Missing Clinton E-Mail Claims Saudis Financed Benghazi Attacks

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Submitted by William Reynolds via Medium.com,

Something that has gone unnoticed in all the talk about the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails is the content of the original leak that started the entire investigation to begin with. In March of 2013, a Romanian hacker calling himself Guccifer hacked into the AOL account of Sidney Blumenthal and leaked to Russia Today four e-mails containing intelligence on Libya that Blumenthal sent to Hillary Clinton.

For those who haven’t been following this story, Sidney Blumenthal is a long time friend and adviser of the Clinton family who in an unofficial capacity sent many “intelligence memos” to Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State. Originally displayed on RT.com in Comic Sans font on a pink background with the letter “G” clumsily drawn as a watermark, no one took these leaked e-mails particularly seriously when they came out in 2013. Now, however, we can cross reference this leak with the e-mails the State Department released to the public.

The first three e-mails in the Russia Today leak from Blumenthal to Clinton all appear word for word in the State Department release. The first e-mail Clinton asks to have printed and she also forwards it to her deputy chief of staff, Jake Sullivan. The second e-mail Clinton describes as “useful insight” and forwards it to Jake Sullivan asking him to circulate it. The third e-mail is also forwarded to Jake Sullivan. The fourth e-mail is missing from the State Department record completely.

This missing e-mail from February 16, 2013 only exists in the original leak and states that French and Libyan intelligence agencies had evidence that the In Amenas and Benghazi attacks were funded by “Sunni Islamists in Saudi Arabia.” This seems like a rather outlandish claim on the surface, and as such was only reported by conspiracy types and fringe media outlets. Now, however, we have proof that the other three e-mails in the leak were real correspondence from Blumenthal to Clinton that she not only read, but thought highly enough of to send around to others in the State Department. Guccifer speaks English as a second language and most of his writing consists of rambling conspiracies, it’s unlikely he would be able to craft such a convincing fake intelligence briefing. This means we have an e-mail from a trusted Clinton adviser that claims the Saudis funded the Benghazi attack, and not only was this not followed up on, but there is not any record of this e-mail ever existing except for the Russia Today leak.

Why is this e-mail missing? At first I assumed it must be due to some sort of cover up, but it’s much simpler than that. The e-mail in question was sent after February 1st, 2013, when John Kerry took over as Secretary of State, so it was not part of the time period being investigated. No one is trying to find a copy of this e-mail. Since Clinton wasn’t Secretary of State on February 16th, it wasn’t her job to follow up on it.

So let’s forget for a minute about the larger legal implications of the e-mail investigation. How can it be that such a revelation about Saudi Arabia was made public in a leak that turned out to be real and no one looked into it? Clearly Sidney Blumenthal was someone that Hillary Clinton trusted. Two months earlier, Secretary Clinton found his insights valuable enough to share with the entire State Department. But two weeks after her job as Secretary of State ends, she receives an e-mail from him claiming Saudi Arabia financed the assassination of an American ambassador and apparently did nothing with this information. Even if she didn’t have to turn over this e-mail to the commission investigating the Benghazi attacks, wouldn’t it be relevant? Shouldn’t this be information she volunteers? And why didn’t the Republicans who were supposedly so concerned about the Benghazi attacks ask any questions about Saudi involvement?

Did Secretary Clinton not tell anyone what she knew about alleged Saudi involvement in the attacks because she didn’t want to endanger the millions of dollars of Saudi donations coming in to the Clinton Foundation? These are exactly the kind of conflicts that ethical standards are designed to prevent.

Another E-Mail Turns Up Missing

Guccifer uncovered something else in his hack that could not be verified until the last of the e-mails were released by the State Department last week. In addition to the four full e-mails he released, he also leaked a screenshot of Sidney Blumenthal’s AOL inbox. If we cross reference this screenshot with the Blumenthal e-mails in the State Department release, we can see that the e-mail with the subject “H: Libya security latest. Sid” is missing from the State Department e-mails.




This missing e-mail is certainly something that would have been requested as part of the investigation as it was sent before February 1st and clearly relates to Libya. The fact that it is missing suggests one of two possibilities:

  1. The State Department does have a copy of this e-mail but deemed it top secret and too sensitive to release, even in redacted form. This would indicate that Sidney Blumenthal was sending highly classified information from his AOL account to Secretary Clinton’s private e-mail server despite the fact that he never even had a security clearance to deal with such sensitive information in the first place. If this scenario explains why the e-mail is missing, classified materials were mishandled.
  2. The State Department does not have a copy, and this e-mail was deleted by both Clinton and Blumenthal before turning over their subpoenaed e-mails to investigators, which would be considered destruction of evidence and lying to federal officials. This also speaks to the reason why the private clintonemail.com server may have been established in the first place. If Blumenthal were to regularly send highly sensitive yet technically “unclassified” information from his AOL account to Clinton’s official government e-mail account, it could have been revealed with a FOIA request. It has already been established that Hillary Clinton deleted 15 of Sidney Blumenthal’s e-mails to her, this discrepancy was discovered when Blumenthal’s e-mails were subpoenaed, although a State Department official claims that none of these 15 e-mails have any information about the Benghazi attack. It would seem from the subject line that this e-mail does. And it is missing from the public record.

In either of these scenarios, Clinton and her close associates are in violation of federal law. In the most generous interpretation where this e-mail is simply a collection of rumors that Blumenthal heard and forwarded unsolicited to Clinton, it would make no sense for it to be missing. It would not be classified if it was a bunch of hot air, and it certainly wouldn’t be deleted by both Blumenthal and Clinton at the risk of committing a felony. In the least generous interpretation of these facts, Sidney Blumenthal and Hillary Clinton conspired to cover up an ally of the United States funding the assassination of one of our diplomats in Libya.

Why A Grand Jury Is Likely Already Convened

After the final e-mails were released by the State Department on February 29th, it has been reported in the last week that:

  • Clinton’s IT staff member who managed the e-mail server, Bryan Pagliano, has been given immunity by a federal judge which suggests that he will be giving testimony to a grand jury about evidence that relates to this investigation and implicates himself in a crime. Until now, Pagliano has been pleading the fifth and refusing to cooperate with the investigation.
  • The hacker Guccifer (Marcel Lazar Lehel) just had an 18-month temporary extradition order to the United States granted by a Romanian court, despite being indicted by the US back in 2014. Is Guccifer being extradited now in order to testify to the grand jury that the screengrab with the missing e-mail is real?
  • Attorney General Loretta Lynch was interviewed by Bret Baier and she would not answer whether or not a grand jury has been convened in this case. If there was no grand jury she could have said so, but if a grand jury is meeting to discuss evidence she would not legally be allowed to comment on it.

This scandal has the potential to completely derail the Clinton campaign in the general election. If Hillary Clinton really cares about the future of this country and the Democratic party, she will step down now while there is still time to nominate another candidate. This is not a right wing conspiracy, it is a failure by one of our highest government officials to uphold the laws that preserve government transparency and national security. It’s time for us to ask Secretary Clinton to tell us the truth and do the right thing. If the United States government is really preparing a case against Hillary Clinton, we can’t wait until it’s too late.

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Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"Something that has gone unnoticed in all the talk about the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails...."

Nope! Not 'unnoticed', but rather deeply buried. And a masterful job it was if I may say so myself.

strannick's picture

F.U., cowardly, corrupt, politically aligned Department Of Justice.

Big tough cops afraid of a power craving sociopath in a pantsuit.

Vint Slugs's picture

Mrs. Clinton, and let's call her by her proper name Hillary Clinton - not the familiar "Hillary" that even the most right-of-the-aisle commentators use - is a compulsive liar.

Rhetorically: how can anyone give even a shred of credence to anything that she might utter?  She lies so much that the only conclusion that an objectively observant informed person can reach is that she has permanently lost touch with reality.  Given that fact, she therefore is a psychotic personality.  I am amazed  that no one in the medical profession, assuming that there are independent minds within that group, has spoken out about this psychological affliction of Mrs. Clinton's.

Mrs. Clinton is a blight upon the Nation.  Seriously, I work and associate with people who whole-heartedly support her candidacy for president.  After all  that has been revealed since 2014 I can only conclude that continuing political support for Mrs. Clinton can only stem from a profound anti-intellectualist philosophy.


Manthong's picture

I do not understand..

It’s not like the Wahhabi head choppers would do anything untoward….

o r c k's picture

We snuck a planeload of Bin-Ladens back to SA on 9-11. That makes this lower than a traffic ticket.

Money Boo Boo's picture

Clitilda is betting TPTB will make this all go away so that Drumpf doesn't become President, simple as that!

wildbad's picture

so let me get this straight....the saudis took down the twin towers on 911 2001 and then paid for the benghazi attacks and ambassador murders on 911 2012 and the bush and clinton families knew about this but made up stories to protect their saudi pals?

ok, got it.  whats the problem?

Stop Probate Fraud's picture

Doesn't make sense:

SA would have been in support of the American arms being funneled 

through Bengazi to help "rebels" destabilize Assad/Syria. Why would

SA attack the very group that's trying to help their mission against Syria?

HardAssets's picture

Just rewatch the Clinton interview after Ghadaffi was raped & murdered.
" We came, we saw, he died . . . cackle !" Observe the wild glint in her eyes.

And people want to entrust the nuclear button to this individual ?

Amerika has been over run by fools (many of them boomer generation women) and the suicidal.

rabbitusvomitus's picture

For this and MANY other reasons,  the FBI should be part of the Judicial branch of our gubmint!  Doing this would castrate the executive branch rendering them incapable of using Justice Dept. as a vindictive political tool. 

Sadly it will likely never happen, because it just makes sense! 



strannick's picture

"If the lawmakers would just do their job, Hilary Clinton won't be running for Preisdent"  -D.T., March 8

3.7.77's picture

She's pure evil, unbelievable people don't see this.

Goliath Slayer's picture
Goliath Slayer (not verified) 3.7.77 Mar 9, 2016 10:11 PM

BUSH killed 2 million people in Iraq for WMD he never found, but this piece of brilliant journalism focuses on "missing" emails that "somehow" should prove that the Saudis did it and hypothetically crucifies Hillary who was just Secretary of State taking orders from Obama who's not mentioned in this again brilliant piece. I guess the Saudis financed the American Iraq invasion too.

WOW! I'm sold. NOT.

Guess what, if that's all you got, Hillary Next POTUS
>>> http://bit.ly/1p1jKnr

strannick's picture

your logic is as paper machete solid as Hilarys when she describes why State Deartment emails were off her government servers.

If many other Dems reason this way, Hilary 2016

caconhma's picture

Do you really expect Obama's DOJ will do anything against Hitlery Clinton? It is one criminal gangster racket.

Slomotrainwreck's picture

If the United States government is really preparing a case against Hillary Clinton, we can’t wait until it’s too late.

It's too confusing. Time for O'Bozo to declare himself and his handlers Kings of everything everywhere.

Freddie's picture

The Bushes and Clintons have been best friends and See Eye Aye drug runners going back to Mena, Arkansas.

The Romneys are also Bush best buddies. The Romneys and Bushes are best friends with the Mormon hinckley family very well connected to Mormon Church and their John Jr. tried to kill Reagan.

The NeoCons and NeoLibs - McCain, Graham, Schumer, Feinstein and many others were totally involved with Iraq, the other endless wars and Benghazi.  McCain was in Ukraine doing Nudelman/Soros zio bidding too.


Chumly's picture

We're a Banana Republic pure and simple. Yes, we're the most powerful Banana Republic to ever exist in the history of the world too.

The Clintons came to power in to poor state of Arkansas, where Ollie North financed Iran-Contra running drugs through Mena AK while Bill was Gov. , of course with the sophisticated set-up of money laundering schemes and front businesses done by the CIA. The CIA drug running through Mena continued after Iran-Contra, with George H.W. Bush's blessing and full knowledge. BCCI bank was one of the money laundering banks for the drug money and helped finance Clinton's first presidential campaign. Bush and Clinton's happy bromance is no surprise, and just the tip of the iceberg. It should be no surprise with the Bush family background that the Clintons have been so dirty and corrupt, yet so immune from serious pursuit of prosecution.

And yes, there is so much more. it's deep, dark and dirty.

Abaco's picture

You may be right but would be more belivable if you knew the difference between AR and AK.

Confused's picture

@Goliath Slayer


You are trying to draw moral equivalence between two unrelated events. The Saudis wield more influence than you give them credit for. Just ask Citi Bank or Twitter. 



Zymurguy's picture


Straw man argument = illogical and unrelated to this discussion, Mr. Helper.

Go fuck yourself and blather your rant on a discussion about Bush, mkay?

The adults here are trying to not let this criminal get away with the topic at hand.

Zymurguy's picture

BTW - can't access Goliath Slayers profile.  Why?

oncefired's picture

Our Bought & Paid for Hacks at the Top can't let information like that come to light!

BullyBearish's picture

Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn...wake me up when it's real...

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

Hilary has nothing to lose sleep at night over, at least not while Loratta Lynch is AG.

Sleep tight, Mrs. Clinton. Hell will still be burning when you get there.

oncefired's picture

Trump will do a better job of ripping her a new asshole then Huma ever could!

Clint Liquor's picture

Joe Biden will take Hillary's place for the good of the Party and the Nation. Besides, Valerie Jarrett doesn't want to clean out her desk.

Obama announced he will be staying in Washington. Get it now?

HardlyZero's picture

Or to stretch out things a bit...H could pre-announce Biden as her VP pick.

Later as the cards fall for H (this Fall?), switcheroo (which would probably be a 'first').  

Then later appoint a necessary VP replacement for exiting H.

NoDebt's picture

"How can it be that such a revelation about Saudi Arabia was made public in a leak that turned out to be real and no one looked into it?"

For the same reason that nobody pays much attention to the 9/11 attackers who were all Saudi citizens, financed by Saudi money.  They are the INTERMEDIARY and if you pick at that scab long enough you'll figure out who REALLY ran and financed all of this through Saudi Arabia.


strannick's picture

yes, It's all so much beating around the BUSH

Wahooo's picture

I still can't believe we haven't taken out the saudis for 911. A lot of sins haven't been repented - bankers, saudis, Bush, obama

OneOfUs's picture

All these fockers are alive, still time to send them to the gallows.

LetThemEatRand's picture

If Trump (or any candidate) covers this story and calls out the Saudis, I will break my won't-vote pledge and vote for him. 

I am so sick and tired of this country being run by Saudi Arabia and Isreal.

NoDebt's picture

Trust me, this country is NOT run by Saudi Arabia.  The other one you're on solid ground, though.

LetThemEatRand's picture

You're assuming Hillary won't win.  Not your down.

NoDebt's picture

You're assuming voting matters.  

No offense taken on the down, even if it was you.

LetThemEatRand's picture

I'm assuming voting doesn't matter.

stant's picture

Yep and that was the word on the " street " when it happened

booboo's picture

THe only reason the "beast" will step down is if she is told to and the moment they do is the moment the collectivly realize that she is going to have her ass handed to her by a carnival barker with a bad badger pelt on his head.

Demdere's picture

Yes, but this is the excuse they will use, that is the significance.

I have thought the Ds were jettisoning Clinton for a couple of months now, even before the farious feminists started giving reasons it wasn't treason to abandon Hill.  She was the only one who would lose to Trump.

Nobody else has negatives that awesome, able to surpass Trump's negatives.

So now politics can assume a more compliant set of candidates on the D's side.  Could be a real threat to the Israeli-Neocons, first one in many years.

Mafia rules, remember?

max2205's picture

 If the United States government is really preparing a case against Hillary Clinton, we can’t wait until it’s too late.


Sure they can and will.

willwork4food's picture

Ahh! Bernie vs. The Don 2016. Street riots on both side when one party ultimately loses.

ebworthen's picture

Indite that cunt!  And that's an insult to cunts!  And bitches!

Saudi's financed 9/11.  Tear down the Kleptoligarchy!

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Pretty sure it's "Indict".

stacking12321's picture

dont be such a pederast, you know what he meant.

HardAssets's picture

I'll assume you were being funny, so up arrowed you.