Here's How The Establishment Will Steal The GOP Nomination From Trump

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The political establishment in America is terrified.

Donald Trump gets closer to securing the GOP nomination with each passing month and his rivals on both sides of the aisle are in disbelief.

Worse - or “better” if you enjoy entertainment - Trump has seemingly given up any attempt to be anything other than... well... than Donald Trump. He recently offered to pay the legal fees of a supporter who punched a protester, shouted almost maniacally about “Bernie guys” at a recent rally, and frankly seems to have gone punchdrunk with his newfound political clout.

That’s not necessarily a criticism. Heaven knows it’s funny and obviously there’s something highly satisfying about watching the establishment squirm.

All the same, no one - not even Trump’s staunchest supporters - really know what to expect from a Trump presidency. And virtually no Washington veterans want to find out. In fact, as we reported last week, a group of GOP and tech execs recently made stopping Trump the topic of the American Enterprise Institute's annual World Forum, a secretive affair held on Sea Island, Georgia.

And although everyone now jokes about just how unstoppable the Trump “juggernaut” has become, the establishment isn’t called “the establishment,” for nothing. Trump may have proven remarkably adept at whipping certain sectors of the electorate into a veritable frenzy, but he himself will tell you that he’s no politician. In fact, he prides himself on being "outside the political fold," so to speak.

He may know quite a few tricks in the boardroom, but he doesn’t know all of the tricks of the political trade, and as Bloomberg outlines below, he could still have the nomination “stolen” from him, if the party pulls out all of the stops.

Below, find excerpts from “How To Steal A Nomination From Donald Trump”.

*  *  * 


The Hunt for Double Agents

On Saturday morning, while the candidates were scattered across Ohio and Florida, Illinois and Missouri, Cruz’s campaign was back in Iowa trying to wring another victory out of the state that gave him the first win of the primary season. After Iowa Republicans caucused on Feb. 1, diehards who stuck around their precinct got the chance to elect a local delegate to the county convention. It was those 1,681 precinct delegates who attended conventions in each of Iowa’s 99 counties this weekend, where they selected from among themselves the delegates to subsequent conventions at congressional-district and state levels. Cruz’s victory awarded him eight of the state’s 30 delegates—Trump and Rubio each got seven—but his campaign saw that as a beginning rather than an end.

In many states, primaries and caucuses are just the most public face-off in a multi-step process to select the individual delegates who will choose the party’s nominee. Only a small share of the 2,472 total convention delegates are free to pick the candidate of their choice, regardless of the election’s outcome, on the first ballot, while about three-quarters of them are gradually freed to do so on subsequent votes. That means there is a small pool of so-called unbound delegates who are pure free agents, but a much larger number who can be recruited throughout the spring as double agents—delegates who arrive in Cleveland pledged to Trump, all the while working in cahoots with one of his opponents and confessing their true allegiances once it is safe to do so.


Reports of the Party Boss’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

It has become fashionable to renounce the term “brokered convention” with the argument that, as strategist Stuart Stevens has said, “there aren't any brokers.” There may no longer be the handful of national leaders able, as their early 20th Century predecessors did, to settle multi-ballot convention battles in smoke-filled hotel suites.

But delegate selection is still an internal party matter, and in state capitals the Republican establishment holds unusual sway. In those states with a Republican governor, the state party is typically a fiefdom of the executive controlled through a chosen chair.

During the nominating season, this often means a governor can freely stack an at-large slate with cronies, expecting a rubber-stamp from a subservient party committee. In Iowa, where Governor Terry Branstad in 2014 helped to reclaim the state party after an unexpected takeover from supporters of Ron Paul, Republican officials actively discourage their rank-and-file from even understanding how the state’s 18 at-large delegates will be selected.

Party bosses stand ready to gut some of Trump’s greatest primary-season successes. He won every one of South Carolina’s 50 delegates, by finishing first statewide and in each congressional district, but Trump is powerless to fill that slate with his own people.  “Whoever is chosen for national delegate will have allegiance to the party establishment, and the party establishment is never going to be fond of Donald Trump,” says a South Carolina Republican insider.


The Art of the Deal

There is nothing in the RNC’s rules that prohibits delegates from cutting a deal for their votes, and lawyers say it is unlikely that federal anti-corruption laws would apply to convention horse-trading. (It is not clear that even explicitly selling one’s vote for cash would be illegal.)

Every delegate and alternate is already paying for individual travel costs to get to Cleveland. Most state parties tell delegates to expect to spend $3,000 out of pocket on airfare, hotel and meals, and for some it could prove an unexpected hardship. (Delegates are assigned hotels by state; some could end up paying for the La Quinta Inn, others stuck with a bill from the Ritz-Carlton.) As blogger Chris Ladd has noted, Trump’s slate in Illinois contains “a food service manager from a juvenile detention center, a daycare worker from a Christian School, an unemployed paralegal, a grocery store warehouse manager, one brave advocate for urban chicken farming, a dog breeder, and a guy who runs a bait shop.” Could some of them be tempted to flip their votes if a generous campaign, super-PAC, or individual donor picked up the costs of their week in Cleveland?


The Disqualifying Round

If the primary calendar ends without any candidate emerging as its presumptive nominee, all those responsibilities will remain with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. Thus far, Priebus has been docile toward Trump, who early on made being treated equitably by the national party a precondition for promising not to run as an independent in the general election. But if Trump doesn’t finish with a clear majority of delegates, Priebus will face immense pressure from party officials and donors to undermine him.

*  *  *

And there’s much, more in the full article at Bloomberg including how the party could take the nomination at the convention in a series of procedural maneuvers.

But perhaps Ted Cruz put it best when he said the following in Maine: “If the Washington deal-makers try to steal the nomination from the people, I think it would be a disaster. It would cause a revolt.

It sure would. And make no mistake, Trump would be more than happy to lead it.

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Bilderberg Member's picture

If Trump would just stand there, read a telerprompter,  stutter and stammer, we would LOVE him!!

ParkAveFlasher's picture

We want Mitt!  We Want Mitt!  said no one ever

InsurgoCasca's picture

Why is ZH so in love with Trump? Anyone else find this strange? The man is a racist, protectionist, and has no regard for the Constitution. Trust me, I hate everyone else on the field as well but going for an "anti-establishment" candidate just because they are "anti-establishment" is an exercise in stupidty and, worse, suicidal.

Remember, Castro, Hitler, and Il Duce were also "anti-establishment" until they became the establishment. In this case as well, new boss will still be the same, if not worse, than the old boss. 

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

For me it is a sign of a Empire in Decline and searching for a way to save itself.  The "Establishment", whoever the hell they are have utterly failed.  Einstein had a theory about doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.   I think there are a lot  of peeps who want to try something different.  And the only option that is different is Trump.  With all the other candidates the big turd keeps circling the toilet bowl.  And we all know where that leads.

froze25's picture

They steal the election and the RNC will be nothing but elderly people that haven't and won't wake-up and Large corporate donors. They will lose the support for years on National elections. Hell Trump loses the nomination I am voting for Gary Johnson just to get the Libertarians ballot access.

froze25's picture

They steal the election and the RNC will be nothing but elderly people that haven't and won't wake-up and Large corporate donors. They will lose the support for years on National elections. Hell Trump loses the nomination I am voting for Gary Johnson just to get the Libertarians ballot access.

ml8ml8's picture

Why is it that every four years I stand in the voting booth and ask the same Q:  "Why are these my only choices?"

NidStyles's picture

Because you're not putting your own name on the ballot.

shovelhead's picture

And that is the exact reason we get to chose from shitty to shittier.

Because average Joe doesn't even stand much of a chance unless the party moneybags are behind him.

That's the way it will stay without a total overhaul of election law and "contributions".

johngaltfla's picture

I just don't see how the Establishment beats him. He's already runing ads celebrating his win in Florida on the radio:

New Donald Trump Radio Ad Now Being heard in Florida
Demdere's picture

Without reference to Trump, the best outcome seems to me to have both Trump and Bernie denied their nominations by their parties.  Max political frustration, and then some third party nominates the person who runs on a 9/11 FF Truth platform.

If we replaced enough of congress and everybody pledged to put the country back inside the Constitution and to authorize citizen-managed Amnesty and Reconciliation Commissions, we might get things back on track.

But otherwise, it is going to take an independent citizenry to replace Congress and the Executive and do that same thing.  Cleaner, neater, much easier and will happen much sooner if it is a natural evolution of the political system, if we can arrange a political equivalent of one of those low-energy transfer orbits, a smooth step in a genotype network.


Kissy Ass's picture

I didn't read the article. Can anyone tell me what it's about?

StillSilence's picture

I dunno, seems Donald may just be the Trump card to play/appease/give hope to the serfs this time around. The ante is up after Oh-bomb-a being such a let down. Bush/Clinton just wasn't going to fly anymore, a new plan would be needed for sure....who knows, but Im not trusting it....espeically with the massive amount of media coverage. 


Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) StillSilence Mar 14, 2016 8:08 PM

Something is going to happen, as I have said many times, mid April to May, and all hell breaks loose.

They were testing the fence in Ohio. The vermin who jumped the stage  tweeted to Trump, "I spat in my hand before you shook my hand."

They want to prevent him from getting close to the people.

CNN interviewed the guy and tried to rehabilitate him.

Did you see his tattoos?

Cult of death.

TheReplacement's picture

He was standing at the rock
Gathering the flock
And getting there with no directions
And underneath the arch, it turned into a march
And there he found the spark to, set this fucker off

Suddenly a shot
Ripped into his heart
He lay in need of some attention
And there he played his card
Going into shock
The last thing that he said was, set this fucker off





froze25's picture

Story on wnd.Com show Kashic voting for the 1994 assault weapons ban and getting a thank you letter from Bill Clinton,  they have a picture of the original letter. The vote was 215 - 213 so Kashic was a deciding vote he jumped party lines.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) froze25 Mar 14, 2016 10:58 PM

Kasich supported NAFTA which destroyed Ohio.

Now he supports TPP which will take the last manufacturing jobs in Ohio to Asia.

He is a piece of shit funed by Soros Ohio voting is known to be crooked as hell.

the fence jumper was let out in less than 4 hrs. Kasich

this will encourage more, just like they want, to find that unhinged leftist to do

the dirty work.

Romney to campaign with Kasich in Ohio.

Romney is very dangerous, the Mormons are big in CIA, Secret Service and FBI.

I heard FBI is 40% Mormon.

Wyoming Mormons, Trump lost big.

They are terrified of being excommunited from the cult, Romney is the boss.

Look at the voting in Idaho where Trump lost, Mormons.

Utah he will lose, 60% Mormon.

glenlloyd's picture

Trump will end up at the convention with the most delegates, there is no question about that. Whether he has the number he needs to be the heir apparent I can't say, but it doesn't seem likely.

The problem comes when the RNC moves to supplant him as the one who get the nomination, with someone who maybe got a couple delegates, that's where the problems start.

Basically there are two outcomes here. If he doesn't come to the convention with the needed delegates and the RNC doesn't recognize him as the nominee despite having the most he gets ousted and either 1) he runs third party (and takes his voters with him) or 2) his voters go home in disgust and don't show on election day and the Republican party implodes at the hands of 'leadership' that acted like the douchebags they are.

RNC pulls any funny business at convention and you can bet your ass people are going to be royally pissed off.

smithcreek's picture

I'm not Trump's biggest fan, but the article and all the comments seem to assume that if he does not get the nomination he would end his candidacy, and I think that's totally wrong.  I think Trump could run thrid party and keep most of the Rs who voted for him in the general plus get a good chunk of democrats.  He's been playing to centrist democrats for over a month now with NAFTA, planned parenthood, and other issues that the center from both parties agree on.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) TheReplacement Mar 14, 2016 11:03 PM

When I heard Trump was going to Chicago I contacted Trumps daughter who posts on Breitbart and told

her "do not go to chicago"

They say it's Bernie or Hillary, but it's not.

It is Obama who is trying to make his move now.

Why I say this about St. Louis and your post is that artists, musicians are plugged into vibrations

most will tell you that the music comes trough them, not from them.

Artists/Anarchists/Musicians are in the Individuated state stage of evolution 20% of all souls, their job is to disrupt, throw bombs from the fringe.

They don't have solutions, but they seek to tear down existing structures built by the consensus stage (establishment)

The true answers come from the spiritual stage 2% of all souls, after the destruction of Pluto the forest is burned to the ground, then it begins to rain for days and days (Neptune) and finally the sun comes out and warms the moist ash, it steams from the charcoal (Aries) and new life will poke through the ash, small trees grow in this fertile ground.

The same happens in our lives, Pluto destroys all that is diseased and we mourn the loss of our old life, however sick it was, our tears flood like Neptune the soil of under our feet and one day when the sun comes out we can plant anew, a life built on more solid ground.

And Plutonian soul knows what I am talkin about. Sun/Moon/Ascendant Scorpio, Sun/Moon 8th house, Sun/Moon Pluto Square. Phoenix out of the ashes.

St. Louis where Black Lives Matter began to take shape.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Chris Dakota Mar 15, 2016 5:33 AM

The fence jumper was wearing a Dreamville T-shirt.

Rapper J. Cole founded Dreamville, uses Satanic imagiry a protege of Obama's pal Jay Z.

He is from Fayetteville, NC where Trump held a rally and black lives matter took over, the old guy punched out one of them.

The Sheriff said he was looking into prosecuting Trump for inciting a riot, today backed off.

another guy arrested  at fence jumper Ohio had this tattoo on the back of his head in this rally, with black makeup smeared all around his eyes.

This generation is so dark, so void of humanity.

This image is really clear of the Age of Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus (technology/artificial intelligence Saturn/Satan)

made King.

Trump has progressed Sun conjunct Regulus in Leo, King.

Notice his detractors call him "King, Lord" his supporters call him Lion (Leo) and Regulus is 29* Leo where you get the entire sign, full power. (this not about Trump, but before Trump)

Havana White's picture

To May or through May?  Mid-April to May 1 or mid-April through May 31?

Why this time period?  What are you going on?  Some vague sense, or something more concrete than that?  Can you be more specific than "something"?  Etc.

OverTheHedge's picture


I didn't read the article. Can anyone tell me what it's about?

Well, it turns out that, counter-intuitively, you MUST vote for Hillary, as that is the only way to secure a Trump win. Odd, but true. It's all there in black and white. Whodathunk it.

Or you could read the article for yourself?

turbojarhead's picture

Did anybody catch the CNN interview by Don Lemon with the protester from Chicago tonight? I was aghast, thinking these guys could absolutely not be THAT obvious, the "protester" could barely keep from breaking out laughing about what they did, kept saying "oh no, we were non-violent, the Trump group was spitting at us, calling us names, attacking us.." 

 Even for CNN, that was bad. I hope Trump refuses any interviews with Lemon in the future..



new game's picture

trust me jesse is another fraud out for himself. that fucker fooled alot of people then got the fuck out dodge. he is in it for the money.

John_Coltrane's picture

I encourage you to say :"you're a fraud" to Jesse Ventura's face.  And then you won't have a face.  You'll be surprised at how quickly it would happen-though without a face you won't have a surprised expression!  Jesse is the real deal-and would make a awesome VP choice.  Imagine him on the senate floor "rounding up" votes for key Trump legislation, like throwing Hitlery in jail and indicting obozo on birth certificate and SS fraud as well as faking the Bin Ladin death.  That Seal training and WWF experience will be very useful for "extracting" votes (or alternatively teeth) from pussies like Schumer or Reid.  When Trump's national right to carry law goes into effect he'll be able to carry a Desert Eagle .50 magnum to deal with any "assasination" attempts on Trump al a John Hinckley.  After any attempts, the press will have to report "the assasin could not be identified as his entire face was blown away by VP Ventura's .50 action express".  Yep, a 300 grain bullet at 2500 FPS can sure do some damage from close or medium range!  (Who needs a shotgun with that kind of kinetic energy)

actionjacksonbrownie's picture

.50 cal at 2500fps from a desert eagle? Don't think so.

Implied Violins's picture

Why is it every four years I drive by the voting booth and ask the same Q: "Why vote when I could be having a beer instead?"

new game's picture

hope and change drives normal people to do irrational things...

Implied Violins's picture

I still can't believe how many people have been brainwashed into thinking that their vote really counts for something. My illusions vanished with the 'hanging chads' fiasco, followed by the Diebold voting machines...which, by the way, will do my voting for me - so why even bother to show up anyway?

petar's picture

US debt on federal and state level is above 130% of GDP, running a budget deficit of over $1 trillion a year, 80% of the country infrastructure needs at least partial rebuilding, 48 million people can’t buy food, 43 million still not or under-insured, literacy rates dropping with the fastest pace ever, ranked 62th in freedom of press, etc…. How is you Trump gonna change that mess? 

STP's picture

So who do you suggest?  Hillary?  Bernie?

newbie vampire's picture

"So who do you suggest?  Hillary?  Bernie?"

Who else BUT the Anointed One.  The Golden One, Der Fuhrerin.  The Hitlery who had been anointed by Goldman Sachs will usher in a new age of prosperity. /sarc

shovelhead's picture

He could try annexing Austria.

It worked before.

new game's picture

i think he is suggesting trump aint gonna fix this mess because it is too far gone. and i agree.

the empire is all consuming and trump can't do shit when all is done and said. that is common sense. (cog dis has got to loving all the repeaters all of a sudden, but thanks for your insight).

the achiles heal is the fed reserve. if that institution can be taken down then there is hope.

that is a tall order that will be a bloodshed moment, as all the kings horsemen will be needed for a coupe in the stealth of night with suprise....

August's picture

Better to just "kick in the door" to Russia.  The place is a house of cards, and ready to collapse.

Deathrips's picture

Go fo it monkey man..leave your flag at home and go solo.

I hope putin permanently implants a scud up your ass.....on second though a sunbeam would be a better fit.



jerry_theking_lawler's picture

Possibly by acknowledging it's a mess? (for starters)....then we can continue on with the remainding 11 steps to finish up the program.

petar's picture

US debt on federal and state level is above 130% of GDP, running a budget deficit of over $1 trillion a year, 80% of the country infrastructure needs at least partial rebuilding, 48 million people can’t buy food, 43 million still not or under-insured, literacy rates dropping with the fastest pace ever, ranked 62th in freedom of press, etc…. How is you Trump gonna change that mess? 

pavman's picture

He's declared bankruptcy at least 4 times.  Perfect guy to help us through this tranisition to reality, not only from a practical standpoint, but also as a scapegoat.  Besides, do you really want 4 more laughless years of the media not having someone to mock for all their predecessor's problems?

adanata's picture



petar...   one step at a time....or you can just off yourself since everything's so completely fucked up there's no point in anything.

petar's picture

You do realize that when the establishment falls things will escalate quickly to an economic depression and possibly a civil war.

Mike in GA's picture

Trump or no Trump, that's baked in.

Tall Tom's picture

You do realize that when the establishment falls things will escalate quickly to an economic depression and possibly a civil war.





Then the US Government stops murdering babies overseas and murders the babies within and well inside of our own borders so that YOU CAN SEE THE EVIL WHICH YOU HAVE BEEN, AND ARE CURRENTLY, SUPPORTING.

TheReplacement's picture

Pretty much nobody here besides the shills support any of that.  Sure you can say "taxes" but they spend and spend and spend regardless of how much we pay in taxes and it has been many decades since our taxes actually paid for all the spending and that was not a war year IIRC.