AsiaPac Stocks Tumble After Japan GDP As China Trade Data Looms

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Following a modest revision to Japanese GDP (still -1.1% and recession-y) and with all eyes glued to China's trade data, Chinese and Japanese stocks are not folowing the panic-buying short-squeeze-driven lead of US equities. Both are down hard in the early AsiaPac trading (with China down for the first time in six days post-G-20).

It's not working Mr Kuroda...


And the markets are starting to realize it...


This is China's first losing day in 6 since the G-20 meeting ended such a dud...(and the world rallied on ECB hope)


Charts: Bloomberg

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beyond retarded, brain dead w/o a twitch...

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Well that was over kinda quick. 
Tell me honey, did I like that as much as you did?

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China Export down 20% in Feb.   Soft landing!!!!

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It's bad. Really, really bad. 25.4% in USD. This is the big deflation everyone was shitting their pants about hitting now....

HOLY FLIRKINGSCHMIDT! Chinese Exports FALL 20.9% in February, Imports down 8%!!!
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I am sure the wallstreet scams and CNBC will turn this in to bullish news!  "the Americans are buying from the US, manufacturing is back! buy stocks before Dow hits 40000!

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It just needs a little adjust is all.

<Which means it's time to back up the BOJ truck with newly printed fiat and go full retard.>

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Good gawd! Can't they just ban something or print moar to make all this negativity go away! ;-)

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This year's Chinese New Year is in February, so the February data won't be good.

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CNBC Headline - Asia markets SLIP, with Shanghai down 2.4%. It never ends. A 2.4% slip.  

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The Nikkei and the NASDAQ since 2001.

S&P 666 true valuation.

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The market indexes in America have been rigged since 1993. The true valuation is much lower than 666.

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The run up was to grab the last of the morons and allow insiders to cash out.  That is complete, time to rob the public one last time.  This is really sick to watch!

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one last time

If only that were true...

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Breaking: China dollar-denominated exports -25.4% .... BARRFFFFFFF ...

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From that article:

According to Julian Evans-Pritchard, an economist at Capital Economics in Singapore, the severe fall in exports largely reflected changes in the timing of the Lunar Year in China this year.

"In 2015, the holiday fell unusually late which meant that more of the pre-holiday rush to meet orders and less of the post holiday disruptions took place in February, causing exports to jump 48.9 percent year-on-year," he said.

not sure what to make of it all

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It's quite easy. Look at the commodity prices .....

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baltic up 30% in last 2 weeks  everything must be ok

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My popcorn is ready.

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I knew this rally was over when they trotted out Joseph Abby Cohen on one of those idiotic CNBS shows earlier this evening

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The revolution won't end until the Invisible Hand is cutoff by the guillotine and heads roll. If The Hand thinks The Donaldites are a problem...

The biggest failure of the Oilgarchy is to upend the Second Amendment. And boy did they try. Game ON!

In other news "the number of stocks that crossed the bullish 50 day MA..."

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We don't need no Stinking Statistics...

 the world is fine now just step aside as I rob these dead Bodies.

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Theonewhoknows (not verified) Mar 8, 2016 12:59 PM

Neither Japan nor China cannot print their trade upwards - imagination meets tough marekt framework but It was already stated here