

Gay man in Sweden beaten to death by two migrants, after dead they wrapped a dead snake around his neck.

Both charge with hate crimes.

Sentanced to 4 yrs in prison.

Trump the right man for this time Ron.


Four chan's picture

as if the military hating the clintons or obama would be better for them than trump. you should just delete this whole bullshit premise thread.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



One more thing.....screw the Koch's, Marco, Jeb......and Romney.


Welcome to the revolution bitchez.

Manthong's picture

"you’re required to not follow an unlawful order"

tell that to Snowden..

.. and it sorta' kinda' depends upon who has the bigger guns and gonads

and Hayden needs to go away.. one way or the other

and.. and..

If I were Trump..  I would consider Predator drones over Chiraq.. Hawaii and Crawford, TX and even have an X-Box  controller and display on the desk in the Oval Oriface.

and.. and.. and  the first wall should be built around the Pentagram.

X_Weatherman's picture

Could it be because they were so glad to have faggots in their military?

forexskin's picture

i get that the 'electorate' middle class is pissed, but it is time to look past that and ask some strategic questions.

Anyone who can read this article and not be concerned about the bigger gears turning does not deserve to pull a voting lever. i want this mess 'fixed' and i want the fix based on principles as codified in the constitution.

frankie, don't let the downs dissuade you, the points you want to raise are valid. anyone who wants to willfully ignore facts and then claim to understand the situation is deluded.

Frankie Carbone's picture

I just can't believe how incredibly ignorant, gullible, and stupid these people are. It seems like they are clawing, scratching for anything, anyone, that will save them from their plight. Either humanity has now been competely lost in mass programming, with ZH having been the last bastion to succumb, or the consumers have invaded ZH and diluted our ranks with the morons of the Idiocracy. The question remains though: Did they immigrate into here or were they turned? If the former then we can just bash them the hell out of here. If the later, well then, we're fucked. 

forexskin's picture

we're not fracked at all - principles and truth are final and their own justification.

UnicornSkittles's picture

My understanding is that the quote above was actually Asian in origin, though Mussolini could have used it. 

DownWithYogaPants's picture

This guy is former head of the NSA right?  The entity recording all our phone calls without warrants?

For all I know these comments on ZH ? 

N1gga please!

This guy has been a party to steam rolling vast amounts of civil rights.  And Mahr thinks he can have him on and credibly talk about Trump???  WTF?


Mike in GA's picture

As NSA General Counsel Stewart Baker has said, “metadata absolutely tells you everything about somebody’s life. If you have enough metadata, you don’t really need content.” When I quoted Baker at a recent debate at Johns Hopkins University, my opponent, General Michael Hayden, former director of the NSA and the CIA, called Baker’s comment “absolutely correct,” and raised him one, asserting, “We kill people based on metadata.” 

Yep, Hayden's a real freedom lover and liberty defender.  

Uchtdorf's picture

Thank you for sharing that link. A pox on the NSA.

Tarzan's picture

Where have I heard this same petulant threat before?  Was it not the Bankers who crept into DC and fear-mongered Congress into TARP, threatening Martial Law and blood in the streets if the banks didn't get their bail out?

The Military coup General Michael Hayden speaks of would not be from the Vets, who mostly support Trump.  It is the career Pentagon brass he speaks of.  Any coup they dreamed up would require popular support of the People and the vets.  Support they would not find! It's another empty threat grasping at the wind.  A threat they can not deliver for one simple fact, because the People of America are ARMED!

If it's a coup they desire we should give it to them good and hard!  Let there be blood in the streets -- the blood of the petulant elite!

Cheka_Mate's picture

My favorite Bill Maher interview was with Jeff Gannon, who told him "Usually people become reporters before they prostitute themselves."

This coming from a guy working as an after hours reporter under Bush, while pimping himself out online.

The whole interaction was so staged and creepy, including the laugh track and constant blinking.

Hes a soulless fuck, thats for sure

WOWurstupid's picture

Yea WTF they are surrounded by enemies, have a full time CIVILIAN military, have had more UN resolutuions against them ahan any other entity and they are running things. Jack up your prozac 

Frankie Carbone's picture

I absolutely agree with this. BTW, I didn't know that there were this many brain-dead Trump sheep on this site, did you? 

People, please! There are no good choices in this election, period. Show some inner courage and find a way to face that. 

Ace006's picture

Assuming we can muster this inner courage of which you speak, then what do we do?

Four chan's picture

i'd vote for hitler before voting for a clinton.

Frankie Carbone's picture

Stop voting for President. You legitimize this circus everytime you go to the polls and choose. Plus, if the MSM really wanted to destroy Trump, they'd have Ron Paul'ed him 6 months ago. Think about THAT. Do you REALLY think that Trump is teflon? I don't think so and here's why: The MSM keeps TELLING YOU TO THINK THAT. 

That alone should have sent your great big "WTF meter" deep into the red. But noo..... some of you desperately desperately need a hero. 

Yes, you guys are afraid. I am afraid. We all are afraid. But buying into some bullshit meme peddled to you to give you a sense of empowerment is nothing more than burying your heads neck deep in your asses, all the while pretending that the their does exist a "man with a cape that will come to save all of us". 

Ain't gonna happen I tell you. No one gets to Trumps position unless he or she has been chosen to be there. Have you all forgotten everything that you have learned over the years? Everything? 

The last election I voted while skipping the vote for Pres and most .gov candidates. I threw out all of the judges, voted on some local amendments and voted to legalize medical cannibas. If everyone would just stop plugging their goddamn noses and walk away from the shit instead (pun intended) we could collectively de-legitimize the elections. 

But NO! The mentally weak Charlie Browns of the community are running once again at the football, cept' this time The Donald is Lucy. 

Chump, sucker, pigeon, mark. I don't care what you call it. People that are falling for this gag are fools. Yes, I am pissing some of you off. Tough shit. Cowards need to get smacked. It's a time-honored tradition among men. 

jcaz's picture

...And yet, here you are, hiding behind some GoodFellas mime-  classic.....

Frankie Carbone's picture

As is the entire Zerohedge staff, and for damn good reason in today's modern age of information harvesting, and as are you and everyone else. Sorry, but the moniker of "ballless sheep" is quite fitting. This guy Trump is no different than any other politician/pied piper who sings sweet music to the rats (you yellow-bellied so-called "men") that cannot face the harsh, grim, facts of reality that they truly are disenfranchised voters.  And that reality is this: Trump's record is nothing BUT that of an establishment actor. You don't become a billionaire go bankrupt, and then regain your billionaire status without being well connected. This man is NOT an outsider and you all are falling for Kabuki Theater all over again. 

Psst. Here's one for you. Did you ever think that Trump may be in the running to provide a mechanism for Hillary to get elected? Because let's face it. There is no other way in hell, other than a miracle, that a President Hillary happens without some boogey-man like Trump to scare the shit out of the masses and into the running arms of President Cankles.  Jesus. I cannot believe that people are THIS gullible. 

conscious being's picture

More Hope and Change. The system is too far gone to fix itself. Only real hope is to make something better out of the ashes.

Frankie Carbone's picture

Yep. Smoking Trump Brand hopium isn't going to do a damn thing. 

Tarzan's picture

I get that so many here support Trump.  He's the one screaming the loudest for Washington to jump in a lake!

What I don't get is the silence from the CROWD who for years have been so vocal here.  The CROWD that ,like Frankie, says to vote for anyone, even Trump, is an exercise in futility. Where have these "Cowards" gone?  It makes me wonder out loud if ZH isn't just another .gov propaganda machine.

While I don't agree that voting is somehow cowardice, I do wholly agree, there is nobody running for Prez that will fix this mess!!!  America's Government is beyond repair.  Washington DC will Fall!

We've let things go too far, the world is run by Satan, and Washington DC has become his seat of power!  Only God splitting the sky can save us now!  And He'll not likely show up to save America, but to save the people of the world from America!