Japanese Retail Sales Plunge Most Since 2010

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Just one more cut in rates more negative and just a little more ETF buying and bond purchases and we are sure the Japanese will start spending as wages rise...


4th monthly decline in a row and absent the tsunami and tax-hike reaction, this is the worst drop since Dec 2010...


At what point do you just admit failure?

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Like Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty ...

Just one more cut, you'll be happy

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One more cut in rates and then the Japs will Pretend everybody's pending
Why oh why can't people get it that the problems are of a non-monetary nature and thus, out of the capacity of the central banks to help... UNLESS ... they raise rates so people earn more o their savings, whatever that may encompass

Seems more and more every day in every way, we're more and more fucked.

Paul Krugman's an Asshole

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I prefer "douchebag"-  "asshole" suggests a level of skill......

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At what point do you admit failure? Only after the Fed and their Big banks have created their positions to make a few trillion off the admissiion.

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With 19 trillion in debt, they can't afford to raise rates or the interest payments will be impossilbe to make.  Pretty fucked up, but as everyone knows, it is all Bushes fault!  Bammy did not double that debt.

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Tick tock.  Getting pretty damn close, isn't it?

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Seems like it has been close for years....hurry the fuck up while we are still young.

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As much as I want...no NEED it to happen to validate my years of bearishness, I'm not sure that playing Fallout for real will be anywhere near as fun as the game. 

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Fed has a Hobson s choice save the us economy or save Europe and japan

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Oh stop it.  Ain't nobody got time to figure out who is lying to us!

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From the article:

"Retail sales rose for the first time in four months, edging up 0.5% in February from a year earlier, according to data released Tuesday by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The increase came after a 0.2% fall in January. On a month-over-month basis, retail sales fell 2.3%."

See the difference? Feb 2016 sales rose 0.5% from Feb 2015 (YoY), but fell 2.3% from Jan 2016 to Feb 2016 (MoM). Data is just data...it's how one spins it that reveals one's bias.

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Looks like Japan likes to play the "but it beat expectations" game too.  Or something.  Nik decent tonight

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Exactly, Farragut.  I see Marketwatch is spinning the story differently.  Their headline is Japanese sales are rising for the month so everything is fine!

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This Has to be bullish   

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Silly Max don't you know, everything is bullish.

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U.S. Is fine, futures to da moon

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Clearly they need to go full Krugman. Have half the unemployed and old people dig a hole and then jump in. The other half of the unemployed population then covers those in the hole with dirt. Unemployment is cut in half, the population stops aging and the economist now have a new story about how Krugman saved Japan's economy.

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Well, the tax hike really helped. How about another tax hike?

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At what point do you admit failure?

On the day after an EMP event.

During the time you are waiting for the priest to appear and perform the Last Rites upon you.

On a TV show where you are pushing your new tell-all memoir (that tells nothing).

When you are able to pin the blame on someone else.

Okay. How about never?

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The JCB has sold out its people by converting Japan's 1 trillion Pension fund into US Treasuries. They are now serfs of the US Government.

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An aging population, who just experienced a currency devaluation, getting next to nothing on savings -- why would those geezers want to save moar when they could blow it all and let the government take care of them in their old age?

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That isn't their cultural mindset.



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Buying a safe to protect your cash from deranged central bankers blows the budget for months.

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Admitting failure would be an unendurable loss of face.  The govt will pretend that everything is great.  And the media is too chicken-hearted to challenge this assertion.  Kempeitai, 2016 version, is there to hammer down every nail.

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"Japanese Retail Sales Plunge Most Since 2010"

That's so fkn bullish I can't even find the words to describe it.

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Well, their population is aging and shrinking fast.

Old and dead folks don't spend much.

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Despite the sharp month-on-month drop, year-on-year, retail sales grew 0.5 per cent in February, the first increase since October.

Boy you got to parse out every word to see the truth.

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To admit failure you must not be brain-dead. 

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quick, start printing and dropping those gift certificates!!