"It's A Recession Stupid" - US Factory Orders Tumble For 15th Month In A Row

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In 60 years, the US economy has not suffered a 15-month continuous YoY drop in Factory orders without being in recession. Today's -1.9% YoY drop may suggest the slide is decelerating, but off the weakness in December (-2.9% MoM), January's bounce +1.6% MoM missed expectations (+2.1%) notably (and Ex-Trans decline MoM).



Or different this time?

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I sharted my yoga pants, I shipped my pants.

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It is not a recession until you believe it is. Everything has got a new name and definition these days. Dumb fucks in the gubmint and Federal reserve are rewriting everything.

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Two observations:


1.  Whatever it was, an admitted recession or a non-admitted recession, it appears to be "off the lows" and on it's way back up.  (Remember I told you none of us would live long enough to see the next officially declared recession?  This is what I'm talking about.)

2.  We still have factories in the US??  I don't believe you.

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well, it looks like the "manufacture" and sale of financial "products" has never been better...



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"none of us would live long enough to see the next officially declared recession under a democrat potus" - ftfy!  call me cynical but I have a sneaking suspicion the same "data" would be interpreted somewhat differently under a trump administration...

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What do you call the recovery for a non-recession recession?

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MadVladtheconquerer (not verified) Mar 3, 2016 10:19 AM

The slide is DECELERATING?  Finding a bottom from whence to rebound?

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The words recession and depression are going to be banned like the 100 dollar bill and 500 Euro. 

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This is bullish. Better than expected. No problem

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Either they know what's coming and just trying to suck every last drop of blood from the corpse or they are clueless and think it's all-clear and we are going to break to new highs. Just keep thinking it's a marathon and not a sprint. 

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Obamao's legacy must be protected at all costs; including manipulation of the language.  

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Who cares? If we're supposed to believe this chart, then we're going to see an explosion of green again soon.

ZH with more dumb analysis.

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But it can't be a recession!  The market is over 16.7 and S&P at 1977.

Excuse me while I wipe the blood from my eyes...

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Talking for mysel, Jan. and Feb 2015 were the worst I ever had, down 30% yoy.

Jan. & Feb. 2016 are -30% again  on those lousy months.

What about my fellow ZHers in biz ?

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We just had our seventh month in a row with a YoY decrease.  We are an industrial supplies distributor based in Metro Detroit.  What's ultra terrifying to me is 2015 was a record (or near record depending on who you ask) year for car sales, and 2016 is "supposed" to be just as good. 

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Your mistake is believing that cars are still made in Detroit.

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six crappy months of sales down in a similar fashion.

this one isn't looking any better.


but then we've been in a downturn for almost 2 years with the occassional blips of minimal positive sales

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zero income, down 100 percent with taxes due. great balance stmnt though...

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Depression.  If it weren't for the fabricated BLS U-3 stats and the rigged dollar/stock markets then those two "leading indicators" would have been signalling depression since 2008.

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But, Janet just filled the swimming pool with crude.

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Who declares the recessions anyway, somebody knock on their door  make sure they're still alive in there  we may have a hostage situation or something.

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shhhh      dont mention the D word

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Gold will be up $100 today.

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It's a recession, stupid.  Nope.
It's a depression, stupid.  Nope.
It's a global economic collapse, stupid.  Yup.

And quite possibly an extinction level event as a final neocon farewell.