Behind The Trump/Sanders "Revolution": Angry White Men

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If the establishment had its way, America would be no country for angry white men. As WSJ reports, Tuesday’s primary elections underscored an emerging, central reality of the 2016 presidential campaign: This is the year of the dissatisfied white male.

Those white males are the voters who propelled Donald Trump to convincing victories Tuesday in Michigan and Mississippi, as they have elsewhere. And, as The Wall Street Journal reports, they may determine whether he can roll on next week in a series of big industrial states.

Here’s what is less noticed: Dissatisfied white males also helped propel Sen. Bernie Sanders to a stunning victory over Hillary Clinton in the Democratic contest in Michigan, and may keep him in the game for many weeks to come.


All of this further suggests they may be the swing voters who decide the general election in November, when the critical question could well be whether Democrats can win enough of them to supplement their big advantages among women and minority voters.


In Michigan, 52% of the Republican primary electorate was male, exit polls indicated. Mr. Trump won them going away, 43% to 23% for Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Meantime, he lost among women, 30% for Sen. Ted Cruz to 28% for Mr. Trump.


The story was similar in Mississippi. Mr. Trump won men by 20 percentage points, exit polls indicated. There, he won women, but by a mere 9 percentage points.

So, the more male the Republican electorate, the better for Mr. Trump. Also, the angrier as well.

Perhaps more interesting, angry white males are sustaining the Sanders campaign, not just the Trump campaign.

In Michigan, they kept him nearly even with Mrs. Clinton, offsetting her big advantage among women and among minorities. Among women, exit polls indicate, he finished just behind Mrs. Clinton. But among men, he won easily, 54% to 44%.

Together, in other words, Messrs. Trump and Sanders are collapsing what had become, in the 1990s, something of a bipartisan consensus in favor of free trade. And angry white males, many of whom feel trade has marginalized their jobs and prospects, are leading the way.

And perhaps white American men have good reason to be 'angry' after all:


All of this sets up a fascinating battle in the fall. In a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, Mrs. Clinton beats Mr. Trump in a hypothetical general-election matchup, 51% to 38%. But among white men? He wins comfortably, 53% to 35%.

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Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Mar 9, 2016 8:57 AM

Nothing but spin to prop up the minority vote against Sanders.

Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight:

Looney's picture

Does Bruce Jenner qualify as an “Angry White Man”?  ;-)


Haus-Targaryen's picture

I wonder what those results looked like if in order to vote one had to pass an exam demonstrating you understand the basics of how money works at both a micro and marco level. 

pods's picture

Time for Hillary to spend some more time on her knees to get some hard earned votes.


Keyser's picture

And here we have it from the WSJ, Trump's base is angry white men... All except for the Hispanics, Blacks, Asians and Arabic people, along with lots of women that detest Slick Willie that are supporting him too... Come on WSJ, we expect this racist bigotry from the NYT, but you too? 


Bumpo's picture

I was checking out the polls and Trump was leading among those with post graduate degrees as well, but that doesn't support the knuckle-dragger Trump meme.

new game's picture

so an AWM is a majority class in merica? no, no, can't be true as everything policy wise is against his survival. so, how angry is this male, hmmmm, not angry enough, BECAUSE if voting constitutes anger then count me out...

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Yet more proof that Trump garners support from racists and sexists. White men already have all the privelages in this country, why they are so angry is a mystery.

Never One Roach's picture

Most black people I know are very anrgy also so the propaganda is 100% BS.


Higher costs for food, rent, wage stagnation, zero interst on savings, out of comtrol fed, corruprt politicans,  etc plus zero solid job creation for blacks and whites have resulted in a very angry American population of all colors, genders and ages from what i see on the street.

Four chan's picture

lol i'm a republican/independent who voted for sanders as a democrat to thwart the supreme evil that is clinton, mission accomplished. 

WTFRLY's picture

Maybe the angry white men have realized what it is like for angry black men when no one gives a fuck about what could be legitimate anger. Go figure.

Alea Iactaest's picture

Angry White Male? Bullshit. It's a false dichotomy, confusing cause and effect. Similar to debates about income vs. education.

This is about Producers vs. the FSA. Last chance for the Producers, before the demographic tsunami gives a perpetual victory to the "useless eaters."

new game's picture

maybe becoming a useless eater with hard earned assets,- home ect paid for is the answer. like enjoying the view as the locust come from the west. and that is being optimistic...

French Bloke's picture

I'm afraid you've all got it wrong on this one. It's all Putin's fault of course!

847328_3527's picture

I am not surprised this rag encourages racism and class divide which is a classic left-wing technique.

Middle Class blacks are also upset if not outright angry with falling wages, job losses and the soaring cost of living during the Obama administration.


The article is distroting the usual for this rag.

SuperVinci's picture

There are 4 reasons why The Obama is flooding America with illegals'...

1. They are not white...
2. They come pre-dependent on the government...
3. They will vote Democrat...
4. They will disrupt the social balance of America...

SuperVinci's picture

There are 4 reasons why The Obama is flooding America with illegals'...

1. They are not white...
2. They come pre-dependent on the government...
3. They will vote Democrat...
4. They will disrupt the social balance of America...

Son of Loki's picture

These "news" papers are owned by the radical left-wing Establishment so it's no surprise they spin the racial thingy. I'm surprised they didn't bring up the Confedrate flag thingy again.


However, they fail to mention Pelosi screaming at seniors calling them "Nazis!" at her town hall meetings and similar outrageous incidents that would make any concerned American, "angry."

And don't forget the DC mantra, "If you want to keep your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance." Perhaps one of the Dems most outrageous lies.

SuperVinci's picture

There are 4 reasons why The Obama is flooding America with illegals'...

1. They are not white...
2. They come pre-dependent on the government...
3. They will vote Democrat...
4. They will disrupt the social balance of America...

Jim in MN's picture policy isn't the key theme.

Race, class and identity politics aren't either.

Shhhhh.....don't tell anyone.......


Monied media will push ANY theme but this.

Four chan's picture

maybe we should all be angry at the faustian choice the two party system has given us over the years. 


Faustian Choice is, in fact, no choice at all. For example, if I am at the top of a cliff and being pursued by spear-wielding natives, do I jump off.

noless's picture


Fuck your "white tears" bullshit, no one has cared about average white dudes for generations, if ever, go troll a cooking forum.

yogibear's picture

He's a mentally ill liberal. Everyone should do what they say, not what they do.


Jim in MN's picture

Sanders' black voter supporting is trending upward nicely, thank you.  Just has a lag.  Not the only demographic behaving in exactly the same manner.

Are the elderly so 'happy' that they are voting for the status quo?  No. 

Just takes a while for the information to get passed around outside the Twitterverse.

daveO's picture

@Four chan. Good for you. I switched to Ind. after Daddy Bush lied 25 years ago. Bush's lie, subsequently, led to the Clinton WH. If everyone went Ind., the establishment would be hard pressed to ram their candidates through in the primaries.

Four chan's picture

we almost had the system by the balls with dr paul.

Bumpo's picture

MDB - You've gone too far! Put your penis in a blender and purify your racist self-loathing :)

general ambivalent's picture

Come on, MDB. White men have all the privilege in the universe.

Yen Cross's picture

  He isn't even creative anymore. Accredited douche wad.

yogibear's picture

No shortage of liberal mentally ill, PC people.

Transformer's picture

Here's why Trump will beat Hillary, easily.  When politicians are owned, as in Hillary, Romney, etc., they are not allowed to talk about certain things.  Trump will be able to talk about whatever he wants.  Hillary will be fair game, and she has a masssive history of corruption.  The Clinton foundation alone can do her in, and Trump will talk about it, let alone Bill the perp, or all the Arkansas stuff, or Goldman Sachs.

Trump will just walk all over her.  I bet he is just itching for the chance to expose her.  The public has no idea about Hillary.

Four chan's picture

i agree, case in point george bush senior not grilling bill clinton on the drug trafficking in his arkansas, the cia drugs his brother rodger went to jail briefly for selling, handing off the presidency to the clintons in a cia drugs for cash capture of the presidency. BOTH PARTIES ARE THE PROBLEM. 



sushi's picture

The AWM vote propelling Saunders will never vote for Hitlery. Should Hitlery depose Saunders then a significant proportion of the Democratic vote will move to support Trump.

Not sure why these voters are described as Angry White Men. They should be called Economically Disadvantaged Non-Elites. EDNE? Or maybe Folks Left in the Ditch by the Psychopathic Overlords? FLDPO?? Human Beings Ignored by Corporate Media Shills? HBICS?

After next November, I figure we will just call them Winners.

daveO's picture

Angry white = tax slave revolt. Putting that in the headline of WSJ just wouldn't look right.

cheech_wizard's picture

>the cia drugs his brother rodger went to jail briefly for selling

Not quite. I personally know his dealer.

Chumly's picture

The Clintons were so deep up to their eyeballs in the CIA drug running operation and money laundering operation, front businesses and banks (BCCI, et al) all the way back to Iran Contra. HA! What do you mean George H.W. Bush grilling Clinton about it? Bush was complicit. Why in the hell do you think they've had this happy bromance all these years? Hell, it's pretty much a given that some of the laundered drug money through BCCI financed Clinton's first presidential campaign.

I wonder how many blacks from the ghetto died or went to prison related to crimes from the cocaine that passed through Mena, AK? Yeah sure you stupid blacks, he was your first president.

If you wonder why the dirty corrupt Clintons have been able to "get away with so much," look at who the other players were and are. We're a fucking Banana Republic!

ndree's picture

And Hiladeast took up the weapons smuggling in Libya, (using the murdered Kadaffi's weapons to stir up a civil war in Syria) - which got her frontman Chris Stevens (?) the Ambassador, killed in Benghazi. One wonders IS this why we elected these people? While the country is left high, dry and rotting away?

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Indeed. Assuming that WSJ/NBC poll is accurate-- because why would they lie, LOL?-- there is one critical difference between polls and elections. The pollster makes all the effort by coming to YOU; but on election day, YOU have to make the effort and actually GO to the polls and wait in line to vote.

I'm betting that a lot of Hillary "supporters" don't make the effort to show up at the polls come election day. That's a good bet to make because she is doing a terrible job of bringing them to the polls during the primary season; depending on the state, democrat primary turnout is down from 5% to 40% compared to 2008.

847328_3527's picture

The 'polls' predicted Hitlery would win Michigan by double digits.


... oooops!

The "pools" are run by many of the same people who control the voting machines. They would never distort the truth, would they?

daveO's picture

Hildabeast will suppress Dem. voter turnout worse than poll taxes. She's poison.

RiverRoad's picture

Eight years of Obama, Congress, the banksters and the MSM papering over the shit that went down in 2008 is OVER.  What fools they all are to think that they could stick in their fat-assed shrew to keep the game going.

Firepower's picture

**When politicians are owned, as in Hillary, Romney, etc., they are not allowed to talk about certain things.**

Worth repeating.

White males ZH, coloreds Tweeeeeeet. ZH is free speech, twitta - censorship ala MSM.

We already have - for a long time - Minority Government RULERS: it's almost impossible for Trump to reverse the trend.


ASACJon's picture

ZH has gone full cuck for whatever reason and is literally parroting the latest talking point from the Powers that Be.  It's too bad; this used to be a great discussion point for those who see through the lies.  I'd be not the least shocked that traffic here has plunged. 

Personally, I visit ZH once every two weeks when I used to make it a daily stop for news. 

Jim in MN's picture

We'll see what the Tylers really think at some point.  This reposting stuff is just a public service tee hee

Rabbi Chaim Cohen's picture

Anyone with a clue knows that polls are basically meaningless from 99% of polling sources out there. BUT... polls are 99% of what most of America believes and accepts as truth, this is why Trump is winning. People because he is a foul-mouthed, angry guy with money and he's greased the pollers America THINKS he's a winner. The ignoant among us just want to hitch their wagon to whatever they think will win. The will of American GOP voters are the Trump Steaks of the whole Primaries debacle; big news today, but perpetually one lame excuse away from actually reality tomorrow.

MalteseFalcon's picture

"Dissatisfied white males also helped propel Sen. Bernie Sanders to a stunning victory over Hillary Clinton in the Democratic contest in Michigan, and may keep him in the game for many weeks to come. "

The campaign in the south is over.

Southerners have a hard time voting for a real progressive.

Not so in the North.

Michigan was the beginning of the end for Hitlary.

Bernie isn't just "staying in the game".

He's stealing the ball.