Fred Feldkamp: Donald Trump, Jesus Christ & Financial Stability

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In 2014, I co-authored an updated version of a book originally written by Fred Fredfeldkamp entitled "Financial Stability: Fraud, Confidence & the Wealth of Nations."  The book starts with a discussion of why, in financial and economic terms, Jesus of Nazareth tossed the money changers out of the Temple in Jerusalem.

The Old Testament forbade the use of "two measures," effectively requiring that currency transactions occur at the mid-point of the market. Temple priests maintained an excessive bid-offer spread, an early example of financial fraud and political folly that eventually led to the cruxifiction of Christ. They also were tax collectors for the Roman army of occupation, who eventually destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD in response to the rebellion which followed the death of Jesus.

The email below came after I sent Fred a copy of the article by my friend William Greider in The Nation, "How Donald Trump Could Beat Hillary Clinton."

Below is the email from Fred.  Best, Chris


Frederick L. Feldkamp <>


March 13, 2016


[Bill Greider]'s correct and a very wise man.  We can only hope for better--we cannot undo mistakes of the past.

It's coming toward Easter, Chris, and I always think more about the "economics" of what Christ was trying to achieve at this time of year.

In fact, he was trying to cure an economic and political debacle that was sinking the fortunes and lives of everyone around him, because NOBODY in power had even the slightest idea what the heck they were doing to themselves and everyone else by their self-centered practices to build a huge Temple treasury of riches and a murderous Roman occupation army.

Leaders of Christ's church (the Jewish leaders of the temple in Jerusalem) could not see that they had been running a rigged market that made money mainly for their leader, Annas, who hoarded so much of it as to cut off re-circulation (just as the practice of huge excess reserves in the Great Depression caused a shortage of circulating money--pushing spreads through the roof and the economy through the floor).  

That's the same trap we all fell into in 2007-8 as fear caused everyone to stop circulating money.

Christ did what was necessary to end the combination of monopoly/hoarding/taxation by chasing money exchange out of the temple, but that meant he would bankrupt the High Priest's family and destroy the Roman tax base (created by taxing all Jews as they left the Temple at holidays).

He then actually forgave even his murderers as he was dying, saying "they know not what they are doing."


The same thing applies to all the people Grieder identifies as at the heart of today's problems.  Until the nation listened to Bernanke's understanding of how mistakes, restraints and fear raised the true cost of money and destroyed the economy in 2008, we were heading onto the same path of destruction that the Annas family and Roman rulers created for Jerusalem in the First Century.

Christ identified "how" to fix it, but nobody listened and performed what was needed.  Anger and frustration built on all sides of the First Century dispute until Rome said "enough" (then robbed the Temple treasury, killed as many Jews as remained available for killing, burned the Temple down and destroyed Jerusalem).

Christ's backers fled and eventually founded a religion that Rome adopted.  The Jews finally acknowledged that Temple sacrifice was not a good way to go and built Rabbinical Judaism around the principles of Hillel the Elder (the head Rabbi in Jerusalem at the time Christ was a teenager who lingered at the Temple when he was 12). 

Grieder has perceived the same build-up of frustration today.  I see it in the trigger-point of the frustration of "tax hoarding" that I mentioned Friday.  BIG BUSINESSES WILL NOT INVEST THEIR HOARDS SET ASIDE IN TAX HAVENS TODAY FOR FEAR THAT THE WORLD'S GOVS WILL FIGURE OUT THE SCAM AND DEMAND PAYMENT OF BACK TAXES.

So, while nobody is talking about it, fear has gripped us yet again, just as it did in Jerusalem 2000 years ago.

The one truly constructive thing is that fear has subsided dramatically since 2/11/16.  Bank spread (Inv. Gr. - 10-yr Ts) is down 47 bps.  The banker who bought Chicago's biggest bank used his bank's capital to make the buy and entirely paid for it by cutting the merged banks' funding cost by 50 bps.  So, the recovery since 2/11 is huge if only for that.

BUT, it's much better.  The spread banks charge to growth firms (HY bonds - IG bonds) has fallen an astonishing 112 bps (total finance spread, HY minus 10 yr Ts, is down an amazing 159 bps since 2/11). 

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"The statement "Father forgive them for they now not what they do" in no way evaluates what they do. It is an appeal to God to heal their minds..." Special Principles of Miracle Workers Paragraph 16, line 6, section 3 in 'ACIM'

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And there's a time where smiting people is also applicable.  I'm thinking that it was clear that they were in violation and that they KNEW what they were doing.  This is why Christ kicked them out TWICE! (never got to "third time is a charm").

Victory_Garden's picture

"So, while nobody is talking about it, fear has gripped us yet again, just as it did in Jerusalem 2000 years ago."


Man, in his expression, is only coming from one place or the other. One is coming from a place of love, or one is coming from a place of fear. When people act abnormally, ask them, what is your fear? Do you choose to embrace that fear, or release it? If it is not love, what is it?

Did you know one of man's greatest fears is the fear of lack? People fear lack, so the other side of Caesar's coin is greed to temporarily reduce that fear.

One finds all one needs in the heart. Listen and learn from it.

Bless you Mr trump.

Seer's picture

Humans operate on all sorts of emotions, one of which is hate.

Seer's picture

Here's some information that seems to be missing and might shed different light in regards to the "money changers" event(S):

The author suggests that it's not so much an attack on money changers as it is on their practice IN the temple (and their "commercializing" the process of acquiring spotless lambs for Passover).

Seer's picture

Hey you, serial junker, you're brilliant!

Seer's picture

I have no idea what the Annas were thinking (others can only speculate), but the increase in money would never continue.  Sir John Glubb brilliantly identifies the phases of empires in his work THE FATE OF EMPIRES and. SEARCH FOR SURVIVAL (

As I've been saying, "Go forth and multiply" was an extremely flawed set of instructions (to have set forth on a finite planet): for how long? until how many of us?  "Economics" have been based on this very notion of perpetual growth; to blame economics is to miss the Real fundamental flaw.  Sigh, and so it goes..

SunRise's picture

Here's a related issue:  Social Security is a Ponzi scheme requiring the next generation to pay for the previous generation.  Since 1970,  59 million babies have been aborted in the U.S.   Whatever a person calls it,  it's definitely not excellent retirement planning.

Seer's picture

Good for you understanding that Social Security is a Ponzi.  Unfortunately you cannot translate that simple math function to growth in human population and resource depletion.

How are you with the US killing children around the globe?  I wonder how many children there could be that we could exploit had they not died as a result of US military actions around the globe?

SunRise's picture

I'd like to know how you know the earth is finite.  If you are correct, then it would be appreciated if you would also explain how big the Universe is and why there isn't enough of it and why it's impossible to access it?   Daunting to access it?  Yes,  but great leaps from great heights are attainable.  If we don't even know on an individual basis how many ants we crushed last year, shouldn't we spend less time talking about how finite and impossible future life is and set about freeing minds, morals, and ambition to so obtain it?

Seer's picture

The earth's size is obtained via physical measurement.  The earth's mass is measured by its gravitational force.

Other than a few moon rocks (and that activity is highly questioned), we've been unable to really ship materials mined from other celestial bodies.  This has been the case since the beginning of humankind's existence on this planet.  Given the track record I'm wagering that this is unlikely to change (will be a function limited by time and energy).

I believe that some have stated what they believe the size of the universe is.  For me I see it more along the lines of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin: what that value is has little affect on what we can and cannot do.

Seer's picture

Either the earth is a sphere or it is not.  Looking out over the ocean is a pretty good test of the sphere theory, as one can actually see the earth's curvature.  A sphere is, by definition, finite.

The earth does get inputs from "outside."  And the earth also exports to the  "outside" (radiates).  I'm thinking that since the earth's orbit is fairly stable that any imbalance is likely insignificant.  How many ants can dance on the head of a pin?  Not seeing that as relevant to any human activities as have been practiced for thousands of years.

Access to the Universe?  We're PART of it.  The ISSUE is one of energy.  Either there's enough to go mine someplace else (more energy acquired than spent) or there is not.  While just about anything is possible, it's probability that I'll work with, and the probability that humans can obtain sufficient energy to mine other planets is firmly in the "improbable" category.

Element's picture

The last I looked space is currently a part of the extended human habitat. And also a part of declared international plan for permanent colonization of space from here, by this species.

i.e. we are clearly not limited to Earth at all, we have not been for ~55 years in fact, there is no such limit, and the current space station is already independently powered by solar energy.

The power isn't coming from Earth!

So your hapless idiotic proposition is already shot to peices, in a few seconds and sentences. We are not bound by this imagined finiteness you keep driveling on about in the same way Magellan was not limited to the coast line of SW Europe.

Now how ignorant and blind are you to these very basic undeniable physical facts?!

OK, try this one then, hydrocarbons come from prior life on earth that was powered via the external input of the Sun, so when we burn fossil hydrocarbons, was are indirectly burning solar energy, that came from outside the Earth.

Are there any pennies dropping yet for your abject barking hyperbolic "finite resources"  meme as yet?

Same for gasoline and LNG.

And we have solar panels in every street, receiving power from space, outside the imaginary finite bubble resource 'limit' you stupidly and falsely prattle on about, like a totally deluded lunatic.

You're clearly completely wrong on the most basic facts, we are getting energy from the sun, and the sun is providing the energy for all life on this planet, it is coming from outside this fantasy earth-resources access ''bubble you drooling moron!.

So the spectacularly dopey pseudo-greenie Ludites still want us all to ignore these basic clear-cut physical facts? And pretend energy options are 'finite' on an energy resources bound earth? Which is clearly totally untrue.

And we must also believe it can not also be replaced, or recharged either? Nor used once only then gone forever? That it's a one-way street to certain doom?

Have you heard of solar panel recharging of gel-cell batteries as yet? You must be a complete fucking imbecile, there can be no other explanation for your completely cracked idiotic beliefs.

We are DOING IT! ... you hapless god-damned EEEeeeeeeediot!

The result of pushing back boundaries of the doable in human experience and achievements, and pushing technology, has been and will be expressed as more colonization.

And the result will again be our adaptation, our material plenty, and new niches for the most advanced, committed, disciplined, organized, persistent, determined and adventurous humans, with the best technology, using it with the greatest skills.

That's called evolution bitch, that's the test, that's its actual filtering mechanism, right there!

A test that you are a complete failure at, and a mechanism that would not even bother with testing the likes of you. You can imitate a cranial butt-plug all you want but this isn't going to stop for some blind ignoramus like you.

You may salivate for human failures and certain doom, but it just wont be.

Oh, but this incessant whining about getting reds almost takes the cake! lol Good grief you fool, that is just you finding it impossible to process that anyone thinks you're completely full of it (no, not mine either, btw) and an insufferable unrecoverable cretin for after all, according to you, you logic is impeccable! It's perfect! Soundness itself! Unimpeachable! ahahaah!

But in just a few short lines with a very clear few commonplace basic observations and testable facts, I just showed you that your silly bullcrap is 100% rubbish! aaahahah!

And I'm not even trying here!!  lol  Can you really not figure this out, year after year?  ahaahah!

But you will be back for reality will not impugn your lodgeek!

And please convey to that vacuous ignorant doomer super-dope, Gail Taverberg, that the shit she puts in her gas tank came from the sun and other stars, not from Earth.

See if that relieves her addiction to epic stupidity. lol

You are literally  hopeless ignorant retards, the both of you.

But even that's not the most ridiculous thing about you, the most ridiculous thing is you will talk all that completely false strawman pseudo-eco in-touch 'enlightened' 'finite-world' ideological vomit and narcolepsy inducing swill, then you have zero solutions! ....

To a 100% fake strawman proposition ... a completely false-dilemma! ... which you actually promote ... incessantly!


Well done 'Seer' you really are certainly among the greatest of all living idiots.

I've encountered many on the internet, so that's quite an achievement to even be in the running for that top spot. I would have no trouble recommending you for the 2016 Darwin Awards, as you clearly exhibit all the 'right stuff'.


Do the world a favor Seer, take the Nembuttal, your whole 'problem' will just go away!  :D 


Seer's picture

OMG, it's YOU again!

In case you haven't noticed things aren't going so well.  Hardly the direction of conquering new planets.

Could a handful of people "escape" this planet?  Perhaps.  Either through the "rapture" or via "technology," same mindset...  Just wish you all would leave NOW and let realists to have their place here.

Thanks for the personal attacks!

Element's picture

"Things not going well", is how evolution works.

It's why life is hard, and why evolution takes no pity or interest in selecting failure, people like you, who just give up, they live, then just die out, and you will absolutely be one of those.

But then again, so will I.

And I am perfectly OK with that. I didn't need more to live, as these conditions were ideal, so I didn't need to even adapt much, not that I can't, I just had no incentive to do so. So don't assume that hasn't done, means won't do, for humanity.

It took centuries and many generations of steadily improving humans, learning and skill, ships and crews, the right mindsets and motivation, and navigation, and most of all, balls, ambition, desire and greed, for someone to circumnavigate the globe, and change the equation of what is possible, completely and irrevocably.

Then we got better, and better, and better again, at doing it.

Now we can do it in a bit over 2-3 days.

That's what happens fool.

And we are doing the exact same process with space, and making staggering strides fast (all in our life time in fact!), and we will get better and better at that as well, until it is commonplace and routine, and its as cheap as domestic airfares have become cheap with scale and tech development and economic demand flooded in.

The impossible becomes and became where we live, work and operate.

If you are too retarded to see that, that's because you are an ideologically warped moron.

And I see you can not deny the points made.

And I'm not even being optimistic, I don't subscribe to optimism, or pessimism, unlike you, apparently, nor think that crap is even relevant.

Doing matters.

And if you were the 'realist' that you merely claim to be, you wouldn't continually ignore basic real facts, and keep pushing your hopelessly false ultimate doomer irrational bullshit story, to weak pliable minds you can bamboozle, and who won't put up a fight to your pure horseshit.

You are a pseudo-realist, a 'realist' claimant only, and a bullshit merchant who is not even a realist at all!

You are the usual snake-oil seller in drag. And this egotistical user name you selected says it all, "The Seer", as you fancy yourself a bit of a prophet among the blind and rudderless minds, do you? i.e. you are a pretentious wanker, a dedicated misleader. You inject your stupid useless crap into the internet in spite of the known facts, which completely contradict the useless ignorant horseshit you're still peddling.


And if you feel insulted - no, not "personally attacked" - just appropriately insulted, for your years of trenchant repetitive utter stupidity and a total lack of reform of your view in the face of observed and testable facts, well that's because you are being insulted, and totally disrespected.

What else is left but to roundly expose, reject and kick your stupid crap to the kerb, set it alight, and then piss all over it, to put it out again?  LMAO!  :D

Your stupidity is beyond the pale, and your endless false claims of being a "finite world", is clearly utter bullshit, and your economic assertions are hopelessly wrong. You even subscribe to and support this doomer claptrap and pure idiocy of Gail Tverberg's!  MORON!

Totally vacuous nonsense and a pitiful laughable disciple of planetary doomer-ism.

You're the metaphorical neo-cockhead, who's standing beside Magellan, saying he won't make it, and shouldn't even try, as we're doomed to this, and only this, it is our lot.

AND ... despite all your bullshit grandstanding swill, and idiotic falsely-based hand-waving and total ignoring of basic testable facts, you still have zero solutions for your misdirecting crap! But just this pitiful abject idiotic false message of planetary DOOM.

That's it?! A useless fucking prophet of doom?



Resources being used on Earth are coming, in Real-Time from space - this very second.

Humans now live in space full-time.

We intend to make this a permanent feature of the extended human environmental niche and habitat from here, as that is clearly where we'll focus on going to next.

And we've thoroughly proven that we can- AS WE ARE DOING IT - already! Right now!

We are clearly not bound or limited to this earth alone, at all, and it is not a closed "finite sphere"!

And it also never has been, at any time, the solar-created hydrocarbons prove that beyond viable dispute, as does the solar energy that we currently are using, in real-time!

Megellan went one direction around the planet and came back to where he started. And we have had a circumnavigation around the Moon and multiple landings on it, and still morons like you pop up to adamantly entirely falsely claim that we're bound to a "finite sphere"! But then you even have the fucking temerity to falsely label people who point this out to you, as "flat earthers"! When it's exactly the otherway around!  ROFLMAO!!!

You couldn't make this shit up! It is you who's denying it is so, that it can't be done!

Amid a deluge of evidence, that it is being DONE!


You are one hopeless fucking SUPER JACKASS!


What a back-to-front, inside-out, upside-down, with back-flip and tripple-pike fruitcake you are!

Entertaining, yes, but ultimately tedious and distasteful because you're actually serious, it's not just a put-on, you really mean it!  ROFLMAO!  :D

The very nature of Evolution is for a small number to survive, and most not to survive, and thus to totally alter the species with their more adaptive and thus 'naturally selected' genes.

This is EVOLUTION, right now bitch, it is still happening, it has not stopped via technology, and it will never stop.

And thank christ your genetic puss won't be polluting or infecting a future humanity, at all.  LOL

All of the useless dumb-fucks, dead-ends and dead-wood are all going to dirt.

And in that respect, you are right.


Drop the gibbering verbal sewer sludge, live it into the ground, you never got a certificate of assured survival when you were borne, you did get a guaranteed death of your body coming very soon after though - and that's back to the dirt.

And frankly, the sooner the better.  ;-)

PS: Well, that is until space becomes cheap enough for even wasted-space like you to get up there ... on someone else's coin ... jackass.

acetinker's picture


I suggested he stick a roman candle up his butt, you know so he could show us all how easy it is to escape 'the surly bonds of earth' and all...

He (and his hanger's on) went feral, and then quiet.

The red arrow is their only defense.

Quite convincing, eh?

Element's picture

ha! ... and that's an 'argument'? A counterpoint? A point at all, even?

That happened already, 55 years ago, try to keep up, you keep tripping over your lack of comprehension.

acetinker's picture

I have an idea;  How about you stick a roman candle up your butt and demonstrate this 'easily attainable' intergalactic travel for us?

You have the nerve to call Seer a moron?

As for my suggestion, hurry up, will 'ya?  We're waiting...

Element's picture

I have no hesitation calling him a moron, apparently you are too.

Got a counterpoint?

acetinker's picture

Back already?  Tell us all about it.  Is Uranus really as big as they say?  Sure looks like it.

As to counterpoint; I made it already, you missed it.

Element's picture

Yes, it must have been invisible, but if you don't have one, that's OK, I expected that.

acetinker's picture

Here's my final assessment of you, Element;

It is, in fact possible to hyper-educate an idiot.  But at the end of it all, the specimen is still an idiot.

Now, you could choose to shut the fuck up and listen- not to me- not to your sycophants- but the community-at-large.  But you won't, 'cuz you already know it all.

As you may have surmised, I have almost zero tolerance for hyper-educated idiots such as yourself.

OTOH, I have the greatest respect for those who observe and opine- those who don't claim to know, but quietly and wisely reject the status-quo and form their own ideas.

I wish you no harm.  Just never ask me for assistance, you're on your own.

Element's picture



"Education is bad ... mmmkay"  LMAO!

Feeble tosh from a convivial moron.  :D

Seer's picture

OMG!  Flat-earthers are here!

SunRise's picture

So instead of; for example, "Go forth and multiply",  how would you state it and how would you justify your position?

Seer's picture

I don't provide "solutions," as the very word ("solution") denotes permanence.  As long as time continues nothing is permanent.

My "position" sides with mathematical proof of the very nature of "growth," the exponential function.

One-Eyed-Thong's picture
One-Eyed-Thong (not verified) Mar 14, 2016 3:40 PM

i wonder if Nancy Pants is boiling in a lake of seamen right about now

conraddobler's picture

Real problems are legion.

The primary problem has to do with bizzare demographics in developed financial world.

If you picture the world as a pyramid under constant construction from the top down so that it's base needs to widen ever wider proportional to the growth in it's height then you can visualize the issue more clearly.

The growth rates of populations in the developed world do not support the heights the pyramid is reaching and it is becomming unstable.

They have substituted debt growth for actual participation growth which is obvious from every debt chart you want to look at.   The debt is going parabolic as the gap between the actual particpants required and the actual participants available so that the entire thing borrows money to continue operations.

Companies hoarding money is akin to winners taking winnings off the table during times of uncertainty.  They are primarily concerned with the survival of the firm and absent growth strategies based on perpetual growth of PAYING customers which they are currently short of they will simply hoard the cash and wait to see what happens.

Or buy back shares.

The system is no different than it ever was or has been which is the problem it's based on exponential population growth that was never sustainable forever and is actually slowing down due to lifestyle choices in the developed world.

The article is wandering down an relatively inconsequential path that may be very real and absolutely true and contributory to the problems yet it is NOT in my opinion of the foundational variety.  The real foundational issue in my opinin is lack of growth in the base which I would define as people who can participate in the modern financialized economy. 

The USA did it's part exploding the world economy by exploding a highly incentivized workforce to achieve incredible results, as hard as they are trying to convert China into the demand the problems they are running into are resultant from massive missallocation forces that result from a centrally planned economy.

They will likely become stymied by a variety of issues including resource constraints born largely out of the massive scale of the undertaking.

It's not that they can't solve these issues as they go it's that the lack of market signals makes the emergence of such an issue much less likely and much more inefficient as they are dealing with thousands and millions then billions of details that you end up dealing with as you attempt to micromanage a complex system.

You can't build complex systems based on mathematically unsustainable models and expect anything but chaos and death to ulitmately occur plan accordingly.

Seer's picture

BINGO!  We have a winner!

Perpetual growth isn't possible?  Who knew! </sarc>

Lumberjack's picture

The man closest to Jesus regarding the money changers is William K. Black. Here is his latest...


The Clintons Have Not Changed: The Clintonian War on the IGs

Victory_Garden's picture







LawsofPhysics's picture

"we cannot undo mistakes of the past.: --  No shit, but we sure as fuck can hold motherfuckers accountable!!!!

Maestro Maestro's picture

This article says Bernanke is a good guy and everything's OK now that we saw the light in his wisdom.


What a sick person who wrote this article.


If this is what zerohedge has become, I'm gone.

Theonewhoknows's picture
Theonewhoknows (not verified) Mar 14, 2016 12:52 PM

It is astonishing how even in Bible we can see purification of economic system - Christ throwing sinners out of the temple. Since there is a momentum for change (number of food stamps in the US should be evident enough, jobs being overtaxed, free speech squashed, invigilation o nt he rise) maybe we can afford another chance before the S**T hits the fan again like it did in 2008? Maybe.

durablefaith's picture

When you dont want to tell the truth (about govs and bannkers) Baffle them with b.s (bible stories)?

This seems to be a misinformation piece designed to make people immune to the real threat to the elite.

The truly revolutionary narrative of disintermediation of the gospel of the kingdom.

shovelhead's picture

I think the Big J fan club is far more concerned about errant penis activity and baby busting than they are about chasing moneychangers around.

GRDguy's picture

"Open up the gates to the church and let me out of here!

Too many people have lied in the name of Christ for anyone to heed the call;

Too many people have died in the name of Christ that I can't believe it all. . . ."

Lyrics, Winchester Catherdral, CSN, 1970s, (Nothing's changed since.)

GRDguy's picture

Hmmm, 80% indoctrinated, 20% educated.  Seems about right.

ThroxxOfVron's picture



^^^THAT^^^ is all you need to understand.

BIG Business has not only refused to compensate labor in ratio to productivity gains over the last 40-ish years; but, has also been cheating Governments out of their tax receipts and thus inducing artificial scarcities and inflation.  

The issuance of debt to cover expenditures at both the national and individual/consumer levels is a response to unbalanced labor-force compensation and with-held tax receipts.

The 'High Priests of Finance' have been hoarding the money, hiding it in off-shore tax havens and foreign labor/regulaton arbitrage scams: causing shortages, speculative booms and busts, and promulating debt as a half-assed antidote to the lack of currency circulation.


"What would Jesus do?"

Easy: he would do precisely what he did when he encountered this problem in the Temple itself.  

He would throw the moneychangers and debt merchants and their army of oppression out of the Temple/Government/Market -and destroy the system of debt serfdom and artificial scarcities and violence.

malek's picture

So you mean "more government is the answer"?

illyia's picture

How scholarly. So many references. I will have to get back to it later...

NoBillsOfCredit's picture

The world's governments and their Bankster pals running the debt based money scam are the real crooks.

Lumberjack's picture

The figuartive second coming? IEX?


Edit: Didn't Jesus throw out the HFT's too?.... Long Live NANEX!

Lumberjack's picture

Speaking of god and hft's


Goldman revamps electronic stock trading to catch rival

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Raj Mahajan achieved a rare feat when he rejoined Goldman Sachs Group Inc (N:GS) last year with the coveted title of partner, the Wall Street bank's highest rank. Then he got to work on fixing the pipes.

That plumbing has to do with the technology Goldman uses to route stock orders to exchanges and private trading pools. The bank has long been one of the top two stock brokerages in terms of revenue and customer rankings. But in recent years Goldman's status slipped in electronic trading because its technology did not keep up with client demands for ever-faster trades.

Goldman hired the tech-savvy Mahajan to revamp the business in March 2015. Since then, he has hired dozens of technologists and support staff to elevate Goldman's position in a fast-growing slice of the market and win back business from its chief competitor, Morgan Stanley (N:MS).

"When we look at how Goldman wants to be positioned for the future, simply put, we want to deliver the best execution quality to our clients, which is tantamount to saying we need the best technology," Mahajan said in an interview.

The 43-year-old was promoted to co-head of global execution services last month. He began his career at Goldman Sachs in 1996 as a commodities analyst, but left the bank in 2000 to launch a trading technology firm with R. Martin Chavez, who is now Goldman's chief information officer.

Their startup, Kiodex, was bought in 2004 by financial software maker Sungard, where Mahajan became president of global trading. He later became chief executive officer of high-frequency firm Allston Trading before rejoining Goldman as partner, a rank held by around 1.5 percent of Goldman employees.

Mahajan said the idea of fixing the cracks in Goldman's pipes to make trades move faster and more efficiently to find the best liquidity is what motivated him to return.



May they burn in hell.

Lumberjack's picture

Jesus did believe in liquidity by turning water into wine.

Element's picture

Put down that Bible sir and step away ... easy now ...

nscholten's picture

He knows not what he says.