"Stay Angry My Friends"

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The last decade or two has been a failure...


For everyone apart from the elites...



Which created this...

Source: Townhall.com

Which is leading to this...


So stay angry my friends...

Source: Townhall.com

As we noted earlier, it seems more than a few are "angry"...

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EndlessSummer (not verified) Mar 11, 2016 3:53 PM

I think you should hold your breath waiting for change.

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Change is the only constant in the world. The change YOU want is something YOU need to participate and engineer.

WTFRLY's picture

Has smelled like sulfur since Chavez said it (*about Bush) at the UN in 2006.

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chicaboomboom (not verified) WTFRLY Mar 11, 2016 4:31 PM

Which will lead to this >> our first female POTUS >> http://bit.ly/1p1jKnr

headhunt's picture

Yeah - show me a real racist comment or action by Trump and not some stinky ass leftist rag website or blog spitting out white racist opinion

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Our President, the billionaires, illuminati, media, politicians, and Hollywood all say the same thing to us, the American public: We're bigoted, xenophobic, evangelical, LGBT hating, lazy, fat, anti-semitic, gun toting, violent, ill-mannered, uneducated, useless eaters who need to pay more taxes.  And I say: we're angry and we have rope.

headhunt's picture

That was Chavez's own stinky communist ass.

He destroyed that country just like every leftist in history - destruction, loss of freedom and death.

Fuck all the leftists

bid the soldiers shoot's picture


The change we need is in our underwear drawer.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

It is no longer enough to be the cleanest of a dirty set of underwear.  

Throw all the dirty underwear out!!!

Ol Man's picture

Throw out all of the undies!!!  It is time to go Kommando!!!

bid the soldiers shoot's picture


When it comes to dirty underwear, is it smart to throw them out?


It's like killing the messenger.  Get a bidet and make each piss last for an additional 90 seconds.

RougeUnderwriter's picture

We are so screwed. The problems we have need real thought and this is what we offer. Wow.


Weekend Weather Forecast: 100% Chance of Alcohol

RopeADope's picture

Smokey the Bear says:

Only you can start forest fires!

tarsubil's picture

*raises a white russian* Cheers!

RobD's picture

1.5 hours until beerthirty for me.

Mr Pink's picture

Can't afford beer anymore...had to start smoking weed

adanata's picture




Ah, so negative. The mills of the gods grind slowly but exceedingly fine.

Anthony Wile has said he believes the Net is to us what the printing press was to our ancestors.

I hope he's right since the Sheeple have been well herded for hundreds of years.

At the moment however, they are waking up.... almost certainly due to enhanced communications across the planet.

That's the first step; waking up. Trump is the next step; the message. As noted elsewhere, if the Barons of Basel can explore the art of the deal with him, they had better make it look very, very good... or there will be a "next" step... perhaps Sheeple no more? We'll see.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

TPTB are working very very hard to control the Net. It remains to be seen whether they'll be successful. But they're well aware that the Net could destroy them.

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

The election is entirely to decide who is going to be the punching bag for the next 4-8 years, in service of the people who actually run our countries.  And they have decided they are going to stick a fork in the US and pivot to Asia; they've been doing this in stages since Nixon.  Exactly none of the candidates can do a damn thing to change this path.

pickatheweek's picture

I'm sitting on the sidelines waiting to cash in on this lipstick pig.  Tired of cursing all the time but soon come.

Nutsack's picture
Nutsack (not verified) pickatheweek Mar 11, 2016 4:13 PM

It's always 4:20 somewhere...

knukles's picture

Or 7:14 ....


83_vf_1100_c's picture

  I'd kill for some Lemmons. Bestest, funnest painkiller ever.

Pa Kettle's picture

"Cashing in" on the "markets" is a prime contributor to non-production.

GlobalMapper's picture

"soon come" I haven't heard that expression since I lived in the Bahamas.

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

The last peak period (summer) was the 70s and 80s. Autumn started in the 90s. Now it's winter. New spring not before 2030. Somehow I have a feeling there isn't going to be another spring.

RougeUnderwriter's picture

I just read that Caitlyn Jenner is a conservative - talk about confused


Lumberjack's picture

Too conservative to finish off the job....

83_vf_1100_c's picture

  He became tainted by the Ks. he will chop a single nut in Season 2 followed by t'other in Season 3 and so on. Gotta milk that cash cow slowly.

yrad's picture

Get pissed..Stay pissed.

BigRedRider's picture

Better to be pissed off than pissed on.


TRUMP/ME 2016!

tarsubil's picture

If you just did these graphs with a log scale, they wouldn't look so bad. Also, smoke a joint before looking at them.

Salsa Verde's picture

Way passed anger and rage; settled into the cold methodical state of mind.  Don't care what any of em have to say any more.  They must go; now.

Quebecguy's picture

Don't worry, we will!!!


adr's picture


Take to the streets and beat your nearest banker to death.

The world awash in oil, no demand, and tankers parked off every coast, BUT WE GET A 50% RISE IN TWO AND A HALF WEEKS!!!!!


When I flew back from China two months ago there was the oddest sight in the ocean at night. There looked like there was thousands of tankers just sitting there. Like fireflies on the ocean with lights lit up. Artificial islands holding who knows what waiting for somewhere to go but no destination entered.


There is a years worth of inventory that never sold due to the dock strike last year that can only go to discount stores, but the discount stores are full. I am amazed that all the new collections that came into stores are already priced 30-40% off. Does a healthy economy have signs like, "NEW SUMMER COLLECTION 40% OFF!!!!!"

The ass raping continues until the heads of the banksters roll.  New York is Gotham City from The Dark Knight and Bane needs to be unleashed. The League of Shadows isn't doing its job and th ejob must be done.

JRobby's picture

That was kind of beautiful in a dark way adr. +1000 I am used to dark.









Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

You have it exactly right.  

chunga's picture

Although I'm not a fan of the phrase, we went Gault a couple of years ago and still find it fun to find new ways of going even Gaultier.

silver surfer's picture

adr, +10000 cargo ships anchored/moored in Chinese waters confirms your story. This is unprecedented, shits seriously hitting the fan in the real global economy.



RopeADope's picture

It will be interesting if the oil tankers start going offshore 500 miles or so to dump their oil.

BeaverCream's picture

Us angry white males...we're getting our helicopters ready.

Full Nelson's picture
Full Nelson (not verified) Mar 11, 2016 4:12 PM

I can't stand to listen to Sandahs tawk.

BeaverCream's picture

You mean you don't appreciate the smooth sounds of a bolshevik jew?

Full Nelson's picture
Full Nelson (not verified) BeaverCream Mar 11, 2016 4:26 PM

I read the juicy stuff in the Talmud and now a Jewish accent triggers me.

messystateofaffairs's picture

Hush, I don't think servant beasts of the chosen are supposed to read.

Niall Of The Nine Hostages's picture

He's not a Jew. He's a Bolshevik.

Yeah, he went to a kibbutz, at a time when Israel was still respectable in left-wing circles. He lasted less than a year. These days he tries to pass himself off as Polish. Lefties are no longer big on any religion except Islam.

cheka's picture

and he can't stand somali or mexican talk -- sitting in dc pushing the invasion

except in his vermont - which has somehow avoided all that and stays 96 percent white