Can Americans Handle Four More Years Of This?

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Some folks were peddling fiction... for everyone else, there's this reality!

No child (or student, or poor person, or grandchild, or debtholder, or healthy person, or retiree, or African American, or family, or homeowner, or renter) left behind untouched...

Now that is a legacy.

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Boas was also big on pushing the "Noble Savage" myth, basically espousing the belief (carried forward to today's left), that all non-white primitives were non-violent, kind loving peaceful people.  Then the cursed white man arrives, and everything goes to hell.  Prior to Boas, everyone knew that was bullshit.

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Why do the nigs get special mention with a progressive PC term?

Do they not fit into any of the other groups like the rest of us?

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11 downvotes?  Facts be racist.  And offensive.'s picture

Yet another 'inconveniant troof'



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Of course these issues predate Obama. He is just another empty suit following orders. I use to tell my son that of all the characteristics he could have that would get him far in life, the one at the top of the list was a complete lack of conscience...

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Shit. He'll get an opulent gold-plate covered, purple carpeted shrine in honor of his 'brilliant' Presidency.

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Maybe he'll even get a Nobel Prize!

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Obama isn't gettign a Library...he's getting the first US Presidential Mosque.

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Couldn't have done a better job if he were trying and of course, he was.

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Some homo is gaslight-junking this thread. Oh well, truth needs a reasonably sterile environment in which to thrive and we have allowed this infection. Can we really blame the commies, the Keynesians, or the idiots?

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It all makes more sense when you realize that his job was not President of the United States of America, but Candidate for United Nations Secretary General.

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Affirmative Action is neither racist nor sexist. Discuss.

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Really? We needed to add the sarc tag here? DISCUSS damn it!

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If I was black or a woman, I would find the entire notion incredibly insulting. Basically, they are being told by liberals that they are incapable of achieving anything of note without special help, and aren't capable of getting a job or getting into school without making them a pity hire.

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Father Thyme (not verified) greenskeeper carl Mar 1, 2016 10:44 PM

they are incapable of achieving anything of note without special help


There are, for example, no black Fields Medal winners.
The Talk: Nonblack Version

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i'll take the bait.  except for tasks requiring upper body strength and possibly the most abstract of thinking like theoretical physics, grandmaster chess, etc. women are or will soon kick a good deal of male ass, with or without affirmative action.  they are already 50% more likely to graduate college than men and their collegial/associative skills combined with small dextrous hands suit them for the computer cloud that is our future.

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The Saint (not verified) jeff montanye Mar 2, 2016 10:05 AM

That's because men were designed to perpetuate the species as a main drive.  We think with our penis 90% of the time and it consumes us as young men.  If women had as strong of a sex drive as men that's all we as a species would be doing.

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Meet some 40+ females.  They will give your 16+ hormones a run for their money.

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If America is "color-blind" then why are there several boxes on every application and Afro- mixes get priority hiring, scholarships, acceptances, etc?

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Father Thyme (not verified) jeff montanye Mar 2, 2016 12:06 PM

already 50% more likely to graduate college

With universities becoming a cesspool of worthless degrees, do you really consider that an achievement? All that sort of college does is make them inelligble for marriage and gainful employment.

Women To Avoid: The Credentialist Whore

the most abstract of thinking

Sure. Or did you mean STEM fields in general?

Women Still Underrepresented in STEM Fields



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And tied to state dependency through ridiculously over priced loans.


Great way to kill a culture.

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What you say about our female graduates from our esteemed universities does not inspire confidence going in to the future.

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That's because math is taught in a white Euro-centric context.

Let's try it it a more diverse construct:

"If you had a kilo of heroin cut to 67% of original purity, how many dime bags can you get on the street?"

Start that training in 3rd grade and the Fields Medal contestant pool would look like an NBA draft pick.

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It also has to do with education and so called "Educators".  The only way to learn anything is to be motivated by your own desire to learn something because that knowledge is of value to you. To think that you can teach someone something they have no interest in learning is a fools errand. Thus the main failure of our education system, which in reality has become a detention facility.

I knew a boy who no matter what could not learn fractions. It looked like he was trying but just couldn't grasp the concept. Several years later I ran into him again and he was now selling mary jane. It seemed he was now an expert at fractions and making more money tax free a year than I did in a lifetime. Go figure.


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Does he understand fractional reserve?

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If I was black or a woman, I would work hard and become successful just to fucking spite everyone.

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It's insulting and unconstitutional.  Sometimes I wonder if they do things like this to make us hate each other.  Cornering societies alphas can lead bad things happening down the road. 

I am not worried about competing for a job, what I am worried about is Hillary getting elected and forcing me to live in a cave for some period of years.  That's how much I expect women to be hated by the time she is done with us.  I know she is just a puppet but the damage will be real nonetheless. 

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Ms No, you have hit on something there.  The socially neutered feminine male is a worthless creature.  Just as worthless is a "college educated" feminist bitch.



I don't believe humans can overcome nature in the end.  On a long enough timeline...

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We are locked on target to visit the extremes of PC bullshit.  Impossible now to speak one's mind.  So, the herd will allow really messed up stuff to continue until the downstream effects are so disgusting and shameful that society can no longer ignore it.

Frankly, I wonder how much of this is cause and effect towards the end result of a collapsing birth rate (soon to be matched with a skyrocketing death rate).  You want to talk about deflation in the grandest context... there it is.  Janet is going to need a lot more zeros to combat this sort of reality.

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Agreed. I'm GenX (late 30s) and work with and socialize/date many women. None of them like Shillary and all of them think feminism has done *at least* as much bad as good. They're mostly single, mostly divorced and have ZERO desire to re/marry, especially the younger ones. They're appalled by modern men and will openly acknowledge the dark side of all the progress.

Granted they are old enough to finally start thinking for themselves and this is ex-urb, red-Texas- so women are less "indoctrinated" in neoliberalism than they are in the urban cores. And these are all highly-educated women (PhD's/attorneys/etc., most making low 6 figures, etc.) so not exactly the norm for certain parts of N. America, especially as women radiate head north, west and east. (for instance my friends despise that Yelp girl TaliaJane.) Lots of great women in this country. But boy, Bernie's popularity in that demographic spoke volumes.

I suspect that, like minorities the last 8 years, that the goodwill of breaking another ceiling is not all unicorns and gum drops. I might suggest that TheChive, 50 Shades and Tinder have not moved the fairer gender forward. They're enslaving them.

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It is both, and the charts tell you that the Elites are squashing both the lower and middle class.

Roll the guillotines!  Loop the hempen rope!  Behead and lynch the members of the Kleptoligarchy!

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Does anyone know where these charts are from? the stats? source? I would love to share this but people shit this stuff out if it isnt attached to trackable numbers or websites.

much appreciated if anyone knows the source

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Does anyone know where these charts are from? the stats? source?

I've often wondered that myself about some of the charts the Tylers come up with.

Not that I believe them to be inaccurate or misleading, but the source from where this info is pulled from should really be linked to things like this otherwise people you share it with will just take it with a grain of salt.

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The irony is that a lot of thse charts come from FRED, and are official government numbers, just not widely reported.

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Considering that the govt "massages" all stats in their favor, it makes one wonder how much worse things actually are compared to the awful image depicted above.

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There you go, confusing the FED with the GOV.

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I have seen most of them come out of St. Louis Federal Reserve (FRED).

Not sure how you measure "Black Inequality", or if that is a govt chart.

You are correct though, information in chart form, presented to reinforce an argument, should be credited. 

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I'm ready for more of the same!

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Most of the upticks began in the 1990s and 2000s. This is bipartisan failure not just of parties, but of a system.

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I really hope Hillary gets in so she can face the screaming, violent, murderous hordes who will seek her out when the inevitable storm comes...very soon...will be fun to watch.

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Cloward-Piven and Alinksy at work. 

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Misssion accomplished for the illegal indonesian kenyan alien muslim lying worthless POS fudgepacker imbecile.....

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Soon you wish he would return.

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Dude, it's probably the steroids.