Can Americans Handle Four More Years Of This?

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Some folks were peddling fiction... for everyone else, there's this reality!

No child (or student, or poor person, or grandchild, or debtholder, or healthy person, or retiree, or African American, or family, or homeowner, or renter) left behind untouched...

Now that is a legacy.

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I little tweety bird told me that Donald Trump is the most dangerous threat to the US Establishment since George W. Bush.

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HappyCowboy (not verified) Mar 2, 2016 11:55 AM

I can handle anything as long as the welfare checks keep coming in.

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rahtidmon (not verified) HappyCowboy Mar 2, 2016 1:15 PM

LOL, just wait until the checks stop coming in and the EBT/SNAP cards can't buy what you need anymore, pucker up, loser.

That's right Mr. Free Shit Army, they are gonna SNAP on a rubber glove and give you a proper examination all right.

Keep drinking the KoolAid, and wearing rose colored glasses their fella, it becomes you. Your skittle shitting unicorn utopia is just around the corner, bwahahahaha!

So you think it is right and good for you to sponge off of other men/women hard work, sweat, blood and tears?

Your time is coming, bread and circuses now, carnage in the end friend. Just look at the ashheeps of history...

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HappyCowboy (not verified) rahtidmon Mar 2, 2016 1:26 PM

I'm having a good time while you sound totally facked-up to me.

Your ilk play by the rules of a game you hate.

Continue to "enjoy."

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rahtidmon (not verified) HappyCowboy Mar 2, 2016 2:30 PM

I am happy my friend that you think I am miserable, hey, maybe I am? Because of the likes of the FSA, which you say you are a part of, all I gotta say is enjoy it while you can, not gonna be up to me, lol...


Have a great day, mooch!

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Sure why not? The assclowns voting Hitlery have felt nothing negative. They work in .gov and are the FSA. Forward bitches!

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HappyCowboy (not verified) foodstampbarry Mar 2, 2016 12:15 PM

I get a free ride with my vote while you continually get screwed with yours.

Who is the assclown?

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Well, who the assclown is might be in question but who the asshole is, there is no doubt.

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There is very little discussion, in the presidential race, about the financial disintegration of America and what's coming.

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Yes, this is a technique called, "Don't tap the aquarium" 

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That's because where they're sitting everything is coming up roses.

For now.

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Do we really need a government?  Are there ANY productive workers in government?  On government holidays the world doesn't STOP because the productive members of society roll out of bed and get the job done - FU government!..SHUT down government and the world will easily carry on plus your AM commute will be immensely easier!...

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Don't be so fucking stupid. Whether you believe in a small state or Big Gubermint, you still need civil servants/government employees for society and the state to function, unless you are one of those fucking idiots that believe state jobs outsourced to the private sector will improve the service, be more cost effective and save the taxpayer money in the process. Why is it that a significant minority of white Americans take such umbrage to black and Hispanic government workers, but not white government employees to the same degree? I am fed up to the back teeth with retards claiming a society can function on no taxes and no state workers. What planet have you been living on? In fact give me an example? On second thoughts, given Trickle down economics(Tricklenomics) and "a rising tide, lifts all boats" economic theory has been proven to be complete bullshit, don't bother. Engage your fucking brain instead of debunked rhetoric and asinine bullshit. We need a state/government, the question is merely on its size and scope. 

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We need a Fuhrer to deal with the bankers and everything after that is gravy.

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hey A Ha, let me try to have you see it another way possibly.

If the private sector took over the process of education, etc, it would be far more efficient, and less costly. For one, there would be no tax dollars allocated to a bloated agency of paper pushers, it would be done by many of those same workers in the private sector.They have the experience, and would have their pink slips in hand, to apply for the open slots. Agency is shut down/shrinked and billions saved.

That and those workers now would no longer need govt benefits either, saving a huge amount of money, in our taxes.

It's a win win, sure we write up some Regulations, overseen by a small footprint, just inspectors.

That is just one example.

The other being the IRS, put into law the flat tax, everyone pays a higher tax on purchases, all of them, then there are no loopholes, tax of a yaght may be 2% more, $20K more for a guy with millions is nothing, and soap would have a 10% increase to a whopping $3/bar.

Pay that up, cause we save billions by abolishing the IRS, and no more income tax. That also means more discretionary money in the pockets of Joe Sixpack.

Go figure, lower taxes on corporations to bring them back here, and the jobs that come with them, all boats will rise, even tax revenues will increase.


We've done this before.

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YOU may need a government. I sure don't. 

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Pretty ingenius of the central planners that they are putting in Obama and Hillary Clinton during this time of serious decline.

Now these "elites" can really pursue their dream of blaming everything on a black man and a white woman.

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And the only solution we can come up with is to put even bigger dumb asses in charge.

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I believed it couldn't go as long as it already did, so hell, they might be able and hold it somehow together for another 4 years. My prediction is that fiat money and dollars will still be in use in 4 years, but vis-a-vis gold, the dollar and all other fiat currencies will crater.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

Don't count on it. I thought the system would have imploded already, how wrong was I? Those central bankers as of now, have proved me and you wrong. My kilo's of Silver and the few ounces of gold I hold, is only a hedge. When you control the markets, the money printing, the politicians(official state policy) and by extension the armies, whose to say when the MONEYMEN lose control? We know there is no market, with much of it manipulated and rigged, all we can do is wait and read the signs. Then again look at the Greek saga(their potential Gregxit) and their referendum, which the politicians asked for, then ignored the popular vote the politicians themselves asked for. Who saw that outcome? That was the final nail in the coffin for me. It proved that nothing is real in the markets and economics as a science is made up on the fly, by the most powerful, their mouth-pieces and those who control the printing of money. We the people, are merely flies swarming around shit, in the grand scheme of things. I hope you are correct, but don't stake your life on it. There will be a few twists and turns yet before this current financial system finally kicks the bucket.

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I don't, rest assured. But in light of the stacking that China, India, Russia et al. are doing - that is half the planet in terms of people and area - this current supression of the metals will not last another 4 years. Time will tell. I have a few more decades in me, so I'm hopeful to see how this all will be "resolved". 

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HappyCowboy (not verified) Mar 2, 2016 12:37 PM

Two things that are unmentionable on the campaign trail.

1. How Womens Liberation ruined our once great Nation by taking the women away from raising the youngsters and flooding the workforce ending up with dick jobs and off the wall unemployment.

2. The BANKERS have every one of us by the short hairs.

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Happened the other way around: cost of living went up so frickin much that we have no choice but to have 2 income families.

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rahtidmon (not verified) Mar 2, 2016 12:54 PM

Not a chance in hell.

Just read this one, lol...I threw up in my mouth a bit when I read the last part of the ending sentence.


Paddy Power Betfair Plc, Ireland’s largest bookmaker, is paying out 120,000 euros ($130,000) on Donald Trump winning the U.S. Republican presidential nomination.

Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton each won seven states on their way to commanding victories in Super Tuesday contests.

“Since 1988, the candidate to clean up on Super Tuesday has always gone onto win their party’s nomination,” the Dublin-based bookmaker said in e-mailed statement on Wednesday.

Gambling companies pay out early when they regard the result as a foregone conclusion, in part because it draws publicity and in part because gamblers often recycle winnings into other wagers. For example, Paddy Power paid out early on David Cameron’s 2010 election victory and the 2014 Scottish referendum result.

Trump’s odds indicate he has a 33 pecent chance of winning the White House, while Clinton has a 65 percent shot, Paddy Power Betfair said.

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The largest private employer in Morris County, TX, is preparing to close its entire operation.  We are going to need a whole lot more bartenders.

 “The plant’s owner, U.S. Steel Corp., issued Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notifications (WARN) to employees at the Morris County plant and told them they could be let go in March.

Cassella said the adjustment of operations has the potential to impact all (remaining) 677 employees.

The pending layoffs would continue a trend that began when oil prices started a downward slide. In March and April 2015, U.S. Steel laid off 436 employees at the Lone Star facility. Back in January 2015, the plant had 1,100 people on its payroll.

The plant is the largest private employer in Morris County. Founded in 1942 as Lone Star Steel Company, Pittsburgh, Pa.-based U.S. Steel bought its parent company, Dallas-based Lone Star Technologies Inc., in 2007.”

Looking on the bright side this will help Obama get rid of more of those pesky small businesses who like to deposit cash in the bank, damn criminals.

Last year (July 2015), I was told by a small business owner in a neighboring county (adjacent to Morris Co, TX) her business was down 50%She owns a small clothing retail shop and a 6 bed tanning shop.  I learned just this week she is closing her business this month (March 2016) and moving to a larger city 60 miles away. She was guilty of employing 4-6 employees.

rejected's picture

I worked (industrial electrician) there at the ore plant which was one of the first areas to close. Lone Star Steel was a busy place and at the time (1979) probably had far more than 1100 people. Worked on conveyor systems, locomotives, Lectra Haul trucks, overhead cranes, etc. Those industrial electrician skills today are useless as there's no industry. Sorry to hear the plant is shutting down.

Edit: Happy Cowboy states he is still getting his/her welfare check so I guess all is not lost.

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Funny how the masses jump to the conclusion that the president has anything to do with all this corruption, other than being a figurehead.    The Fed does more to create these problems than any crooked politician.

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+1000 redd_green.  The masses still think the president can change things.  Until, people wise up, we'll go down this nasty road for another decade.  I don't even know what the tipping point will be.  No cable, food, or porn...booooooz??!?? 

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Print moar, print moar, print moar. These charts prove how well recent monetary policy has been working. Since ZIRP and printing have been working so well, why not try NIRP and moar printing?

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If America ever shoves this Satanic, POS government back in the box that it came in, the economy will explode in unimaginable fashion.

rejected's picture

I'm sorry,,, from what I read only Trump pedals fiction.

Edit: Guess I should have said: from what I read in MSM it seems only Trump pedals fiction.

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We will have more than four more years of this along with war, poverty, famine as it is written and it will come to pass and anyone can see the direction squares with that ancient book called the Bible.  Failure to believe Christ is a failure of a magnitude that cannot be imagined by the most wicked among us.


You all should know that in the future, maybe the near future, that more than 50% of the entire population of the world will die by war, famine and disease.  Think about that and ask; can I see that as a possibility?

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Don't know whether Americans can handle four more years of this, but the empire/system really needs to collapse. There is no fixing the system from within. The system cannot be fixed by playing their game. The gamemaker controls the game regardless of what the players might do within it. Bring on the collapse, accelerated!

P229R's picture

Looks like a fundamental transformation to me.

centerline's picture

No lack of hope or change from what I can see. 

The Real Tony's picture

Soon most students will just give up and look for any job knowing full well a degree means nothing today. Outstanding student debt up, student debt down in the next 4 years.

chicmagnet's picture

Bullshit! A degree is very important, more important than ever! Wether it be a degree in engineering or a technical degree in plumbing. The Colleges and Universities need to have their feet held to the fires and provide a solid education for the monies they are stealing from us. My daughter told me the last time she was home that her professors were a bunch of fucking slouches looking for a paycheck. No not everyone should go to college, let the dummies that can't learn or don't want to learn flip burgers or mow lawns. Let the Universities fight for talent, let there be competition in the education system. Fuck TPP, NAFTA, the fucking con artist in government, Fuck the Fed.  STACK ON!

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...and sadly the "Black Guy" gets the blame for a Bush/Cheney economic destruction and Fed ongoing complicty in ensuring the rich stay rich or get richer.


JOvite's picture

...and sadly the "Black Guy" gets the blame for a Bush/Cheney economic destruction and Fed ongoing complicty in ensuring the rich stay rich or get richer.


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That floats in year 1, 2, and 3.

In year 8?

Nothin' doin'.

The O-Meister EXPANDED the Bush-Cheney economic policies...or what the hell do you think that $1 TRILLION DEFICIT IS??????

Oh, I forgot, he's reduced it to a $600 Billion long as you hang on his every word like an obedient lap dog and ignore the Federal Balance sheet.

The 'O' important one should have declared it to be a $600 Billion Surplus like Clinton did.  After all, what's the difference between them?  Why is an obscure mathematical symbol preceding the number so important anyway?

The words and the reality have nothing to do with one another.

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Four more years of Central planning policy?

Why would it be in a four year increment?

Eahudimac's picture

Judging by the words and actions of the majority of the American electorate, not only can they handle 4 more years, they demand it. 

Manipuflation's picture

I want to keep an eye on the cops.  They don't come around here too much.  I have way too many cameras and one with a long focus on a Nikon D90 SLR.  That one will not a be a shitty grainy photo.  Hell, that lens will turn up a badge number at a 100 yards like crisp ten point font.  

A camera is a great weapon of intimidation to cops.  Cops do not like cameras and especially mine from my third floor balcony.  The cops quit pulling people over in front of my overpriced joint a couple of years back.  Take your flashing lights and shove them up your ass and that fucking siren is waking up my small children.  I shoot cops all of the time with my D90 Nikon SLR camera.  What is going on outside that is such a big deal?

Even if a college kid got drunk, as they should once in a while, and smashed into one of my cars is that not my business?  You have to shave in between the time it took to call the cops and the time they finally show up.  It is not even worth calling the cops.  I would be pissed if someone smashed into my car who had a couple too many.  Fuck it, I have three more. 

I do not want to press charges because no one got hurt.  It is all junk anyway the way I look at things.  The COPS don't look it that way though.  "Hey asshole cop, it is my vehicle that is smashed.  I am the one who should press charges and I do not want to."  That is not going to work with the coppers.  These fuckers are going to press their own charges and probably some against me as well on top of it all even though I am the victim and was not around when the accident happened.  I will get fined for something for "obstruction of justice" because I will say that I will deal with the perpetrator on my own terms.

Is it my vehicle or is it not?  Should I not have the right to decide whether or not persue charges/damages?  It seems that the fucking state actually owns my vehicle and charges me yearly for it.  Think about for a second.

I want to drive the piss out of those Camaros and Mustangs that they have now.  It was our money.  Where do those cars go?

Don't lie to me.                

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I’m so sick of being called a racist and a bigot by liberals. It might be time to become one for real. I will have to stop supporting my 3 favorite charities (Institute For Justice, Mercy Home in Chicago and Salvation Army) because those organizations help a preponderance of black people. I will avoid all black owned businesses and will no longer donate to local causes that involve blacks. I will stop being extra kind to black strangers that helps make up for my “white” privilege. I will no longer give special treatment to my black customers who’ve overcome obstacles to succeed in breaking the barrier to get into our mostly white industry. I will end my decision not to post anything racially orientated on Facebook to avoid offending my black friends and I will start being honest about how I really feel. They will all be hard decisions to make but we have to put our foot down at some point and say enough is enough of this PC crap already!

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I guess all that is OK as long as you pay for reparations of slave traders.


RaceToTheBottom's picture

"Can Americans Handle Four More Years Of This?"

I don't know about America, but Wall Street is sure hoping for 4 more years like the past eight.  

Of course Wall Street is not really America.  That is one of the drivers of electronic money, so they can know who they should let have access into the country of Wall Street.

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"Now that is a legacy." 

The charts are mostly unreadable as to what units of what they represent. However... 

G W Bush mostly started this crap inexorably down hill; however Obama bought it and made it his own by "looking forward" and not arresting the whole Bush crew and their private co-conspirators. In his first two years he singlehandedly saved the Republican Party and threw his hope and changers under the bus. Then he didn't just ride it out, he made it worse and institutionalized the Bush Doctrine, the surveillance state, the Wall Street impunity and the war on the poor and newly poor middle class. 



So, Obama was very successful in accomplishing the goals of the Deep State.


That…, is Obama’s Legacy.

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Keeerist.  IBM may layoff one-third of it's workforce in the coming weeks.


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Americans have been pretty good with handling trillions taken from them for the past 100 years.  So, what's another 4 years and a few trillions more?  Bread and Circus....MOARRRRRR please!