Consumer Confidence Tumbles To 5-Month Lows As "Hope" Fades

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But, but, but - low gas prices, high stock prices... everything is awesome. It appears not even the average joe American consumer is fooled by the latest manufactured rally in stock prices as UMich confidence tumbles to 5-month lows (90 vs 92.2 exp) with future expectations "hope" perfectly anti-correlated with the surge in stocks...



On the bright side, inflation expectations picked up modestly... but that hardly helps given the overall confidence hovers near 18 month lows.

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Groundhog Day's picture

what a shitshow,  Market up in hopes of more morphine

zeropain's picture

or bear opportunity, protection is cheap, load up on vix now!

StackShinyStuff's picture fuck it.  You know damn well what it means.

El Oregonian's picture

It will only matter when the big wind blows by and Alllll those paper "assets" become scattered to kingdom come...

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Simply stunned that the VIX had a 13 handle this morning given what's about to happen. Bought some around 16 with a 6-month horizon, that was near the May '08 low. I would buy more protection if I could will myself to lighten up on some cash, which I'm too scared to do right now.

venturen's picture

too scared to buy the vix...and right you are....THE FED WILL CRUSH YOU ALL DAY LONG! Looking forward to Negative VIX

TroyAndAbed's picture

I have a feeling I'll need a good deal of cash in the coming year or two, no matter what those clowns in the Eccles building do.

E.F. Mutton's picture

I have lots of hope.  Most of it revolves around not having to eat cat food after I retire.

ImmodestExtant's picture

Don't count on it. Cat food will soon be chained in for chicken (which was chained in for beef) in the CPI as the Fed continuously chants "deflation, deflation" in the face of surging prices for a decent steak (or chicken leg). After all, if people don't spend more to eat, eating doesn't get more expensive, right?

brada1013567's picture

We have faith in Janet

brada1013567's picture

No rate hikes in my lifetime.


--D Gartman

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Gas prices up 25% in the last three weeks.

Maybe not so good for consumer con-fidence.

brada1013567's picture

It is good for stawks, the wealth trickle down effect will happen very soon, Janet sez so.

brada1013567's picture

It is good for stawks, the wealth trickle down effect will happen very soon, Janet sez so.

venturen's picture

No one cares about that. Goldman just took got a Trillion Dollar Loan that pays Negative 1%....they are reprogramming the computers for a $10 QUADRILION Dollar loan next money with -10% interest..... 

semperfi's picture

what?!  you dumb ass consumers!  don't you know the economy is balls out booming?!   get out there and max out your credit cards, buy 2 new SUVs, and stop renting and buy a fucking house because housing always goes up - holy shit what are these morons thinking

847328_3527's picture

"If you want to keep your confidence, you can keep your confidence, I promise! "

~ Soweto

Solio's picture

Mahtha the mahkets are on acid!

RabbitOne's picture

Yellen is the stawks music woman. “..Pick-a (stawk) a-little, talk-a-little, pick-(stawk)-a-little, pick,pick,pick,talk,talk,talk….”

allamerican's picture

mrkts approaching highs, people out of work or minimum pay.


election coming this Nov.  yep this is going to end well at the polls............

Nobody For President's picture

Well, I'm reasonably confident the 'market' is going to shit before summer.

But  I'm getting my ass handed to me daily being short...

The market CAN stay illogical a lot longer than I can stay solvent.

And I also just bought a house.