KKK-Dressed, Nazi-Saluting Protester Beaten Up By Black Trump Supporter At Arizona Rally

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Violence at a Trump rally? Hardly unexpected. However, make that violence between by a black Trump supporter who unloaded on an abusive, KKK-dressed, Hitler-saluting white protester who was being escorted out of the building, and the absurd shock value suddenly evolves to such surreal proportions one would expect a Salvador Dali portrait of Trump in the oval cabinet to emerge any day now.

As the Hill first reported, a Trump protester was punched and kicked several times while being escorted out of a rally in Tucson, Ariz., by police.  Videos show a protester in an American flag shirt holding up a picture of Trump before being punched. Another protester walking right behind him is seen wearing a white KKK-style hood. Police immediately handcuffed the attacker, a black man.

Trump called out the hooded protesters early on in the rally.  "He’s a disgusting guy," Trump said. "That is a disgusting guy, really disgusting."

This is a clip of what happened:


And now we wait for the "impartial" media (whose CTR and CPM is through the roof in the past few months thanks to the Trump phenomenon) to accuse Trump of racial violence and somehow blame him for this latest embarrassing incident.

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Oh no you di-int.

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If there's a fund for that guy's defense fund, I will gladly donate.

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and $20 later, you have your disruptive plant ready to smear a candidate by mere association; "Trump draws KKK members to rally!"


Round 3 to begin shortly; but meantime, a beautiful woman in a binki will carry round a sign.







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I cant wait for the general elections this fall....

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All this is staged to show us that Trump has no chance against Hillary >> >> http://bit.ly/1p1jKnr

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I just wonder how the media will spin this. They'll have to get pretty creative with their propaganda on this one.

Trump can score a major PR coup by paying this guy's legal bills.

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Captain James T. Kirk: We're free people. We belong to no one.

Provider #2: Such spirit. I wager fifteen qualtoos that he is untrainable.

Provider #3: Twenty quatloos that all three are untrainable.

Provider #2: Five thousand quatloos that the newcomers will have to be destroyed.

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I thought a quatloo was an eskimo's outhouse?

Not sure it would be good to pay his legal bills.  You don't want to encourage otherwise sensible people to risk felony charges.

One way or another Trump might want to think about a strategy to make these protesters look as light in the brain pan as they are in reality.  I'm not sure how you go about that but they have Stalinist tendencies.  How to give them enough rope to hang themselves?

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mixed emotions, normally im against the usual black violence we see relentlessly every day like it day job, but i do like to see some people punched in the face like liberals. 

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Every time a libtard takes a nice punch to the face, an angel gets its wings.

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FourIQ: "mixed emotions, normally im against the usual black violence ... but i do like to see some people punched in the face like liberals. "

Mixed emotions.  In other words "I'm confused".  Oh, sorry... "im confused". 

You like violence against liberals and enjoy them getting punched in the face but on the other hand you are against black violence, but for violence against slightly differing political ideology.  Your an idiot (translation:  ur n idiot). 

Blacks on the other hand are fools for carrying water for folks like you.  I support Trump too.  But to get into a fight over some guy draped in a US flag?  It wasn't the KKK girl.  Black fools kicked and screamed to get to fight in WWI - the Great European war.  And when you guys finally relented and let them go if they would a). accept throw-away uniforms, weapons and b). not mix with decent white folks but form separate battalions - they went and enacted violence for you, only to return to be hung from the nearest poplar tree - still in throw-away uniforms.  Then WWII... 'Nam... Afghanistan.

Dumb motherfuckers.  Them. 

You too.

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"Confused" seems a very accurate term to describe the mental state of most Americans with. Perhaps that's a bit of an understatement as well.

One of the resident far-right nutjobs up above was correct about one thing. There is something of a "war" looming: A conflict between white nationalists and everyone else.

They will lose.

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Actually, they all know who the "problem" is  - The Establishment. It's obvious and it's obvious that they know.  Hence, the Trump movement.  YET, they still carry on with this black/white mess and "muzzies are terrorizing our country" idiocy. 

The black/white thing is rooted in 450 years or so, so it is a bit easier to understand.  But still, do they have problems with their middle-class professional Blacks neighbors in the suburbs?  Then maybe the issue is one of economics.  Jobs.  Schools.  Just a thought...

The Muslim thing; whew... what have Muslims done in the US??  I mean, think about it... I still can only recall the TV reporter shooting or whatever that was.  That's one... I scratch my head trying to pin just one more death out of the 1.2 miiion violent crimes and 11,000 murders... on a Muslim.

If there is a "race war" heaven help them all...

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Doesn’t that mean “ladies room” in Liverpool?

..and that was not a very good KKK hood.. leave it up to a liberal to F that up


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good that you modified.  as miles ahead noted in the comment where the arrows don't work, it was the male in the flag not the female ? in the kkk hood that got kicked and hit.

the sad shit is that the more proven fascist in this race is hillary (we came, we saw, he died, cackle) who received payoffs from the real bosses of the mafia that is the obama administration (and was the bush and clinton adms).

lest we forget: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHgbRYgpGGs&feature=youtu.be

VinceFostersGhost's picture






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This is only gonna get better.  And you thought "Survivor" was good reality TV.


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Willard's wife Jenny probably made the hood - same as she did for Big Daddy's raiding party.

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So who exactly are the agitators inciting the violence?
Progressives and Liberals.  The Left Wing.  Those promising all to everybody, psychopaths of Big Money (Ocare and Insurance/Pharma, etc.) and Big Business (ref NAFTA, TPTP). 
Same ones trying to control the internet and now riots.
Ah, the very same precise analogies of the left wing's book burnings and torching of the Bundestag. 
So who are the Nazi's now?
Thanks Mr Soros, Mrs Clinton and your Propaganda Minsters of the MSM, Propagators and Messengers of the NWO

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They have always been the real Nazis.

But they have the MSM and the "educational" establishment as running blockers for them.

Alternate media is starting to even the playing field.


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Waiting to see how the media is going to spin it, you ask??


First thing I saw when I fired up the interwebs a half hour ago....



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Article says "Trumper loyalist" threw the punches.  Did they ask him?

All politics is theater.

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Unstaged, no doubt. Y? No mention of race.

"...a Trump supporter at a rally in Tucson viciously assaulted..."

Turn the tables and race would've been all that mattered. But wait, it gets better. The anti-Trump guy who was "viscioulsy assualted" is named Bryan SANDERS. 

Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture


It's a four-holer!

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The protester is paid what's called a "Soros Bonus" if he/she can induce a Trump supporter to hit him in front of a camera. However, this only results in Trumps support soar to new highs.... these Soros thugs are like rocker fuel to The Donald's campaign.


It's interesting how the media portrays The Donald as a "raycist" yet many small business men I know support Trump. They see thru the media fog and propaganda.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

these Soros thugs are like rocker fuel to The Donald's campaign.

It's true - Trump has the senior citizen vote

Manthong's picture


It's a four-holer!”

Yes. Yes..  public restroom accommodation in the UK with four stalls.

shovelhead's picture

A cinc-loo if George Michals is in there.

KesselRunin12Parsecs's picture

"The protester is paid what's called a "Soros Bonus" if he/she can induce a Trump supporter to hit him in front of a camera."


EXACTLY ~ Paid in sheckels...


Once again, PEACE & LOVE brought to you from the jew Soros, while all the rest of the jews worldwide sit there & say ZERO about that aspect of current events, (because, apparently, they think they have 6,000,000 other better things to do with their time & consideration).

Manthong's picture

“A cinc-loo if George Michals is in there.”

Sure that’s not a doodleloo?

Never One Roach's picture

Sanders chickens out...can't take the heat:


Sanders walks out of interview after tense exchange on Arpaio



adanata's picture



Miles Ahead... as you said, "the "problem" is  - The Establishment"; the 'confusion' is forgetting that fact for even a nanosecond. The Establishment is the Globalist Central Banking system led by the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland; they own/control all the world's central banks which in turn own all the governments/media/military in all the countries where they exist... which is everywhere.They are behind all of it; all the devastation you see. They sow the seeds of fear and hatred to divide, conquer and enslave humanity. We need to burn that into our brains and not be distracted by their propaganda machine.

Cloud9.5's picture

Middle class culture is not the problem. Under class culture is the problem.

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Why do you marxist wing-nuts make everything about the color of ones skin? Oh that's right, it's because you are dividers and conquerors. That is a BLACK man defending Trump, we figured you would support him. What, are you racist? Blacks would choose Trump over Clinton, as would legal hispanics and presumably asians generally speaking. You are the racist, not us. You support Soros, the CFR, the Rothschilds and their minions. We oppose them. You are on the wrong side not because of the color of your skin, but because of the garbage that is in your mind.

TeamDepends's picture

And another thing Larsson, when this thing explodes we will prove to you just how color blind we are. You cultural marxist whites (includes the "other" whites ahem) are at the top of the list. We are coming for you. You have sold us conservative white males down the river for many decades now and it's retribution time. Like an errant child whose actions threatened the lives of others, you must be taught a lesson that you will NEVER FORGET.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HWMIwziGrAQ

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And because it was a black dude that went off, I went back and looked more closely.

There are Hispanics in the crowd, there are Asians, there also "whites" in the crowd and there is a guy in a camo hat (usually associated with "rednecks") moving BETWEEN the black guy and the asshole progressive now laying on the floor as if to say "Look man, you've made your point, fuck him, well done but you need to stop now." or the black dude would kicked the fucker in the face five more times before the real cops could get there.

The progressive Establishment's attempt to type-cast a Trump supporter and who they really are is failing and failing badly.

CheapBastard's picture

Americans who want jobs and lower taxes support Trump whther they are black, white, Asians, etc. Many Mexican-Americans support him because they also don't want the flood of illegal cheap labor and gangs the Dems will bring in.


Of course, people in San Bernardino support him for obvious reasons...................

Tarzan's picture

Progressives in a hoodie,

Robert Byrd would be very proud of these libtards, back to their roots!

Calmyourself's picture

I sent my 15 yo to history class with the truth about the KKK and their demonrat roots specializing in black voter intimidation as well as info on the Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd, seems his history teacher in MN was a bit shocked...

DosZap's picture

I sent my 15 yo to history class with the truth about the KKK and their demonrat roots specializing in black voter intimidation as well as info on the Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd, seems his history teacher in MN was a bit shocked...


Yep Black folks STILL ain't got it, the KLAN is their man,and has treated them like slaves since the war.

shovelhead's picture

I can see the Soros HQ facepalms.

"Oh shit, it's a black guy...

Now what?"

nmewn's picture


Soros Lieutenant: "Dammit! You were supposed to get the cops to beat the living shit out of BOTH OF YOU, including your hood wearing ole lady, so we could get Chuck Todd and David Brooks cranked up on another conspiracy theory that Trump is a woman beating establishment authoritarian and swing the womens vote to Hillary! You failed you miserable cretin! So, we're stopping payment on your check (its a weekend, tough shit) and you're gonna have to hitchhike your own way back home to Berkeley you ignorant, useful idiot fucktard!"

Oh man...lol...it doesn't get any better ;-)

froze25's picture

There are penty of black nationalist but they media will never ever let you see them.  This is on example.  Thank you youtube.  Trump 2016.

Pickleton's picture

What's Black Lives Matter then?

Bendromeda Strain's picture

There is something of a "war" looming: A conflict between white nationalists and everyone else.

Leave it to Larssen to completely obfuscate a clip of a black Trump supporter fed up with the lies that white progressives shovel daily. You won't know the truth when it hits you in the face. Oh wait, I forgot... you plan to escape wearing a burka.

Calmyourself's picture

Wee ewik, never been a black /white thing.  It is as you are experiencing in Sweden a culture thing and in America an elite vs the rest of us thing.  But you have your talking points and beliefs, see how well they serve you in Sweden over the next 15 years.  I am thinking you will have your hands full assimilating to your new culture and paying your dhimmi tax..