Frontrunning: March 4

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  • Rivals rip Trump but promise support if he is the nominee (Reuters)
  • Employment gains seen accelerating in February (Reuters)
  • Brazil's Lula Targeted in Police Raid Into Corruption Scandal (BBG)
  • Economist: For The ECB, It's No Longer About Oil (BBG)
  • China's premier says economy faces greater difficulties in 2016 (Reuters)
  • Copper Stockpiles in China Surge to Record as Metal Flows East (BBG)
  • Turkish court jails two Syrians over drowning of toddler Aylan (Reuters)
  • Inside China’s Plan for a Military That Can Counter U.S. Muscle (BBG)
  • China Begins to Tackle Its ‘Zombie’ Factory Problem (WSJ)
  • Facing record oversupply, U.S. oil looks for a home in Europe (Reuters)
  • Bank of America revs up auto loans business despite warning signs (Reuters)
  • Why Wall Street's Iconic Steakhouses Are Empty (BBG)
  • Edmond de Rothschild in Geneva Targeted by French Criminal Probe (BBG)
  • Drone Buzzes Passenger Plane On Paris Approach (WSJ)
  • China Tries Its Hand at Pre-Crime (BBG)


Overnight Media Digest


- AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc agreed to buy Carmike Cinemas Inc in a cash deal that would make a Chinese-owned company the largest movie-theater operator in the U.S.(

- Mutual funds that helped fuel the technology boom are cutting the value of their startup investments at an accelerating pace and making fewer new investments.(

- Even if the Justice Department loses its legal showdown with Apple Inc over access to a killer's iPhone, the government might still be able to extract the data locked away inside it, computer-security experts say. But it would be risky, expensive and time-consuming. (

- The White House is reviewing potential Supreme Court nominees who not only have received past Republican support, but also have ties with top GOP lawmakers. (



Former Barclays Plc chief executive Bob Diamond had preliminary talks with global investors to back a takeover bid for the bank's African assets.

The French subsidiary of UBS is under investigation for alleged witness tampering, the bank said on Thursday.

French furniture and interior decoration company Maisons du Monde hired banks with an idea of listing



- Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and a parade of other technology companies filed a barrage of court briefs on Thursday, aiming to puncture the United States government's legal arguments against Apple in a case that will test the limits of the authorities' access to personal data.(

- Boeing has been invited to talks with Iranian officials about modernizing Iran's aged commercial aircraft fleet, the country's transport minister said Thursday, in what could be a precursor to the biggest business arrangement with an American company after more than three decades of estrangement.(

- With Brazil's economy tumbling and her campaign strategist jailed, President Dilma Rousseff now confronts a report that a senator from her party will accuse her in a plea deal. (

- In a significant consolidation of movie theater holdings, AMC Entertainment will acquire Carmike Cinemas for about $737 million in cash, forming the country's largest chain with more than 600 theaters, the companies said on Thursday.(




** Lobbying Commissioner Karen Shepherd is looking into former Quebec premier Jean Charest's activities in favour of the Energy East pipeline, including an offer to the Prime Minister's Office to organize a meeting with officials from TransCanada Corp (

** Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won agreement from the premiers on a broad strategy to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and build Canada's clean economy, but could not gather enough support for a national minimum carbon price. (


** Despite signs of life in oil prices, companies in Calgary continue to retrench, cutting jobs, shutting in production and scaling back spending plans. Repsol Oil and Gas Canada Inc, the company formally known as Talisman Energy, said it would lay off 10 percent to 15 percent of its staff over the course of the week, but would not give a specific number. (

** Crowley Holdings Inc, an Alaskan company engaged in distributing liquefied natural gas, has applied for an export permit to the National Energy Board, adding to the growing list of companies seeking to ship surplus Canadian natural gas to energy-hungry markets. (



The Times

The average price of a home in Britain rose 4.8 percent in February compared with the same period last year, rising to £196,930, according to the mortgage lender Nationwide. (

Britain's financial regulator has launched an investigation into six life insurers after concluding a review into the treatment of long-standing customers. (

The Guardian

The UK is set for another year of record low interest rates, economists have predicted, following news that the dominant services sector suffered a sharp slowdown last month. (

Britain's National Grid has warned the government that attempts to take over its role in preventing blackouts would bring further uncertainty and be of little benefit to consumers. (

The Telegraph

BHS has appealed to creditors for permission to enter a form of insolvency that could lead to the closure of dozens of stores and the loss of hundreds of jobs, as the High Street stalwart fights for survival. (

Some banks are recklessly offering large loans without paying sufficient attention to the borrower's ability to make repayments if interest rates go up and house prices wobble, according to the boss of Shawbrook Bank. (

Sky News

Sacked steelworkers have been awarded a share of 6.25 million stg, following the collapse of the SSI plant on Teesside last year. (

Britain's biggest employers' group, CBI, has warned the Treasury that pension tax reforms being considered by Finance Minister George Osborne would simply create a huge future burden on the public finances. (

The Independent

Wolfgang Schaeuble, the German finance minister, has said he would cry if Britain votes to leave the EU in the referendum on June 23. (


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Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I'm just pleased The Donald is well hung down there. When the President starts swinging his dick around it'd better be big. Apparently small hands don't indicate a small anatomy.


There is a reason I call this the silly season and this is proof. Rubio is a third grader for starting it. And the Republican 'elders' are afraid Trump will besmirch the party????

Too funny.

surf0766's picture

Trump flip flops on immigration. Show lack of class in debate

junction's picture

Maybe someone else can give an example, but I don’t recall any of the debate participants yesterday mentioning a quote from Shakespeare, Scriptures or any literary or legal source in their responses to debate subjects.  A total culture vacuum.  Not surprising from “Cabana Boy” Rubio or “You’re Fired” Trump, but Ted Cruz is supposed to be a top lawyer, he should have been able to at least quote some Latin legal phrase.  Kasich you can expect nothing from, he is a zero, a lifetime government hack whose main goal is to look serious, especially as he is receiving payoffs from private parties.

Meanwhile, outside the debate building, the mysterious deaths of famous people continue to pile up like cordwood.  Aubrey McClendon dies in a flaming car wreck, obviously a suicide.  Antonin Scalia dies suddenly at a meeting in Texas of a Satanist hunting club, obviously of natural causes.  One of Scalia’s last votes was to overrule the EPA on its emission control regulations.  Just yesterday, Chief Justice Roberts refused to consider another case involving pending EPA regulation of mercury emissions. Subjects such as these these were verboten yesterday.  Murdoch does not want to receive an all expenses paid trip to the next hunting club meeting at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, which may explain the boring debate questions. Don't upset the NWO.

Laowei Gweilo's picture

dat nigga trump got so much class he had to build his own university 

Whoa Dammit's picture

Last nights debate was like The Hunger Games, especially the malicious gleam in the moderators eyes as they continually goaded Trump. I could only watch about 45 minutes of it before getting totally disgusted. 

NoWayJose's picture

I made it about an hour and did the same. It would be nice to see the ratings broken down hourly / I doubt we are alone.

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Gazetteer maker DeLorme’s sale to Garmin closes


PORTLAND, Maine — GPS giant Garmin closed its purchase of the Yarmouth-based mapmaker and satellite mapping company DeLorme, which produces the Maine Atlas and Gazetteer.

Garmin, with U.S. headquarters in Kansas, announced Thursday that it closed the deal for an undisclosed price. Garmin announced the sale agreement Feb. 11, saying it was most interested in DeLorme’s satellite mapping and communications products, like its inReach products.

The new owner plans to keep on most of the employees in Yarmouth, which it plans to operate as a research and development office for two-way satellite communications and other cartography products.

The company closed its map store last week, as part of the acquisition, which a company spokeswoman in February said would mean a “small number” of layoffs.

In announcing the purchase, a Garmin spokesman said the fate of DeLorme’s printed maps hadn’t been decided. A company spokeswoman said sales of its atlases had fallen off through the early 2000s but leveled off in recent years.

DeLorme employs 92 people full time, six of whom work from other parts of the country.



NoWayJose's picture

I still prefer those maps over what I see on a six inch screen.

insanelysane's picture

Bloomberg TV must have received new marching orders from the Regime (I mean Establishment) regarding labor going into today's report.  They just showed a chart the "clearly" shows that 35 and Under in the labor force is much greater than the over 35.  One of the people on the Bloomberg set didn't get the memo and stated that it was really 2 different charts on the same screen.  There was some stuttering and then they cut to commercial.

Obviously real numbers don't exist because the government just makes them up a non-retard in retard nation the chart makes no sense.  35 and under covers the ages 18-35 which is 17 years of population whilst the over 35 group covers at least 30 years of population and really 35 years of population.

NoWayJose's picture

"Facing record oversupply, U.S. oil looks for a home in Europe" --- good thing we just Green lighted Iran to produce and sell a million barrels a day to Europe! Now all we need are those darn Europeans to start using more of the stuff!

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Public support for Putin to serve another term hits highest level in four years: poll


Public support for Vladimir Putin to serve another term as president has hit its highest level in four years, a survey by a state-run pollster showed on Thursday.

Seventy-four percent of Russians would vote to re-elect Putin as president, according to a poll by VTsIOM.

Putin dominates state media in Russia and is widely expected to contest the next presidential election in 2018. If he won, it would be his fourth term as president.

He has capitalized on conflicts in Ukraine and Syria to boost his popularity and his message that Russia is again a force to be reckoned with on the world stage has gone down well with voters.

VTsIOM said Putin's approval ratings had risen among many social groups, including young people. It also showed his support levels had risen sharply in recent years; in 2012 in the same polling series only 40 percent of Russians said they would vote for the Russian leader.


"Even among those who think the president has not yet fulfilled many of his pre-election promises, 70 percent are willing to support Putin," VTsIOM said in a statement published on its website.

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Tagging Banksy: Criminology technique allegedly unmasks elusive graffiti artist


Reclusive street artist Banksy has been playing hide-and-seek with British authorities for years, in an effort to conceal his identity. A new study claims to have identified him, using a technique developed in criminology to track down serial offenders.

A group of scientists at Queen Mary University of London explained in their study (in the Journal of Spatial Science), they had used the so-called “Dirichlet process mixture (DPM) model of geographic profiling.” This is a mathematical technique developed by criminologists. Researchers analyzed the spatial patterns of Banksy's artworks in Bristol and London and matched them up to places where a short list of suspects lived and worked. All the locations, a pub, playing fields and several residential addresses among them, led to a man called Robin Gunningham. The researchers concluded, with a fair degree of certainty, that Mr Gunningham is Banksy.


Publication of the study, entitled Tagging Banksy, was delayed after Banksy’s lawyers reportedly contacted the university, apparently voicing concerns over how the study would be promoted.

The first report claiming to identify Banksy as Gunningham, an artist originally from Bristol, appeared in 2008 in the Daily Mail. The newspaper said it managed to identify the "guerrilla artist" from an old photograph taken in Jamaica, showing a man kneeling by a spray can.

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Buffett protege turns to job cuts to revive Berkshire units


The billionaire’s annual report gives a glimpse into one thing she’s been doing: cutting jobs.