The Gloves Are Off: Trump Accuses Hillary Of Being "Involved In Corruption For Most Of Her Professional Life"

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It's popcorn time.

Barely 24 hours after Trump launched his first Hillary attack ad in which he showed a laughing Putin respond to a barking Hillary, and shortly after Hillary's SuperPAC responded in kind with an ad of its own in which it used a Trump quote to mock him, the gloves are officially off, and now that both presidential candidates - both convinced they will face off against each other - are beyond the foreplay stage, the gloves have come off and the direct attacks are escalating rapidly.

So rapidly, in fact, that one may say Trump is risking a potential lawsuit with the following accusation (which, however, should not be too difficult to prove should one of Hillary's SuperPACs sue him for libel).

This is what Trump tweeted moments ago.

This is more than your typical political ad hominem - this is a material allegation with legal implications that goes to the core of Hillary's biggest weakness, her trustworthiness or complete lack thereof, and Trump's charges will only escalate from here on out, hopefully with actual examples. We look forward to Hillary's response.

One thing is certain: for the next six months, America will be entertained.

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Jlasoon's picture

Trump put Rosie in a mental hospital - No way Hillary lasts 8 months. 

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"Obama has been involved in Corruption for most of his Professional (and Unprofessional) life."


There, fixed it for you.


nuubee's picture

Shit, I may have to rejoin Twitter just to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event. How will I live with myself?

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) nuubee Mar 17, 2016 8:42 PM

Oh, the story typists and story readers are going to shriek in horror over this one.  ANTI WOMAN!!!  AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

knukles's picture

Popcorn, my ass!
Strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate ....  Ummm ummm  ummmmmmm

CheapBastard's picture

" DC politicians have been involved with corruption most of their professional lives."


That's why Trump stands out. He's not a DC parasite.

Manthong's picture

How does the saying go…

“Politics makes strange bedfellows”

..never more true than now.

SuperRay's picture

The Donald hasn't been a parasite - he's been a host

CheapBastard's picture
Marco Rubio’s claim that it’s ‘illegal’ to replace American workers using H-1B visas

Tom Servo's picture

The Donald just needs to tell Hillary, "See you next tuesday" and watch everyone under 30 laugh their asses off...


SgtShaftoe's picture

That joke has been received by far older audiences than 30. 


In your conversations with Trump and the Clintons, did you ever hear from either party about their relationship with each other?  This is just too wierd.  They're friends (documented), then Donald and Hillary are throwing attacks at each other?  I don't know what to make of it.  It seems like a very elaborate scam if that's what it really is.  Any chance they had a falling-out?

Latina Lover's picture

I've cancelled my subscriptions to Netflix and Itunes, in favor of watching the 2016  Presidential reality show.  Can't think of a more entertaining time waster than watching our political parties destroy themselves.

beemasters's picture

Trump still has all the receipts to prove it. Hillary can't do a damn thing.

Manthong's picture

This is just like shorting a whore.

She can’t respond lest she’s willing to try to defend the trooper intimidation, the cattle futures scam, Whitewater, bimbo intimidation etc. etc. etc.

Trump is going to do what the “professional media” should have done reaching back to the 1990’s.

And then there is the Clinton Foundation.

Trump certainly has his allegations vetted by his law staff.

Officer! That man just gave me twenty dollars for my fifty dollar around the world! Arrest him!

Popcorn my ass… this is worthy of a bottle of fine single malt and a box of Maduros.


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Chris Dakota (not verified) Manthong Mar 17, 2016 10:01 PM

She has, he is right.

she will not get the nomination.

Trump will win and put his hand on that bible.

bookmark it.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Fish Gone Bad Mar 17, 2016 10:16 PM

look at her astrology chart, she will never be president.

she has no charisima . Charisma is Venus her Venus in Scropio

square to Saturn/ Mars/Pluto she is seen as an ugly bitch

and will always be seen that way.


Because that is what she is.

LieEnforcementOfficer's picture

If Trump keeps this up Im afraid he will join the long list of Arkancided people.

wee-weed up's picture



He's going to kick her corrupt fat-ass so hard, her lezzie-lover Huma is going to be the one coughing.

Automatic Choke's picture

I'm reminded of an ancient story of LBJ, running for some mid-level state position early in his career.

Close to election day, when things were looking dicey in the polls, he told his workers to spread the word that the opponent had carnal relations with barnyard animals.

They said, "we can't call him a pig-fucker, it ain't proveable".   LBJ said "I don't care, I just want to hear him deny it in public."   LBJ won.


Manthong's picture

Good ol’ LBJ.

Likely the pig porker himself..

Did you ever notice how he seemed to duck before the shots rang out in the motorcade film?


mtl4's picture

Flo Rida says this bitch is definitely GDFR!


I'm sure cackling like a wicked witch at the end of her latest video really slammed that point home with voters, great job Shillery & Co.


strannick's picture

This is why we love the Donald

Automatic Choke's picture

...( acting weird)...

Manthong's picture

..once you hit save, sometimes you just have to be patient until all the code in the text box window clears.

maybe Sac will bless us with a better text editor someday.

Rabbi Chaim Cohen's picture

The problem I see is no one recognizes that Trump has been involved in corruption most of his career as well! He is the one on the other side of the table offering the bribes, kickbacks and favors to politicians, inspectors and city officials. He represents an integral part of this bad system. Trump is not an outsider, he is just a different kind of insider...

Shift For Brains's picture

Five  people think they're smarter than Sir Isaac Newton, who was a devout Christian and deeply into astrology. And no, they are not antithetical. All the ancient Hebrew festivals were based on astronomical formula. Whether modern day Christians like it or not, the fact is astrology has been a part of the Judeo-Christian context since the Babylonian Captivity. 

ebear's picture

Yeah, they burned witches at one time, but we got over it.

Still do that in Africa though. Old habits die hard.

KesselRunin12Parsecs's picture
KesselRunin12Parsecs (not verified) ebear Mar 18, 2016 2:47 AM

"Hebrew festivals were based on astronomical formula"


So what? Now you're anti semitic if you question the the validity of having 6 million moons in Uranus?

Manthong's picture

Astrology, numerology..

All the way back to Egyptians.. Hebrews.. Christians.. the number 12 comes to mind.

..and speaking of burning witches, where’s Hillary today?

ChacoFunFact's picture

"...astrology has been a part of the Judeo-Christian context since the Babylonian Captivity."

as above, so below

as within, so without

man is not bound to stay as he is, he can change

it is like he is in a mansion, with many rich and splendid rooms and furniture available to him, but he keeps himself in the basement, not knowing anything about the other rooms...

like seeing shadows on the wall of a cave and thinking the shadows are reality.  He hasn't "fallen", he just needs to develop himself further, incomplete and mostly asleep, but he can change.

J Jason Djfmam's picture

And the Moon will fit in Uranus.

benb's picture

Roger Stone said about three weeks ago that if Trump is elected Hillary, Bill, and little Chelsea are all going to Sing Sing for a long time just on the criminal sh*t they pulled with the Clinton Foundation. This is a fight to the death... plus all the D.C. parasites getting cut off... Big stakes!

I think we are going to see all sorts of rowdy shit this year.

Max Cynical's picture

If Trump wins, the presidential pardons for sale window will be open. Could be the most lucrative last 7 weeks of his presidency.

WordSmith2013's picture
Trump blames Bill Clinton for 9/11


If Trump wins the bogus Clinton legacy also gets shattered.



Max Cynical's picture

I'm referring to the Obama presidential pardons for sale window.

Kayman's picture

Dear FBI:

How's it going checking into that Clinton-Guistra Charity in Canada that has been collecting anonymous donations from foreigners to funnel dirty money to the Clintons ?

Find any quid pro quo ?  Are you looking ?

Did Pierre Trudeau Jr. slip Obama the list on his recent visit ?

Inquiring readers want to know!

william114085's picture

As Trump always says, he was friends with ALL of them on both sides....It was part of his job....He understood what needed to be done to get things done.....befriend those in power, those who can do favors for you.  And there is no bigger "pay for play" than Mr and Mrs Bubba.    

Trogdor's picture

It seems like a very elaborate scam if that's what it really is. 

Hard to say - but it does seem like WWF.  It's all taking on a very "Idiocracy" flavor, IMO ....

Latina Lover's picture

For the first time in my 50+ years,  I am actually paying close attention to the primaries and election. This is better than any prime time political drama!

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Latina Lover Mar 17, 2016 10:04 PM

you act like this is a game.

this is the fight for the soul of America.

The most beautiful experiment in Representative democracy in the history of the world.

Miles Ahead's picture

Let's see... @ChrisDakota is upside down at this point while css1971 is on a perfect run.   I guess "most beautiful" is in the eyes of the beholder eh?  And most... don't agree.

I could agree it was the most beautiful experiment; except for the 250 year slavery part (and the 80 years that followed), except for the Civil War (not to mention the serial wars since WWII), except for the coup détat in 1963 in particular (many others as well, even 2000); except for the inability to ever manage a real economy since ah... say 1913 when they let Europeans take over "money".

Yeah, other than that, what a beaut. 

See, the thing about Trump is, he's just taking the mask off of it all.  So while you're "nostalgic" for the most beautiful illusion, most others (judging by your score) see it a bit differently...

KesselRunin12Parsecs's picture
KesselRunin12Parsecs (not verified) Miles Ahead Mar 18, 2016 2:49 AM

America is fucking F Troop

cheech_wizard's picture

>Representative democracy

Representative Republic... there fixed it for you.

Standard Disclaimer: At what point in time did the media convince American people we were a Democracy? Screw mob rule.