"There's An Insurrection Coming... The American People Are Sick & Tired Of Crony Capitalism"

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In a stunningly honest and frank rant, FOX News' Judge Jeanine unleashes anchor hell upon Mitt Romney and the GOP establishment hordes.

She begins:

"There’s an insurrection coming. Mitt Romney just confirmed it. We’ve watched governors, the National Review, conservative leaders, establishment and party operatives trash Donald Trump. But Mitt Romney will always be remembered as the one who put us over the edge and awoke a sleeping giant, the Silent Majority, the American people.


Fact. The establishment is panicked. Mitt essentially called for a brokered convention where the Republican nominee will be decided by party activists and delegates irrespective of their state’s choice… You want a brokered convention? A primer Mitt. Whenever we have a brokered convention we lose.


Dewey and Ford emerged from a brokered convention to lose the general election. So why? Because the party elites and elders want to protect us and stop of from falling into the abyss?… Most of us working two or three jobs think we’re already in the abyss. The Obama abyss…


We are sick and tired of legislators of modest means who leave Congress multimillionaires, whose spouses and families get all the contracts from selling the post offices to accessing insider information so they can buy property and flip it. You’re so entrenched that you’re willing to give Hillary Clinton a win. It doesn’t matter to you which party, crony capitalism and its paradigm will not change for the elite."

And that is just the introduction... Grab a coffee (or something stronger) and watch...

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Mitt is a twitt. She is so right, she embodies the feeling among most US citizens who are alive, we know the establishment does not give a shit about us, it all about enriching themselves and their friends 

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"There's An Insurrection Coming... The American People Are Sick & Tired Of Crony Capitalism"

Nope.  Only when the fridges start going empty and the mindless diversionary entertainment ceases will there be any kind of insurrection.  Pathetic, but true.

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Yeah.... when Kim K's selfies, fuckbook and the NFL go permanently offline, we might see some eyebrows raised.

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Finally someone on a major network calling it like it is.  

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If you are one of the so called "rich" and you were lucky enough to make a million dollars per year, it would take you almost 80,000 (80 THOUSAND) YEARS to catch up to Warren Buffet.

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Hitlery shall be POTUS!!

Trojan Horse, Robo Rubio is the chosen one to lose to Hitlery. If Robo can’t fool enough of the Sheeple to get the nomination, then the GOP will self destruct. Hitlery SHALL be POTUS!

So it is written. So it shall be done.

"The end is what you want, the means is how you get it. Whenever we think about social change, the question of means and ends arises. The man of action views the issue of means and ends in pragmatic and strategic terms. He has no other problem; he thinks only of his actual resources and the possibilities of various choices of action. He asks of ends only whether they are achievable and worth the cost; of means, only whether they will work. ... The real arena is corrupt and bloody."
– Saul Alynski


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Nutsack (not verified) macholatte Mar 6, 2016 2:20 PM

Insurrection? Did the Kartrashians get cancelled or sumpin?

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Now that's what I call insurrection - from the inside and with a very large finger. http://www.thedailysheeple.com/texas-gop-head-twitter-rant-goes-viral-ba... Let's hope many more like him rise to save their towns.

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Not until our nation's best and brightest cease looking like this.... Until then, the fleecing continues unabated.



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There's a lot of mad people, but most are incapable of comprehending or accepting any real solutions. Basically, anything that requires a little risk is off the table as being solution. A nation of job takers will never have a stomach for risk.

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but ziohedge will NEVER feel the Bern...

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Crony capitalism... or more correctly known as... socialism.

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....what was that?  McRibs are back?  The Kardashians are on TV?    'scuse me, gotta go.



turtle's picture

No good down-voting me. If Hilary is there in November. SHE WILL WIN. Think about it…

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Insurrection? You've got to wake up before you can rise up. We're in REMS state.

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Don't assume that the actions of the 0.01% are part of a deep conspiracy. They are just a bunch of self-adapting opportunists. Similar behavior is to be found when a spontaneous riot breaks out in some city and every starts to loot the neighborhood stores. Just because the 0.01% have PhDs and important positions there is no reason to assume they are behaving any more civilly than a bunch of store pillagers and looters.

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OK judge.. I loved this..

But maybe you saw this a few years ago…

A MUST WATCH-Ann Barnhardt On Mitt Romney Go Home - YouTube 

espirit's picture

Does anyone know how to build a proper torch?

It does require the cotton or linen layering with hot tar or pitch.

(watch out for the drip) 

Manthong's picture

..just gasoline and the proper gloves.....

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You are doing what they want you to do- Stay home and mope.

Time to take the country back from the traitors.

Time to lay a little Shock and Awe on our self-appointed overlords.

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Either in REM state, or - based on observations, 90% of all adult Americans are The Walking Dead. They don't have a clue about what has happened and will continue to happen to this nation and themselves until the sledgehammer hits them on their thick skulls.

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Goliath Slayer (not verified) Rubicon727 Mar 6, 2016 7:06 PM

Let us eat the elite https://goo.gl/bFYusM

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This lady is a real journalist....speaking with silver tongue.


She deserves the Purple Heart!

Manthong's picture

Ok.. well maybe..

But look the F up to my post above…

Listen to the most educated and erudite vid you could possibly hear today.

Ann is way too young for me, ..  

But in another life, I would not mind spooning with her.


Ann,, if you ever see this.. it just means I want to give you a great big hug.


Pickleton's picture

Yes, Ann is awesome, but Ann is so hidebound that she'll never have much of a coalition behind her.

Manthong's picture

you never know..

I would prefer Ann over Sarah for VP.

.. but I really love'm both.

Har.. Har..Har...  :-D




But y.know.. on reflection

Sarah for VP   and

Ann gets Sec Def.


..in a perfect world, every little girl over the age of 13 gets a pink M-16



..much to the chagrin of the US fools in the EU

They will come to realize that an armed society is a polite society a bit too late.




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More accurately described as Fascism. .. The power resides in the interaction of the industrial or business and the political institutions. The populace is compelled to serve these entities, which turns the concept of capitalism on its head.

NidStyles's picture

Jews don't do Fascism, Fascism is Nationalistic. This pile of stinking dung is anything but nationalistic.


If this were Fascism, they wouldn't be attacking Trump. Trump is a Nationalist.

New Hampshire is Best Hampshire's picture

"Jews don't do nationalism" - you don't know any jews do you.

detached.amusement's picture

the fascism link to nationalism has transitioned into the fascist link to globalism.  it is still fascism, just global.  just because fascism tended to be nationalistic for most of its history does not mean things have changed and they're going for the whole pie now.  in fact, its rather obvious this is so.

Grin Bagel's picture

more correctly known as fascism

jaketfs's picture

We are so fucking doomed!

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Thanks! That article made my day. Go Robert Morrow! ...I've never heard of "Judge Janine" before, but she is taking out the trash. When you see shit like this on msm, and get a guy like Morrow telling everyone to go fuck off and why, one gets the sense like people really are waking up.

Burn baby, burn!

medium giraffe's picture

Too right.  There's something happening here...

NihilistZero's picture

All you need for an insurrection is for 25% of the electorate (1 half of either parties primary) to get pissed enough to demand drastic change.  Sure, Paul got shafted in 2012 by Mitt's tricks, but they CAN"t do that to Trump, too much media coverage.  Now I'll be Yellen pulls a mini-Volker at the direction of TPTB to fuck up Trump's first term, but even more so than Regan I think Trump can explain to people exactly why the crash is happening and who's really responsible.  He's nearly done as much on the stump already, declaring us in a bubble that unfortunately the next president will have to deal with.

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Nutsack (not verified) NihilistZero Mar 6, 2016 4:25 PM

Bullshit. Trump was leading by 13 points in Kansas, and overnight he lost by 25?????

Beowulf55's picture

He offended Kansas sensibilities.......


AND I don't vote......


Did you catch her propoganda on Iran?


And still no mention that Mitt's lawyers are fighting the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act case against the Committee for Presidential Debates.

Trump didn't mention it

Stockman didn't mention it

Buchanan didn't mention it

FOX/O'Reilly/Judge Janine didn't mention it...


Pickleton's picture

"Bullshit. Trump was leading by 13 points in Kansas, and overnight he lost by 25?????"


Because polls are always right (not even close) or because you have evidence someone cheated?


BarkingCat's picture

Polls can be wrong, but when they are that far off then something is suspect.

adanata's picture



NihilistZero... I agree

When I was politically active I was aware all they had to have was the support of 20% and the ability to confuse another 25% to get what they wanted. The "too close to call" media scam allows for the vote rigging because the public believes their candidate won/lost by a hair. All nonsense of course.

However, the Sheeple will need a significant portion of the MIC to stand up and there are plenty of rumblings coming from that direction.

Frogs jumping outta the pot... more every day.


Ignatius's picture

The Judge slips in very sly propaganda along the way to a conclusion I support:  Trump.  Her allusion to Obama "dancing with the devil, Iran," and "alligning with the head-choppers," is rank propaganda.  Yes, the US/NATO/SA/Israel created and support the mercenary ISIS, but most all of the beheading videos are fakes; and Iran looks and acts like a cream-puff in that neighborhood.

I need more asshats's picture

There are many people here that see no concrete proof that Iran is part of your Bush-like axis of evil accusation.

Contrary to most Hedgetard claims Iran seems like a peace loving country compared to your homeland isral.

Our fishing church here in Churchill Manitoba is planning a trip to Iran in October. I'm going to go.

I want to wear a big yellow Star of David with my name in it to see how this provocation is received.

I'll let paying members on my website know right away.

Ignatius's picture

First, learn to read.  Where do you get that I support Israel or live there?

I need more asshats's picture

Oh no. Time to change ignoramus' diaper.

espirit's picture

Are you collecting reddies?

If so, go for it.

Which way to the beach's picture

I seems countries the west demonise have a way of dealing with financial shenanigans. Russia has tamed its oligarchs while Iran and China employ extreme predjuice, while our favourite son, Ukraine is rolling over for them.

"If everyone sentenced corrupt billionaires to death, Davos Man would soon be facing extinction. Tragic, I know" -  Mark Sleboda on twitter

They hate us because we don't kill our oligarchs.