ISIS Claims Responsibility For Brussels Terror Attacks That Killed Three Dozen

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Latest: Police have reportedly found a nail bomb, chemicals, and an ISIS flag in a raid on a Schaerbeek home.

Update: According to Al Arabiya and now multiple other sources, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack via affiliated propaganda channels.

From the group's statement:

"Islamic State fighters opened fire inside Zaventem Airport, before several of them detonated their explosive belts, as a martyrdom bomber detonated his explosive belt in the Maalbeek metro station. The attacks resulted in more than 230 dead and wounded."

Update: The latest reports indicate 38 dead, over 212 injured, 3 explosions: 1 bomb at the metro and 2 suicide bombers at the Brussels Airport; the country remains on high alert.

Update: Police found a Kalashnikov next to one of the dead attackers at the Brussels airport.

Update: Belgian media have reported a fourth explosion apparently at Rue De La Loi. It may be a controlled detonation. Police are also evacuating Royal Park.

Update: The Belgian army will deploy 275 more troops to Brussels as the city will once again come to resemble a war zone.

Update: Reports indicate the death toll from the twin airport blasts sits at 13 while casualties in the metro number 20. Cell phone networks are congested and authorities are encouraging Belgians to use messaging apps and social media to contact friends and family.

Obviously, officials believe there could be a connection to networks cultivated by Paris suspect Salah Abdeslam who was captured in a Molenbeek anti-terror raid last week. On theory says that cells connected to Abdeslam might have pulled forward plans to bomb soft targets fearing more raids were imminent.

*  *  *

Just four months after the tragic attacks in Paris, Europe was once again the epicenter of a terrorist mass murder, when several deadly explosions this morning rocked Brussels, first hitting the international airport and then a metro station near the European Union institutions, resulting in dozens of casualties and over a hundred wounded in what Belgian authorities moments ago labeled as terrorist attacks.

The first explosions Tuesday morning hit the city’s main airport outside a security check. According to Reuters, at least 10 people have reportedly been killed although estimates in social media range as high as 17, and dozens were wounded after two blasts ripped through Zaventem airport. Brussels police said that Zaventem’s great hall was targeted in the blast, but they couldn’t confirm the number of the victims in the attack. “There was an explosion, but we cannot say more," a police spokesperson said.

"It was atrocious. The ceilings collapsed," Zach Mouzoun, who arrived on a flight from Geneva about 10 minutes before the first blast, told BFM television. "There was blood everywhere, injured people, bags everywhere."

"It was a war scene," he added, for emphasis.


A suicide bomber was responsible for one of the blasts, Belgian broadcaster VRT said. Three suicide belts packed with explosives have been found at the Brussels airport by police, local TV reported.

Reports also suggest that first there was a shot fired in the departure hall, then something was called out in Arabic, and only afterward, two explosions rocked the facility.

A person briefed on the incident said two devices exploded inside the airport outside the security check and that more than 100 people had been injured. Smoke could be seen rising from the airport in the aftermath of the explosions.

According to preliminary reports, one of the explosions took place near the American Airlines check-in desk. A government source confirmed to VRT broadcaster that it was an attack, while Anke Fransen, spokeswoman for Brussels Airport, said there were multiple injuries. "We can confirm that there have been two explosions in the departure hall. We called the emergency services on the ground – they [are] now provid[ing] first aid to the injured."

Niels Caignau, flight watcher at Swissport, told Radio 1 that he heard an explosion at around 8:00 a.m. local time.  "The windows outside the departure hall are completely shattered. Many people have run out with tears in [their] eyes. We were advised to stay indoors."

No planes are landing at Brussels Airport which is in lockdown, and planes are being diverted to Antwerp. Planes are circling over the city of Liege. Sky News Middle East correspondent Alex Rossi, who was at the airport en route to Tel Aviv, has tweeted that he could "feel the buildings move."

Belgian officials immediately raised the terror alert across the country. As the WSJ adds, police have closed the access road leading to the airport and police and ambulances were rushing to the scene. The airport began evacuating the building where the explosions took place and an official warned people not to come to the area. “Don’t come to the airport—airport is being evacuated. Avoid the airport area. Flights have been cancelled,” the airport said.

Airlines said they were diverting inbound flights. Europe’s air-traffic management organization Eurocontrol on Tuesday warned airlines that the airport was unavailable “until further notice.”

* * *

The third explosion struck just after 9 a.m. local time struck Maelbeek metro station, very near the heart of the European quarter in Brussels, home to the EU institutions.  

According to preliminary local police reports cited by RT, at least 10 people were killed. The explosion took place less than an hour after a deadly airport bombing, which killed at least 17 people.  Large amounts of smoke have been seen coming out of the metro station in the Belgian capital. Brussels’ transport authority says all metro stations in the city have been closed, Reuters reports.

Minutes after the blast at Maalbeek, a second explosion is reported to have taken place at the near-by Schuman metro station. Images on social media have shown passengers being evacuated from inside the metro and walking along the train tracks. The Maalbeek station is also near a number of important EU buildings such as Berlaymont building, which houses the EU Commission and the Council of the European Union.

Staff working at the EU commission have also been told to stay indoors.   Belgian authorities have raised the security alert to the highest level following blasts at the Zaventem Airport and Maalbeek Metro station.



All trains to and from Brussels have been suspended and the airport will remain closed until at least Wednesday.

A video summary of this morning's events:


And a live feed of events in Belgium and across Europe which wakes up to another bloody terrorist morning, courtesy of SkyNews:

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Ladies and gentlemen... the religion of peace:

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The blessings of decades of left wing social engineering!

...but don't dare to criticize, because then the politically correct media and the politicians will label you a "racist" and a "neo-nazi."

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Reaping what the Neocons sowed.

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Donald Trump just a couple months ago called Belgium a Muslim "Hellhole"

Guess he wasn't that far off...

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If you like your migrants, you can keep your migrants.

Trump just might be on to something.

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Collective European thought cloud…

“OMG, WTF have they done to us ?????????”.

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Trump's fault: News at 11:00

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...with his George Washington-like view on foreign entanglements, his gorgeous wife (and family) and his desire to stand up for Americans as their president.


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A scorpion asks a frog to carry it across a river. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, they would both drown. Considering this, the frog agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When the frog asks the scorpion why, the scorpion replies that it was in its nature to do so.

The fable is used to illustrate that fundamentally vicious natures cannot change. 

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Muslim cultural enrichment enabled by The Tribe.

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How did that Obama NASA muslim outreach thing go?

I have not seen a suicide bomb belt on the ISS yet.

Oh, my bad.

Mohammed was a bringer of peace and love in his time.

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"Nonsense, there is no such thing as an islamic terrorist" - Barrack Obama

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i do not claim to know who did this bombing.

but the one that started it was not planned by arabs; it was mossad from the get go:

The ‘Jewish State’ Did 9/11 – All the Proof in the World

‘9/11 – Missing Links’

Stranger Than Fiction… An Independent Investigation Into 9/11

How 9/11 Was Done

Complete 911 Timeline

cui bono.  remember all the fbi "terrorism" stings that basically have the fbi recruiting muslims for nefarious purposes in order to arrest them? wouldn't you think mossad does it in order to have them succeed?

it wasn't the arabs that attacked the u.s.s. liberty.  wake up people.

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Be very careful. The establishment wants no peace in this country. They profit from constant terror. More money to the state in the name of preventing terror. Vote Trump.

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Michigan is next.....get set for it.



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were there any simultaneous drills going on?

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I hope Beligium is one of the countries that wants to ban The Donald from entering. He does not need to visit that cesspool.

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Money Counterfeiter (not verified) Handful of Dust Mar 22, 2016 7:04 AM

Champaign corks popping in Tel Aviv.  

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i'm a skeptic.  have they interviewed gene rosen yet?

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Those Saudi’s strike again!

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Seem to me that Donald Trump is ahead of events. Either by brilliant strategic positioning or mere serendipity, it doesn’t matter.


Putin takes his foot off ISIS throat, and ISIS lunges forward straight into Europe. Fracturing Europe further and electrifying Trumps position in the race for POTUS. Syria is now the Gates of Hell and Putin is the gatekeeper.


The US has been militarily engaged in the Middle East for 25 years and it has created an entire generation of orphans come guerrilla fighters who are hell bent on martyrdom and revenge for their murdered parents/borthers/sisters/children/etc. This is not going to go away. It isn’t a problem that can be solved with jobs and fee shit.



There is no option but for Western Countries to shut down their borders and wait for this MENA generation to pass fighting age.

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Refugees welcome [in brussels]:

Don't forget to attend the march for their rights!


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((((((((((((((((SOCIALIST JEW MEDIA BLACKOUT WEEK 1))))))))))))))))))

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ISIL, Mossad, CIA, MI-6, Gladio, WTF ever…

To ensure a civil society in the future, they all need to be obviated.

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The Protocols says race warfare will be used to cover the advance towards world government during the upcoming economic collapse.

This looks like an excuse to turn Brussels into a fortress to protect the EU HQ.

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In other news... ISIS sends a warm 'Thank you!' love letter to the liberals who helped lobby for so many terrorissss.... eh hem, "refugees" to be allowed to invad.... eh hem, "immigrate" to Brussels

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ISIS claims responsibility.

So, US, Israel, Turkey.

I can believe that.

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And Brussels is conveniently NATO's headquarters.

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Lets see if there's ANY REPORTERS WITH BALLS who will ask Soweto if he plans to conitnue his importation of a few hundred thousand migrants into America in light of the recent events.


I dare ANY reporter to ask him ... unless they are toobusy bashing Trump 24/7.



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That should be a rip-roaring success.

Who knows? Maybe someone with a few functioning braincells might decide that an indefinite postponement may be in order.

J/K. No fuctioning braincells to be found.

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Current estimate is 450,000 dead is Syria; all in the name of "Regime Change" engineered by Obama and HILLARY.

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yea war crimes. maybe thats why we need a global gov. and military, so we can have peace... but no guns... or property.

Maybe this is the means to an end. Like thats in question.

sick of this manufactured 'bomb the crap out of someone' sentiment, some are perfectly fine with this, in fact i sense an evil smile somewhere far away from these isis people.

arab spring is working out as planned, ghwb's big idea, dont kid yourself, it all makes sense when you put it in context

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It's too late to close the borders now.  Europe is gone.  It's inevitable the entire region will be muslim in a few decade because they already established critical population levels to achieve this goal.  Sad,  the Europians digged their own grave.  I fear things will get much much worse for the Europeans.  

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~"I hope Beligium(sic) is one of the countries that wants to ban The Donald from entering. He does not need to visit that cesspool."~

Well, don't count on the Belgian prime minister to order the immediate expulsion of all Muslims, cuz' dat' shit ain't gonna' happen, (even if it is what he should do). I wonder if this will delay Geert Wilders "hate speech" trial?

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Payback is a complete bitch, you rain bombs down on these countries for 15 years and you think there will be no consequences. You play footsie with terror groups, arm them, train them, and cut them loose, and you think it's cute.

Trump says "we should kill the families of terrorists" = complete media outrage. Obama DOES kill the families of terrorists = complete media silence.

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It's the greatest threat global security has ever faced.

All the weapons in the world won't matter once ISIS army kick into gear!

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450,000 dead in Syria; all blood on Obama and Hillary's hands...imagine Trumps being responsible for 450K dead...and counting...

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Now they need a clever slogan like Je suis Belgique or Brussels Strong

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I used to live near Brussels. There were many Arabic speaking people living there since Morocco was a French colony. The gendarmes (police) were always heavily armed and looked more like the military. They live under the Napoleonic Code of law where you are presumed guilty until proven innocent. The police were scary!  I worked in Brussels and walked through the Grand Place every day. One day I saw Jose Feliciano there in a free outdoor concert. The next day a bomb went off and they cancelled the rest of the shows. This was over 30 years ago. I can’t imagine what it will be like now especially after this incident. 

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If you support

We must deport!

Send them packing!

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I saw Jose in a restaurant a couple months ago.  Wasnt quite expecting that one!

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Are you saying Jose Feliciano did this ;-)