"Trump Must Be Stopped" Plead 'The Economist' And CFR As Financial Establishment Panics

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It's one thing for the republican establishment to throw up all over the candidacy of Donald Trump: frankly, the GOP has not been relevant as a political power ever since Boehner started folding like a lawn chair to Obama's every demand just around the time of the first US downgrade, and as such what the Republican party - torn apart and very much irrelevant as the best of the "establishment" GOP candidates demonstrate - thinks is largely irrelevant.

However, when such stalwart titans of financial establishmentarianism as the Council of Foreign Relations and "The Economist", who until now had been largely ignoring Trump's ascent in the political hierarchy finally unleash an all out assault and go after Trump on the very same day, you know that the flamboyant, hyperbolic billionaire has finally gotten on the nerves of some very high net worth individuals.

Below are excerpts from the panicked lamentations of the Economist as written down this weekend in "Time to fire Trump"

* * *

The front-runner is unfit to lead a great political party, let alone America



IN A week’s time, the race for the Republican nomination could be all but over. Donald Trump has already won three of the first four contests. On March 1st, Super Tuesday, 12 more states will vote. Mr Trump has a polling lead in all but three of them. Were these polls to translate into results, as they have so far, Mr Trump would not quite be unbeatable. It would still be possible for another candidate to win enough delegates to overtake him. But that would require the front-runner to have a late, spectacular electoral collapse of a kind that has not been seen before. Right now the Republican nomination is his to lose.


When pollsters ask voters to choose in a face-off between Mr Trump and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner wins by less than three percentage points. Mr Trump would have plenty of time to try to close that gap. An economy that falls back into recession or an indictment for Mrs Clinton might do it for him.


That is an appalling prospect. The things Mr Trump has said in this campaign make him unworthy of leading one of the world’s great political parties, let alone America. One way to judge politicians is by whether they appeal to our better natures: Mr Trump has prospered by inciting hatred and violence. He is so unpredictable that the thought of him anywhere near high office is terrifying. He must be stopped.

... just in case there was any confusion what The Economist thinks.

If the field remains split as it is now, it is possible for Mr Trump to win with just a plurality of votes. To prevent that, others must drop out. Although we are yet to be convinced by Mr Rubio, he stands a better chance of beating Mr Trump than anyone else. All the other candidates—including Mr Cruz, who wrongly sees himself as the likeliest challenger—should get out of his way. If they decline to do so, it could soon be too late to prevent the party of Abraham Lincoln from being led into a presidential election by Donald Trump.

And then there is the Council of Foreign Relations' Benn Steil with "Selling America Short" of which sections have been excerpted below:

The country would cease to be great under a President Trump


Following his primary victories in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada, Donald Trump has established himself as the clear frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination. He has done so offering grandiose slogans — He'll Make America Great Again! He'll have us win so much we'll get bored with winning! — and precious little in specifics. He has said, for example, that he would repeal Obamacare, without saying a word about what would replace it — beyond promising that his health program would be "terrific" and "take care of everyone."


* * *


If Trump were to order the U.S. military to act as he suggests, the likely result would be a crisis in civil-military relations. Many military personnel would refuse to carry out orders so blatantly at odds with the laws of war; soldiers know that they could face prosecution under a future administration. If soldiers were to do as President Trump ordered, moreover, terrorist organizations would have a new recruiting pitch with the world's Muslims — the need to counter American barbarism.


* * *

The radical changes that Trump proposes are all the more dangerous because he is so singularly ill-equipped to manage the resulting turmoil. This is a candidate, after all, who doesn't know the difference between the Kurds and the Quds Force or have any idea what the "nuclear triad" is. Nor has Trump so far made good on his pledge to attract "top top people" to help him run things; he has still not unveiled a campaign foreign policy team in spite of months of pledges to do so. In any case, advisers cannot make up for a president's ignorance and prejudice; presidents always get conflicting advice, and it is their job, and their job alone, to make the most difficult judgment calls in the world.


Trump has already done considerable damage to America's reputation with his crude, bombastic, and often ugly rhetoric. American standing, as measured both in "soft power" and more traditional realpolitik terms, would suffer far more if he were to become commander in chief. A Trump presidency threatens the post-World War II liberal international order that American presidents of both parties have so laboriously built up — an order based on free trade and alliances with other democracies.


His policies would not make America "great." Just the opposite. A Trump presidency would represent the death knell of America as a great power.

So just whose nerves has Trump gotten on?

Here is a summary of the current and honorary directors of the CFR, who basically double down as a 'who is who' list of everyone relevant in modern finance:

  • Carla A. Hills
  • Robert E. Rubin
  • David M. Rubenstein
  • Richard N. Haass
  • John P. Abizaid
  • Zoë Baird
  • Alan S. Blinder
  • Mary Boies
  • David G. Bradley
  • Nicholas Burns
  • Steven A. Denning
  • Blair Effron
  • Laurence D. Fink
  • Stephen Friedman
  • Ann M. Fudge
  • Timothy F. Geithner
  • Thomas H. Glocer
  • Stephen J. Hadley
  • Peter B. Henry
  • J. Tomilson Hill
  • Susan Hockfield
  • Donna J. Hrinak
  • Shirley Ann Jackson
  • James Manyika
  • Jami Miscik
  • Eduardo J. Padrón
  • John A. Paulson
  • Richard L. Plepler
  • Ruth Porat
  • Colin L. Powell
  • Richard E. Salomon
  • James G. Stavridis
  • Margaret Warner
  • Vin Weber
  • Christine Todd Whitman
  • Daniel H. Yergin
  • Madeleine K. Albright
  • Martin S. Feldstein
  • Leslie H. Gelb
  • Maurice R. Greenberg
  • Peter G. Peterson
  • David Rockefeller

And here are the Trustees and the Board of The Economist:

  • Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone PC, DL
  • Tim Clark
  • Lord O'Donnell CB, KCB, GCB
  • Bryan Sanderson
  • Rupert Pennant-Rea
  • Chris Stibbs   
  •  Sir David Bell   
  • John Elkann   
  • Brent Hoberman   
  • Suzanne Heywood   
  • Zanny Minton Beddoes
  • Baroness Jowell
  • Sir Simon Robertson
  • Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild

It is the fact that practically every member of the ultra high net worth establishment and "0.01%" loathes Trump with a passion, that he may be just a few months from claiming the US presidency.

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DogeCoin's picture

More reason to vote for Trump. Make America great again!

knukles's picture

Absolutely every last single body politic or person turning rabidly anti-Trump is another reason to vote for him.
It's like the All-Star Parade of the New World Order.  I kid you not

freewolf7's picture

Avoid book depositories and motorcades.

Wulfkind's picture

Also avoid 2nd floor outside motel rooms, ballrooms, and Russian Tea.

macholatte's picture

Mr Trump has prospered by inciting hatred and violence.

PLEASE site specific examples & detail your sources.

Such Bullshit!

The fact that “the Establishment” is petrified is exactly why I like him.

Kayman's picture

"The Council of Foreign Relations and "The Economist","

2 FOREIGN organizations in full blown panic.  Need to advertize this more- what better endorsement of Trump.

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) Kayman Feb 28, 2016 4:15 PM

It is obvious that the globalists are freaking out. GOOD.

Richard Chesler's picture

Make America great again.

Fuck Yeah!


SuperRay's picture

So those are all the people standing in docket when the war crimes trials begin?  Bring it on!  First them, then their puppets

NuckingFuts's picture

No shit, these are the same evil bastards who were more than happy to see GW Bush as party head and president. Some how he and Darth Cheney were just fine but Trump is a disaster? Fuck them, the evil neocon sons a bitches. Burn their party to the fucking ground if that's what it takes to clean house of them.


You arrogant bastards better suck up to Trump before it is too late, Council / Economist boys.

Otherwise, " You're Fired ! "

Short pier, long walk in cement overshoes for you all pretentious motherfuckers.

May you all burn in hell, or sooner, for your crimes against humanity.

Neil Patrick Harris's picture

Rothschild and Rockafeller. How they always end up in the mix?

new game's picture

top, top people; oh yea the ones running the shit show called exceptional merica.

this list should be posted at every post office, fbi headquarters and they need to be rounded up and sent to q. bay for some reeducation of merican values. list of fucks...

cheka's picture

trump went where the blood thirsty money junkies despise



import tariffs

put them in or continue the free trade rape + redistribution to nyc

Nutsack's picture
Nutsack (not verified) cheka Feb 28, 2016 5:52 PM

If the jew run media can't convince America not to vote for him, the jew FED Banksters will JFK him.

Nutsack's picture


conscious being's picture

Scalia had a little boy problem. Roberts appearently has issues. Is this the new SCJ criteria? Must be a pedophile as a way to keep them on a short leash?

caconhma's picture

"The front-runner is unfit to lead a great political party" WOW! Since when did a Party of corrupted political prostitutes, pedofile-lovers, and scumbags become a great political Party?

detached.amusement's picture

squeaky clean judges get NOWHERE NEAR the supreme court.  squeaky clean judges dont even rise to those circuit level appointments.  judicial process has been compromised LONG AGO.

RiverRoad's picture

"Scalia'd".......Pronounced dead over the phone.....

Never One Roach's picture

I personally like his "bombastoic" ... "keep rapefugees out" speeches. The groups panicing can be gathered as :

1) the radical far left (NPR, NYT, WaPo, to name a few);

2) the far right (including the neocons); and,

3) the Republican "do nothing" Party (such as lazy Boner and Mitch "line my pockets with mic dough" McConnell, and, of course,

4) illegals, thugs and rapefugees vote against him.



Interestingly, the majority of Americans support The Trumpmeister because he :

1) is candid;

2) is not in the pocket of GS;

3) is not in the pocket of the MIC;

4) favors American cityizens by blocking the rapefugees and illegals; and,

4) favors America's middle class.


As Nucking says above, it's incredulous some of these people strongly supported Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, etc while suddenly now bashing The Donald?!

LooseLee's picture

Sorry to burst your bubble, Nutsack, but if that happens the money-junkies will have 20 million armed US citizens to contend with. And guess what? Banker nutsacks will be forcefully removed....Best hope you're not in that 'clan'...

Mr. Universe's picture

You would think so, however you could be wrong. After he gets the nod Trump could be taken out (plane crash?) and then things get real. Not until the food riots start will people take up arms against the government. By then gun confiscation will also be tried. Trying times indeed. If Hillary can be elected I'll have no faith, the entire country is doomed. That should be enough to get the ball rolling.

Victor von Doom's picture

Depends how far and how fast he moves. They haven't been able to take Putin out yet.


Freddie's picture

Jon Rappaport who is a good writer said Nixon got Watergated by the Rockefellers when he talked about tariffs.  This was the real reason for Watergate.  THe See Eye Aye - created by the Rockefellers like Mi6 is the Rothschilds leaked all the goods to The Washington Post.

SixIsNinE's picture


the image says "  "Patriots" remember:  No Matter Who You Vote For


another excellent post from winterwatch   winteractionables.com 


and here's  the Goy's History of the World : 


NuckingFuts's picture

I can't believe the RNC and other elites don't see the disgust we have for them. If they could just read this one thread of comments I wonder if a single one of them is smart enough to get it.

Anecdotal: last night had dinner with 3 couples in their mid 70's (my wife and I mid 40's). Each of the 3 older couples have a net worth in excess of 15 million each, and have never voted dem. Concerns at the table was the same as here on ZH, the repub elites do not comprehend the disdain we all feel for them. Everyone with a brain is sick of them... Everyone. And none of these folks care about their bullshit moral/social issues. That litmus test bullshit is over. It's the economy, foreign policy and immigration. Gay marriage, abortion etc... Are not even second tier issues anymore.

Never One Roach's picture

Same here. Had dinner with several small business owners who absolutely disdain both Soweto AND the Republican Party. They all agreed, the Republican Party no longer represents them. of course, the Demos are even further away from middle class reality but at least Hillery and Sanders are out in the open supporting the FSA and massive expansion of the gubmint. All agreed their only choice was Trump.

NuckingFuts's picture

Yep NOR, the establishment just don't get it. I wonder how many of us have the same experience with friends/family/business associates. They may not be stackers, might still have some faith in the system and half the conversation is about sports (which I consider as relevant as the Kardahians) but when it comes to the party they have voted for for 5 decades, they all feel ignored and disenfranchised. And these are the older folks, the younger ones feel even more ignored.

Freddie's picture

I hope these people also realize these wars and proxy wars that the Neo Cons and Neo Libs (Bushes,Clintons, Obola) are total bull shit.  The support the troops meme - should be support not sending your kid to die and a bankster war because ALL wars are bankster wars.

Because the current Support The Troops bullshit means support MIC killing your kid for nothing.  The same shit since WW2 when idiots in the USA say crap like "we should bomb them."  F***kers who that say that sound like Charlie Manson.

The good news is we need to bomb them might be getting tamped down because Putin and Russia have better shit than we do.

I need more asshats's picture

"Trump Must Be Stopped" Plead 'The Economist'

I know reverse unpsychology when I smell it.

monk27's picture

You wouldn't know shit from crap if it hits you...

Goldilocks's picture

I gotta have more asshats, baby!

Shad_ow's picture

Yes, it is so funny so many cannot see he is one of them. 

Whatever, burn it all down, it is coming down anyway and the sooner, the better.  F em all.

conscious being's picture

True, but the CFR hates him and the CFR is the incubator for all the NeoCon murder and looting so fuck the CFR and hopefully The Donald will get his turn in the batter's box. He can't make things any worse and maybe we'll get lucky?

Can some Trump supporter who is not in the the Israeli-1st clan explain why Trump threw out the name John Bolton as his foreign affairs advisor? Because Bolton is the darling of the CFR.


fiftybagger's picture

Antisemitic Brother Nathanael says Trump is in the tank for the Jews:


But MSM says that Trump is buddy buddy with antisemite David Duke of the KKK:



Which is it?  Better get your stories straight guys!

detached.amusement's picture

why dont you get your story straight on what a semite is

Whoa Dammit's picture

I love the smell of Neo-cons frenzying in the morning. It smells like...Victory.

monk27's picture

Articles like the one above are the best argument that our contemporary elites are just an international collection of inbred morons. They had plenty of chances by now to figure out just how much ordinary people hate them. They should know that every time one of them opens his/her mouth, Trump gets at least a few thousands more votes. They should just shut up and wait. Instead, in their arrogant, delusional stupidity they keep adding fuel to the fire with their nonsesical utterances. I hope Trump wins big and rams his boot up their collective ass as deep as he cans...

mkkby's picture

God forbid these cock sucking globalists would allow the people to elect who they want.  Everything they utter has the effect of -- how dare these foreigners try to steal our votes.

max2205's picture


He must be elected 

Fish Gone Bad's picture

One can be sure Trump is keeping track of those who are speaking ill of him.  Friends come and go, enemies are for life.

LooseLee's picture

Yep. And moreover he has an army of armed 2nd amendment supporters willing to help him bring the perpetrators to justice. Call it a gorilla war against those who have destroyed humanity.....

John_Coltrane's picture

Wow, the CFR hates him.  Well, as a liberatarian who supported Rand Paul I had my doubts about Trump and his positions, particularly Snowden, who I consider a major hero and patriot as does Rand.  However, this reverse endorsement of Trump by the CFR pushes me over the edge.

Trump 2016!!!!

This will piss off libtards as much as Reagan's landside victory over than loser Carter.  Finally, press conferences will be interesting again.  If he cuts taxes and regulations as Reagan did to turn about the American economy in the 80's I think it will finally be "springtime in America) again.

giovanni_f's picture

The fascinatingly-weird thing is that, as Trump plays the non-establishment card, any attack by the establishment will invariably strengthen him. Doing nothing is as unacceptable for these hungry ghosts. The establishment is in a truly paradoxical situation. And I cant tell how sorry I am for these banker-khazar-baronesses.

bbq on whitehouse lawn's picture

The people voting for Trump dont read the Economist nor do most even know what the council of Foreign Relations even is.
This foolishness will make no difference nor should it.

NoMoJackboots's picture

Agree. I suspect that this is TPTB simply putting out the word to their minions that the time has come to destroy Trump. I would have thought that their command and control system was a bit more refined than this however.

new game's picture

prepare for an all out media propaganda war on trump. an army digging up his past...

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Once elected, it will be "payback time" just like the Clintons did once Bill Clinton got elected.