"Blunt Force Injuries To The Head" - Putin's Multi-Millionaire, Media Mogul Was Murdered In A Luxury DC Hotel

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Back in early November we reported that in a shocking twist of events, Mikhail Lesin - a close ally of Putin and the man credited with "inspiring" the creation of Russia Today - was found dead on an upper floor in The Dupont Circle hotel in DC. Lesin was Russia’s Minister of Press, Television and Radio from 1999 to 2004 and also served as Putin’s media adviser. In 2013 he assumed a role as an executive at Gazprom-Media.


What was strange about Lesin's death, is that nobody knew, or revealed, why Lesin was in Washington in the first place.

What was just as strange, is that Lesin's death has been written off to the ubiquitous, unexplained placeholder "heart attack." Russia's RIA Novosti, a state news agency, quoted a family member confirming the death and saying it was from a heart attack."

The outlet Lesin himself created, Russia Today, suggested that Lesin had been suffering from a prolonged illness.

Could there be more to this story? Certainly, as Lesin did not have an unblemished past.

As Sputnik reported at the time, "Lesin was not without his sins, and was involved in the dirty media games of late 90s Russia. As RIA Novosti recalled, the media guru was rumored to have played a key role in the creation of a secret tape compromising former Prosecutor General Yuri Skuratov. Hidden camera video of the prosecutor general, who was known as a bitter adversary of Yeltsin, and who was conducting an aggressive investigation into several large cases of government corruption, was broadcast on federal television, featuring Skuratov rolling around in bed with two young women, who turned out to be prostitutes. Ultimately, the scandal resulted in the prosecutor general's resignation."

And then in December 2014: "The head of Russia’s Gazprom-Media holding, Mikhail Lesin, has officially turned in his application to resign, Gazprom’s press service said Friday. “Mikhail Lesin has turned in a request to remove him from the post of Gazprom-Media chairman citing family issues. This request will be considered at the next Gazprom-Media board meeting." Forbes Russia said "individuals" claimed that the decision was made personally by President Vladimir Putin. For the sake of brevity we won't go into the entire story, but we encourage readers to do their own research on Ekho Moskvy and Lesin.

At the time, all this seemed confusing to us:

We're no doctors, and we're also not trying to suggest that Lesin wasn't sick, but what's particularly odd about the mainstream media's coverage of this story (and by the way, this applies to the Russian media as well), is that no one seems to think it's strange that a Russian media mogul died in a DC hotel room from an apparent "heart attack" just as relations between Washington and Moscow have deteriorated to a post-Cold War low and just as sites like RT and Sputnik are becoming increasingly prominent among Western readers amid The Kremlin's air campaign in Syria. And to top it all off, no one knows why Lesin was in the city in the first place. 

We concluded as follows: "The takeaway here is that Lesin was most assuredly a "somebody", and when a "somebody" dies in a DC hotel room of a mysterious "heart attack" and no one knows what that "somebody" was doing in DC in the first place, you may want to start asking questions with regard to the official narrative regardless of where that narrative originates." We added that "Of course we could be wrong."

We were right.

As the WSJ reports overnight, four months after Lesin's unexplained death, not only did it have nothing to do with a heart attack, but it was the result of “blunt force injuries of the head” according to the office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

In other words, he was murdered.

The D.C. medical examiner’s office issued a terse, one-page statement on its findings from the investigation. It said “other contributing causes” to the death included “blunt force injuries of the neck, torso, upper extremities and lower extremities.

The police said they have not yet ruled the death as a homicide, but as a reported death. “It’s an open investigation,” said Officer Hugh Carew, a police spokesman. “We’re not commenting further.”

It still remains a mystery why Mr. Lesin was staying at a relatively downscale hotel near Dupont Circle at the time of his death last November.

Here WSJ insinuates that comparable to other "foes" of Putin, Lesin was quietly taken out by the Russian president. There is just one glitch with that theory: Lesin was on good terms with the Kremlin in general, and Putin in particular.

Lesin's low media profile does not help. The only time he made waves on US soil, was when a U.S. senator recently asked federal authorities to investigate whether Mr. Lesin had used ill-gotten gains to buy expensive California real estate.

The senator, Roger Wicker, a Republican from Mississippi, asked the Justice Department to probe whether Mr. Lesin’s purchases violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. It is not clear whether an investigation was launched, and Mr. Wicker’s office did not comment Thursday night.

In his request, Mr. Wicker wrote that “following his government service, Mr. Lesin moved his immediate family to Los Angeles, California, where he acquired multiple residences at a cost of over $28 million.” That a Russian public servant had raised such sums, Mr. Wicker wrote, “raises serious questions.”

Strange then that when Chinese "public servants" launder stolen or otherwise "hot" money and buy up half of San Francisco or New York, nobody bats an eyelid.

As for Lesin, we were right when we predicted in November that his "heart attack" death excuse was a lie. We will be also right when we predict now that the killer will never be uncovered.

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Are we sure it wasn't the salmon mousse?

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You must always use fresh salmon and not canned... bad things can happen..

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That area in the District, including all establishments, have more video- and audio-surveillance than the rest of the country combined.

Try taking a dump in front of The Dupont Circle Hotel, and you will be arrested as a terrisss and sent to Guantanamo ;-)


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dude got himself Scalia-ed

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No shit...Was he hanging out with a "hunting club" that wears robes with crosses?  Because that is totally normal and doesn't need even an autopsy.

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Pillow suffocation would have been a better choice.   Or a nail gun "suicide".

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Obviously you are all failing to include the most reasonable explanation - that  he smashed his head when he fell during the heart attack. . .


multiple times.

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Just another fuck-up....

Somebody forgot to bribe the medical examiner.
Ho Lee Shit!!

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Ya ... you conspiracy guys are overlooking a lot of possible explanations.  For example, dominatrix on bath salts.  That would explain the pattern of injuries.  Happens all the time in DC.

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Hedgers, please do forgive my prolonged absence.  for the last couple of weeks janus has been on the lam...layin-low...scrammed and stayed that way.  for the time being, i've absconded to an undisclosed location (my basement), where i've installed some state-of-the-art security features (a stick was wedged into the rail of my sliding glass door) while i await the law's long arm losing interest.  

loretta lynn has had it in for janus from the beginning, and now she's issued two manslaughter charges, fugitive warrants aplenty, impersonating a federal agent, aggravated sedition and, naturally, 33 felony counts for removing mattress/pillow tags.  i'm fucked.

you know those annoying guys with trophy rooms? braggadocios types.  ego-maniacs.  well, janus just so happens to maintain just such a shrine in recognition of his greatness...but with janus it's different -- i'm humble in vainglory.  i keep things in perspective.  besides, it's not for me that i celebrate myself; i do it for the little people...in a world that's flagging and forlorn, janus tries to invest in others a sense of hope and awe.  

who says there's no more heroes?

no shrine stands or sustains without sacrifice.  in the lean times when space is tight, my entire family has shared a single room for the sake of those glistening golden cups, plaques and ribbons.  i've got the place rigged such that, whensoever some lucky lass or chap is treated to a tour, Brandenberg #3 serves as a score while james earl jones catalogs janus' various triumphs in a thunderous baritone.  cost me a fortune, but it was worth every penny.  i get chills just thinking about it.

up until these two recent, high-profile deaths, i was known as 'janus the eviscerator' among the fanatics who follow the underground pillow-fighting circuit, where i collected trophies like seashells on the shore. 

Scalia went by 'the sicilian cyclone'.  his style was to whirl around -- tazmanian devil-like -- spinning in circles while clutching an 8 gauge goose-down, striking whatever found itself on the business end of his feathery cat-o-nine-tails with a centrifugal force that sent tim russert to an early grave.  but he was no match for 'janus the evisverator'.  in utilizing a tactic learned playing nintendo, i worked him over like king hippo.  belting this sage jurist in the belly with a very special pillow (now cupped in a solid sterling bowl bathed in amber light at the center of my trophy room), i dispatched our last, great conservative justice with extreme prejudice.  

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anyway, me and 'magog's mace' went on to face this russian contender there in dupont circle.  you know the rest of the story.

tragically, the underground pillow fighting circuit is no more.  the feds are cracking down.  we've all gone into hiding.   

seriously, though...this shit is beyond obtuse.  scalia dies with a "pillow over his head", no autopsy, an evasive local judge, strange violations of protocol.  the president doesn't attend the funeral...goes tie-less to telegraph his seething contempt...putin's friend is bludgeoned with a baseball bat in dupont circle...somebody wake me up; this feels like an episode of 'house of cards'.  it's all so surreal i can't make sense of it.  are they really this insolent in their thuggishness?  

is it still illegal to openly call for a military coup?


janus the eviscerator



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Welcome back.

Your avatar stopped working.

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forgiven?  hell no!

i'm even pisterer now.

surely you can consult emily post on when f & b warnings are proper protocol.


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If you were serious you'd of made a tweet rather than a book post...

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Welcome back , the place is still full of thieves , knaves. assassins , Smart asses And occasional financial commentary

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Hmmn, battered to death with Salmon Mousse. Something smells very fishy to me...

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Sounds like an obvious suicide to me.


Case closed.

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Nutsack (not verified) I M DeMan Mar 11, 2016 12:59 PM

So why does the Ruskie get an autopsy but not Scalia?

French Bloke's picture

Stranger still, assuming the family member had to identify the body to confirm death, wouldn't it be a little obvious he had be bludgeoned to death - again, assuming they got to see the body...? How else would they be able to confirm the cause?

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Any one questioned why was he there?

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We have read that Putin threw the Rothschild banksters out of Russia....


KesselRunin12Parsecs's picture
KesselRunin12Parsecs (not verified) adanata Mar 11, 2016 2:42 PM

Jews getting kicked out of a country? That's a patently absurd statement to heave upon this pious, downtrodden, persecuted tribe of humanitarians...




Let's bring this subject up to date:

francis_sawyer getting kicked off of ZH (over the past 6 years), is the 'new' jews getting expelled from countries over the past 2,000 years... Now, go carry some water for your new masters all u 'junkensteinbergers' out there...

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Plausible.  Perhaps someone is sending Putin a mesage.

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Obviously I need to retract. His skull was bashed in. I apologize for the cheap attempt at humor.

Clearly he did something (or was about to) that was not approved of

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Clearly he did something (or was about to) that was not approved of


by who??

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Frothy Pink is no joke.  Eater Beware.

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Thank you for the visual.  May your next woman be a little healthier.

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Don't you hate it when the battery runs out on the nail gun............. it becomes so uncivilised.

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My best guess is that he was bought off by Washington and Putin took out the garbage.

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We bludgeoned some folks...

actually, they bludgeoned themself.

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unfortunately for scalia he went on one to many hunting trips with cheney

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Not without MAJOR reparations for the damage caused by "The West", despite what the "Western" Political elite may think.

Interesting that this "Now probably murder" development has not enjoyed the usual "saturation coverage" in the Aussie media. Presumably only "Pro-Neoconservatives murdered by Putin" qualify for that degree of coverage in these times.

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T'would explain the massive coverage of the "riots" in Chiraq.  Distraction much?  Speaking of US.  Can't speak of Aussielandia.

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Now, he's a Norwegian Blue.

(Beautiful plumage.)

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Russia is a gangster-land today. So they are killing each other. So what?

IMHO, Al Capone was much more civilized than Putin an other gangsters in Russia. At least, Al Capone and alike did not kill people indiscriminately and did not interfere with legitimate businesses.

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Lol, Did you just drop in from a parallel universe where all Governments don't do business this way?

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Capone wasn't much more civilized.  As I recall, Capone also was known to favor a baseball bat on occasion.

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Al Capone and alike did not kill people indiscriminately . . .


Really??  What TeeVee show did you learn that from?? Capone and his ilk were notorious murders . . . just ask the 7 guys shot in cold blood on St. Valentine's day in Chicago.

And yeah, right, Putin is a bad bad man . . . just ask any neocon dickhead and they'll tell ya that he's Hitler reincarnated.

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Don't tell that to the unbashed Russia fanboys of this site, who make Glen Beck seem even-keeled.

Tyler Duren citing Sputnik, probably the crappiest propaganda site masquerading as news? Lol ok. As for Putin having "no reason," there were reports that Lesin was becoming an FBI informant--hence his being at DC. Course, when it comes to ZH's Russia reporting it's generally garbage... shame since the economy news is actually informative.

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Baby Bladeface (not verified) yukatan Mar 11, 2016 5:41 PM

Putin has killed your brain, but no one noticed the difference...

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Yessir, he was in the states pining for the Fords. The Volgas and Ladas just weren't doing it for him.

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He's not dead, you stunned him.

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But darling... I didn't eat any of the salmon mousse!

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Thanks DEP!  Can't believe I had to scroll down so far for this, the most proper, response!

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replaced by jew. if history is any measure.

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If history is any measure he wanted to sell oil for gold.

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Maybe he fell over and banged his head?