Can Americans Handle Four More Years Of This?

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Some folks were peddling fiction... for everyone else, there's this reality!

No child (or student, or poor person, or grandchild, or debtholder, or healthy person, or retiree, or African American, or family, or homeowner, or renter) left behind untouched...

Now that is a legacy.

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only if hillary wins in november

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Even then. If I never hear his name or see his face again, not a tear would I shed.

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We Obummered some folks!

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Too bad the criminals in the Mainstream Media never pressed Obama to define what exactly he meant by promising the fundamental transformation of America. The Mainstream Media Oligopoly are Obama's biggest supporters because he gives them effortless profits that only monopolies enjoy. Abolish the criminal Mainstream Media oligopoly!

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It was really quite stunning and why democracy cannot work. We were (and have been) asking what do you mean by "Change"?  

Change can be good or bad.

Now we know?

The next lesson is "Hope" ;-)

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I hope you're wrong. (oh damn)

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on which exact experience do you base your "democracy cannot work"?

a small appeal to logic: the US is one polity out of hundreds, in the present, and democracy is way older then the discovery of the New World

hardly the basis for a wide-sweeping remark over a very broad category of civic "fixtures" grouped under "democracy". have you tried multi-party politics? have you tried non-presidential systems? have you tried different electoral systems? have you personally experienced or researched about the same US constitution without the 17th Amendment?

to be frank, I feel contemptuos of presidential systems in the first place. they smack me of an undemocratic "like a king" setups, for example. but that's me, and I prefer confederational setups to federations, so.... sorry, imho your remark highlights part of the problem: too much simplification. and democracy, that many-headed lovable beast, is not simple

if you want simple, straight dictatorship is the thing. doesn't get simpler as that. anarchy is the opposite, the most complex and probably unachievable because of that      /bob

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"on which exact experience do you base your "democracy cannot work"?

From the experience of all those who have come before me...and a very enlightened europeon ;-)

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money." - Alexis de Tocqueville

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Father Thyme (not verified) nmewn Mar 2, 2016 11:10 PM

Thing is, de Tocqueville never said that. Elmer T. Peterson said it in The Daily Oklahoman, December 9, 1951.

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Your comment reminds me of an artical I read on premised by this,


A parable from China tells the story of a man who lost a horse.  The people of his town all come around to console him, but he says that we never know how things will turn out.  The horse returns with a herd of wild horses, thereby increasing the man’s wealth.  His neighbors congratulate him, and once more, he says that we never know.  His son breaks his leg trying to tame the wild horses, drawing sympathy, but then the emperor’s general comes to town and impresses fit young men into the army to go fight, and the son isn’t taken.  Each time, whether the event is good or bad, the man repeats that we can’t know the outcome of things.

and then an on target Z style comment

The last laugh is being had by the gun controllers because here it is again where supposed gun rights defenders are literally CONNED into SUPPORTING the permission slip structure.

Instead of telling them to stuff their gun control game, their false premise of permission power, they played a game that suckered you people, you supposed Second Amendment defenders, into declaring a "victory" because you "won" permission power for government - the very thing that THEY want!

There is no victory for gun RIGHTS here. There is only a victory for those who usurp the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

State issued permit structures are wrong, absolutely wrong, and here is why.
Second Amendment itself.
Tenth Amendment is clear with OR the people. The Second is CLEAR about the PEOPLE factor as opposed to the STATE.
Fourteenth Amendment Incorporation Structure (as contrived as the whole thing is) cannot support a permission slip structure either and that whole "States shall not MAKE or ENFORCE an law....

From infringement to Abridgment, from prohibition to blockaid, from individual right to privileges and immunities, to enumeration ITSELF, to case law out of the supreme court - it is all pointedly opposed to the permission slip power in the hands of government. Indeed, it is the very thing that the entire Law of Rights (the bill passed and was ratified) was crafted to PROHIBIT........and they have you thinking doing the opposite, supporting the opposite, is some kind of "victory".

Stop this intellectual dishonesty. Sop trying to polish the turd. Stop trying to fool others and yourself. It is past time to admit the reality, like i just did. Call it what it is. Tell the truth.

Enumeration of a right takes out of the hands of government - even the third branch, the power to decide on a case by case basis whether a right is really worth insisting upon.

Any way you cut it up - from background checks to waiting periods to permits themselves, they are ALL examples of Infringements and Abridgments! They are ALL violations of enumerated rights. They are all examples of precisely what government is NOT allowed to do!

To cheer it as some sort of victory that a State does this - and/or that states "recognize" each others violations is as pathetic as it gets. It is anti government of republican form, it is anti rights. It is outright usurpation. It is wrong.



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People register guns?

What a quaint and pointless activity. Why would they do that?

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At this point I would imagine they will jail or kill you if you fail to register where required. I like your post but I feel the noose tightening.

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To your point, I have never registered any of my guns and never will. For the same reason you allude to, I haven't (and will never) register to exercise my rights to any of the other nine ;-)

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Jeez Louise...

We got the waters to recede and the Earth is healing itself.

Isn't that enough for ya?

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What an Obamanation.

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Look at the trend lines. The J curve kicked in in the 1990s and early 2000s in most cases.

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And that tells us all what really matters in politics. sarc/on

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You can show this to any Obama supporter and they'll tell you it's lies.

I have.

I got the following rebuttals:

"Yeah, but this is because of Bush's mess"

"Yeah..but he got Bin Laden!"

"Yeah, but look at the stock market"

..and other total nonsense.

With each passing day, I know the U.S. is totally fucked.

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So, is anyone else going to change Amerika for the better? An Orangutang for POTUS would have the same results.

Guess we may see with Frump because he's filled with "really great" policy ideas like building walls, gutting environmental protection (fuck yeah, Flint!), bringing back waterboarding and strengthening a bloated and wasteful military.

They all blow chunks out their asses and pieholes.

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But whatever you do, don't mention our open borders and our fucked trade policies. Just call all of Trump's supporters uneducated redneck white trash, and out yourself as either a goddamn paid fucking shill, or even worse, some kind of brainwashed urban cissy boy who's never gotten his hands dirty and thinks all Whites who aren't like him are worthless.

Nevermind who built and who runs this country to this day. By run I mean make it run by doing actual work that matters as opposed to shuffling papers, getting manicurees, and sucking up to sluts and feminists for chance at a glimpse of pussy.(Yes I know it's a stereotype. Turnabout is fair play).

Now have a red and fuck off. Neckbeard.

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Agreed Debunker,

Trump has all these drooling Troglodytes snake fascinated. In a year, you will be just as disillusioned and disappointed as you would have been with any other candidate.

Our problems are structural; too much debt, too much war, too much control. 

Trump is the manifestation of our revenge upon the elite and all the pain they have brought the middle class, nothing more. Even that may prove to be a hornswaggle in time, he could be a plant too. 

I just can't bring myself to believe ANYONE can be our savior at this point. 

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I'm counting on the Fantastic 4, although Trump kinda reminds me of the Hulk and his basic thing is to just smash shit up.

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i'm confused, i thought the people had already elected an orangutan to the office of POTUS. just smack my jowls for being so uninformed.

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wow Jamaica Jim


I didnt know you were a racist.



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You were correct early on, you don't know.

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Change you can believe in.

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Change You Can Bereave In.

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That's worth 3 libraries, a fed building, a bridge and Nobel Peace Prize.  Now if he could only be the one to take away the Second from the US citizenry, then the rewards get really good.   

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 O/T. Trump needs to put a cork in it.

  He's won a huge victory, and needs to STFU!

  I know he's got good ideas, but needs to save them. ;-)

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Clearly, it's the evil speculators and fiction peddlers causing food stamp usage to spike.

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zeroaccountability (not verified) Mar 1, 2016 10:14 PM

I didn't know 'Black Inequality' was measurable....?

They have had every opportunity to succeed that I've ever had.

So, why are they 'inequal'?  I don't get it. I'm stumped.

What could it be? There MUST be a reason? HMMMM


All lives matter.

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zeroaccountability (not verified) zeroaccountability Mar 1, 2016 10:25 PM

Here's just one of many possible explanations:


Or, possibly, this?


If you haven't read these, please don't tell me about 'Black Inequality'.


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To copy a post from yesterday about IQ :

p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }a:link { }


IQ rankings tell you who wrote their tests, nothing else.

IQ tests have to be re-calibrated for every country, every year.  Calibration means selecting questions that produce the mean of 100 and standard deviation of 15-16.  That is to say, the test has absolutely no external way of calibration with respect to a population. IQ is not tied to any measure of brain function.  Yes, it is correlated with many other measures, but many measures are so correlated, we can't say what that means, exactly, in terms of mental function and brain physiology.

Who calibrated your nation's test?  Let me do mine, I can get any answer I want.

The many results showing populations' IQ's rising as it joins America can indeed be due to more outbreeding and hybrid vigor, but also due to adopting the mental sets of this culture and the ability to answer IQ test questions as specified to be 'correct'.

There is no such thing as a culture- free IQ test, can't be until there is an external measure to calibrate it against.  Not ever discussed, this little problem of basic testing.

And if you think there is, read about this culture :

What about if my mental representation of time is circular?  Could I solve physics problems?  We know zip about thinking, the idea that we have any adequate measure of how effective a brain will be at thinking is very wrong.

The whole 'race' concept is quite suspect genetically, and reasoning about race using IQ has been a losing proposition from the beginning, neither concept is strong enough to support any argument.

As for me, I am proud of my Neanderthal Heritage, and work to preserve all of our illustrious genes, now distributed throughout the human speices.

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Took the words right out of my mouth.


All lives matter -- enough of the contemporary prevailing collectivism.  We need to change that to each life matters.

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My Life Matters is the only realistic outlook for the preservation of a free society. I don't give a fuk about anyone else. Go do your thing but don't step on my toes.

The government is an unethical oppressive monopoly which has no moral right to force individuals to do their bidding.

SELF preservation is in our genes. My life, My family, My property! it's all that matters to any living soul. Donate, assist, lend a hand, resuscitate and do as You want regards to helping others. It may be a moral duty but certainly not a requisite.

Baa baa's picture

Not a requisite for what???

Slomotrainwreck's picture

requisite for what???

"regards to helping others. It may be a moral duty..."

requisite - made necessary by particular circumstances or regulations.


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let's just compromise here okay?....SOME LIVES MATTER......and leave it at that.

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- 50 years of Preferential Affirmative Action Programs for Education, Hiring and Minority set asides. These will never be enough in the future.

- 50 years of allegiance to the Democratic Party.

- Many years of allegiance to Planned Parenthood and PP almost systemic war on black babies through abortions.

So what has this accomplished. 

- The ghettos are still there. Drugs, crime, death of the family structure,  baby daddies rather than fathers

- More black politicians and black elite blaming everyone but themselves, while pointing the perpetual finger at alleged white racism.

- Blanket amnesty support for 11 to 30 million Hispanic alleged migrants, because they are brown people, and who take black jobs and political power

- Highest Black on Black crime committed, and rising annually. ETC, ETC, ETC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sure, the lesson about niggers becoming the .gov's slaves over the past 50 years is underappreciated.  The Dims literally have the niggers running to the polls for their nominally increasing free shit YET . . . YET in real terms, the niggers lifestyle continues to decline.  How's that for being back on the plantation?!? 

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Reported for non human activity.


Brit, brat, broke

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I find your comment racist.

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That's rayyyyyyyyyy-cist!

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I heard a report from an Austin, TX news source that Trump votes had been given to Rubio. They blamed computer problems. What a shit show.

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Coming as I do from a minority background, I experienced arson attacks, physical violence, verbal abuse, and aversive racialism from white majorities in public and in the work place. This is a daily lived experience for millions of people, which you might not be aware of.

Baa baa's picture

And where did these attacks occur? City and state, oh and during what time period in US history. I ask because I think you may be a bit disingenuous.