In Dramatic Move, Syrian Kurds Set To Declare Proto-State On Erdogan's Border

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Well, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s worst nightmare is about to come true.

For days there have been rumors that Syria might attempt to adopt some manner of federal system at peace talks in Geneva as a kind of compromise on the way to negotiating a political solution to the country’s five-year conflict that’s killed some 300,000 people and created the worst refugee crisis Europe has seen since World War II.

But one of the problems with the “peace talks” is that no one who really matters in terms of the opposition was invited. The High Negotiations Committee (which represents a collection of Saudi-backed anti-Assad elements) is only comprised of representatives from the “moderate” rebels and let’s face it: Russia and Hezbollah just rolled most of them up in five short months, all but forcing them to surrender at Aleppo.

So it’s not even clear what a federal system would look like with the FSA and the other “moderates.” How would they administer anything in their current depleted condition especially considering they'd live under constant threat of attack from the half dozen (at least) jihadist elements operating in the country?

The groups who are actually still capable from an operational perspective are al-Nusra, ISIS, and of course, the Kurds (the YPG). Now obviously, you can’t exactly invite ISIS or al-Nusra to Geneva (even though you can, apparently, arm them and send them money), but you could certainly have invited the Syrian Kurds who have been exceptionally effective at battling extremists and who control the entire northern part of the border with Turkey save one small strip west of the Euphrates.

(Kurdish controlled areas are in purple)

But when the Kurds checked the mail for their Geneva invitation they discovered that as usual, they got the short end of the stick (no doubt thanks to Erdogan). But that’s ok. Because now, they are simply going to take matters into their own hands and declare a federal system.

“After being excluded from the talks in Geneva, which began on Monday, [the Kurds] are drawing up plans to combine three Kurdish-led autonomous areas of northern Syrian into a federal arrangement,” Reuters reports, adding that “Aldar Khalil, a Kurdish official and one of the organizers, said he anticipated the approval of a new system, and ‘democratic federalism’ was the best one.”

Idris Nassan, another Kurdish official, told Reuters he also expected a declaration of federalism.

According to a document seen by Reuters, the Kurds felt the step was necessary because they "envision the failure of U.N.-led peace talks in Geneva." 

"The system envisions areas of democratic self-administration that will manage their own economic, security and defense affairs," the document asserts. The details, Kurdish officials said, would be worked out later. The name of the new proto-state: "The Federal Democratic System of Rojava-North Syria."

"Now the conference has just started in Rmelan, about 200 representatives of Rojava have joined [the event]. They represent different ethnicities and nationalities. There are Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Syriacs, Turkomans, Armenians, Circassians and Chechens," Barzan Iso, a Kurdish journalist, told RT. "Also we have representatives from the Syrian democratic forces, YPG, women defense units."

"Within days, probably today, self-governing [bodies] of three Kurdish cantons in Syria's north will declare a federation," Abd Salam Ali, a PYD party rep in Moscow, told RIA Novosti "Separation of Rojava [Western Kurdistan] from Syria is not an option. We remain [a part of Syria], but declare a federation," he said.

From a common sense perspective this makes perfect sense. The Kurds have been defending themselves against virtually everyone for years in Syria and not only that, they managed to make territorial gains while fending off random shelling from inside of Turkey. They're certainly in a better position to govern themselves than any other group operating in the country including the Alawite government and those who are still loyal to it. 

Of course this is just about the last thing Erdogan wants to see. Ankara equates the YPG with the PKK and thus with terrorism and worse, Erdogan fears that a Kurdish state on his border will embolden Kurds in southeast Turkey - who, you're reminded are under bloody seige by government forces that allegedly burned 150 people alive in Cizre last month - to declare autonomy, something the pro-Kurdish HDP supports. 

For their part Russia is firmly on the side of the Kurds after demanding that they be invited to Geneva. 

“If the Kurds are ‘thrown out’ of the negotiations on Syria’s future, how can you expect them to want to remain within this state?”  Sergei Lavrov asked in an interview with Russian REN TV channel that aired on Sunday.

Good question. 

"The second round of inter-Syrian talks is underway in Geneva, but Syrian Kurds were not invited. It means that the future of Syria and its society is decided without Kurds. In fact, we are pushed back into a conservative, old-fashioned system which does not fit well with us," Rodi Osman, the head of Syrian Kurdistan's office in Moscow, told RIA Novosti. "In light of this, we see only one solution which is to declare the creation of [Kurdish] federation. It will serve the interests of the Kurds, but also those of Arabs, Turks, Assyrians, Chechens and Turkomans - all parts of Syria's multinational society.

And with that, we can start to see how the next conflict in Syria begins. Erdogan has already shelled the Syrian Kurds in the past month and he's made it very clear that a Kurdish state on his borders would not be tolerated. "Unilateral moves carry no validity," the Turkish foreign ministry said, in a terse statement. Ankara will now use every PKK attack and every suicide bombing as an excuse to attack the new proto-state and Erdogan will probably invade later on down the road on the excuse that he's not invading Syria, but rather a hostile country that supports terrorist elements in southeast Turkey

Note that you heard it here first.

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skinwalker's picture

What did Saddam Hussein and Little Miss Muffit have in common? They both had Kurds in their whey. 


Sorry, couldn't resist. Not a lot of Kurd jokes out there you know. 

OrangeJews's picture
OrangeJews (not verified) skinwalker Mar 16, 2016 5:17 PM

Good for them! 

weburke's picture

edrogon is pissed because he was lied to on purpose by the elites. betrayal is really their number one approach. it works so well ! 

the kurds just got weapons and training from the russians on city warfare. soon to be shown in so called turkey.

Blankone's picture

When did the Russians enter the Kurdish regions?  The information I have seen indicated the US has been coordinating and supplying some of the Kurds.

datura's picture

It's because Obama is leading from behind, as usual. Kurds were supposed to be USA allies, but they have grown tired of USA betrayals. Putin has been arming them and even let them open their first international office - in Moscow! And that is not all. Russia has now started to supply Kurds in Iraq, I repeat, in Iraq, with anti-aircraft weapons!!! Now, ISIS does not have aircraft, but Turks do.

And it is not difficult for Russians to befriend Kurds. Kurds have had Russians as their civilizational examples for about two centuries. Even under the tzars, who supported the Kurds against the Ottoman Empire. And then when there was USSR, Kurds once again followed the Russian example and tried to emulate socialism. Why do you think that Kurds in Turkey call themselves "Workers' Party?"  Americans forget that they are quite a new and young state and they are operating in a region, where Russia has had influence and cultural contacts for centuries back! And as Russia is rising, everything is falling back, where it once was in history - or rather, the old Russian Empire is now continuing, where it stopped. Just amazing. 




"The fixation with Putin’s character and with how Putin is presented to the Russian public (bare-chested with a rifle in hand, etc.) is a distraction. Perhaps he truly is “a bully,” as Jeb Bush has called him, but it is an elementary mistake in the analysis of any nation-state to attribute its behavior simply to the personal makeup of its leader, even a very powerful leader.

Former secretary of state Henry Kissinger, in his 2014 book, World Order, situated Putin within the mainstream of Russia’s traditional approach to the outside world. “Russia's policy has pursued a special rhythm of its own over the centuries, expanding over a landmass spanning nearly every climate and civilization, interrupted occasionally for a time by the need to adjust its domestic structure to the vastness of the enterprise—only to return again, like a tide crossing a beach,” Kissinger wrote. “From Peter the Great to Vladimir Putin, circumstances have changed, but the rhythm has remained extraordinarily consistent.”

Paveway IV's picture

"...Good for them!..."

No, it's actually pretty horrible for Syrian Kurds. And who, exactly, is meeting where to decide the fate of all Syrian Kurds? Why, rich western-backed Kurdish oil thieves with some token Arab, Assyrian and Turkmen crime bosses are meeting in Rmeilan - where the U.S. built that airstrip. What a fucking coincidence. The Kurdish oil mafia has been selling stolen Syrian oil through the same northwestern Iraqi routes and same middlemen that ISIS was using, and apparently are under the same U.S. protection that ISIS was. Iraqi KDP Kurds and Turkish criminals facilitate the stolen oil trade on their sides of the border. Everyone makes money except the little people Syrian Kurds and the Syrian people (who actually own the oil).

The Kurdish oil mafia is doing this under the guise of the Kurdish PYD political party. A corrupt, western intelligence infiltrated and heavily-bribed political party, not a government or representative body in any way of the Kurdish people. Nobody elected them. Whatever noble goals the PYD had a decade ago are long since gone - it's an oil smuggling mafia beholden to western intelligence services with well-armed Asayish thug 'enforcers' to keep the little people Syrian Kurds in line. The PYD and it's western backers are the ones pushing for federalization for their own greedy ends - the little people Syrian Kurds themselves are not in any such hurry, but nobody gives a fuck what they think.

The PYD was not the only Syrian Kurdish party, but since the PYD started raising their own Gestapo - the well-trained and well-armed Asayish internal security goons - they're pretty much the only game in town. That makes the PYD the strongest and most profitable mafia, not the legitimate representatives of Syrian Kurds or any of the other minorities that lived there for centuries. In fact, the Asayish are pretty enthusiastic about ethnic cleansing Kurdish turf of everyone except Kurds. They're mean as hell - must be the Mossad 'anti-terrorist' training.

Here's the will of the average, little-people Kurd (and Assyrian, Turkmen, Arab, etc.) in 'Syrian Kurdistan': "Get your armies, security services, mobsters and fucking head-choppers off my land and leave me and my family the fuck alone." 

Do you see the part about the Kurdish Nation in the statement above? Of course not. While the average little-person Kurd wants some degree of autonomy from the Syrian government, they don't want to try to run an independent, federalized Syrian Kurdistan. Why? Because they don't have the state apparatus to build fucking roads, maintain dams, hydroelectric plants and the electric grid, operate hospitals, schools, social welfare agencies, build airports, build water and sewage facilities... you get the idea.

To do all that shit you need money. All the money Syrian Kurdistan has (or ever will have) in the near future is from stolen Syrian oil, and all THAT money goes to the PYD and it's oil cronies. They're not going to share their loot with little people Kurds for roads and hospitals. A federalized Kurdistan is NEVER going to raise that money from the little people Kurds as taxes because most of the Kurds are scratch farmers and their homes and cities are in ruins. There is no economy = no taxes.

The PYD mafia could care less - they just want federalization to access to the rivers of IMF loans and redevelopment money to steal for themselves. Hell, that's way easier money than trucking stolen Syrian crude to the Barzani mafia in Iraq for a living. Western sucker governments will be dropping pallets of bribe cash to the PYD, mostly so western powers can use Syrian Kurd territory for their own interests. Hell, the Rothschilds are probably already setting up the Kurdish Central Bank for the PYD.

For the average little-person Kurd, 'federalization' will be a horrible fucking joke. It will only empower the parasitic mobsters that are raping the Kurdish people today. Instead of Syrian Intelligence hauling your family members away in the middle of the night, it will be the PYD's Asayish Gestapo. Federalization will mean an eternally corrupt, inept bureaucracy masquerading as a legitimate government. NO new roads, NO repair of existing ones, NO hospitals or doctors, NO schools or colleges, NO public services, and occasional water and electricity (if the funds are not siphoned off first by the PYD and criminal cronies). All this wrapped in a fake cloak of Kurdish nationalism and Kurdish independence. But they WILL get to vote for one of the corrupt western-puppet PYD-approved candidates every few years - Yipee!

In the meantime, Syria won't be coming to the aid of any federalized Syrian Kurdistan because they're no longer a part of Syria. No SAA air strikes or armor when ISIS or al Qaeda comes to take over Kurdish oil fields or electric plants. No Hezbollah ass-kickers to help them when ISIS shows up to kidnap the Kurdish women and children for sex slaves. No insane Tiger forces to stop Turkish shelling or repel the Turkish commando invasions (which will happen daily after 'federalization', I'm guessing). No, a federalized Kurdistan will have nobody but western powers to look to for help. See how well that worked out in Iraq? 

I understand the desire Kurds have for independence and their own state, but forcing this process prematurely in Syria for the benefit of the ruling criminal oil mafia (and ZATO) will guarantee only one thing for the Syrian Kurds: a thorough ass-raping for the next decade by a corrupt government they can't shake off.

BobEore's picture

"I understand the desire Kurds have for independence and their own state"

Apparently not. It appears to be the express wish of the persons involved that they remain within a nation-state structure that incorporates their autonomous areas in a confederal arrangement. Both the PKK in Turkey and the PYD in Syria are saying this.

Much of what you have written hopelessly confuses the activities and motives of the break-away Iraq KRG  "Kurdistan" with the Ocalan-directed Kurdish projects to the north and west of that Israeli-sponsored & Turkish-allied gangster statelet. The one is indeed making it's way in the world via organized appropriation of petro-resources sold to the above-mentioned foreign actors - just like the ISIS/ISIL gangsters under the same ownership. Their "independent" Kurdistan would be a satellite of Ankara-Tel Aviv.

The Rojava Kurds would be difficult to fit into your description of events however. Not only have they successfully resisted - and advanced - against both wings of the jihadi forces sent against them - the Turks and the HeadChoppers - they have set up the territories which they control under completely different arrangement than Barzani's fiefdom. This places your two central conclusions -


  • the parasitic mobsters that are raping the Kurdish people today/// a thorough ass-raping for the next decade by a corrupt government they can't shake off.
  • Syria won't be coming to the aid of any federalized Syrian Kurdistan because they're no longer a part of Syria. No SAA air strikes or armor when ISIS or al Qaeda comes to take over Kurdish oil fields or electric plants.

in the category of head-spinning agit-prop usually reserved for the kind pro-regime newspaper in Turkey which paints each and every of Erdie's [endless] enemies in the most horrible colors for the hapless domestic audience now deprived of any oppositional press at all! Things are slightly less 'controlled' on these pages - for the moment - so, in the interests of making your point you might want to change tack from the completely over the top elements of your diatribe.

Say, for instance- show us some links to Rojava Kurds stealing and selling Syrian oil to 'the middlemen ISIS was using' or, how their version of Asayish is 'ethnic-cleansing' areas in their control. Seems so far they have been much too busy kicking jihadi ass to get much into the things you purport they are doing - unlike the Barzani Kurds. But hey! Show us what ya got!

Paveway IV's picture

"...It appears to be the express wish of the persons involved that they remain within a nation-state structure that incorporates their autonomous areas in a confederal arrangement..."

"The persons involved" is the problem, Bob. When was there ever a vote for this among the little people Rojava? Who elected the PYD their sole representative and dismissed the other Rojava political parties and their views? Are the other Rojava political parties represented in Rmeilan? Is the U.S. in this conclave? You would think they would be a little more transparent about creating a democratic proto-state. I'm not just being an ass here - I honestly don't know. But it has every indication of being a shady, back-room deal among the rich and powerful. A deal to be imposed on the little people Rojava whether they want it or not. 

"...that they remain within a nation-state structure that incorporates their autonomous areas in a confederal arrangement..."

WTF does that actually mean? The Rojava will now own formerly Syrian territory and resources based on boundaries they dictate to the Syrians? The Rojava will incur all Syrian state obligations in the new Kurdistan? The Rojava will immediately start paying teachers and hospital staff in their jurisdiction? Sorry, but from what meager details I read, it sounds like the PYD wants de facto independence and no longer wants to pay taxes, but still expect Syria to take care of those national odds-and-ends and provide national defense help for the Kurds. Sounds like some bizzaro version of a state that Kerry would cough up. Why the fuck would the Syrians want ANYTHING to do with the Rojava after this? The Syrians seem OK with semi-autonomy for the Rojava (which they've had since 2014 or so). Surely this is more than the three cantons forming a semi-autonomous Kurd Club as you're suggesting. This is way more than a unification of self-administering regions. How can the Rojava agree to this when they can't possibly fathom the implications because they've been given no details? 

"...Much of what you have written hopelessly confuses the activities and motives of the break-away Iraq KRG  "Kurdistan" with the Ocalan-directed Kurdish projects to the north and west of that Israeli-sponsored & Turkish-allied gangster statelet..."

I had no intention of 'hopelessly confusing' the two, but if it walks like a duck... Let's just say whatever happened to the PYD the last few years looks oddly similar to the way the Barzani clan and KDP have sought to control the Iraqi Kurds. I was suspicious of the PYD's current motives and on the fence about Salih Muslim, right up until the point reports came in from al Qamishli about Asayish thugs press-ganging young Kurds into the YPG. I would be a lot more sympathetic if I knew Salih Muslim lived a simple, frugal life, but he has golden toilets written all over him. In that sense, yeah... YPG is a Rojava-style KDP on training wheels. If not Salih Muslim, the PYD will be headed by some other golden toilet emperor while the little people Rojava live like rats. As far as the PYD's political ideology - it seems workable and appropriate to the Rojava, but I have no opinion on it. That's for the Rojava to decide. If they all vote to blindly follow the PYD no matter how ill-advised their actions, then so be it. I don't think anyone asked the average Kurd and I don't think the majority would go along with their plans if they knew the details. Maybe I'm wrong.

"...The Rojava Kurds would be difficult to fit into your description of events however. Not only have they successfully resisted - and advanced - against both wings of the jihadi forces sent against them - the Turks and the HeadChoppers..."

What? Tell that to anyone from Kobani or Sinjar. I don't doubt their resolve to protect their own land and people, but that's irrelevant if you're going up against ISIS with nothing but small arms and 'resolve'. And leaving Afrin aside (because of complexity), the Kurds have been systematically slaughtered by the Turks. Resolve does not cut it against a 152mm Howitzer or an F-16. This has nothing to do with my argument, however. I'm pointing a finger at - what I see - as a corrupt, self-serving PYD, not at the average Kurd or anyone in the YPG/YPJ.

"...they have set up the territories which they control under completely different arrangement than Barzani's fiefdom..."

I agree that they were doing just fine in their semi-autonomous self-administration efforts. I would love to see that continue. Whether they can cobble together a larger, more robust government NOW is debatable. The PYD seems to be the only ones in a hurry to do this with their new-found power. If it turns into the same corrupt, useless, money-wasting organization as the KRG in Iraq, then maybe they should think about it a little more. Enthusiasm does not equal competence or honesty. A Salih Muslim fiefdom won't be any better than a Barzanistan for the little people Kurds.

"...head-spinning agit-prop..."

Of course you're right. Barzani should have been handled with kid gloves years ago and any criticism leveled in iron-clad, well-documented cases... in fact, he was. Look how that turned out. The PYD? Walks like a duck... I see the seeds of PYD's corruption and deception being planted in Rojava's future. If I'm right, it is head-spinning. The Rojava deserve better after all these years. 

I'm not sure what you're implying about Syria's desire to defend an almost-but-not-quite independent Syrian Kurdistan. Do you expect Syrians to be so stupid that they will blindly accept the Kurds taking land and resources from them and drawing borders, but still believing that it's still part of Syria? What's your home address - I want to bring an old car and an unused camper to park on your front lawn. Oh, don't worry - I'm not TAKING your land. It will still be yours and I won't mind you telling anybody else that it's yours.

I think the PYD IS the enemy of the average Rojava Kurd, that's why I'm painting them in the most horrible colors. The PYD and their Asayish henchmen are distinctly NOT the YPG/YPJ and are not the little people Kurds.

"...Things are slightly less 'controlled' on these pages - for the moment - so, in the interests of making your point you might want to change tack from the completely over the top elements of your diatribe..."

Oh, I think you may have taken a wrong turn at WaPo. This is fight club, bitch - make your point.

"...Say, for instance- show us some links to Rojava Kurds stealing and selling Syrian oil to 'the middlemen ISIS was using'..."

Why? None of them will meet your bar of evidence. Let's say you are oblivious to the fact that the Rmeilan fields are producing thousands of barrels of crude a day that they can't simply store in a tank and don't have the capability to refine in quantity. It's going somewhere, right? But not on the old pipeline to Homs/Damascus and not on the pipeline to Mosul. Care to venture a guess where Syrian state oil is actually going? I'll stick with my tin-foil-hat conjecture about the Iraqi-Turkish oil smuggling rat line. NOW is hardly a reliable source, but they sum it up nicely: Syria Kurds earning millions from oil sales: The PYD has been exporting oil through Kurdish territory in northern Iraq. The KDP and YPG mouthpieces don't seem eager to brag about their revenue-generating scam, so I don't have a CNN article with colorful graphics for you. The tanker trucks are still lining up at the Iraqi-Turkish border, and ISIS is pretty much out of business.

"...or, how their version of Asayish is 'ethnic-cleansing' areas in their control..."

You'll want to talk to the Assyrians in al Qamishli about how welcome they feel there. I think the Asayish car bomb was a hint to leave. That isn't to cast aspersions on all Rojava or the YPG/YPJ. I'm talking specifically of the PYD's thugs and nobody else. 


BobEore's picture


You'll want to talk to the Assyrians in al Qamishli

No, I prefer to talk with the Yezidi in the border camps in "Iraqi" Kurdistan - their evidence of the "ethnic cleansing" by the KRG Kurds of their zone of former ISIS penetration - yes, Yezidi, Assyrians, and others being the targets -  is much more widespread and compelling that the cases we can see in the Syrian Kurdish zones. Which is not to say such events HAVE NOT HAPPENED. It is rather, to keep things in perspective.

If it walks like a duck is not a very good way of skirting around this serial problem you are having with distinguishing the two areas and actors. I realize it is a highly confusing topic - but that is cause for circumspection and care in drawing conclusions, not reason to present mistaken and highly partisan accounts of it.

Perhaps reading this report can give you a better grasp of the subject; in addition, you will understand that the road connections necessary for your "idea" about tankers have been cut. The link you provided mentioned that oil going through KRG controlled Kurdistan is flowing through a 10in pipe.

I think the graphics in this link will also show why your assessment of the chances that the western Kurds have against ISIL and rebel groups is somewhat divergent from the reality on the ground as well. If you simply don't like the Kurds running the cantons in Syria - fine - say so and be done with it. But this talk about voting and democracy in a war zone 

- one that is not going to be ready for niceties such as that for some time, to be sure, is more personal vendatta than reasoned analysis. If you want to answer your question about the mechanics of the forthcoming declaration, the information is freely available. This 

is one of the better descriptions. The cantons and the people who live in them are going to be subject to mistakes, setbacks, and disillusioning political occurences, the same as anywhere else. But they have created the outlines of something which is way too early to condemn outright, and just might be way better than anything else we have seen in the region for a long long while.

Paveway IV's picture

How is it possible for you to reply without once mentioning 1) the Syrian people and their right to define their own country, and 2) the corrupt PYD and the fact that they are not the sole, legitimate representative of the Rojava or the appointed architects of a new Rojava state? 

You're making an excellent academic argument for Balkanization-lite for Syria and simultaneously saying it can't possibly end up a disaster like the KRG and Barzani.

Way too early to condem outright? Are you really that naive? When a self-serving, corrupt political organization like the PYD builds something, it's not for the little people Kurds. What don't you get about that? 

ThirdWorldDude's picture

"Sorry, but from what meager details I read, it sounds like the PYD wants de facto independence and no longer wants to pay taxes..."

What are you smoking? Syrian Kurds have clearly stated that they do NOT intend to create an independent state. They aim for a regional authonomy (out of reasons that I describe further down the comments thread) and have not even set the basic landmarks for it, far from agreeng all the details with Damascus.

As long as Syrian Kurds don't get infiltrated by Zionist scum like Barzani and his thugs, this regional authonomy within the existing Syrian Arab Republic has great prospects for serving as a center for broader cooperation of all Kurdish territories in the surrounding states and thus being the much-needed thorn in the eye of the Anglo-Zio Empire and its local vassals in the ME (mainly Israhell and Turdkey).

Paveway IV's picture

From Bob's article cited above, it should be pretty damn clear that they ARE setting the basic landmarks for it. Before that though, how about the Syrian people's right to chose what their country looks like? The Rojava are chosing to ignore the Syrian constitution and define their own government and claiming land/resource ownership. What - just because they don't call it 'independence', it's not? It sure as hell looks like that to the rest of the Syrians. The unfortunate part about it is that the Syrians seem fine with a limited autonomy for the Kurds, but the Kurds are simply ignoring the rest of Syria or what they think. The PYD is acting like they are already an independent government that will decide what Rojava will look like in the future, and damn the rest of Syria or what they think. Isn't that a bit arrogant? Usually, a region has to wage and win a war of independence from their country before they can act like an independent state. The PYD are simply opportunists, land-and-power grabbing from the rest of the Syrian people while they're in the middle of a failed coup attempt/civil war. 

Let's talk about those 'landmarks' they haven't set:

"...More than 150 delegates from Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian and other parties met Wednesday in the town of Rmeilan, in Syria’s northeastern Hasakeh province..."

So it was actually the PYD who decided who to invite and who will have a say. Sounds like a good start for a single-party oligarch-controlled state, not a democracy.

...“The gathering will try to develop a new ruling system in northern Syria,” said Sihanuk Dibo, a consultant to Syria’s leading Kurdish political group, the Democratic Union Party (PYD)..."

New ruling system? That sounds a little more extensive than an autonomous administration like they have now. It sounds a lot like independence from the Syrian government regardless of what they call it.

"...Delegates proposed “a democratic federation as the only way to guarantee the rights of all people,” according to a draft of the proposal obtained by AFP..."

An odd set of oligarch delegates convened by the corrupt PYD party. Democracy? People's rights? <snort!> 

“We will decide the borders for these areas and their prerogatives,” the draft said.

And fuck the Syrian people and their sovereignty. Let me guess: the 'prerogatives' will include a lot of Syria's oil fields and water resources, right? Yeah... though so.

“The federal system in northern Syria is a part of what we consider a necessity to adopt a federal system in all Syria one day,” he said.

A necessity? How about checking with the other 20 million Syrian citizens before deciding what's 'necessary' for them? This is Balkanization-lite. Why should the Israelis lift a finger to destroy Syria any more when the PYD is doing their job for them?

"...In such a scenario, he said, “a new constitution will determine the relation between the federal districts and the centre in Damascus.”..."

Oh, hell... I guess the PYD has also appointed themselves architects of an entirely new Syrian nation. It's like the Democratic Party of Wisconsin drafting up a new constitution and pointing out the 'necessity' of the U.S. adopting it. Gee... thanks, I guess.

"...As well as three cantons, the plan would see the federal system expand to include additional areas recently seized from the Islamic State jihadist group in northern and northeastern Syria, Kurdish officials said..."

Oil fields, pipelines, dams and power plants paid for and owned by the Syrian people. Seriously... how can you NOT believe Israel is behind this? 

Normalcy Bias's picture

Well, there's that other Kurd joke, you know, the one that George H.W. Bush told them after the Gulf War about supporting their uprising against Saddam?


DownWithYogaPants's picture

That one not as funny as joke above.

nmewn's picture

Yeah, they and the Shia in the swamps were left to be slaughtered waiting on help that never came.

Back stabbing fucker...I can almost hear it now...

Underling: But your Highness, won't our arrows hit our troops too?

Longshanks: Yes. But we have more! 


Normalcy Bias's picture

In a documentary about the end of the gulf War, Schwarzkopf admittedly acquiesced to the Iraqi use of rotary aircraft in the 'no-fly zone,' apparently forgetting that helicopters can not only be used as transport or medivac, but also as gunships!

wildbad's picture

the fascist cunt erdogan uses the kurds for internal propaganda.  hes been beating that horse and whipping that boy for decades.  they will outlive him though

SWRichmond's picture

Agree, couldn't happen to a nicer shithead.  Except for maybe my senator, an even bigger shithead, who thinks Erdogan is a great guy.

Afterthought: my home state could.look like that a someday, just with different names.  Not my first choice, but if my only alternative is continued debt slavery to wall street and DC, then let's do it.

SmedleyButlersGhost's picture

Well done. A few more and no one will remember that little hiccup from last time. C'mon, you didn't think you'd get away that easy

FedFunnyMoney's picture

To quote Redd Foxx:

"Little Miss Muffet sat on my face and I ate her Kurds."

Which way to the beach's picture

A kurd walks in a store to buy a computer, he walks up to the salesperson and says "I would like to purchase this computer." The salesperson replies "sorry we don't sell to kurds." The kurd is a little bummed out, he tries the next day by dressing up like an Asian, says the same thing "I would like to purchase this computer." The salesperson replies "sorry we don't sell to kurds." The kurd was surprised he was able to tell. So he tries one more time, he dresses up like a Mexican and comes back, he asks one more time "I would like to purchase this computer." The salesperson again replies with "sorry we don't sell to kurds." Now the kurd is real curious, he asks the salesperson "how do you keep figuring out I'm a kurd?" The salesperson replies "we don't sell computers here, that is a microwave."

WTFRLY's picture

Israel is also in favor of an independent Kurdish state. It's a wonderful addition to their "Greater Israel" plan of breaking the remaining Shia areas into smaller, less powerful governments.

HectorCamachoTrump's picture
HectorCamachoTrump (not verified) WTFRLY Mar 16, 2016 5:18 PM


So isisrael supports the Kurds in Iraq and want to free them from Iran.

Are Kurds genetically related to the khazars of isisrael?

anonnn's picture

There is historical interest in considering the liklihood that early Judean peoples fled there. IIRC, Univ Cal Long Beach Professor Robert Eisenman has spoken on that exact question.

Eisenman is not aware that YouTube videos of his many lectures finally answered many of the mysteries concerned with the data from the Dead Sea Scrolls. After 1st viewing part of a DSS in 1967 in Montreal and greatly curious as a know-nothing, all my weak attempts to learn more met with utter nothingness. Then I chanced on those tapes abt 2010. 

Never mind that the tapes are unedited raw audio/video of his off-the-cuff lectures. He has plowed thru the wheat and chaff of ancient confusions and brilliantly reasons-out the sense.  

WTFRLY's picture

A Kurdish nation would be in the middle of Pipelineistan also. KRG has had no hangups about facilitating the ISIS oil trade also it seems.

noless's picture

Whose funding turkeys war then? at least be consistent.

Miss Expectations's picture

I'm interested.  I just read "Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls."  Lots of fights over their control and interpretation.

anonnn's picture

As for control over the DSS, Prof Eisenman was instrumental in finally making photo copies available to the public, after decades of their being secreted by a privileged few.

Prof. Eisenman has 1st-hand knowledge of much of that situation.

An Elizabeth Hay Bechtel, "philanthropist" played a strange role in procuring a full set of photos she routed into seclusion at the Huntington Library.


noless's picture

Why would a southern buffer state, unaffiliated with modern Abrahamic faiths, in opposition to a nato allied western Muslim country, benefit Israel? If at the expense of slave trading, public hanging, European hating ground troops; doing their mock ups before sailing across the border?


Do you really hate The Jews that much?


Because your explicit implication, whether or not intentional; isn't that they adore it, rather the opposite.


BobEore's picture

Why bring a straw man argument into it? Did somebody say that they 'hated jews?' Or is that another of your 'explicit implications?'

Do you really hate rational argumentation that much?

"Modern Abrahamic faiths" don't factor that much into the goals and power structure of countries which use their purported religious affiliations - muslim, judaic, christian, what have you - as cover for a decidedly satanic type of ol fashioned deal with the devil. Public posturing aside, leaders of the nations in both the middle east and the occident are as little likely to be influenced by matters of religion as they are by concerns for the welfare of their own citizens.

Once you get your head around that concept, the rest is easy to answer. What benefits Israel is anything which serves to increase the instability, insecurity, and domestic turbulence of the countries which fall within the parameters of the Yinon Plan. Advancement of an indepedent Kurdistan is an integral part of that desired goal.

The only cognitive dissonance in any of that is in the attempt - such as yours - to pretend that teams are different in their ownership and aims because of the color and type of uniform they wear. Anybody paying attention is well beyond falling for that particular canard chum.

Mr.Kowalski's picture

Israel is simply too strong to attack, and the Arabs know it. Acre by acre they're siezing West Bank land, and pretty soon Lebanon & Golan Heights will follow. They could'nt give a sh!t how many Arabs die-- so long as they die fighting each other and their children can have popcorn while watching the pretty flashing lights in the distance. 

HectorCamachoTrump's picture
HectorCamachoTrump (not verified) Mar 16, 2016 5:17 PM


Iran has 4 million Kurds and Iraq has 6 million Kurds, half of Turkey.

What is their say?

Is there any ethnic group not fighting another in the Middle East?

Chad_the_short_seller's picture
Chad_the_short_seller (not verified) HectorCamachoTrump Mar 16, 2016 6:19 PM

isisrael just sits back and enjoys

nuubee's picture

Oh yay! Just when the area looked like it might be calming down, the Kurds give Turkey a reason to go apeshit.

Normalcy Bias's picture

The Kurds in Syria and Iraq seem to have been treated like the Palestinians. I hope they do achieve some autonomy.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

I'm going to say Kurds are a whole lot better than Palestinians.  Every Kurd immigrant I've run into in the USA has been a stellar person.  If what I see is any indication one should wish the entire of Iraq was Kurd.

Normalcy Bias's picture

I've also run across some Kurdish immigrants to the US, and they've been very nice people.

roadhazard's picture

As far as Iraq is concerned they are already autonomous.

Theonewhoknows's picture
Theonewhoknows (not verified) Mar 16, 2016 5:28 PM

Situation in Syria is trickling down to 'wannabe superpowers' like Turkey - But it will be big boys fighting USA and mother Russia. Russia gaining everything and luring Saudis and Turkey into entering Syria - then Moscow will be seen as protectors and reasonable defenders of war-torn Syria. Turkey is gaining with the EU - few billion of EUR for nothing is always good especially with a fresh new fierce state being your enemy is just settling near your border. Still te way they shafted EU on the immigration crisis is somehting to really laugh or cry about. 

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Mar 16, 2016 5:33 PM

They should declare it in Turkey.  Right around Ankara.

wildbad's picture

time for the usa to leave the kurds in the lurch again

Fuku Ben's picture

Why do I get the feeling I would ask all kinds of questions that would go unanswered. If I wanted that I'd send a FOIA request to the Fed. So the safest way to proceed is to project the various reasons and resulting benefits of this and then who would benefit the most to determine what's going on and who's behind or involved in what.

For those of you that also hate wasting time with FOIA requests or incomplete truth from those in charge feel free to add your knowledge of the various participating or influencing parties in the region and the benefit or detriment to each of them. Supporting facts or evidence is appreciated. TIA

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Excellent news! It wouldn't surprise me at all if Russia has played a part in brokering the deal between Assad and Syrian Kurds. An autonomous Kurdish territory is the perfect deterrent against the creation of a Sunni state in W. Syria that will serve as a 'pipeline corridor' between SA and Turkey.

What remains to be done is a Kurdish offensive westwards that will lead to a complete sealing off of the Syrian-Turkish border.

Mr.Sono's picture

That is a major thing, it's like cutting of blood supply to turkey form Middle East.

Blankone's picture

You can count on Putin being involved in breaking up Syria and giving part to the Kurds, or intending to.

Assad is now actively being stabbed in the back by Putin, has the Kurds making it official they want to be seperated (initially still part of Syria then an independent country), ISIS/US/Israel and Turkey trying to break up Syria.

Putin is claiming the Kurds are a legitimate seperate region and is attempting to negotiate away Assads/Syria's hold on the region in Russia's "peace negotiations" where Putin acts like the Syrian govt/people.  Sergei Lavrov claims the Kurds must be a seperate entity at Putin's phoney peace table.

Have the Tylers seen the pictures of the Kurd cities being destroyed by Turkey?  The Kurds cannot effectively defend against the Turks.  And Turkey better ramp it up and take out the Kurds as the main powers want to use the Kurds to confine Turkey as well (US/Israel/Russia).  At least the rebel Kurds, other Kurds in Turkey are not part of this.  It is as if there are some local want to be tribal kings/warlords in that region making the move.

Putin let Syria be destroyed before acting for a reason.  He wants Syria divided.  Putin said it must be a negotiated agreement with all parties including the rebels, ISIS, Kurds, Syria and others.  But Assad recently said there would be no agreement to split Syria and the fight would continue until the insurgents were forced out.  Putin's diplomat said this attitude would have consequences, including negative ones for Assad.  A couple weeks later Putin announced he is pulling back and overnight began flying fighter jets back to Russia.  Now Putin will guide the destruction of Syria, maybe kill Assad, until it is ripe and unable to resist his plans to split Syria among Russia to the west, the Kurds to the NE, and others.

Despite Putins more recent threats to finally do so 4 months ago has Putin ever delivered the S300+ to Iran.  NO!  When Syria goes then Putin will assist in doing the same to Iran, with Russia getting a part.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

That's a really bad and illogical attempt for a zio-spin.

Why would Russia want Syria destroyed? It plays against all Russian interests, economic as well as defensive. The Kurds are also aware of the futility of their effort to create an own state without a broader regional support, since it will put them in a sandwich between an already hostile Tur(d)key and a hostile SAA. 

To wit: "Within days, probably today, self-governing [bodies] of three Kurdish cantons in Syria's north will declare a federation," Abd Salam Ali, a PYD party rep in Moscow, told RIA Novosti "Separation of Rojava [Western Kurdistan] from Syria is not an option. We remain [a part of Syria], but declare a federation," he said.

You're a sad troll...

Blankone's picture

That is only how it is to be sold to create a seperate Kurdish Federation within Syria during the negotiations for the spilt up of Syria.  Shortly thereafter the will declare they are an independent country and take even more land as theirs.  The Kurdish warlords intend to become their own country, at the expense of the poor common Kurds who live there.


Baby Bladeface's picture
Baby Bladeface (not verified) Blankone Mar 16, 2016 6:33 PM


Putin let Syria be destroyed before acting for a reason."

You continue this lie to bleat even after it discreditated. Putin let Syria be destroyed before acting? What a hogswash! Putin intervened and intervened not until requested of by Syrian government.

Still you I expect will the same noodles on ears try to hang. Your mental retardation is progressing...