Europe Is Paying A Heavy Price For Complacency As Existential Crisis Deepens

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Europe faces an existential crisis. Current European leadership and European leading elites have manoeuvred Europe into a situation that will spin out of control and result in a vicious circle of violence. History teaches that ethnic minorities can bring about unrest in the long run. The imams in Europe, very often in the payroll of Saudi Arabia or another Gulf country, take care that their fellow Muslims retain their religious integrity and keep themselves away from the infidels. Meanwhile European authorities struggle with a violent group criminals who converted to radical Islam and became even more dangerous. The Dutch jihadist reintegration approach helped, criminal and jihadist El Bakraoui to evade the Belgian justice system, before he blew himself up in Brussels. To understand what happening on the old continent, let us bring up the tree main topics, and then elaborate on them.

  1. The US, NATO, Brussels, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are in alliance to use terrorism in the proxy war against Syria, Russia and China. This policy has come home to roost. It is not Russia, as Hillary Clinton once said, but Turkey and Europe regret their policy in Syria1).
  2. Leaders from the Gulf countries support European Muslim communities with finance; in many cases Europe-based imams do not even speak any of the European languages. Surprising as it is, European leaders encourage Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Kuwait to meddle with European internal affairs by letting them to have a say in religious matters. Turkey’s government refers to the Turks that immigrate to Europe as the Turkish diaspora. Recep Erdogan, Turkey’s president, promotes Turkish nationalism among Turkish Muslims in Germany.
  3. Authorities fear the revenge of the populous against Muslim minorities. European ruling elites are terrified at the onslaught on minorities by uncontrolled mobs. There have been numerous attacks on mosques and refugee homes.

1.  The Syrian proxy war comes to the street of the European capitals.

In 2012,two years before the tragic events in Ukraine unfolded, a document of the Department of Defence obtained by “Judicial Watch” describes the situation in Syria as a proxy war with Russia, China and Iran on one side, and Western countries, the Gulf States and Turkey on the other2). Not only did the “Friends of the Syrian” alliance provide the Jihadists with arms, but NATO also supplied the Patriots air defence system to protect the supply routes into Syria. Christians in Europe already warned from the very beginning for the consequences of the war in Syria for the Christians there. A conservative Christian European newspaper wrote in 2013: “The decision of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and some European countries to provide the Syrian opposition with more weapons will also have significant implications for Christians in Syria.3)

The European governments were ambivalent in their attitude and approach to Europeans that traveled to Syria in support of the different jihadist groups.
Peter van Uhm, Commander of the Royal Netherlands Army until 2008, said in 2011: “I have nothing else than respect for the Dutch who go to fight in Syria”4) The primary concern voiced by Frans Timmerman, Vice-President of The European Commission, was that these young fighters could die in Syria.5) From the very beginning, National Security agencies in Europe were aware of the enormous risk these Jihadists posed to society. Not only did the “respected” European Jihadists spread terror among the poor Syrian and Iraqi population, but they were also a threat to Europeans if they returned to their country of origin.

The Brussels suicide attacks are a direct consequence of this lenient European approach to the Jihadists. In 2013, a major Dutch newspaper wrote: “Jihad fighters who have come back from the Syrian Civil War are still not prosecuted in the Netherlands.” “According to various sources in the Dutch Muslim communities, Jihadists from Belgium also chose the ‘Netherlands-route, because of the milder approach of the Dutch authorities to such fighters.”6)  While this is not yet clear for the international mainstream media, Ibrahim El Bakraoui, the jihadist that blew himself in Brussels, wanted to be deported by the Turkish authorities to the Netherlands instead of Belgium, to avoid prosecution in Belgium. The Dutch authorities helped El Bakraoui to evade the Belgian justice system.

Between 2012 and 2016 European Jihadists paraded in the social media in graphic images, holding cut-off heads while Dutch authorities try to socialize these very same terrorists. According to the Dutch National Television: “The Dutch Jihadists who have returned from Syria so far are not immediately arrested and prosecuted, but get help and support to reintegrate and rebuild their livelihoods. With this approach the authorities hope to prevent the cities to which the fighters have come from being further radicalized.” “The Dutch authorities have taken a range of administrative steps like assistance, helping the Jihad combatants in finding a job and education, and providing them with community activities for the youth. The idea is not to let the returnees alienate themselves from society; it is believed that repressive measures might further radicalize them.7) While the major of Amsterdam keeps on talking with returned jihadist, the city witnessed its first beheading. This month a young Moroccan boy was beheaded and his head was put on display at a busy street in Amsterdam. 8)

This approach can only be understood if we assume that European governments warrant the behavior of their citizens in Syria and Iraq. The Dutch authorities are fully aware that the Jihadists from the Netherlands not only fought against the Assad army, they also knew that Dutch terrorist blew themselves up at a market in Baghdad somewhere in 2013. European authorities turn a blind eye to their fellow citizens who committed war crimes in Syria and Iraq. 

2. Europeans allow foreign governments to meddle in its affairs

Europe is not only confronted with a violent and cruel enemy that shows little respect for life, but it has also created an environment on the continent where Muslim extremism could blend into Muslim communities. A big part of the European Muslim community supports the Jihad in Syria. It is remarkable that Salah Abdeslam, one of Europe’s most wanted terrorists, could live in Brussels without anybody informing the authorities about him. While European authorities try to integrate minorities into the European society,  governments in Muslim countries try to undo this effort.

Countries like Turkey, Saudi-Arabia and Qatar blatantly interfere in European domestic affairs. By financing mosques, Muslim foundations and providing the European Muslim community with imams, these countries try to exert their political and religious influence deep into the European heartland. Their political and religious message undermines the integration of the European Muslim community into the European society.

According to the UK-based website Independent, the Belgium King personally was involved in the policy that leads to current situation in Brussel : “Keen to secure oil contracts, Belgium’s King Baudouin made an offer to Saudi King Faisal, who had visited Brussels in 1967: Belgium would set up a mosque in the capital, and hire Gulf-trained clerics. The 1967 deal gave the Saudis a 99-year, rent-free lease. The pavilion was refashioned by the Saudis, opening in 1978 as the Great Mosque of Brussels, as well as the seat of the Islamic and Cultural Centre of Belgium (ICC).” 9)

Moderate Moroccans were handed over to the Saudi Salafists by the European elites. Since 1967, not much has changed. During the opening of a mosque in 2014 in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam, its mayor criticized the mosque for appointing an imam from Qatar instead of one from the Netherlands. Also, the German media reported the involvement of Saudi Arabia in a similar situation: “The Berlin Al-Nur organization is considered as an offshoot of the Lebanese part of the Muslim Brotherhood, which campaigns for an Islamic character of the states in the Middle East.”

The Al-Nur mosque is influenced by Salafists and is a venue for people of different nationalities with different political and ideological environment. Close relations exist to Saudi Arabia. A Saudi sponsor enabled the purchase of the mosque building and supported the community financially.” Turkey’s government tries to prevent the Turkish population from integrating into the European community. Turkish nationalism is not limited to “Blut und Boden” (blood and soil) but it also includes religion. Erdogan likes to address the Turkish people abroad as the “Turkish diaspora”. While the Europeans are told to become “multi-cultural European,” immigrants get the opposite instruction from the rulers

Also the Turkey’s government tries to prevent the Turkish population from integrating into the European society. Turkish nationalism is not limited to “Blut und Boden” (blood and soil) but it also includes religion. Erdogan likes to address the Turkish people abroad as the “Turkish diaspora”. While the Europeans are told to become “multi-cultural European”, immigrants get the opposite instruction from Turkey and the Arabic rulers. The Europeans decry France and German nationalism while at the same time extreme Turkish nationalism in Europe is encouraged by Erdogan, the de facto ruler of Turkey.10)

3. European residents will take matters into their own hands.

The slaughtering of Theo van Gogh by a radical Muslim in 2004, the eradication of the Charlie Hebdo publishers, are a message to Europe intelligentsia: “do not interfere with our religion.” Especially the murder of Theo van Gogh resembles the Salman Rushdie case. Theo van Gogh was killed for his artistic criticism of the role of woman in Islam. European left oriented intelligentsia are still grappling with the fact that precisely they became the targets while they are most sympathetic towards marginalised Arabic groups. In Europe, no publisher is willing to publish a genuine Islam critic without the consultation of an Islam expert. The publishing of a seemingly innocent book can turn out to become a deadly endeavour. We think it is a matter of time before the next generation of young academics and artist is willing to confront Islam as they have done with Christianity.

The danger for European states are not only the terror attacks but also the consequences of these attacks. After every terror attack, the number of incidents against mosques increases. The European ruling elite is terrified of their own people. They are extremely sensitive to everything that can incite violence against the Muslim minorities. Two days before the Brussels attacks, Geert Wilders stood trial for chanting “We want fewer Moroccans”. But even Geert Wilders’s party (PVV), is afraid of the populace at large. The party has strong connections with the Israel lobby; it demands of its followers a 100% loyalty to Israel11). The Jewish community is at risk to become itself the victim of angry European mobs. The party does not accept members to such an extent that an attempt by one of its leaders to create a youth movement resulted in him being expelled12).

Groups, like HoGeSa (Hooligans gegen Salafisten, Hooligans against Salafists) are ready to take the “burden” of revenge for the attacks on their shoulders, seeing that the German state structures are not able anymore to ensure the security of their nation. This can result in a carnage of Muslims in German cities, especially if one of the victims of a terror attack would be a far-right group member.

HoGeSa was losing its popularity among radicals because of internal disputes, but it could be quickly revived amid terror attacks13). This group has already proven that it does not renounce violence, during the Cologne rally in October 2014 and during the Essen demonstration last September, they show up with baseball bats.14). In Germany violent threats are now mainly limited to refugee camps, but this can change overnight. If Germans lose their faith in the ruling establishment (as it is happening slowly with a growing popularity of the AfD party), groups like HoGeSa, or Hoolizei, might gain traction. The harbinger of the threat of violent uprising against Muslims haunts Germany. In Connewitz, near Leipzig, an Arab restaurant was demolished. According to Mail online “The mayor of a German city has spoken of ‘terror on the streets’ of his city after far-right thugs ran riot in scenes reminiscent of the anti-Semitic Kristallnacht attacks in 1938. Burkhard Jung, mayor of Leipzig, has condemned the ‘naked violence that took place’ after doner kebab fast food restaurants- were destroyed, cars were set- ablaze- and shop windows- were smashed- by around 250 hooligans of LEGIDA the local branch of PEGIDA, an anti-migrant, anti-EU organization.”These hooligan groups are not widely supported: the highest attendance of the HoGeSa demonstration was recorded in Cologne in 2014, when about 4000 people took to the streets. The Pegida movement (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West), though not radical, is able to attract even more than 20 thousand people.

The 2011 proxy war against Russia, China and Syria backfires. The first people have been killed in the streets of Brussels and Paris. Amsterdam and Berlin will follow suit while in Leipzig we saw the first signs of a pogrom. We feel Mogherini, a member of the European ruling elite, and fully responsible for the mess, has all reason to break down in tears.

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skinwalker's picture

Admittedly, I was an unrepentant substance abuser when I read it, but I seem to remember someing in Decline and Fall about Rome letting a bunch of barbarians in, who were then given welfare, putting an enourmous strain on the already precarious budget. 

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Join the FSA and be all you can be.

Mister Ponzi's picture

First, Europe becomes a new Lebanon where the former majority becomes the minority. Then, it becomes a new Kosovo where the autochtonous population becomes a tiny minority the majority tries to get rid of. And, finally, it becomes a new Gaza.

frankly scarlet's picture

down with...and fight Pentagon regulars you forgot to add.

Latina Lover's picture

As long as the USSA controls EU foreign policy, Europe is headed into further disaster.  In case the euro wimps haven't figured it out, Amerika benefits from a weak and divided europe, making excess profits while limiting potential competition.

Winston Churchill's picture

Or put more succinctly in diplomatic State Dept. vernacular:

"Fuck the EU".

On the bright side, such fucking isn't being measured in megatons,yet.

Demdere's picture

The Charlie Hedbo attack was surely a false flag with patsies, like 9/11.

Casanova's picture
Casanova (not verified) Demdere Mar 26, 2016 8:59 PM


TBT or not TBT's picture

It's measured in %islamic, not megatons. Islam turns everything to shit.

Which way to the beach's picture

We are one TOW away from a nuclear power plant in Europe going, well nuclear. It's 10pm Uncle Sam. Do you know where all those TOW's that you so generously handed out like candy (in Syria) are?

Saker, Pepe Escobar, Gilbert Doctorow, and John Laughland nail it. Well worth the listen/read.


August's picture

Great Saker rant - valuable for those who don't know post-WW2 European history terribly well.

RiverRoad's picture

When a State is rotten it is rotten at the core first.

Borrow Owl's picture

The very concept of 'a state' is rotten to the core.


August's picture

As long as we have top-notch recordings and documentation of the last 1500 years of European culture, I see no great loss if we lose the current residue of Legacy-Europeans.  It appears that they prefer being lost, anyway.

Bon voyage, my little pork-chops.

frankly scarlet's picture

skinwalker...please no disinfo...Rome collapsed when it went on a fiat currency and the oligarchs confiscated most of the Roman citizenry's wealth. The citizens no longer felt compelled to support the Roman oligarchy-military and when the barbarians offered the disenfranchised Roman citizens a slightly better deal they just stepped back and allowed the overthrow of their hated Roman oligarch economic oppressors. Result, the plunge into the "Dark Ages".

Frankie Carbone's picture

This was done on purpose by the globalists to destabilize Europe and to channel increasing anti-globalist tensions at a scapegoat. 

The European culture is a seperate and distinct entity. 

The Middle Eastern culture is also a seperate and distinct entity. 

The two cannot co-exist. They are diametrically opposed in their value systems. 

So it was done this way, to keep the masses at bay and to give them a new enemy to train their sites on. 

Divide and Conquer. Same as it ever was. 

Now let us commence the piling in of the idiot masses into this comment section who will myopically and fanatically focus on the muzzies, hysterically screaming "jihad" and "caliphate". They will play their roles quite nicely and their hidden masters will be pleased with themselves at their handiwork. 

Contrary to what some of you think of yourselves, you ARE somebody's fool. 

boattrash's picture


That has been the "word for the day" that the MSM has been pushing for the last year.

Wolfbay's picture

Belgium became a nation in 1830 and the Walloons and Flemish still live mostly in separate regions and can't seem to work together politically. They are all Christian Europeans and they still haven't integrated successfully. That Europeans think muslims from the Middle East and Africa will integrate into their society is insane.

RiverRoad's picture

Literally ages ago, Spain initially unsuccessfully fought the muzzies off.  Now it's the whole of Europe's job to fight the second invasion off.  Europe's 1% wants cheap muzzie labor to fund their (especially elderly) welfare costs so taxes won't be raised on them, the 1%.  Europe's 1% including Soros and the central bankers say the Western culture be damned.....just so long as WE don't have to fund the elderly welfare costs....

TBT or not TBT's picture

No such thing as cheap labor in the EU.   The 3rd world immigrants do however help socialist parties to get power and win coalititions in the typical parliamentary, multi-party dynamics they have in most of the EU.   The feminists, LBGTQUERTY, kubayah types will be the first to be eaten by the islamonazis.  

Calmyourself's picture

They (the elites) know they will not integrate.  Its key to their plans it gives all the reasons the elites need to implement the real police state they want where you and I never rise; an oligarchical police state.  It is the new European model.

Which way to the beach's picture

At least the Flemish and Walloons haven't strapped on suicide belts and headed for the nearest subway station on the other side of town.


ebear's picture

"This was done on purpose by the globalists to destabilize Europe and to channel increasing anti-globalist tensions at a scapegoat."

Granted, but you attribute far too much intelligence to these globalists.

The outcome I foresee is the eventual rescue of Europe by the same alleged "menace" the globalists seek to contain, i.e. Russia. If current trends persist, I give it five years at the outside. Hell, I'll probably still be here to gloat about it. Not like I have anything better to do.

Frankie Carbone's picture

He who exercises no forethought but makes light of his opponents is sure to be captured by them. ~ Sun Tzu. 


Careful my friend, this is a common, and quite destructive pitfall in thinking. 

ebear's picture

Not making light of anyone, simply pointing out that the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, and from what I've seen over the last few years, that looks to be the case. A truly effective scheme for world domination wouldn't look so ham-fisted or leave so many loose ends. Smacks of desperation if you ask me.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Belgium produces some really fine small arms. Their 9 mm handguns, and NATO round rifles (5.56 and 7.62) are superb. I speak from experience.

Why not boost the EU economy and solve the Jihadi problem, by legalizing weapons of personal defense, and also offer Gun Classes? Europeans love classes.

frankly scarlet's picture

Frankie,  yes..Islamic banking forbids the charging of interest per se, while the west pursues it hell bent. Syria and Lybia have/had independent central banks to the BIS debt-money system as does Iran.  Under Islamic code a bank can invest in a business by becoming a partner to that business and receiving part of the profits in repayment of loans. Certainly a work around but also a different mind set. The western version of banking sits as a predator parasite over the economy while the Islamic banking system acts within the economy in distinction of mind set.

Dre4dwolf's picture

europe is dead , its in the beginning stages of being converted to an islamic caliphate, this change will happen quickly and with govts unwilling to defend their populations..... its going to be a painful transition, people need to get out now while they still can.... go to nations willing to fight against the scurge to seek refuge, its too late to stand your ground, the infiltration has already reached critical mass...

Frankie Carbone's picture

No doubt Europe is dead, and no doubt that the crisis is real. You cannot mix cultures in this manner and not expect massive bloodshed to eventually commence. 

But take a step back and ask yourself "Why was it allowed? Who benefits? and "What was the objective"?

These people, the UN and the Angela Merkels of the world, are not humanitarians, nor are they muslim lovers, so what is the real motivation for doing this? 

Why did they intentionally import a social powder keg into their own nations? Answer that correctly and you will be one step closer to the truth. 

buzzsaw99's picture

step 1: let muzzie terrorists in

step 2: grope citizens

step 3: profit

Bioscale's picture

It's beyond profit. It's been for hundreds years like this.

buzzsaw99's picture

the muzzies and the maggots both want to grope the citizenz,. that's all i know.

Frankie Carbone's picture

I believe you when you say that is all that you know. 

Thanks for your candor. 

buzzsaw99's picture

How forceful you are. Such a perfect specimen of manhood. So... dominant. [/Frank-N-Furter]

RiverRoad's picture

Years ago when I first became involved in politics and was elected to a public office, an old war-horse politician informed me that there were just 2 reasons at the bottom of every political issue:  sex or money.  How right he was.

Calmyourself's picture

Frankie, I just told you two entries above.

Silverhog's picture

"May you live in interesting times" may be an understatement with what's coming. 

Footprint's picture

This will not end badly: it will just keep getting worse and worse.

gregga777's picture

The European leadership and elites are ALLIED with the Muslims. That's why the Elites are never the targets of Muslim atrocities. On 03/22/2016 those Islamic suicide bombers could have easily attacked the European Parliament, NATO or other EU offices. Instead they chose to attack the European People at the airport and subways. I'm sure that the elites were forewarned and were nowhere near those places when they were attacked. The European People face an existential threat from their own leaders and elite classes!

koan's picture

You're wrong in 2 ways, it isn't easy to get into Parliament, NATO or other state buildings with several kilos of TATP on you.
The dogs will get you for one thing.

The second thing is that the "agencies" knew this was going to happen, and they did nothing, if it had been something important to them it would have been stopped and hailed as a victory for surveillance.

Professor Fate's picture

Its going to take a few thousand more killings before Europe and the West finally wakeup to the fact that islam is a global plague that masks itself as a religion.  There is only one solution to this infestation and anyone with half a brain knows what it is.  Not a pretty solution...but the only solution.

Fate the Magnificent
'push the Button, Max" 

MrPalladium's picture

"Not a pretty solution...but the only solution."

It is properly known ast "the final solution" and it cannot arrive soon enough.

I drove around Europe back in 1971 and it was a paradise. Slept along the road at night - every other night to a campground and shower.

It is now a multi-cultural hell hole.

LA_Goldbug's picture

I'm 95% with you on this. But ...

" it isn't easy to get into Parliament"

Then do it outside. Do it where the parliamentarians meet OUTSIDE the parliament. Heck they don't hide there all day.

More ideas that make me think this is all "steered" from behind the curtain. Hit outside Scotland Yard. Too hard, go get close to a large police station. Still too hard, then go after ministries. You don't need to go inside. How about where the super rich hang out and have their drinks and dinner !!!! That is so easy to find that any idiot THAT IS SERIOUS would find these locations thanks to uncle Google.

BUT NO. The "handlers" always send these brainless "tools" to airports, bus, metro, trains where they target the little guy.

Coincidence ? I think NOT !!!

If they hit the top of the pyramid they would be feeling serious resistance if this was not in some way linked to the top.


Omen IV's picture

"The European People face an existential threat from their own leaders and elite classes!"


the Leaders in the EU & USA want the WHITE population reduced to 25% or less - they consider them expensive - they want cheap labor - white people know too much and have institutional memory

which is why Hillary Clinton advocate legalization of 30 million Mexicans and want more refugees from ME ...............unlimited immigration

she is more dangerous than anyone in EU

RiverRoad's picture

Absolutely.  The elites profit from the muzzie invasion.  It keeps their taxes down.

koan's picture

The CIA has a saying, it only takes 3% of a population to make a change.

Of course when they say it it's always a bad thing.

Frankie Carbone's picture

This is also why I want to kick defeatists and those engaged in learned helplessness in the teeth. 

But Frankie, But Frankie, you are never going to convince a majority of Americans! 

Don't have to. Just have to convince enough where the herd of mindless sheep follow without question. 

Ms No's picture

That's a good point.  I watched that video on SA that the Hedge posted and like you were saying earlier, it's primarily the snitch society that regulates each other once the complete tyranny is installed as most citizens will cower and then become murderous enforcers. 

This one woman was driving and defying the House of Sodomy.  She is scared shitless as they will eventually stone her or burn her alive.  She is shaking like a leaf but she defies them anyway.

There are only so many human beings that have that kind of salt.  I hope that I would but I don't know for sure.  She definitely has my respect and admiration.  It's people like that that we have survived off of.  They are not very many but their impact is huge.