"Never Seen Anything Like This Before" - Sweden Stunned At "Unreal" Surge In Refugee Sex Attacks

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As a direct result of Europe's refugee crisis, new and very unpleasant social fractures have started to emerge.

One particularly troubling issue is the extent to which officials have tended to “blame the victim" in the ever more frequent sex attacks resulting from Europe's refugee surge, something we first touched upon earlier this week. For instance, Cologne mayor Henriette Reker drew sharp criticism for suggesting that it was German womens' duty to prevent assaults by keeping would-be assailants “at arm’s length.”

Then there was the now infamous case of the 17-year-old Danish girl who faced a fine from police after she allegedly used "illegal" pepper spray to deter an attacker.

In the most recent example of authorities suggesting that Europeans should adapt to threats rather than compelling authorities to protect citizens, police in Sweden's Östersund advised women not to walk around by themselves at night, during at press conference on Monday.

As reported on Tuesday, "women in a town in northern Sweden have been warned not to walk alone at night in the wake of a spike in violent assaults and attempted rapes.

Police in the town of Östersund made the unusual move to ask women not to go out unaccompanied after dark, after reports of eight brutal attacks, some by 'men of foreign appearance', in just over two weeks."

It is extremely unusual for Swedish authorities to make such warnings, and it has not been well received in Sweden, a country proud of its progress in gender equality and women's rights.


All incidents have taken place in Östersund since the 20th of February, and involved outdoor attacks where the perpetrators have been unknown to their female victims.  A police spokesperson added that in addition to the increased frequency, the attacks are also conspicuous as - despite being carried out late at night - none of the perpetrators were drunk.

The observation of "sober rapists" aside, the force's recommendation that women should avoid being alone at night swiftly prompted criticism in Sweden, a nation that prides itself on promoting gender equality.

According to the Local, "The solution can never be to not go out because of such a warning. We have very many women who work in home and social care at night for example. What are they supposed to do?" the city's mayor Ann-Sofie Andersson told Swedish broadcaster SVT.

"It's wrong if it calls on women to adapt to the criminals. It risks leading people the wrong way, if the victims must adapt to the perpetrators," he said.

There is another word for it: appeasement, and history is rife with examples of how appeasement results in an ever greater threat by the appeased party, in this case refugees who flood European countries as a result of Angela Merkel's policies.

As the Mail reports, the infamous town of Östersund which is now a no-go zone for women after eight, has seen a surge in sex attacks in just the past three weeks. The most troubling recent examples:

  • February 20: Two ten-year-old girls were groped by a group of adult men. Police say the men surrounded the girls at a bus station and started to touch them while threatening to rape them. Adults saw what was happening and intervened before the men escaped.
  • February 21: A women was walking alone at midnight in the town centre when a man passing by made sexual remark. The woman responded by calling him an 'idiot'. He punched her, splitting her eyebrow and threatened to kill her. He was interrupted by passers-by and fled.
  • February 26: A women walking to work near the university was attacked by three men, beaten and pushed to the ground. They held her down and forced their fingers into her mouth while saying offensive, sexual words to her. Taleb Moafagh, 22, was arrested over the incident.
  • February 27: Police saw men surround a group of women and grope them outside a nightclub. When police tried to intervene, a drunken brawl broke out between men coming out of the club and the sex attackers fled.
  • March 2: Two women walking home from a bar were stopped by a group of men who told them: 'Girls should not be out at this time of the night' - before pushing them into a corner and groping them, then wandered off, laughing.
  • March 5: A woman walking by herself was threatened by a man in passing car, who screamed at her he would get his friends to 'rape and murder' her. When she ran off, he chased her but she managed to get to her apartment before he reached her.
  • March 6: A women walking home alone was whistled at by a man. When she told him to stop, he hit her in the head with his fist. She fell down and he punched her a second time, pushed her head into the snow and screamed at her he would rape and kill her before fleeing.
  • March 6: The same day another woman was walking home from a restaurant was attacked by three men. She was hit in the stomach by two of the men and shoved to the ground. A third man began undoing her trousers, but she managed to hit him in the head with her elbow. He started bleeding and fled. She later told police she was trained in martial arts - a skill police say saved her from being raped.

For their part, the police in Östersund (with a population of 45,000) say they have never seen anything like this before.

Stephen Jerand, the county police commissioner, admitted police in the town are struggling to cope – adding that the surge in attacks "seem unreal." He said that 'we called the press meeting this Monday because we have seen an accelerating development here.

Stephen Jerand, the county police commissioner

"'This is a small town where groups of men are attacking women during the night. We wanted to warn the public and urge women not to walk home on the streets in the central part of the town after dark, because it is not safe."

"The situation is tense. We have never experienced anything like this before. It is almost unreal. Eight attacks and just three this last weekend. This is a quiet part of Sweden where we barely have had any attacks on women and now this." Officers are confident they will catch the perpetrators and say victims claim their attackers were of 'foreign origin'.
So far only one man, whose nationality is unknown, has been arrested.

Taleb Moafagh, 22, was caught allegedly attempting to flee to Germany on board a ferry in southern Sweden. He was detained in connection to an attack on February 26.

For those living in the town surrounded by mountains, 350 miles north-west of Stockholm, there is no doubt where to find these criminals: among the migrant men who have arrived in droves in recent months, forcing them off the streets of the town they call home. An asylum centre has opened 10km outside the town holding 900 refugees, mostly from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.

Many within the community have blamed the migrants for the attacks. Police have not released any nationalities of suspects but have admitted victims described their attackers as men of 'foreign origin'.

Commissioner Jerand added: "We have had a lot of problems with immigration. It strikes our resources really hard. We are often called out to asylum centres."

'We see increasing violence towards women and children at the centres and do not really have the resources to cope with everything.'

The string of assaults began on February 20, when the two young schoolgirls were groped.

Fortunately, a number of adults saw what was happening and intervened - but the attackers fled from the scene before police could arrive.

Other incidents include women being molested outside a nightclub, a group of women walking home being groped by a laughing mob of men, and a woman being told she would be raped and murdered.

Even before this week’s warning, the women and teenagers who live in the city were too terrified to walk alone at night, telling MailOnline the situation has got 'out of hand'.

Josefine Larsson, 16, told MailOnline it is 'really worrying' and that she is frightened to out late on her own.

'Everyone is saying that there are immigrants responsible for this. But they are always blamed when something goes wrong,’ she said. 'Hopefully the police will eventually arrest these psychopaths and then we will see who they are.'

Josefine Larsson, 16, told MailOnline it was 'really worrying' the streets were no longer safe after dark

Others said the situation had already got 'out of hand', and admitted they were 'terrified' to go outside after dark. Lovis Jonsson, 16, said: 'It is terrible that women are the ones who are targeted. I feel afraid and exposed. I will never go out by myself after dark after the police warnings.'

Lovis Jonsson, 16 (right), vowed to never go out alone after dark

Gry Abrahamsson, also 16, said 'It is really creepy what is going on in town.

Gry Abrahamsson, 16, vowed to never again walk the city streets alone at night

Abrahamsson said "I never thought the police in a small town like this would have to tell
women to stay inside because of groups of men attacking innocent women
during the night. This has gotten out of hand."

Perhaps things will change for the better, in the meantime, as a result of flawed policies taken in a country far away, the reverberations of Merkel's agenda has converted Östersund into a ghost town.

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Europe is fucked (No pun intended). Islam will NOT integrate so it's your call. Everyone wake up.

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My Progressive buds say that we should be more like Sweden

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Sweden has farmers, right?

There has to be a tool for that sort of thing, farmers deal with it all the time...

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Smith and Wesson has the tool for this kind of thing and it is is the Model M&P 10. 308 in a 25 round mag is what the dr ordered.

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Just wait till these animals figure out where Albania is.  We'll be seeing 20k a day again.  

Merkel muss weg.  

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Why is it that a 15 year old migrant rapist is called a child but a 16 year old girl victim is called a woman? The inference is horrific.

Maybe it’s time to take up a collection and to send the 3 Musketeers to Sweden
(Ruger, Smith & Wesson) and a lot of JHP.

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This is an excellent point.  I'll make sure and bring this up to my sister-in-law who told me last week that Germany is "too white" and needs "more color."  


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My feeling after reading such news is that of incommensurable rage. I guess that's the point.

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It seems like when the non-Norsemen are wealthy like Tiger Woods...

...famous like Seal...

...or powerful like President Obama...

...then we don't read too many concerns in the media or hear complaints from scandenavian girls about inappropriate touching, vilolent behavior, or infidelity.

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So, apparently, if they would just give those poor young foreign men a bunch of money, recording contracts, and political offices, then this wouldn't be a problem.

Do I have to do all of the thinking on this planet?

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Reminds me of Jared, that Subway pedophiliac psychopath and rapist >> http://bit.ly/1Xj44Hl

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Uhm, it gets dark at like 3pm for 6 months of the year up there ......

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Many more them folks immigrate gonna be dark all year round

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They're just systematically working their way thru the women on their way to the goats... It's a PROCESS...


go ahead and DOWNVOTE my insensitive comment, but FFS... Get a grip people! Stop being fucking liberal 'free shit' asshats & maybe somebody will give a FF about your 'feelings' on shit


I mean, for chissakes... If BURKA clad whirling dervishes started invading the country tugging Magnus Larrssons pecker, nobody would be complaining...

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How'come South Africa, US, and Mexico are the 3 top rape countries in the world? >> http://bit.ly/1MwVzrs

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Due to all the blacks and Latinos?

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@hedgeless:  Do I have to do all the thinking around here?

Apparently so! Priceless.

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What if we take a radically different approach, and begin to deport all racist white trash from our societies instead?

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Racist white thrash? Racist brown thrash can stay or does that not exist according to you?

I prefer to start deporting self-hating left wing thrash who are betraying their country. 

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A group of men molested 10 year old girls. WTF is wrong with you? There is only one answer to foreigners molesting your 10 year old girls. You are either completely crazy or a complete and total coward or both. I pray that there enough actual men left in Sweden to defend it.

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As you obviously have racial hatred towards whites and are reportedly white yourself then shouldn't you be deported?

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You are too dumb to live, and your children will pay the price. Selection sometimes takes a few generations to work its magic, but 50 years from now there will be few in Europe that still carry your Quisling/plague rat/Stockhold Syndrome genes. Europe will look a lot different then...

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"Baa! Baa! Baa!"

~ Swedish males as their women are defiled

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See something, shoot something.

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I say close the borders and ship every last one of these rug riding rapist bastards to Brussels.

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Save the German culture ... Vote Merkul out!



Germans are about to tell Angela Merkel what they really think of her refugee policy


Over 12 million Germans will pass judgement on chancellor Angela Merkel and her party during “Super Sunday” state elections tomorrow (Mar. 12).

The three state elections will be a key litmus test of whether people still have faith in Merkel and her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) since Germany opened its doors to 1.1 million refugees last year.

Founded as a eurosceptic party in 2013, the AfD switched to an anti-refugee platform as the crisis escalated, seeing its ratings shoot up as a result. Under the new leadership of Frauke Petry, who said in January that border guards should be able to shoot refugees, it won 13 % of votes in the central German state of Hesse last weekend, making it third-largest party behind the CDU and SPD. This was telling, as it showed the AfD’s appeal is expanding beyond its core in poorer eastern states to the disgruntled middle class in other regions of Germany, which is bad news for Merkel.




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The Swedish Bikini Team is going to look just great after they get browned up a bit and put on them hijabs and burkas,

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Maybe someday we'll find out who made Merkel do this. Who or what threat made her betray Germany and the people who elected her to lead? A better way to decide National immigratiob policy would be to let the people vote and then follow the majority. Who says 'Germany is too white"? What rubbish. The first thing Germans should do is vote Merkel out of office. Merkel clearly is guilty of damaging the social fabric of Germany. By what logic should Germany be compelled to accept Muslim immigrants? I don't recall Germany having a colonial past in N. Africa or the Middle East. 

So in an ideal world Germany would vote out or impeach Merkel, leave NATO, give the USSA a fixed time period to vacate the largest air base which is Ramstein Air Base. How many know that the US has 21 military bases in Germany? The Germans should change govenments and stop being occupied by the US military. The US occupied a defeated Germany after WW2, to make sure the Nazi movement wouldn't revive. The Berlin wall is gone so why aren't the Americans? I always admired Germans for their logic and precision and dedication to quality as in Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche. WHAT HAPPENED?

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

What if none but Merkel's conscious and her sense of ethics "made" her pursue a policy of tolerance and compassion towards refugees?

It logically follows that psychopathic lunatics, incapable of experiencing even the most basic of positive emotions towards human beings in desperate need, would be profoundly puzzled by such behavior.

Shift For Brains's picture

I've read your comments for many, many months and never posted a rejoinder. But you are truly, truly fucked up. Merkel's actions in destroying her country's social fabric is done out of tolerance? Men have no responsibility to protect women because they "don't own them?"

You are a pathetic excuse for an intellect and even worse for a man. You represent the epitome of what brainwashing can do in destroying the male's natural instincts to protect. Instead, you pander to those most animalistic of our species who have been loosed upon innocents and then protected, coddled and excused by the same mentality--I use that word loosly--as you.

Truly a DISGUSTING display of craven cowardice. Your type has no future. You will be eliminated at some point because you are incapable of even understanding threats to survival let alone how to deal with them.

What is my suggestion to the Swedes', Europe's and soon America's problems with "immigrants" like this?

Don't join any resistance groups, don't take over federal outposts, don't hold up in buildings and dare anyone to come for you.

Go Charles Bronson on them. One by one. Individually. Don't tell anyone what you've done. Resist the desire to boast about it. Just handle things as you come across them as quietly as you can and then slip away for another day.

A few dozen determined Swedish males (not the emasculated shell of a man that you are, EML) working throughout that country and the message would be very clearly seen. Fuck with Swedish women and you are likely to wind up behind a dumpster with your face frozen to the ground. If you want to fuck anything that moves, go back to your 10th century shitholes and do it there, not here.

It's coming. I'm just writing this for the MEN who are reading this, of which I believe there are quite a few on ZH. Eunuchs like EML can continue to "go black" to your heart's content. Just stay the hell out of the operations areas.

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psychopathic lunatics, incapable of experiencing even the most basic of positive emotions towards human beings in desperate need, would be profoundly puzzled by

someone stepping in and stopping the rape of an entire country; the destruction of a valuable culture, and the ethnic cleansing of a native people?

Her policy is not 'compassion' but the same vitriolic hate you display; hate and intolerance for any culture or group You deem 'too white'. Your European hating bigotry and racism is wearing a little thin. Go play on some railroad tracks or a busy highway.

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Maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with DB being bankrupt.

In the early GFC, the Bernake did trillions of currency swaps so that loans in the hundreds of billions could be made to the insolvent banks.

Merle doesn't play ball, the Fed goes nuke on them.

We still die from the financial fallout.

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The NWO cartel is a world wide movement. It doesn't matter where the actual order originated. The NWO doesn't recognize national borders. You don't think Obama traveled to Germany to give a post election victory speech just for fun and giggles do you? It was a command performance on the home turf of some of his backers.

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Rug ridin', pool poopin', goat rapin' welfare cheatin' sharia spoutin' rat bastids.

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Plenty of those around here already.

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"Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacificsts for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country." - Hermann Goring

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

It's mostly a cultural issue. Immigrant women typically integrate very well, and become valuable and contributing members of their new societies. I see this on a daily basis due to my personal background. Such a change in cultural attitudes among young men, however, does not come as quickly -- it largely has to come from within the community itself rather than be imposed from the outside. That transition is in progress, but is rarely ever shown in mainstream media, which prefers stories which make for controversial headlines.

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According to some, this refugee rapist thing is all fake and concocted >> http://bit.ly/1MwVzrs

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

Yes. There are legitimate concerns that far-right groups are using social media to try and associate the criminal actions of a few among the refugees with all the refugees. Their apparent aim is to weaken social cohesion in countries with large immigrant communities, sowing as much mutual distrust and hatred as possible.

Point in case: During the 1990s, hardly any young Muslim women in for example Sweden wore headscarfs in public, save for a small minority that came from a very conservative upbringing. At the same time, racist & far-right parties were utterly marginalized in Nordic politics. It was only after the events of September 11, 2001 and the Iraq invasion of 2003, in particular, that attitudes in Scandinavian Muslim communities began to grow much more traditional and conservative.

Thank you, America?

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Hey, it's not America's fault that Sweden decided to go full retard. You got what you voted for...

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Bring in 10 migrants.

1 from SE Asia.

2 from South Asia.

2 from East Asia.

1 From Africa.

1 from the Middle East

2 from North/South America

1 from Latin America.

All 10 will assimilate.

Bring in 10 migrants.

All from one land.

None will assimiliate.  Figure it out.  Quantity has a quality all its own.

Chandos's picture

«Bring in 10 migrants.

1 from SE Asia.

2 from South Asia.

2 from East Asia....etc., etc...»


How about this instead:

Bring in 10 migrants:

4 from England

2 from Ireland

1 from Germany

2 Afrikaaners

and finally, one Christian family from the Middle East.


Now THAT, would be revolutionary!

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I remember when South Africa turned into a 3rd world country by mandate from the world community organizers, many people fled and some even moved to our area. They blended in super fast...doctors, engineers and a couple of chemists.


It's a cultural thing.

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It's a culture thing.

They weren't drunk after dark, so not Swedish.

Who doesn't drink. Uhmmmmmm.

The authorities are communicating in code....

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Wait a bit, and that's where the the refugees will be comming from

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So, the complaints that migrants are attacking women in Sweden are not true - they are merely a political ploy by right-wing/neo Nazi ultra-nationalist political parties?  And the muslim immigrants will adopt good Swedish social values, assimilate into Swedish society, and stop molesting women and children?  In the meantime, you can doze away your days in idealistic dreams of niceness, equality, fairness, and social justice while your society is invaded by pre-Enlightenment fanatics who view women and children as objects to be subjugated and used for sexual gratification, and view any unaccompanied woman not wearing a hijab as disrespecting Allah and deserving of physical punishment, and inviting rape.  

  The social justice warrior attitudes of Sweden make it the perfect dupe for jihadist Muslim invasion.  Your cradle-to-grave social welfare system is ideal for migrants.  Your feminist activists have neutered your males and filled them with guilt for being male.  Your blissful ignorance and self-assured sense of intellectual and social superiority make your minds unable to grasp the notion that there are those in the world that do not see Swedish social values as having merit - rather they see Swedish attitudes as weak and as violations of the laws of Mohammed, particularly as to the status of women as being the equals of men.

 There have been recent stories from Scandinavian women who were raped by migrants failing to report the rapes because they felt sorry for their assailants and feared that reporting the rape would cause the rapist to be prosecuted or deported.  Nordic guilt running amok.  European politicians, police, and media have gone to great lengths to hide reports of attacks on women and children by migrants until the volume of public outrage became so great that the reports could no longer be concealed.  The silence of the authorities was allegedly “to prevent an anti-immigrant backlash".  To my mind, it appears more likely that the politicians wanted to avoid a voter backlash against silly immigration policies that were proving toxic to society. 

There are already immigrant-dominated areas in Scandinavian cities where police fear to tread alone, where street gangs of immigrants impose Sharia law.  Does this fit with the Swedish social justice agenda?

Now police are advising women not to be out alone after dark for fear of attack by migrants. How many woman and children will be attacked before Scandinavian governments come to the realization that the migrants from the Middle East and Africa have hard-core, deeply-ingrained social attitudes that are entirely unacceptable to Scandinavian societies?  Scandinavian countries are committing social suicide by bringing in these migrants and hoping that building mosques and practising tolerance will result in the migrants adapting peacefully to Scandinavian social values.

Sadly, perhaps the most valuable lesson that will come from the European immigrant mess will be the realization that the mindset of many in the Middle East and Northern Africa is inimical to European social attitudes and that good intentions and blind faith are not valuable coping strategies for coping with such migrants.  

As to traditional left vs. right politics in Sweden, perhaps it is only natural that the invasion and disruption of your hitherto peaceful society will give rise to more support among voters for radical anti-immigration political parties.