Mystery Billionaire Members Of "Stop Trump" Campaign Revealed

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Earlier this month in “GOP Leaders, Tech Execs Plot Against Trump At Secret NeoCon Island Meeting,” we discussed the American Enterprise Institute’s annual World Forum, an event held on Sea Island, Georgia.

It’s a notoriously secretive affair and is off limits to the press. “We can’t even get a snow update,” Bloomberg joked last year.

At this year’s gathering the main topic, according to Huff Post, was “how to stop Donald Trump.” Attendees included Tim Cook, Larry Page, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and even Karl Rove himself who reportedly gave a presentation outlining what he says are Trump's weaknesses.

The AEI confab amounts to more evidence that establishment conservatives are getting very, very worried about what they see as an existential threat to the Republican party. As we and others have written, a Trump nomination would be devastating for the GOP. That’s why the party is hard at work behind the scenes crafting a plan to effectively steal the nomination from Trump at the convention in July (see here, here, and here for more).

Thanks to FEC filings out Sunday we discover still more evidence that conspiracies to “stop Trump” are proliferating.

A trio of conservative groups not affiliated with any candidate has spent about $28 million against [Trump], mostly on negative ads that aired in the past few weeks,” Bloomberg writes, adding that “so far, the effort has failed to dent his popularity.”

Among those who have contributed: Warren Stephens and his brother, Jackson "Steve" Stephens Jr., Paul Singer, and the Ricketts family. Here’s more:

Warren Stephens and his brother, Jackson "Steve" Stephens Jr., gave a total of $3.5 million last month to two of these groups, according to filings Sunday with the Federal Elections Commission, on top of $500,000 last year.


The filings show only one other family, the Ricketts clan of Omaha, Nebraska, that's a bigger funder of the stop-Trump campaign, having given $5 million since January. Other backers of the effort revealed in the filings were Paul Singer, the New York hedge-fund manager, who gave $1 million; and William Oberndorf, a San Francisco investor, who gave $500,000.


During the current race, Stephens has handed out total of $300,000 to super-PACs supporting Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Chris Christie, all of whom have since dropped out.



Most of the Stephens' giving in recent years has been to a super-PAC run by Club for Growth, a powerful conservative group that pushes for limited government and lower taxes, and which has been one of the biggest spenders against Trump.

None of this is lost on Trump. 

"Sometimes I just can't comment other than, I have an active family who cares deeply about our country," Pete Ricketts said in February. "My family is very politically active on both sides of the aisle and so we have folks that get involved in different things. I'm not involved with what everyone's doing."

"Our Principles PAC, a group set up to highlight Mr. Trump’s past liberal positions, took in $4.8 million last month, with a roster of donors that shows it has significantly expanded beyond the Ricketts family, which provided the group’s early funding," The New York Times wrote late Sunday night in a piece that carries the snarky title "Donald Trump Is Finally Uniting Top Republican Donors." Here's a bit more color from The Times:

Mr. Stephens and his brother also gave $2.5 million last month to a super PAC connected to the Club for Growth, a free-market activist group that was one of the first outside organizations to take on Mr. Trump. All told, the group, whose members met last week to discuss how to escalate their efforts against Mr. Trump, raised $4 million in February, three times as much as it had raised any other month this election cycle.


Richard Uihlein, an Illinois shipping-supplies manufacturer and conservative activist, who backed Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign last year, gave the Club for Growth $500,000. Several other donors with ties to Republican also-rans gave large contributions as well, including Richard Gaby, who gave $50,000 to a super PAC backing former Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, and Robert Arnott, a California-based investor who has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into groups backing Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.


In January, the group also raised $100,000 checks from other prominent donors allied with Mr. Trump’s rivals, among them Robert Mercer, a longtime Club for Growth donor who is backing Mr. Cruz.


Some of the new money is coming from donors to the political network led by Charles G. and David H. Koch. Their network, the biggest and deepest-pocketed independent political force in the conservative world, has for months weighed intervening in the Republican primary against Mr. Trump.

And here's the February breakdown for Our Principles (you can find the latest monthly Club For Growth filing here):

Make no mistake, this is money wasted. Plain and simple. As we've said repeatedly, you can't beat Trump with negative ads. He's a walking negative ad - for himself. We're talking about a candidate who, when asked about John McCain, said the following: "I like people who weren't captured." You couldn't dream up something more negative if you tried. 

And that's the whole point. Trump is gaffe proof. It doesn't matter what you say about him. There's nothing a bunch of stuffy establishment conservatives can say about Trump that has any chance of reflecting more poorly on his character than do the things that come out of his own mouth each and every time he takes the stage!

That's the genius of Trump - and don't think he doesn't realize it.

Why there doesn't seem to be a single political commentator or strategist anywhere in America who gets that is beyond us.

To beat Trump, you need to figure out how to tap into the same anger and yes, in some cases the same perceived narrow-mindedness, of his support base and you need to give them an alternative that addresses their concerns without resorting to the same type of bombastic rhetoric that so alarms the frontrunner's detractors.

Like it or not, Trump's support base are voters. They're also Americans. It's more important to understand what they want and why than it is to disparage the man they think should lead the country. Until someone in the GOP figures that out, the party won't stand a chance of stopping Trump.

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E.F. Mutton's picture

Die you Gravy Sucking Pigs

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Hey, GOP elites... you want some cheese & crackers to go along with that pitiful whine?

J S Bach's picture

I know this sounds like a pinko-commie... but wouldn't you just love to confiscate every last nickel of these arrogant bastards' ill-gotten wealth and send them to the rock pile?

knukles's picture

So these fucker DO BELIEVE in Taxation Without Representation!

Our very own New Nobility.

Nutsack's picture
Nutsack (not verified) knukles Mar 21, 2016 2:15 PM




Apparently, More and more people are starting to realize that it's the greedy lying socialist jews who are the real enemy of America....oh wait




Why do you suppose the racist democrat socialist who coined the term didn't call them NeoLibs or Neodems, or even NeoComs? Repeating socialist democrat propaganda phrases when you are ignorant of the meaning says what about you????



It's amazing how many here are 100% ignorant of the etymology of the word.

tmosley's picture

This is a top quality article.

The genius of Trump--you can't unseat him without becoming someone who is for the people (or playing at such a high level that you can fool most of the people that you are on their side--something regular pols have done for decades but now find that they have completely lost the plot).

This is how the establishment dies. All for it.

Au_Ag_CuPbCu's picture

If anyone at this point doubts that the US has become an oligarchy, this election should clear that up.

JLee2027's picture

JP Morgan twice lent money to the US Gov't when it was facing default.  George Washington lent his family silver so the US Mint could be started. If we are an oligarchy now, then we've always been one.  


My point is, you're always going to need them at some point (the rich and powerful). Where it goes off the cliff is when they decide to control you.

TahoeBilly2012's picture


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sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

"So these fucker DO BELIEVE in Taxation Without Representation!

Our very own New Nobility."


No, No, it's a democracy.  You get to vote for the candidate we, the non-existent nobilty bought and paid for, you see?  So it's your choice. /super double sarc

Overfed's picture

"Most of the Stephens' giving in recent years has been to a super-PAC run by Club for Growth, a powerful conservative group that pushes for limited government and lower taxes....."


Limited government and lower taxes? Yeah. Right.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Hear about the guy who won't rent to Trump supporters?  There was a story linked here that has his phone and email.  Why would anyone include that???

KesselRunin12Parsecs's picture
KesselRunin12Parsecs (not verified) DownWithYogaPants Mar 21, 2016 5:28 PM

Warren Stephens = JEW


Make sure you kick francis_sawyer off ZH for the 23rd time for pointing out this FACT...


Because as everyone knows... francis_sawyer was always just a tin foil hat LUNATIC, who NEVER spoke the truth about anything (notwithstanding the 'folks' who made it their sheckel paid lifes ambition to shut him the fuck up)...

gonetogalt's picture

F_S for VP.

Thanks for falling on your sword...again.

jeff montanye's picture

again, don't confuse jew with zionist.  they are not the same.  glenn greenwald, naomi klein, anti-zionist jews.  george w. bush, dick cheney, don rumsfeld, barack obama, non-jew zionists.

with that said, many jews and more jewish israelis are zionists.  

and where they massively fucked up (and it is going to eventually bite them so hard on their asses that their sex parts will be devoured as well) was on the great false flag that started this century (and it's probably why everybody that's anybody hates donald trump):

this book is superb.  and i thought i knew something about the subject.

did you know the two people in charge of cyber protection of the u.s. government and military at the time and afterward were israeli citizens?  


Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

~"To beat Trump, you need to figure out how to tap into the same anger and yes, in some cases the same perceived narrow-mindedness, of his support base..."~

Tap the anger? What, llike it's some sort of resource for oligarchs? How about coming from a point of honesty, like Trump appears to be doing? Is that so fucking hard for the elites to do? Ruck me funning...

Four chan's picture

zillionaire jews against trump, this alone would make me vote for him.

old naughty's picture

Ever wondered why different "branches" hacking at one another...

or, ever wondered why they kept up with the demolitions, ancient sites and relics; -ism's (such that "you got demo-cracy, now see it dump on you); what next...?

all kabuki for the "useful idiots", no?


PrezTrump's picture

Francis, you are a stupid, ignorant, racist, tard.


KesselRunin12Parsecs's picture
KesselRunin12Parsecs (not verified) PrezTrump Mar 21, 2016 6:28 PM

I know... Let's just settle it this way...


Here is your comment history in your 15 week career...


Let the people decide for themselves.


if you prefer to just stick to the FACTS... STEPHENS is, in fact, a jew (which is all I said above)... What, instead, is UNCLEAR, is why you seem to have a problem &/or take offense to me pointing out a clear fact... 


I mean, if I had typed 'AL SHARPTON = NEGRO', or, 'GEORGE WASHINGTON = ANGLO SAXON', would you have been offended?

jeff montanye's picture

not sure but likely.

aipac's annual convention occurred and even trump had to bow and scrape a bit.

however he did mention he would be neutral in dealing with the israelis and the palestinians, for which he caught huge shit from hillary.  and the following which i take to mean vote for trump:

The leader of one of Washington’s most prominent synagogues said that he felt compelled to denounce Trump as he spoke at a conference of Israeli activists.


Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld of the Ohev Sholom congregation wept as he described to reporters the importance of standing up to what he viewed as Trump’s hatred, describing him as “wicked.”


“This man is inspiring violence,” Herzfeld said, according to the Associated Press. “He is an existential threat to our country.”


“This man is wicked,” Herzfeld added, referring to Trump. “He inspires racists and bigots. He encourages violence. Do not listen to him.”

p.s. not sure to which country herzfeld refers but i have my suspicions.

p.p.s. check out "solving 9-11".  great book.  also


TheReplacement's picture  That never gets old.  That is also a fact. 

Tylers, grow a pair and, disagree or not, do not ban him.

Tall Tom's picture

Damn it. F_S. No hari kari allowed.


You are so damn much like Kenny in South Park.


You don't have to die every episode.



Boxed Merlot's picture

... Stephens' giving in recent years has been ... for limited government and lower taxes....


That sure looks like money well spent.  And they have the gall to say Trump's history with malinvestments qualifies him as a loser?  Good grief.

MachoMan's picture

They can afford to simply burn the money...  it's that last digit after the first 9 that separates the men from the boys...

booboo's picture

The Club for Growth is a single purpose advocacy group, that being more growth of their wallet at your expense

Antifaschistische's picture

"an Illinois shipping-supplies manufacturer and conservative activist"

or, they're scared to death that Trump may do something that lessens our dependency on foreign goods, or that he taxes imports.....well, that wouldn't be good on shipping now would it.  It has nothing at all to do with being "conservative"

ps.  i'm a true free trader and if I want to use Satillo tiles in my house I think I should be able to without a bunch of bs.  But, Trump really has these guys scared, and I find that quite entertaining.  Every fascist on the planet is coming out of their hole

MalteseFalcon's picture

How much of these guys' money is inherited?

They have a lot of money, so they pose as some kind of leaders or statesmen, and we need to hear their opinions, which we don't.

Do any of these guys have an IQ over 110?

Are any of these guys well read?

If the CV of these guys was made public, I think you'd find that these are people of modest gifts and even less humanity.

caconhma's picture
Migrants Attack 60 Minutes Crew In Sweden - must see


MachoMan's picture

I am fairly well acquainted with one of the stephens.  I have met him on numerous occasions for multiple hours of conversation and he definitely has an IQ over 110.  However, he's certainly not an academic.  Well read is a difficult charge, in that everyone is probably well versed in at least a few topics.   

greenskeeper carl's picture

"JP Morgan twice lent money to the US Gov't when it was facing default."


Thats a pretty broad statement. His own personal money? At what interest rate/what were the terms? And what other investments would JPM have lost if the govt had defaulted? Is it possible that JPM had a part in why the govt was bankrupt? Is it possible the he lent the US gov money that was only used, in a roundabout way, to pay for things that benefit JPM?


Not saying that statement isn't technicaly true, but context is important. "lending" someone money when its in your own financial interest to do so is hardly philanthropy.

AGuy's picture

"JP Morgan twice lent money to the US Gov't when it was facing default."

Morgan was an evil man.

"Where it goes off the cliff is when they decide to control you."
That train left the station a very long time ago.

I am not sure Trump has the back of the average american. Trump made a fortune as a Casino operating, on the meek. The only good thing about Trump is that he's not Hltlery, Goldman Saks Cruz, or the rest of control freaks running. That said, Trump is also a control freak.

No matter who wins in November, only only sure thing is that the working class will get shafted.


FL_Conservative's picture

Please STOP calling these assholes "conservatives."  There's nothing "conservative" about them.  Use the term "Neocon" or "Crony Capitalists", but DON'T call them "Conservative."

JLee2027's picture

Yup.  CINOs. Fudge packer Tim Cook conservative? No way.  But what the hell was Larry Page doing there? The other fruitcakes I get, but I thought Larry Page was sane. Maybe not.

jus_lite_reading's picture

EXACTLY! These neoCON CRONY CAPITALIST filth bags are as guilty as the rest! They know the free gravy train is ending.


Anyone want to stick your middle finger at the ESTABLISHMENT? Vote TRUMP.

SMG's picture

Globalist Traitors is more accurate, and while some may masqurade as "conservtives" and "liberals", they all want Oligarchy.  That's the difference between people like Ricketts and Trump.  Even though both are billionares, one subscribes to the Globalist NWO Lord/Serf system, the other is looking out for the common American.   People realize this and that's why the attacks aren't working. IMHO.

maxwellsdemon's picture

Call them NEOFASCISTS.   Both neoliberals and neoconservatives want rule by a financial oligarchy whose goal is world domination.  They use different 'means' to arrive at the same 'ends'

MachoMan's picture

The only stephens I have met is absolutely conservative...

AldousHuxley's picture

How about hedge funders who invested in TELEMUNDO?


TELEMUNDO is the reason why English is not the official language of USA.

ZD1's picture


TELEMUNDO is the reason why English is not the official language of USA.

That and the fact the half of Mexico now lives in the U.S.

Occident Mortal's picture

It takes special kind of stoopid to personally try and block the rabid ascendancy of a populist and unpredictable billionaire.

These people must be fucking mental!

MachoMan's picture

They're billionaires too...  think of it like formula one...  where rich folks go to spend money at one another.

Antifaschistische's picture

yep, hey....may the D would destroy the country.....I don't know, but at least he lives in the limelight and it pretty much an open freakin book...(personally).   Of course...that doesn't translate to policy but that's another issue.  

These scum that hide in the weeds and do nothing but funnel truckloads of brown paper sacks to their promoters in Washington are disgusting.

weburke's picture

you have the wrong take, the rich LOVE trump, he is going to change the inheritance tax to their favor, netanyahoo desperately wants trump. Nice theater performances however ! They go off on group golf vacations, and claim to be working against trump between the 1st and 18th greens. I for one certainly believe them ! 

lets see, they donate to the club for growth, hmmm, isnt that ...

Nutsack's picture
Nutsack (not verified) weburke Mar 21, 2016 2:19 PM

Fuck off anti-semite trash.