The Stupid Things People Do When Their Society Breaks Down

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Submitted by Brandon Smith via,

A frequent mistake that many people make when considering the concept of social or economic collapse is to imagine how people and groups will behave tomorrow based on how people behave today. It is, though, extremely difficult to predict human behavior in the face of terminal chaos. What we might expect, or what Hollywood fantasy might showcase for entertainment purposes, may not be what actually happens when society breaks down.

It is also important to note that social and economic destabilization is usually a process, not an immediate event. This actually works in the favor of liberty activists and the preparedness minded. As a system moves through the stages of a breakdown, certain signals in the psychology of the population can be observed, and this gives us a warning as to how far down the rabbit hole we have actually gone.

Except in the case of a nuclear or EMP (electromagnetic pulse) event (which unfortunately are concerns because of the powder keg situation in Syria), vigilant liberty proponents could have considerably more time than the average person to preposition themselves safely. That said, there will be a host of expanding problems of a psychological nature we will have to deal with before, during and after the final leg down in the unfolding mess that internationalists often refer to as the “great global reset.”

The following list is based on social behavior patterns commonly seen during systemic crashes through modern history (the past 100 years). These are some of the stupid things people do as they begin to realize, at least subconsciously, that a SHTF scenario is in progress.

They Do Nothing

It’s sad to say, but the majority of people, regardless of the time or place in history, have a bad habit of ignoring the obvious. They may have an unconscious sense that danger is present, but never underestimate the power of men and women to waterboard their own instincts with a big bucket of intellectual idiocy.

It is not uncommon for large populations to sit calmly and idly, sometimes for weeks, in the midst of an economic or infrastructure crisis. Part of this is due to normalcy bias, of course. There is an immediate assumption amongst first world populations that “help is on the way” in the form of government aid. Faith in this aid can be so deluded that it is not until food and water stores are nearly exhausted that they finally begin to panic, or attempt to help themselves.

This gives the preparedness-minded a week or longer head start on the oblivious masses, but it is still a depressing state of affairs.

They Sabotage Themselves With Paranoia

Even in the early stages of a social breakdown when infrastructure is still operational, paranoia among individuals and groups can spread like a poison. Sometimes this is encouraged by a corrupt government, sometimes it just happens naturally.

The tendency is to begin seeing every other person as a potential competitor or threat rather than a potential ally. They make the assumption that all they need to do is to avoid contact with others and “outlast” most people during the ugliest phase of the breakdown. This assumption is foolish on two fronts. First, a society needs security and production in order to rebuild. If survivors of collapse strictly isolate from each other, practical security is absolutely impossible and thus, production is unlikely. Eventually, they will die along with everyone else.

Second, there are no guarantees whatsoever that our particular process of collapse will develop in a vacuum. That is to say, you might think that one day you will walk out of the hills after the worst of the crisis to a blank slate and rebuild, but certain organizations and systems may still be in place, or even dominate. Rarely in history have governments ever actually “disappeared” during societal collapse. In fact, governments have a habit of becoming even more powerful and despotic during and after large scale implosions of social systems. Survival is simply not enough if you walk out of those mountains alone only to find a totalitarian framework established on top of the ashes of the old world.

Organization with trustworthy people of like mind is essential not only for your survival, but the survival of future generations and the principles which you hold dear. Furthermore, guarded associations with your surrounding community are also necessary. This kind of organization must begin BEFORE the breakdown hits critical mass. It is far easier to organize before a disaster than after a disaster.

They Become Shaky And Unreliable When The Going Gets Tough

This is why early organization is so important; it gives you time to learn the limitations and failings of the people around you before the SHTF. If you have a large family, have lived in the same neighborhood and attended the same clubs and churches for most of your life, then you are probably well aware of who is solid and who will leave you in the dust when times become difficult. Even then, you are liable to discover that some people will disappoint you.

You do what you can with the help you have on hand, but the stresses of economic uncertainty, social unrest, increasingly oppressive government, and the lack of creature comforts can drive seemingly strong and confident people to do stupid and cowardly things.

They may be close friends or family; individuals you care for. Or, they may be newer associates attempting to build a preparedness group from scratch. If you notice a penchant for running from adversity today when standing fast under pressure is necessary, then there is a good chance these same people will crumble when staring down a societal nightmare tomorrow. Always make a point to know which persons you can rely on before you might need them.

They Become Hotheads And Tyrants

On the other side of the coin, there are those individuals who believe that if they can control everything and everyone in their vicinity then this will somehow mitigate the chaos of the world around them. They are people who secretly harbor fantasies of being kings during collapse. These folks are usually not very successful or well-liked in times of stability, and they long for conflict and destruction to make way for their “rebirth” so that they will receive the respect they think they always deserved.

Hotheads are a considerable liability as well, jumping headlong into strategically foolish situations and luring others into a zero-sum game. Their argument is always “If not now, then when!” As if the now and the when of a conflict are irrelevant and the fighting is all that matters. These people are the reverse of the unreliable cowards. They want blood. They want glory. They have something to prove, and they will sacrifice you and others to make this happen if the mood strikes them. Refusing to stand firm when calamity is on the horizon is a failing, but so is creating calamity because of a lack of intelligent planning. Finding people who understand the middle ground between these extremes will be a vital task for those who wish to survive and thrive during upheaval.

They Become Political Extremists

Throughout most modern collapses, two politically extreme ideologies tend to bubble to the surface — communism and fascism. Both come from the same root psychosis, the psychosis of collectivism. However, they are expressed is somewhat different ways.

To summarize down to very simple socio-psychological terms, communism is collectivism based on the demonization of individual merit and the demonization of production based on individual gain. Communism sees individualists as anomalies that threaten the greater good of the greater number. They usually seek to remove or eliminate individualists and individualist philosophies so that the collective may succeed as a single homogenized unit. Communists steal from the strong to artificially support the weak until the strong no longer exist.

Fascism is collectivism based on the idea that the strong prevail over the weak and that the weak survive only by the good graces of the strong. While communism demands forced charity to “harmonize” the unsuccessful with the successful until they are indistinguishable, fascism demands that the unsuccessful be erased so that there is no need to harmonize. It should also be noted that fascists see those who disagree with them as a “weakness” within their master collective that must also be eliminated.

Communism and fascism have a kind escalating and abusive love affair. The more insane and pervasive communists become with their attempts to dominate language and thought, the more communists use organized mobs to control public discourse, the more other people see fascist solutions as a viable way to deal with them. Brownshirt gangs beating communists (along with many others) to death in the streets is usually one of these solutions. This is exactly what took place in Europe during the Great Depression, and it could very well happen again throughout the West.

Both ends of the spectrum make it their top priority to gain control of government so they can use it as a weapon against the other side. The reality is, behind the curtain elitists are playing both sides, encouraging the public in the delusion that they can only choose between one or the other; between communism and fascism.

Ironically, as people flock to these extremist political views, they will invariably accuse fair minded liberty activists of being the “vicious extremists.” The best liberty activists can do is to not fall into the trap of the false paradigm as well, and to fight smarter than either the communists or the fascists are capable.

They Become Religious Zealots

Extreme political views are not the only siren song during societal breakdown. Religious zealotry is readily abundant during crisis. Zealotry is essentially fanaticism to the point of complete moral ambiguity. Everyone who does not believe the way the zealot believes is the “other,” and the other is an enemy that must be annihilated. In the realm of the zealot there is no such thing as “live and let live.” Their ideology must reign supreme without question or opposition.

Zealotry is also not limited to major religions; it is also common in the cultism of ideologies. Cultural Marxism (groups like "Black Lives Matter" and third wave feminism), for example, are perfect examples of a different brand of religious zealotry. There is no logic or reason behind their beliefs or worldview, and no room for dissent. They have their own taboos and their own dogma, their own high priests and their own gods (government, mother earth, etc.) Their directive is to eradicate other beliefs and ways of viewing the world as “heretical” while rationalizing what they do using their own broad interpretations of their own “religious texts.”

The ultimate goal of any zealot is to establish a theocracy, in which their belief system becomes the only known system. All other belief systems are forcibly buried and forgotten along with any people who get in the way.

They Abandon Their Moral Compass

Hollywood it seems has half the world convinced that in times of great distress, only the amoral will survive. Morally relative characters are painted as “heroic” leaders that are willing to “do what is necessary,” while people with moral foundations who do not bend the rules of conscience or natural law in spite of terrible times are painted as weak or stupid, dying in horrible ways because they refused to adopt an “every man for himself” attitude.

The truth is the complete opposite. Morally relative people when discovered are usually the first to be routed out or the first to die in survival situations because they cannot be trusted. No one wants to cooperate with them except perhaps other morally relative people. Such congregations of evil do collaborate successfully for a time based on the concept of mutual criminality for mutual gain, but eventually, they will be hunted down by those they have wronged and wiped out.

Regardless of how they rationalize their activities or the short term gains they enjoy at the onset of collapse, moral relativists have the odds stacked against them in the long run.

*  *  *

Fear and instability are like a radioactive stew, a Chernobyl effect that breeds strange creatures in men. We look back at our history and think that we know and understand what we are capable of, or that such tragedies could never happen again. But chaos rises anew and the shadow side of each and every human being is put to the test. In most cases, it is self-ignorance in the individual that opens the door to collective demons. That said, the conditions of collapse that triggered societal fear in the first place are many times engineered by elitist interests for the very reason that in this way the masses can be made monstrous.

We make the defeat of such elitists more possible every time we avoid the stupidity of the choices above and continue down the path of conscience, courage, truth and wisdom. When fear is made inconsequential, we cannot be manipulated. And if we cannot be manipulated into fighting shadows, or fighting each other, then the only people left to fight are the very people that originally sought to divide us.

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cdevidal's picture

They Do Nothing ... They Sabotage Themselves With Paranoia ... They Become Shaky And Unreliable When The Going Gets Tough ... They Become Hotheads And Tyrants ... They Become Political Extremists ... They Become Religious Zealots ... They Abandon Their Moral Compass


Wow. Libtards and Republitards in a nutshell.

TeamDepends's picture

Long Irish whiskey, zombie repellent, asswipe, coins of a certain heft, fresh fresh water and an old King James.

Paveway IV's picture

"...Fear and instability are like a radioactive stew, a Chernobyl effect that breeds strange creatures in men..."

It's a disease and it's called psychopathy. While some small percentage of any existing population are genetic psychopaths and always will be, the majority of people OF ANY POPULATION can be turned into psychpaths in the right conditions. Lobaczewski and his collegues were not interested in the few percentage of the population that where clinical psychopaths. They wanted to know how normal, moral, average people could so easily be turned into psychopaths or support the existing ones. They were trying to explain how societies could produce and cooperate with psychopathic state organizations like the Cheka (Soviet Union), the Stazi (East Germany) or the DHS (just kidding... kind of).

Lobaczewski was trying to explain how easy it will be to turn YOU AND YOUR FAMILY into psychopaths when Team Chaos goes full retard and the SHTF. You will do it to survive and remain sane. Why? Because you're no different than every other peon on earth that had to live with the oppressive tyrants they created and empowered.

Got your bug-out bag? Fuck you. EVERYONE has that plan when the SHTF and it fails for 98% of them. What Russian wanted to hang around when the Cheka was doing purges? What East German didn't want to get the fuck out of there when the Stazi came knocking? Bugging out in the U.S. seems like a rational idea until state security goes full SS on your ass. You will be a threat simply because you bugged out. They will come FOR you. Yeah... I know. You got guns and all. That's why the Cheka and Stazi were quickly defeated </sarc>. Leaving the U.S.? Great. Hope you don't have friends or family you're leaving behind. They will be of special interest to 'the state'.

Everyone always thinks they're more clever than the Cheka, Stazi, SS, etc. and can escape - I guess Americans will get their turn at the wheel, too. You won't understand psychopathy and oppression until your kids or neighbors rat you out to the state for being subversive or bugging out. Then it won't matter - you're going into a FEMA oven with the rest of us. 

Here's an idea: woodchipper the fucking psychopaths first so we don't need to take our turn at the wheel. 

seataka's picture

Nice, good job getting through that book...changed the way everything looked to me.. before reading Political Ponerology I read Gehlen's autobiography

Reinhard Gehlen told his operatives to study the methods used by the Polish resistance to the Nazis.

I met a old man who was in the Polish resiatance, I asked him what their methods were, he told me that they targeted for assisination those who did the actual TORTURE sessions...

I believe this is good advice...

tonyw's picture

One reason the Polish resistance did so well was that they had previously been occupied by both Germans and Russians.

They knew they might be occupied again but over time would re-gain their freedom.

In 1939 realising they would be occupied once again they formed good "underground" organisations.

Throught the war they continually published pamphlets, ran banned schools and more.

Poland had been singled out by Hitler for especially tough treatment and attrocities were committed by many German troops who only a few years before had been perfectly normal people.

Manthong's picture

OT..  sorta...

LOL   ad heard on the radio a just a little while ago….

.”The Cloud.. it may sound nebulous”…….

My first thought was it may sound cumulous..  or maybe stratus..

But WTF do I know..

And now it seems like Tina Fey is popularizing Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

..but she will never get FUBAR or SNAFU.

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo her liberal Tango Whiskey Alpha Tango.


I need more asshats's picture

Bring it Bitchez! Asshats is a little bit country and he's a little bit rock and roll!

You come to my town looking for trouble and you are going to fucking find it. .gov or civies. I'll tan you hide good. Churchill Manitoba is no place to fuck with.

juangrande's picture

You might be watching too much TV...

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

You over-generalize. Many got out. E.g., about a million Jews got ou of Germany and Austria in 1934-1939 before they couldn't. The smart, determined or too scared to stay. Check immigration records.

So too the same types will leave any country. Do you think that the hordes swarming into the EU are first lining up to get Exit Visas or amass a trailer or car full of Bugout stuff? They may not be able to buy gold or diamonds (like Jews did), but they can and do bring handguns and drugs, to convert into cash at their destination.

Paveway IV's picture

Cut me some slack, Kirk - it was a rant! But your'e right. Those prepared and determined enough will get out.

Point is that nobody should have to worry about bugging out anywhere - I don't want to live anywhere else. Yet humanity keeps replaying this same sad script over and over and we never seem to learn. Ignorance is bliss - until it's not.

NuckingFuts's picture

As I have posted prior, I was living in Albania in 97 when the ponzis failed and 40+ years of totalitarian dictatorship had left the population without options.

It was not pretty. I witnessed things that still wake me up at night 20 years later. I am by no means an expert, I was just there when an event happened in a country of about 2 million and the size of Maryland.

I could go on about the carnage, the fear and my ultimate evacuation by the Marines.... But I won't. I would just like to share one story.

A family I got to know had sold most everything prior to the communist takeover in the late 40's. They bought gold and burried it prior to the nationalization of everything. For 40 plus years they left that gold in the ground and told no one. About 3 years before my arrival when things became "democratic" they dug it up and opened a grain mill to make flour. They were the most successful family I met during my time there that did it honestly. My point being that the 25 year old me learned about staking and the long game. Societal collapse is a time to circle the wagons and lay low waiting for things to settle.... And that might take decades but at that point it's about survival and the long game. The title of this article is "the stupid things people do when....." What about the smart things people do? Thinking not about themselves but the legacy of their family in future generations. The folks that burried that gold never got a chance to see it, but their grandkids did. Stack, lay low, survive and hope to come out on the other side once the dust settles.

willwork4food's picture

Another hit piece from Brandon.

Manthong's picture


“As I have posted prior…”



If you do understand this message,

…then you have not been through the grinder yet.

runningman18's picture

Sometimes you have to know what the stupid things are before you can do the smart thing.  And, there won't be any decent world after this SHTF event, not years or decades from now.  The elites are going for broke.  If people don't stop them, they will steamroll over the world and no one will be digging up gold or opening up a grain mill.  This collapse is not like those of the past.

HopefulCynical's picture

I agree completely. The psychopathic oligarchy is going for checkmate against humanity.

OldPhart's picture

I'm in the 'they become internet assholes' category.

I troll, and try to warn, but am considered an asshole on social media.

Asshole neighbor to the left may have as much shit as I do Mexican asshole to the right, simiilar.  I've got enough food and ammo for all of us to last four months (nieghbor to the right has young women in it's family).

I've still got a shit pile of gold stil to buy.  My silver isn't going anywhere.  EVERY single bill is paid a year and a half in advance, right now.

Credit Card limitations, I avoided them my entire life, don't exceed $850, so I can't use them  to buy gold.  So cash it is, and the results lost on a local dry lake.

But fuck all this financial and political shit.  My second grandson was borne today.  Nathan William [OldPhart].

Rest assured my grandsns wll be instilled with constitutionalist values.

I AM the embodiment of a crank grandfather, even more than my own grandfather, who told me to avoid debt, to never trust a bank, and to never trust government.  'll will fuck you', [his own words that I've heeded, as best I could, to today].

Now, in his legacy, I have two tons of his linotype {he was the publisher of the Burington Bee in Burlington, Iowa, Grandmom wrote 'Hanging on the Clothesline' and was a nationally known news syndicate before we had news syndicates.}

After piecing together all family names, I've still got two tons of lead.

All the molds after are various calibers.


Hopeless for Change's picture

"I troll, and try to warn, but am considered an asshole on social media."


Could not possibly describe my internet identity any better.  


Luckily, Trump is trolling enough for all of us, and the people who consider me to be an asshole are really, really upset.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

WOWurstupid's picture

Brandon should run for king he knows everythinhg, except a revolver having a safety. He saved Ferguson

WOWurstupid's picture

See he attracts great talent and brings folks together.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

You prepare to stay out for a predetermined period, them leave or emigrate. Leave by land, sea or air and pack accordingly.

It's about continuing the Line, not about Your personal preferences or attachments to your local piece of dirt, as you'll have plenty of it 6' above you eventually anyway. And fact is, the best odds for your Progeny, is FAR away from the crisis zone. Duh!

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) Mar 3, 2016 10:34 PM

I have advised a number of people to invest in PMs. Silver is my favorite metal but if you can afford it, gold is good. I have also advised that they have a firearm and know how to use it. And I have also advised them to start a garden and to start raising some type of protein. Has anyone in my family listened? No. Will I feed them when they show up to my farm, starving and in rags? I haven't decided yet. While I was busy thinking and preparing and making plans they were busy calling me names. Memory like an elephant, what a bitch.

813kml's picture

You should absolutely feed them -- to the pigs.

Niall Of The Nine Hostages's picture

Most you owe them is ONE warning shot.

Me, the most my own mother can expect from me when her Social Security checks (which she never lifted a finger to earn) start to bounce is the bullet that puts the old bitch down. Blowing out the alcohol-addled  mess that passes for her brain will be a privilege and a pleasure.

Beyond that she's on her own.

If humanity survives banksterism, there'll be no room for useless mouths in whatever replaces it. 


Seek_Truth's picture


"Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. " Honour your father and mother" (this is the first commandment with a promise), "that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land." ( Ephesians 6:1–2, ESV. See also Colossians 3:20) — Ephesians 6:1–2 (ESV).

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

When the shit hits the fan, who knows whether you will be quoting scripture or trying to kill the 10-year-old before his adrenaline builds up enough to spoil the flavor of the meat.  Judge not lest you be judged.

DeadFred's picture

You don't know much about Christians if you think he'll be slaughtering ten year olds because he gets hungry. LOL Time will tell if his (and my) belief will end up 'correct' in the end but we won't change just because the going gets tough. Christianity fares worst in the fat, profligate times like the West has been through for decades. It thrives in hard times. The West sent missionaries to China for a hundred years with limited effect. When the Communists took over there were about 100,000 Chinese Christians in the country, after 50 years of severe persecution there were over 50 million. The country will soon have more the the US while still being under official sanctions. His ten year old is perfectly safe.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

 "I tell you the truth, Peter--this very night, before the rooster crows, you will deny three times that you even know me."  And that was the guy on which the mighty church of Rome was founded.  Everyone has a plan . . . until they get hit.

Seek_Truth's picture

Amen, Fred!

When times of plenty come- no one learns anything.

When times of hardship come- an opportunity to learn is presented.

But few take the opportunity to learn.

4 wheel drift's picture

fucking religious wako....


scripture yer arse into total hell


oh wait...   i am hearing voices from upstairs where i have my imagnary friends.....


they say you are a moron.....   a freaking cult member....


LOL !!!

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) Seek_Truth Mar 4, 2016 12:58 AM

Fuck you. You have no idea how I was raised but it included hard work and no excuses. Not even religious bullshit was tolerated by my family. Not 50 years ago and not now.

Seek_Truth's picture

No need for obscenities.

You have no idea how I was raised, either.

And as bad as I had it- I've met a few who've had it far, far worse.

PS- Obscenity is the crutch of the inarticulate"

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) Seek_Truth Mar 4, 2016 1:33 AM

The F word is just another word. So fuck you. I don't give a damn if you are offended.

Seek_Truth's picture

No it isn't- and I'm not "offended."

It's a word whisker- keeping you from stating, clearly- what you mean.

Obscenities are the destroyers of thought- you can use them to mean anything- anything at all.

Try constructing a sentence without using obscenities- do this for the rest of your life- and you will quickly learn why obscenities mean nothing- they are vapid, useless, and convey nothing,

JerseyJoe's picture

Who is preaching now?  Blowhard.

jughead's picture

Being articulate isn't even in the top ten of survival skills.  God told me to tell you to go fuck yourself. 

Borrow Owl's picture

"Being articulate isn't even in the top ten of survival skills."

Um.. no.

In many situations- SHTF or otherwise- the ability to clearly articulate your intentions and needs may well be the *only* thing that keeps you alive.



Gold Eyed Cat's picture

Seek give the guy a break.  You don't know what his life was like growing up.  Not everyone gets decent parents.  Even monsters have kids.  And sometimes the only sane/mentally healthy thing to do is to stay far far away from them.  (And not open the door if they show up on your welcome mat.)

Seek_Truth's picture

You are of course, "correct".

"Politically" speaking, that is.

I looked out for my Mom to her dying day.

My life wasn't pretty- or "politically correct."

But I did the right thing- I looked out for, and provided for, my Mom- to the end.



HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) Gold Eyed Cat Mar 4, 2016 1:35 AM

Thanks for the back up. No one knows how some families behave behind closed doors. Unless you grew up locked behind those very doors.

Syrin's picture

And you are a fuckhead.   Parents should honor and respecty their children, something lady has never done.   It's not a one way road, and parents shouldn't live off their kids.

Seek_Truth's picture

Parents already invested their lives in their children.

That is why children need to look out for their parents.

That is the way the real world has worked for millennia.

Your comment exposes your shallow, yellow, underbelly.

Sucks to be you-and I pray for your parents.

TheDutchDude's picture

Dear Seek, you are right.

I have had the luck being raised by good parents which tought me the precious values of how to live life and how to take care of one and other. I am saddened by the fact that many people did not have good parenting and have to learn this values the hard way or not at all. I can only pray for these people.

This does not mean I look in anyway down on these people because first of all I am far from perfect and I am failing on a lot of fronts. But when the SHTF and people are showing up at my doorsteps looking for help, I will let them in and try to take care of them in the best way possible.

Our life on earth is only a short breath in comparison to the eternity that God is promising us when we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. Let us be a shining light in this dark world by showing compassion and love to one and other.



nofluer's picture

"when the SHTF and people are showing up at my doorsteps looking for help, I will let them in and try to take care of them in the best way possible."

The worst thing you could do under those circumstances would be to "take care of them." Better would be to find out what their skill sets are, and make them responsible for an equitable portion of the work. I've yet to meet a person who couldn't even wash a plastic plate. And others would have better skills - medical skills, knowledge of nutrition requirements, the ability to cook palatable food and knowledge of how to store food and other resources...

If they have no skills, give them some. Assign them to someone who has knowledge and train them.

ie Make them a PART of the clan and they will be more likely to be LOYAL to the clan - perhaps even unto death.. And if one or more is disloyal? If you survive their treachery, THEN throw their asses out in the cold and ban them and their git forever..

TheDutchDude's picture

Dear Seek, you are right.

I have had the luck being raised by good parents which tought me the precious values of how to live life and how to take care of one and other. I am saddened by the fact that many people did not have good parenting and have to learn this values the hard way or not at all. I can only pray for these people.

This does not mean I look in anyway down on these people because first of all I am far from perfect and I am failing on a lot of fronts. But when the SHTF and people are showing up at my doorsteps looking for help, I will let them in and try to take care of them in the best way possible.

Our life on earth is only a short breath in comparison to the eternity that God is promising us when we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. Let us be a shining light in this dark world by showing compassion and love to one and other.